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The Weekly Smile

My smile is unexpectedly weird. A couple months ago I received a letter from Big Life Insurance Company informing me that they’d been trying to find me (I am not hard to find, geniuses), and they believe they have, so would I please verify? The issue is that I have a whole life policy they need to keep up to date.

Being a writer, naturally I first wondered who is planning to murder me?

Why else would someone buy life insurance on me? I’m not a high-earner who is supporting peeps who’d be cast adrift upon a sea of bankruptcy should Yacht Paula hit an iceberg.

So, I called BLIC to find out what was going on. Welp, it turned out that my policy was purchased in June of 1979, making it look suspiciously like a high school graduation present. (A strange one, agreed. But family, amirite?) But alas whoever bought it quit paying the premiums five years later, which lined up with my Grandpa Jack’s death, so it’s been an ourobouros policy ever since. Which means that it’s been nomming up the value of itself to pay for the yearly premiums (around $600) and it will continue to do so until it expires in the year 2027, or unless I die first. The day I called, my beneficiary was due to get about $5K if I hit the iceberg.

And who would that be?

My ex-husband. What? Why? I must have known about this policy at some point and updated it, and then it completely slipped out of my mind again like a boring snake. Or maybe my parents did when they settled Grandpa’s estate? Idk. So, I asked for a change of beneficiary form. They said they’d send one. But in the meantime, I received a different form with my address confirmed and on that there was a number that said cash value. Wait, what? I can cash this dumb thing in?

I called BLIC again and asked for the cash-out form. They said they’d send it. I waited. No form. I called again. Spoke to a snotty woman who acted like she personally was going to have to pay me the money. Not my problem! Do your job please.

In any case, I got the form and filled out four (4) pages of gobbledy, sent that back, waited. Last week I received a check for $900 and change. Woohoo! Not a fortune, but it was a surprise and a welcome one.

Thank you, Grandpa Jack. πŸ’–

The Weekly Smile

My smile is a little different this week. It’s not something small and self-contained but more conceptual.

I’ve been playing some of Rory’s Valentine’s challenges and got to one last night (no. 14) that I was going to write and schedule for today. Its theme was about my worst dates. Hah, I thought, I have a million of ’em… how to even choose? So many disasters, so many horrible jerks, so many…

Then I tried to pick three specific ones for the prompt. Worst date. Bad blind date. Dating disaster. Obviously this would be so easy for me! You’ve heard me complain for years about my terrible time with dating site men, etc. I’ve posted several funny stories but not scary-sad ones. (Or if I did, I deleted them.)

But a weird thing seems to have happened. While I remember that there were bad dates and can recall specific names and situations, the feelings have faded. When I used to revisit these memories, it was like walking barefoot over a field of sharp rocks. Ow ow ow! Last night it was as if the rains had come and the rocks were all underwater. I could see them, but they didn’t hurt me.

And I didn’t feel like writing about them. They all seemed too boring, with the ripples of the water making them look harmless. I didn’t want to reach in and pick up a rock to see if its edges were still sharp and hurty. Just leave them all.

This made me happy. This made me smile. I was serious when I said I managed to cure myself of my 2017 depression without therapy or meds. I let myself feel all the anger and sadness I needed to feel. I wrote all the poetry I needed to write. I didn’t hide anything away in the attic so that it would return to haunt me later.

And now it’s done. Sorry I can’t write about my bad dates. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

The Weekly Smile

I haven’t been “a coupon person” for years. Frankly, I find most coupons to be a bit of a scam ~ you generally receive them after you’ve purchased something to entice you to return and spend more money. Now, if you would normally buy the exact thing on the coupon next time, great! You’ve saved a few cents. But often the coupon is for an item you wouldn’t normally buy, or for something you don’t need yet. If you spend money early, the store wins, not you. Econ 101.

However! CVS (drugstore) faithfully sends me cash discounts via email at least once a week ~ the problem is that they expire in 48 hours or so. Still, I usually click to send them to my card in case I stop in. Last eve I did stop in to pick up a prescription. The pharmacist told me I had an item ready in the photo department ~ oops, a pic of my sweet grandbaby I’d forgotten. (I do so many now.) Since I was going over there, I grabbed a birthday card and a couple other things. Checked out.

Welp, my $5 or so purchase was all free cuz of my email coupons! SMILE! πŸ˜€

The Weekly Smile

Happy Monday! Idk about you, but I miss those 4-day weekends and 3-day workweeks. Wasn’t it just a working Monday a couple days ago? How can another one be here already?! Yet, there’s always a reason to smile, amirite? πŸ˜€

For quite some time now, I’ve been off and on feeding a few feral cats that meander into our parking lot. We’re not supposed to leave food out there, so I only put it down when I see them, on average twice a week. There are usually two or three pure black cats, but every so often a grey kitty and/or a splotchy white one stop by.

The last time I fed them was Christmas Eve. After we came back from viewing the lights, two black cats were waiting for me. Since then, no kitties! I’ve been so worried because on the Nextdoor app people are always complaining about coyotes eating up their cats (and dogs too). I know these kitties are pretty smart, having survived outside for years, but nothing’s as wily as a coyote (meep meep). Plus, there are a lot of speeding cars too.

However, this Saturday night when I came home late from my friend’s house, there was a black kitty chillin’ like a villain in the parking lot. This made me so happy! I gave him a big smile and said I’d been worried about him. I didn’t feed him though ~ I keep wondering if it’s a bad idea to encourage them to come to my complex which is so close to a busy intersection. Wherever else he goes to survive is likely a better place for him and his kitty friends too, even if I don’t get to see them. πŸ±πŸ’•

The Weekly Smile

My Weekly Smile has to do with writing ~ surprise!

I began to edit my novel Ghosted on New Year’s Day. What this means is I slog through the mass of blog posts that comprise my 50K words of NaNoWriMo 2018 and copypasta them into my main Word document. But I can’t just do that in one swell foop, nope ~ I’m doing it one post at a time, sometimes two, since each post is about a chapter. Then I format the blob properly and edit it; when finished, I attempt to come up with a clever chapter title.

And guess what? I’m having a great time doing this! I still like my novel a lot, have no desire to round-file it (a frequent concern at this point in the story), and can’t wait to get caught up so I can write the ending.

This makes me happy because I was a little worried in December that once I looked at the stuff I wrote in November it would seem too messy and disorganized to deal with. Here’s a great quote to illustrate why we should simply get started on whatever task we need/want to do. πŸ˜€