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TMP67: August

TMP monday peeve kitty cat

Welcome to my refreshed Monday Peeve! Unburden yourself of an annoyance and you’ll feel better afterward. Or not. Complain in my comments or crab in your own post. Doesn’t have to be on a Monday. You do you.

Today is the first day of August, and the whole month is just a hot pile of peeve. The worst thing is that there are no official US holidays in August. I mean, really, what is up with that? A sticky, icky month, kids off school, most business slowed, and they can’t give us a measly 3-day weekend to hang out at the pool or beach? Geez! Well, I showed THEM (whoever THEY are) and took every Friday off this month, nyah. I don’t know if I’ll go to the pool or beach, but like whatever. I can if I wanna. And I’ll have more time to blog! More time to read my bingo genres! More time to click through all my TV channels and b!tch that I can’t find anything good to watch. Hurrah.

No, I’m not planning on working on my novel/s, short stories, long short stories, or any other thing that’s been waiting unfinished forever in my cloud of meh. August is not a time for creativity; it’s a time to feel inadequate in a swimsuit and eat too much ice cream regardless. This is what we do in August while we dream of crisp cool evenings, pumpkin spice everything, and how soon it’ll be January 1 of a brand new year and life will be different then.

Except it will be the same, or worse. Probably worse.

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Noted [socs]

Coffee notepad pen

Make a note,” Tony barked at Maria. “First thing tomorrow, cancel her parking card.”

Maria rolled her eyes. Like she ever comes here! “Noted. Change the locks. Notify the banks. Cancel her parking card. Anything else, Tony? Because it’s seven-thirty and—”

“Take a letter, Maria.” Tony paced back and forth. “Tell her… No wait! Maybe it’s better if we only communicate through our attorneys from now on.”

Maria picked up her purse. “Probably that’s a good idea. OK, then, I’ll see you in the—”

“You wanna grab dinner or something?” Tony asked. “You know I’ve always thought you were—”

“I can’t!” Maria yelled, desperate to leave. “I have to go feed my cat. He gets really crazy if I’m late.”

Tony shrugged. “See you tomorrow. I’m bringing in those fancy donuts to celebrate my upcoming divorce. If she hadn’t filed first, you know I would have, right? She never understood me.”

Maria left the building.

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TGIF ~ Career Day

people office lobby business work

The theme of Jim’s Thursday Inspiration this week is all about jobs, and there are so many great songs about working. In fact, besides love and romance, work may be right up there in the top subjects that lyric writers choose to expound upon. From Heigh-Ho to Lawyers in Love, we can find music that covers the gamut of professions. Doctor, doctor, give me the news, are there songs about a Working Man’s Blues? Yes indeed, and here are some of my favorites:

1. Wichita Lineman (Glen Campbell version)
2. Morning Train (Sheena Easton and Rod Stewart both do great versions)
3. Paperback Writer (the Beatles)
4. The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald (Gordon Lightfoot)
5. The Night Chicago Died (Paper Lace)
6. If I Were A Carpenter (Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash)
7. A Well Respected Man (the Kinks)
8. Brandy (Looking Glass)
9. Radar Love (Golden Earring)
10. Piano Man (Billy Joel)

TGIF, my peeps!

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Musical Share [syw]

Music notes keyboard piano

Melanie starts our week off right with a new group of Share Your World questions. Let’s get to it!

1. When you were a kid, did you eat the crusts on your sandwich or not?

I ate them and I’ve never understood the thing about cutting them off. Unless you bake your own bread and the edges are stale, it makes no sense ~ commercial loaves of bread are soft all the way through. I didn’t cut the crusts of sandwiches for my kids either. If they didn’t want crusts, they could have eaten the middles only, but I don’t remember that happening.

2. Are you a fan of musicals—why or why not?

I totally adore musicals! I just rewatched Chicago last week, and I regularly rewatch Mamma Mia 1 and 2. Other faves are The Sound of Music, Hair, Fiddler on the Roof, Walk the Line, My Fair Lady, and Footloose (especially the remake).

3. Is it difficult to do what you do? (for a living, hobby etc.). If you’re retired, what you ‘did’ previously for a job can be substituted.

I’m a legal secretary (transactional real estate), and it’s not that difficult for me because I am obsessed with details, but it might be harder for someone who isn’t good with numbers, names, and proofreading.

4. What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to? (Doesn’t have to be a rock concert either).

I haven’t been to many. Pat Benatar’s back in the 1980s was great.

5. Looking back over your life, what is one thing you’re grateful for? One thing you really regret?

Every day I’m grateful that I had children. My daughters are the best thing in my life and bring me the most happiness. I love them both so much and my grands too! I do regret not getting divorced from their father sooner, as I might have had a chance for a successful new romance without so much emotional baggage from that marriage. But it’s fine, and I have learned to enjoy being single and NOT looking. I used to say that I regret not going to Northwestern when I had the chance, but if I had, I probably wouldn’t have met my children’s father, so I don’t really regret that. Like everyone who misses someone who’s gone, I regret not spending more time with my mom, but no amount would have been enough…

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The Interview [fss]

Man in sunglasses

As soon as he saw her enter the room, he got the distinct feeling that he should have worn a suit. But perhaps she’d be understanding. After all, he wouldn’t be wearing one on the job.

“Good afternoon,” she said, swirling into her seat in a maze of polka dots and rustling cottonlike a mom from a 1950s sitcom. “I’m Lavinia Lewis, but you shall call me Ms. Bee Haven.”

That was confusing. “You mean Bee, or Ms. Haven,” he inquired, trying to keep his tone light and friendly.

She glared at him. “Misbehaving.”

Oh, duh. He tried to save the moment by being playful. “Yes, I’m known for that.”

“You’ll need more than that to succeed here.” She was clearly Not Amused. “We expect our employees to sizzle on the stage. Take off your clothes so I can see if you measure up.

Sizzle? Out of the frying pan into the fire, he thought, but decided not to say it. Perhaps he should stick with the boring insurance job at his father’s agency after all. He reached in a coat pocket and handed her a business card. 

“Auto insurance?” She raised an eyebrow. “Are you not here for the male stripper position?”

“I am, I mean… I was.” He felt awkward and harried. “But since I’m not comfortable getting naked in front of you, I probably wouldn’t be comfortable on the stage. Sorry for the chaos. I thought I could save the day by offering you something else.” 

She sniffed. “You have nothing I want.”

“What about an extended warranty on your vehicle?”

“Get out.” She stood up. “And here’s some free advice. Next interview, wear a suit.”

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Written for Fandango’s Story Starter.


Chess pieces king knight rook pawn

No, I did not try to become a professional chess player (as if!); I chose this image because of the knights. Now you’re totally confused, right? Well, in romance novels, career is often used as a verb, as in “the jousters careered across the field.” Used thus, it means to go at top speed in short straight bursts, as opposed to a careening carriage swaying to and fro as it bounces over a rickety bridge. Car, cart, carry, career, carrier, carriage, chariot, etc. are all related to the same root word, the Latin carrus (wagon). So now you know.

In this week’s episode of Throwback Thursday, Maggie asks about our career dreams. Do you remember what you first wanted ‘to be’ when you grew up? Any idea what inspired that dream?

I wanted to be a research scientist who became a hero by discovering the cure for something or other. I don’t know what inspired this dream, but I do know what killed it: flunking my first AP Chem test. I immediately dropped the class and picked up creative writing to replace it.

What ‘job’ did you most emulate in play?

James Bond 007 logo

Did you have any idea what salary or pay you thought you would have?

Nope. I had no concept of finances until much later in life, a parenting mistake I did not repeat with my daughters.

Were there careers you knew you did NOT want to do?

Teaching. I don’t have much patience for yelling and tantrums. And the kids are no picnic either, or so I have heard.

Were you ever encouraged to follow in the footsteps of a family member?

I took an interest in insurance for a while, which was the field both my parents worked in. But they were clear that I should return to college and get my degree, which I did, eventually.

Were you ever urged to join a family business?

There wasn’t one. I come from a long line of worker bees, not entrepreneurs. [nudge JYP]

Show me the honey!

Were you ever discouraged from a particular field? If so, why?

No. My parents simply had this idea that there was something magical about a college degree, and once I obtained that, sparkly job offers would follow. I think this worked for my dad, who earned a degree in English Lit from NYU back in like 1950, but now no one cares if you can recite a bunch of poetry and blather on about James Joyce (not that I can, gah!). Even my dad was forced out of his executive position later in life when insurance companies wanted 30 year olds with MBAs in finance.

Did you have a Career Fair at school?

I don’t know. It wouldn’t have been on my radar unless some dumb boy I liked said he was going.

As an adult looking back, do you ever wish you had taken the direction of your childhood dreams?

I don’t wish for the scientist career, but I do regret not becoming more serious about writing way back when.

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Once Upon a Winter’s Date

Couple skating ice

I watched a cute Hallmark movie recently on Prime. Remember Groundhog Day? This has a similar theme (so does The Twelve Dates of Christmas), but the story is told from the female perspective. Overall, I enjoyed the movie (all three actually)… nevertheless, I have issues.

The premise of Once Upon a Winter’s Date is that Katherine (Kat), a workaholic, keeps waking up to redo Valentine’s Day until she gets it right. A kooky gypsy woman, whose doggie Kat rescued, has created this spell because she wants Kat to recognize her soul mate. He will be someone Kat has spoken to on Vday, but not necessarily Mr. Obvious (except to us). This post will contain some spoilers, sorry.

gatsby closet shoes boots cat

1. So the first man to whom Kat gives a second look is her doorman, who’s been greeting her with poetry. He’s a good-looking guy, maybe a bit younger than Kat, and they go for a coffee. Doorman guy gets all weird and philosophical, causing Kat to cross him off her list. But this is the EXACT guy I would have chosen because he was delightfully strange and poetic. Now you see why I had so many problems in the dating arena with my inexplicable attraction to the wackadoos.

2. In these types of movies, we are meant to see that corporate jobs are bad and must be ditched in the pursuit of true love. No one who works in an office can have a soul mate. You must find something “meaningful” and fun in order to be loved! And naturally this meaningful, fun thing will be lucrative or a trust fund or other source of major funds will magically appear.

3. For some reason, the movie blurbs say that Kat has the worst date of her life on Vday (which she has to keep reliving), but there is nothing wrong with the guy except he’s allergic to dogs. He’s actually a very cute, very funny Brit. The dog thing is a dealbreaker, of course, but if that’s her worst date, she can count herself lucky. She does have to pick up the check after he leaves to sneeze his head off, but since she still has her corporate job at this point, so what?

Lily puppy dog

5. I’ve noticed that in so many of these movies the woman has to change to be with the man. I don’t mean change into a slinky nightgown, but switch up her entire life and personality. This is, in my opinion, the MOST realistic aspect to a romcom. The man has either had his life-changing epiphany before the heroine meets him, or he’s perfect as-is, like so many men are (ha ha). In my dating life, it was common for a man to tell me I needed to change ~ I was not good enough for him as I was. I should be more into travel or sports-watching or kinky sex or the music he liked or whatever thing. No one EVER said they liked me as-is!

Anyway. That’s my review. If you care about the cast list, you can find it here.

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Sharing Some Whatiffery [syw]

Hand share green world SYW

Melanie starts our week off right with a fresh set of Share Your World questions. Let’s get to it!

1. What is one topic you love to talk about?

Romance novels, writing, romcoms, romance/dating/relationships generally, though “talk” may be a mild description for my ranting about the latter.

2. Suppose there was a magical wizard standing right in front of you and you could turn your life into anything you wanted, what would you do?  For example: What, who, where, why? (Short explanation:  Suspend disbelief and suppose for a moment that you COULD turn your life into anything you wanted it to be.  Answer any or all of those “W” codicils as you wish.)

First, I’d be a person free from chronic pain and migraines (who). Then I could exercise, hike, and do other fun outdoor activities. I’d still live here in Orange County, California, where I’m a reasonable distance from both my daughters. Second, I would like to make loads of money from my writing, or at least support myself the same as now, including health insurance and retirement funds (what). I like my job a lot, but it would be interesting to work fully for myself ~ of course, this assumes I’d be writing what I want and not to spec. If I had to please some snotty 20-something editor, I’d rather keep things as they are, lol. I’ve always worked for or depended upon someone else financially, so I would welcome the chance to be free from that (why). Usually, I answer these what-if, dreamy questions by saying I would have gone to Northwestern and had a great career from the start, but then I wouldn’t have had my daughters, so… no.

3. Could you adjust to life without any internet?

Well, I’m 60, so I lived plenty of years without the internet. I know how to balance a checkbook, write a real letter, type on an actual typewriter (bring on the White-Out), and look stuff up in dead-tree books. I could probably even recall how to dial a telephone. I assume I could still play CDs/DVDs and listen to the radio, but I’d miss streaming movies. That’s really spoiled me… all those movies and shows available 24/7. The worst thing though would be maps ~ I have no sense of direction and GPS is my lifesaver. Staring at a paper map before I start out and trying to commit that picture to memory is really difficult for me, though I don’t know why since my memory is great for words and numbers. I guess it’s a spatial deficiency, which also explains why I’m always bumping into the wall.

4. What do you think is unique about the human ‘animal’ (homo sapiens)?

This won’t be a popular answer, but… not a lot. We share 85% of our DNA with dogs and 99% with chimpanzees. I guess there could be loads of exceptional stuff packed into that 1%, but eh. We’ve proven that animals communicate, help each other (watch lion and/or wolf hunting docus for examples), and demonstrate sharing and other “moral” type behavior under the right conditions. We’ve also proven that humans will abandon all morals and ethics under adverse conditions or even not so adverse, depending. I’m not a believer in souls, the supernatural, or the afterlife, so when you get down to it, my opinion is that we’re not unique among animals, though I understand the need to believe we are.

5. Share some encouraging words that you’d say to someone who was feeling down.

This too shall pass

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HC20: Decor

Office skeleton Halloween decor

When my girls were little I loved decorating for the holidays ~ especially Halloween. But as they grew older, it seemed rather pointless. As I downsized from a house to an apartment, I threw out my themed decor. The above pic is from my office pre-Covid. It was fun to jazz up the reception desk when people still came in. Now, almost all business is done via phone and email. We shall see if things return to ”normal” next year and I can drag Mr. Bones out of hiding…


Image is mine. Written for Tourmaline’s Halloween Challenge.

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Flip-Flops [repost]

flip-flop sandals

My secretary left me for my husband, but still I wore my charcoal Theory suit and Gucci pumps to work Monday because it’s important to keep an image going.

“Sorry about Laura,” Hobson said. “I need a copy of the Canary contract.”

I looked for it in between checking the fourth quarter projections and trying to convince my mother to go over to my house and change all the locks. My feet hurt, so I took off the Guccis and shoved them in a drawer. Laura wasn’t answering her phone. They were probably lounging around in bed all day, assuming I’d support them. It’s true I’m almost too busy to bother hiring a divorce lawyer. Not to mention a tax accountant.

“Maybe I could write them off,” I said to Hobson.

“That’s funny,” he replied with a tight smile. “Have you found the contract yet?”

So at lunchtime I drove over to Laura’s apartment. It was right at the beach, of course. My husband likes to surf. Second floor. I clomped up the stairs in my Guccis and snagged my stockings on the railing. The air smelled of coconut oil and rotting vegetables. Laura opened the door. She wore a lime green camisole, pink shorts, and turquoise flip-flops with sequins on the straps.

“Oh,” she said. “He isn’t here.”

“No, no,” I reassured her. “I want you. I mean, I need you to tell me where you put the Canary files. Please.”

I didn’t like to beg, but this was business.

Her head tipped back as it does when she’s riffling through the card file in her brain. Laura has a photographic memory, which is one of the reasons she was such a great secretary. I knew then I’d miss her more than I’d miss him. Her sequined feet winked up at me.

“In storage cage twelve,” she said. “Unlabeled. Sorry.” She glanced away.

“It’s okay,” I told her. It really was. I didn’t have time for a husband. Tomorrow I’d hire a new secretary to type up the labels. Everything would be fine.

I clomped back down the steps to my Audi. As I beeped open the door with my electronic key, a seagull pooped on my four hundred dollar shoes.

“That’s when,” I say. “That’s the moment I decided to dump the partnership and open my nude portrait studio.” I wiggle my toes in my ten dollar flip-flops. They’re tan and have little seashells glued to the straps. I swirl my brush around the peach paint and gaze at my subject.

“You do seem much less stressed,” Hobson says as he reaches for the grapes.

“Perfect,” I say. “Stay just like that.”


The Daily Prompt: Label.

Image from Pexels.

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