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The Conference Room

Conference room business meeting

“Thank you all for interrupting your online holiday shopping to attend this meeting,” Bob said. “To mark the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the founding of this company, there will be some changes. It’s a jungle out there, and we need to keep up.”

Janet rolled her eyes. Bob certainly knew how to draw out a moment, but she pasted on a dutiful smile, since she was his wife after all. The rest of the team appeared to be doing the same, except for Sheila, who for some odd reason was smirking like a cat on a lofty perch.

Bob continued. “Sales have have been in the toilet, so for that reason and also because he’s been sleeping with my wife, I’m firing Nick the sales manager.”

Janet gasped and turned to look at Nick, whose anger was plainly written on his face.

“Now, just a minute, Bob.” Nick rose to his feet. “We already discussed this. Sales were down due to Hurricane Britney, not us!”

“Whatever.” Bob waved that away and slid an envelope across the table. “I’m filing for divorce and marrying Sheila. Consider yourself served, Janet. Also, there’s no more free coffee here. You guys can go to Java Jim’s across the street.”

Ugh, Janet hated Java Jim’s coffee! She stomped out of the conference room. What a horrible day this had turned out to be. Black Friday, indeed.

For the rest of her life she would cross that date out on her calendar.

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Written for Emma’s Wednesday Writing Prompt (title) and Chelle’s Last Sentence Challenge.

Just Another Day

Travel journey snow moon woods trees

Cold dawn
Tea with sugar
Lonely office silence
CVS for lunchtime shopping
Stifling crowds and list forgotten
Buy Reese’s trees instead
Early darkness

©️2022 Paula Light and Light Motifs II. No unauthorized use permitted.

Butterfly cinquain written for Tanka Tuesday Weekly Poetry Challenge 300 (share your day).

Turkey Week Share

Thanksgiving pumpkin pie

Happy Thanksgiving week for those who celebrate. Di @ Pensitivity101 has a freshly baked set of questions for the Share Your World series. Here we go!

1. As a child, did you prefer to watch TV, play games outside on a nice day, or read?

Read or watch TV. I’ve never been an outdoors person, except for riding my bike (alone) on nice days. I guess it was sometimes fun to play in the snow or pretend our NJ backyard was a pirate ship, but even so as a child I watched tons of TV and read loads of books. Kinda the same as now, except blogging has taken the place of all that TV.

Hand keyboard typing dark

Speaking of TV, I began my Christmas season romcom watching this weekend, and the first movie I chose was awful. It was titled Surviving Christmas (2004) and starred Ben Affleck and Christina Applegate. Dumbest movie I’ve seen in a long time with the only bright spot being James Gandolfini playing his grumpy, sarcastic Tony Soprano self, but even that wasn’t enough to save this dreck.

2. What would you rather do now, read a book, watch a movie at home, dine out with friends, or go down the pub?

I enjoy all these things except for the pub.

3. Are you fashion conscious?

Welp, I am conscious that I am not the least bit fashionable. Part of the reason is money ~ my clothes seem to last forever, so why waste money buying new stuff? But it’s also because unless it’s boiling out I am always cold, so I wear a frumpy grandma sweater over everything, which pretty much ruins the look of any outfit. Up until a few years ago, I did have a whole bunch of cute shoes, but they hit the bin after my back started hurting 24/7 and now I have the grandma footwear going on as well.

Kitty slippers

4. Do you wear slippers, clogs or go barefoot indoors?

I had otter slippers, but they fell apart. What do you think of the kitty ones above? I need some because it’s getting so cold!

As always, I am very grateful for my health, family, friends, kitty, and job. And big thanks to all my readers!

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Cat walking away explosion fire

Top of the news:
Powerball nears two billion–
Let’s all fantasize
About what we’d do if we won.
Lower down
Plane crash in Tanzania,
Russians bombing Ukraine,
But would we buy a Tesla,
A Jaguar, or a Ferrari?
Oh, why choose?
We could have all three
And drive as much as we pleased,
In spite of the price of gas.
Should we hire a chauffeur
And a masseuse? Naturally!
The world will be our playground.
Midterms on Tuesday,
Philadelphia mass shooting,
Iran gave drones to Putin,
But that tax burden
On our jackpot–
We’ll need to hire a team of CPAs.
Where should we build our dream home?
Let’s sort out our charities.
Mass layoffs at Twitter,
Fire in Manhattan,
Flu exploding everywhere,
Babies catching RSV;
I think I will include
An infinity pool
And an outdoor movie screen.
Aaron Carter dead at 34, so sad.
How many tickets should I buy?
Just one, right?
Since I’m destined to win
This time.

©️2022 Paula Light and Light Motifs II. No unauthorized use permitted.

Written for the Writer’s Digest 2022 PAD Chapbook Challenge (Day 6: news).

Branch Manager [100 words]

Blackbird crow tree green morning

“I am the branch manager,” Crow declared, “and I have the most important job, which is assigning tasks to you squirrels.”

Squirrel protested, “If it weren’t for us, you wouldn’t have anyone to manage, so therefore we squirrels are the most necessary elements of this operation.”

“We are the most crucial,” Worm disputed, “since we work tirelessly to create the soil which houses the tree where crows and squirrels argue pointlessly.”

“Worms are stupid and everyone knows that,” Squirrel retorted.

Worm sneered, “You’re just a fluffy rat and no one likes rats.”

Crow gobbled up Worm, thus ending today’s debate.

©️2022 Paula Light and Light Motifs II. No unauthorized use permitted.

Written for Denise’s Six Sentence Story (branch).

TMP78: Delivery Service

TMP monday peeve kitty cat

Welcome to my refreshed Monday Peeve! Unburden yourself of an annoyance and you’ll feel better afterward. Or not. Complain in my comments or crab in your own post. Doesn’t have to be on a Monday. You do you.

I am so annoyed with XYZ Delivery! Of course that is not their actual name, but I don’t need them coming over here and making a fuss. They are clearly in the wrong and there’s no excuse. We have been using this service for over 20 years at work and at first they were fine, but they’ve undergone several changes of name and services offered, and now they are just a hot mess. Thing is, we don’t need overnight delivery that often, so I didn’t know how much they’d deteriorated since March (last time I used them). Anyway, I left a parcel in their drop box on Thursday after lunch, and they were supposed to pick it up around 5pm that night for next day delivery by noon. At 10am Friday I looked up the tracking number and they hadn’t picked up the package!

I called them and was on hold forever, but then a very nice rep came on the line and tried her best to help me. I made sure to say several times that she was great and I had no issue with her, just the fact that the pickup person had neglected to check this particular drop box. She sent help requests for me, which was basically all she could do at that point. Welp, our letter had to get to where it was going, so I resent it via FedEx, which is more expensive, but there’s a reason for that. I brought both tracking numbers home with me and, yep, Friday night FedEx had picked up their parcel as you’d expect and then XYZ finally went and picked up theirs. So the recipient is going to get two of ’em Monday morning. Oh well, better than none!

XYZ had better not send us a bill for their failure! I’ve noticed that places have quit blaming their crappy service on Covid, since that’s ridiculous at this point, and instead they basically tell us they suck and we have to deal with it. Sometimes we do have to deal with it, but in other cases there’s FedEx. I wonder why Amazon isn’t horning in on the overnight mail delivery biz like they are prescriptions… it would make a lot of sense since they already have a zillion trucks and employees out there dropping stuff off 24/7.

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What a Weirdo!

Selfie collage

In today’s Friday Faithfuls over at MLMM, Jim asks us to share a story of a person with odd quirks or strange habits.

There’s a lady who’s sure
The right number is gold
And she’s counting the stairs up to heaven…

I could go on and on about quirky exes and the odd men I’ve dated, strange friends I’ve known, and bizarre bosses I’ve worked for. But why do that when I could talk about me?! Wouldn’t you rather hear about how I need to purchase a certain number of items in one order as opposed to an old (dead) boss who wouldn’t eat white sugar but brought us giant slabs of oatmeal cookies made with honey? They probably had 500 calories each. Gross. Once we were out to lunch and I ordered a grilled cheese. He laughed at me and said, “Why don’t you just melt a stick of butter and drink it?” Then he added a gallon of blue cheese dressing to his salad. I mean, people, right? Where to even start…

shrug woman

Obviously, my quirky habits of talking to myself, making lists of lists, and obsessively deleting emails are vastly more interesting than my schizo ex’s habit of unplugging the refrigerator so the FBI couldn’t listen to our convos. Right? And what about that guy I dated who wouldn’t have sex because he was afraid aliens were watching? No one wants to hear about him when I could wax rhapsodic about the way I arrange my shoes.

People are strange
And I’m even stranger
Checking right angles
When I’m alone…

They say we’re all puzzle pieces and the key to a lasting love relationship is to find the matching piece that clicks with your special weirdness. Well! I have some issues with that analogy. First, there are lots of men folks who are apparently multi-sided pieces with spots for multiple partners. Then there are the corner pieces with incredibly specific requirements for their compatible piece, and that piece is probably lost forever under the table. And some pieces are cat-shaped, so…

cat selfie

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One Less Bell to Answer…

No soliciting no exceptions

Melanie offers us a timely Truthful Tuesday question today just as political garbage ads are all over the place again, polluting the land as well as our mailboxes, along with the usual annoying, scammy salespeople who seem to multiply during holiday season.

How polite do you find it to ignore the doorbell and/or the phone? Especially if you’ve just begun to eat dinner or want to just veg out all by your lonesome? Why do we feel obligated to do either thing in the first place? One of my greatest peeves is the idea that I ought to be tied to the %$#& phone 24/7. Your honest thoughts?

First, outside of work, I never feel obligated to answer the phone or door unless I have plans with that person. You simply do not have to, in my opinion, and you don’t need an excuse. That said, there are some calls I always take, such as from my daughters and a few others. The rest can leave a vm or send a text. I’ll get back to them when I feel like it, which is usually pretty soon.

Second, if I do answer a sales call, either at work or by accident, I feel no need to be polite. Why aren’t THEY polite enough not to hound folks with their irritating sales pitches? Either I say no thanks and hang up while they’re still talking (they never stop talking anyway), or I disconnect without saying anything. They’ve already rudely interrupted my day, and I don’t owe them a damn thing.

I have a huge reservoir of negativity toward salespeople who show up unsolicited at the door or approach me in parking lots. It’s partly because when my dad had dementia he was scammed several times by these horrible predators who deliberately target senior communities. It’s also because a copy machine salesman became verbally abusive toward me once when I was alone in the office and I had to call security. I hate them all with a passion! And that goes for bums who ask for money too, especially men. So freaking annoying, not to mention many are just scammers with their ridiculous stories.

Phone text time hand

Third, texting and emailing is a bit different, imo. The written word is my preferred method of communication, so I’m generally pleased when someone reaches out in that way and will respond quickly as a reward and encouragement. I am NOT talking about disgusting spammers, survey jerks, and political donation beggars. Ick!!! They all get blocked. I am talking about friends and others who understand that sending a text or email is a gentle, non-intrusive way to contact someone because you can respond (or not) at your leisure.

Also, with my aging memory, I do better when stuff is in writing so I can look back to check time/date of plans or whatever. Unlike Melanie, I am tied to my phone 24/7, and I like it that way!

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Lost Love

couple dancing sunset beach

Maggie takes the reins this week to continue the Throwback Thursday series. Today we’re talking about our first heartbreak, such a cheery topic. Well, it could be worse ~ we could be discussing our last heartbreak and then you’d have to read the ghosted crap all over again.

1. How old were you when you had your first heartbreak? (For some it might be well into adulthood and that’s fine, too!)

Twenty-two, which was only semi-adult in my case, as I was still living with and financially dependent upon my parents.

2. Who broke your heart – first names only?

I don’t use names with failed relationships, but let’s say it rhymes with shark.

3. Do you remember how the breakup happened?

It wasn’t exactly a breakup, since we weren’t an official couple. My parents were moving to California, and I thought I might stay in Chicago, as nutty as that seems now. Well, I was in love with Sharkie, my bestie and I were going to get an apartment together, and I’d just started a good new job. But (1) Sharkie took another girl on a camping trip because I didn’t want to ask for a week off so soon (imagine, me camping, lol!); (2) Bestie decided to keep living with her parents to save money; and (3) my parents bribed me with a new car to move with them. So I left.

Moving truck van boxes

4. Did you have a ring or token of your love? Did you return it?

Lol, no. He never gave me anything but pain. (Cue dramatic music.)

5. Did you think this was true love?

I don’t know what true love is, but I think there should be some degree of mutuality. He liked me, but that’s all, while I’d had a mad crush on him from the first moment he sauntered into class.

6. Did you play any sad songs to soothe the pain? If so, do you remember the name of the song?

Mostly I avoided “You Are the Sun” by Lionel Richie because we’d slow-danced to it in a Chicago bar at closing time, and that’s when my crush turned into something more. The song still gives me the sads.

7. If you were an adolescent, were your parents sympathetic or were they of the “it’s only puppy love” school of thought?

My parents didn’t know anything about it. I generally don’t mention my heartbreaks until way after the fact. I have this fear that I can’t express my emotions strongly enough in mere words and thus my feelings will be dismissed. It’s not an irrational fear either, since this has happened a few times.

8. How long did it take you to get over it all?

Not sure if I am, but the ghosted experience (and subsequent depression) tends to eclipse all other heartbreaks.

Ghosted novel

9. Do you remember this person fondly or is it someone you prefer to forget?

I remember him fondly and occasionally give him a google to see if he’s still working at the same place. Recently I viewed an updated photo and he looks better than ever. I don’t resent him for taking another girl camping when I couldn’t go ~ he made it clear early on, while we were just friends, that he was polyamorous, though we didn’t use that term back then. You always think you’ll be the one to change them…

10. After all was said and done, was it for the best or did you remain longing for a love lost?

I honestly think we could have made it work if I had been able to tolerate his wandering eye (and possibly he would have outgrown it). We had a lot in common and enjoyed role play, which most men do not. In fact, I’ve never met another man willing to do it, other than in bed (tmi, sorry). It’s not the only way to keep things interesting, but it works for me. The Sharkie heartbreak did turn out for the best, however, because my sadness over him helped motivate me to move to California, where I ended up having my lovely daughters.

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All the Feels [fpq]


How are you doing? Seriously, are you okay? Feeling good? Just okay? Not so great? Why do you think you’re feeling the way you are? ~ Fandango’s Provocative Question

This is gonna be another one of my long rambles, so you might want to exit if you’re not in the mood for a big read. This isn’t a trigger warning, just a courtesy note for bloggy friends. Much like Mark Manson in the linked essay, I don’t believe that TW’s actually work, and now the rightwing loons have glommed onto this concept in order to ban every book they hate, which seems to be all of them. So thanks for that.

How am I? Well, physically I’m not doing that great, though of course things could be worse, and I’m sure they will be eventually. For now though, in addition to chronic back pain, I am also besieged with near-daily migraines due to the heat wave. It appears that the heat may subside this weekend, so hopefully I’ll feel better then. Exercise would probably be good for my back, among other benefits, but I don’t even pretend to bother during this heat. I just slog through the days, attempting to manage my pain, and at the end of each one, I try to feel optimistic about the next. It can be difficult though.

Despite that, I’m not in a dark place mentally over my daily life. Things are OK in my tiny bubble. My work is fine. My friendships are solid. I have food/clothing/shelter and an internet connection 24/7. I have successfully avoided any stupid romantic dating drama for several years. I’m always grateful for my two lovely daughters and adorable grands. When my kitty Gatsby isn’t being annoyingly loud, I’m thankful for him as well.

gatsby kitty cat love hearts

The rising prices have affected me of course, and I’ve cut back on some purchases, like random Amazon buys, and I drive a bit less, but it’s hard to see where I can do more, since I don’t live extravagantly to begin with. Most of the “helpful” advice from the electric company doesn’t apply to me at all. I don’t have a lawn to mow or water, I don’t need to charge a vehicle, I already do laundry in the mornings, we rarely use the dishwasher, we already have the A/C set to 78, etc. Despite my modest lifestyle, however, I just had the joy of paying SCE $141 for the last cycle.

I am concerned about the state of USA politics, which is utterly abysmal. I guess old people like me have a tradition of believing everything is worse than ever, but unlike some oldies I don’t pine for “the good old days,” since I don’t believe they actually existed except in fantasyland. Things were on a slight upward trajectory though until the magats crawled out from under their rocks and elected you know who and other disgusting racist magat creeps.

Sad face dislike thumbs down

Though reading the news can be stressful, I think it’s important to stay at least somewhat informed… and also make sure to vote against any magats on your ballot. I don’t want to dive into the weeds here, but suffice to say I can’t believe anyone still supports the ex-prez and his criminal behavior, or any other magat, and if he gets in again it will be a disaster for our country and the world too.

Please remember that I will delete nasty comments at my whim. If you disagree, do it respectfully and especially don’t insult other commenters. Thanks.

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