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Small Choices

Dawn kisses the edge

Of my dreams;

Already they’re fading,

Lost to the day.

The sky brightens

With a scheme of small choices,

Each seemingly insignificant,

But any one could create

A surprise new pathway.

Was there something

I should have remembered?

I chase the last molecules

Of the night’s revels,

But they’re wisps on the wind,

Dancing out to the stars,

Perfect gone ghosts,

Too insubstantial to matter.

I get up.

I wash my face.

I make toast.


Prompt provided from the Daily Echo


Neither here nor there,

She waits

To regenerate,

Like a starfish

Missing a limb,

Only this is her heart.

She stays in the doorway,

A sanctuary,

Between the light too bright

And the darkness

So frightening.

In transition,

Away from the known,

Toward the unknown,

She floats,

Hollow, vague,

With nothing to follow,

Nowhere to go.


The Daily Echo

Thursday Inspiration


After days of rain
Morning sunshine glows again
Noisy birds approve

Grass soft as frosting
Leaves drizzling sugar dew
Restful world awaits

Curious cat roams
Beyond the manicured lawn
Into shadowed woods

Ancient wings unfold
As warm fresh blood approaches
Magic spell is cast

Cat comes home with eyes aflame
Different somehow still the same


Genre Challenge: Haiku Sonnet
Opposites Attract: April 18
Sue Vincent’s Photo Prompt

An Unexpected Guest [fanfic 168]

The temperature had climbed steadily and was well over 90 degrees by the time the women arrived at the meeting place.

“So pretty and tranquil here,” Brienne said. “You’d never know it had been the scene of such savagery.”

“Personally, I have no empathy for them,” Sansa commented as she gazed out as the still water. “They chose their destiny.”

Brienne unsheathed her broadsword. “That they did, milady.”

“What are you doing?” Sansa frowned at her. “Surely you won’t have need of your weapon at this meeting. I’m so looking forward to seeing cousin Edmure again!”

“You know it could be a trap. We’ve traveled a long way, and we are hot and weary. We must not drop our defenses, even here.”

Sansa nodded. “Wise counsel. The passion against my family runs deep. We– oh!”

“Dearest Cousin,” Edmure stepped out into the clearing. “How beautiful you are!”

“He’s brought a guest,” Brienne said, raising her sword. “Look.”

Sansa gasped as the other man emerged from the trees. “You!”


Thursday Photo Prompt

Clouds [flash 208]

“I see a big dragon flying in the sky,” Billy said. “And soon he’s gonna come down here and gobble someone up!”

The children laughed. “I see a sweet fluffy bunny,” Melissa said. “What do you see in the clouds, Jana?”

“I don’t know,” the little girl whispered. “A soft pillow? Like the ones we used to have at–”

The back door banged open, startling the children into silence. Miz Anderson stomped into the backyard and glared at them.

“You lazy brats!” she yelled. “I told you to clean the kitchen before the Thomases arrive. Maybe you can make a good impression for once and I can get you off my hands. Too many mouths to feed around here. Go!”

Edging past her to avoid a swat, the children rushed into the house to finish their chores. “She hasn’t fed us in two days,” Billy grumbled.

“Shhhh,” Melissa said, hugging Jana who had begun to cry. Prospective parents hated tears, they had been told. Clean faces! Happy smiles!

Miz Anderson stayed in the yard a minute longer and gazed at the clouds. They sure did look interesting today. Right then a big dragon swooped out of the sky and gobbled her up.

The End.


Sue Vincent’s Photo Prompt