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Two for Tuesday ~ Karen Rose

woman books crazy rage

I’ve now read 75 books this year and am burnt out, yet there are still a ton of ’em left in the queue. Gah! Luckily, they don’t spoil like a wedge of cheddar cheese, but still. It’s overwhelming. Last month I read my first Karen Rose romantic suspense novel and I liked it so much I bought four more from a reseller on eBay. Unfortunately, I didn’t like the next three as much and I can’t even bear to start the fourth because they’re so boring and similar now. I understand that readers want consistency, so authors write a related set of novels, keeping to a certain style. But there is such a thing as taking that too far! These reviews will contain some spoilers, so reader beware.

1. You Can’t Hide (2006) by Karen Rose. So here we have two unbelievably gorgeous people, Aidan the cop and Tess the shrink, who are of course alone because of “issues.” They meet on a case, on a Sunday in Chicago, and Aidan burns with hatred toward Tess because she had testified that some guy was nuts when Aidan wanted him to fry, but within two days the hate disappears and is replaced with burning lust and random moments of kindness. I don’t expect fiction to mirror real life, but as I continued to read Karen’s books, I became annoyed at this warp lovespeed pattern she set up in all of them.

Apparently, Tess’s beautiful eyes are so expressive that Aidan now sees compassion in them toward victims when just a couple days earlier he thought she was an ice queen. But not only that, by Tuesday night he’s feeling protective and gallant, bringing her to his house to stay overnight when another one of her patients is murdered and it’s clear she’s being targeted. Obviously, Tess can’t go to a hotel because she has to bring her cat with her. Obviously. But since this was the first book of Karen’s I read, I just shrugged off the ridiculous romance and continued to enjoy the thriller aspect, even if the precisely planned setups were way too complex to be believable. I liked the ending and was feeling good about the book when I finished, so I gave it four stars.

Woman lying lies secret hide

2. Don’t Tell (2003) by Karen Rose. This story also takes place in Chicago ~ after “Caroline” escapes her abusive cop husband in the South and creates a new life for herself and her son. I hoped to enjoy this book, but it’s like every other story of this type. The husband is a horrible person, with zero redeeming features (naturally he is also a racist and almost all his coworkers hate him), and the reader wonders what the heroine ever saw in him. It’s hard for me to root for stupid protagonists.

As with every story of this type, the heroine gains confidence and friends, still keeping her guard up, but then falls madly in love with a new man, and vice versa. They each have their secrets they’re afraid to tell the other, and all the while her creepy husband is figuring out where she is so he can bring her back for more abuse. You know he’ll find her, you know this time she’ll prevail, and you know she and the new guy will work out all their issues via one or two conversations. Predictable?! Every word. Again we have the warp lovespeed thing happening, which in this case absolutely boggles the mind from both directions. Not to mention the fact that the new guy is Caroline’s boss, which has been a no-no for a long time, certainly in the early 2000’s. Two stars.

Oh, I forgot to mention that in every Karen Rose novel so far, there is someone pushing one or both of the protags into a relationship with the other. They push really hard, in a way that no normal person would ever tolerate from a friend or sibling. Dana, the director of the women’s shelter, gets ANGRY at poor Caroline for not flinging herself headlong at her boss. I would tell someone to go pound sand if they treated me like that, but I guess Caroline is used to aggressive, nasty behavior from those she loves. The last Karen Rose book I have is Dana’s story, and since I already dislike her, I doubt I will be reading it.

I will review the two others on a future Two for Tuesday.

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Two for Tuesday ~ Christmas Movies

Christmas cookies

I did not bake any yummy holiday cookies (yet), but I have begun watching holiday romcoms.

1. Nothing Like the Holidays (2008). This one was classified as a romance on Prime, but it’s quite different from the usual sappy romcom (not putting those down ~ I like sappy at the holidays). It’s about a Puerto Rican family in Chicago welcoming back Jesse, who has served in Iraq. Each family member has their own storyline that plays out during the movie. Jesse himself has an unresolved issue from the war and isn’t sure he wants to take over the family biz from his father. His father appears to have cheated on his mother, and his mother wants a divorce. His sister Roxanna is treated like a movie star, but in reality she’s broke and anxiously scrambling for a bit part. Jesse’s lawyer brother Mauricio wants to start a family with his wife Sarah, except she seems to be more interested in climbing the corporate ladder than having a baby. Finally, Jesse’s old flame (Roxanna’s childhood bestie) now has a child and a new man, and Jesse still has strong feelings for her. There are a couple of oddball friends/cousins in the mix who add additional layers and also humor. I highly recommend this movie!

2. Christmas in Love (2018). This is a typical Hallmark romcom from Prime. We have the obligatory sweet, wholesome, small-town girl (Ellie) and the slick-talking, corporate, big-city man (Nick). Both are beautiful, of course, and each has a secret. Nick’s secret is that he really is the son of the owner of the bakery where Ellie and her father work, and he’s determined to automate production and eliminate staff. Ellie’s secret is that she’s not happy and dreams of living in San Francisco ~ where Nick is from, conveniently enough. Everything proceeds according to romcom formula and is very enjoyable.

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Two for Tuesday ~ SILTH

guitar man music

SILTH means “songs I love to hate.” You may remember that I made a post on February 10 of this year announcing that I intended to make this an ongoing thing. So here I am over nine months later with another post on the topic. I never actually created the tag, but I might. Anyway, on with the songs!

1. “Gentle on My Mind” by Glen Campbell. What could I possibly hate about this song (while at the same time loving Glen’s voice and the sound of the song generally)? Well, check out these lyrics.

It’s knowing that your door is always open
And your path is free to walk
That makes me tend to leave my sleeping bag
Rolled up and stashed behind your couch

And it’s knowing I’m not shackled
By forgotten words and bonds
And the ink stains that are dried upon some line

That keeps you in the backroads
By the rivers of my memory
That keeps you ever gentle on my mind

He goes on like that stanza after stanza, talking about an accommodating woman who lets him stay with her whenever and doesn’t complain when he walks away to do his own thing and sleep with other women too (that’s implied later in the song). This paragon of femininity is so sweet, never asking him for anything, never expecting a commitment, but always there when he needs a place to crash. I’d like to hear her version! Even better, I’d like her to throw his stupid sleeping bag in the trash and not answer the door the next time he comes around. Jerk.


cinnamon honey

2. “Honey” by Bobby Goldsboro. Now, some of you may simply hate this song without loving it, but it has a puppy in it, and I’ve always found the melody to be charming. But the lyrics? Ugh! He laughs at her when she slips and falls, he calls her dumb, and he mocks her for crying over silly TV shows. Dude, what is your problem? The thing is, this song has always intrigued me because I don’t know if she died of some mysterious illness or if she killed herself because she couldn’t stand being married to an ahole.

I came home unexpectedly
And caught her cryin’ needlessly
In the middle of the day
And it was in the early Spring
When flowers bloom and robins sing
She went away

And honey, I miss you
And I’m bein’ good
And I’d love to be with you
If only I could

One day while I was not at home
While she was there and all alone
The angels came

What do you think? Do angels come for suicides? Or do you think she died of an illness? I confess, when I was little I thought the song WAS about the dog, and its name was Honey, so I’ve always loved it. And I hate it too! The song was written by Bobby Russell, who produced a single version in 1968 with Bob Shane singing. It didn’t do that well, but Goldsboro’s cover, which was released almost immediately afterward, did great. It hit No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and stayed there for 5 weeks, along with topping the Billboard’s Hot Country Singles chart and doing well overseas too (No. 1 in Canada and Australia; No. 2 in the UK). “Honey” sold a million copies in three weeks, which was a big deal back then, and became the bestselling record for 1968. The Country Music Association named it Song of the Year. (Source: Wikipedia.)

Alrighty then. I’ll be back with more SILTH in nine months, or possibly sooner. Also, I created the tag.

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Two for Tuesday ~ Romcom Reviews

Couple holding hands at table romance

1. The Pumpkin Pie Wars (2016), on Prime. This was a relatively predictable romcom starring Eric Aragon and Julie Gonzalo, two extremely good-looking actors. It’s a Hallmark film, so it’s “family friendly” ~ no hot sex scenes or swearing. Obviously, the main characters were going to get together, so what was more interesting was the feud between their moms and how that all worked out. I thought the acting was excellent in this movie and the characters were well-cast, even though I hadn’t heard of any of these peeps before. It was fun watching them bake all the delicious pastry ~ expect to get hungry if you choose this flick!

2. You Cast a Spell on Me (2015), on Prime. Silly “plot,” but fun and cute in a campy way with witches and magic and business deals. Again, a good cast and nice chemistry between the leads (Ryan McPartin and Nikki DeLoach), not that they get very many scenes together. I think the writers forgot to tie up a thread: what was the heroine’s fiancé actually doing at the Hadron Collider in Switzerland? They looked up the fiancé, yet he wasn’t there. When the heroine calls him, he’s always super frazzled and can’t talk. What’s going on? Is he a spy? We don’t know! Again, we have a couple moms in the mix who are more interesting than the couple themselves. Is that a thing now? Must watch more romcoms to find out. Go moms!

I will regale you with more reviews soon!

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Two for Tuesday ~ Cupcakes Again

Oreo cupcake

I tried two of Sprinkles’ limited time October cupcakes. The first one was Oreo with orange buttercream frosting and I admit I wasn’t too impressed. Of course, no cupcake from Sprinkles is bad, but that’s beside the point ~ I expect them all to be spectacular. In fairness though, I had this cupcake right after I found out about Ashley, and I was still teary over the news. I wasn’t in the mood to like anything right then, but I had to pick up my order at the assigned time because I had preordered and paid. Anyway…

The best part of this treat was the Oreo cookie on the bottom which had miraculously stayed crisp and perfectly Oreo-ish. The chocolate cake was moist, as they promised, but other than that it was just meh. I actually wondered if I had caught Covid because the cake seriously tasted like nothing. Even worse, the buttercream frosting was sweet and creamy and a very pretty orange, but that’s it ~ I didn’t detect any orange flavor. The Oreo crumbs around the rim were a nice touch and complemented the frosting texture, but this cupcake disappointed me overall.

bewitched halloween cupcake

I saved the Bewitched cupcake for the next day, in a sealed Tupperware container, and it was perfectly fresh and moist. It’s so weird that the “light cocoa” red velvet cake in this treat had a fabulous flavor while the Oreo cupcake’s darker chocolate cake had no taste. Idk, maybe it was me. The cream cheese frosting was decadently delicious, though a little overpowering at breakfast (not their fault ~ no one told me to eat it at 9AM), and the Halloween sprinkles were fun and crunchy.

OK. New cupcake reviews will appear when I eat new cupcakes, whenever that may be. Probably soon would be my best guess.

PS: After I scheduled this post, I ate a random grocery store mini-cupcake at a concert. It was strawberry cake topped with cream cheese frosting… absolutely scrumptious! Just proves that deliciousness can be found anywhere if you’re open to it.

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Two for Tuesday ~ Fall Cupcakes

salted chocolate caramel cupcake from sprinkles

The above is a Sprinkles flash flavor cupcake ~ salted chocolate caramel. It’s part of their astrology series and this one is for Libras, though I don’t discriminate by star sign and will nom up any of them that look good. I wasn’t sure about this one though, as I’m not the biggest chocolate fan. I KNOW, RIGHT?! But it’s true. Most of the time, I prefer other flavors. Yet the salted caramel cake was so unbearably tempting, so I gave in, as you do. I’ve had a salted caramel cupcake from Sprinkles previously, but I don’t recall the cake being quite this delicious, so fluffy and moist and caramelly. The frosting was excellent too, due to its luscious, creamy dark chocolate goodness, with a teensy bit of salt sprinkled on for extra noms. However, I must be honest in my reviews: I was disappointed in the blob in the middle. Mine didn’t look anything like the image above and wasn’t the least bit “silky.” It was a lump of horribly bitter chocolate that added nothing good to the cake or the frosting. This would have been an excellent treat otherwise.

Pumpkin spice latte cupcake

Zomg! Sprinkles pumpkin spice latte zooms right to the top of my cupcake faves. I saved this treat for breakfast, so it was a tiny bit stale, a condition I happen to enjoy in cake. As soon as I opened the box, the wonderful aroma of coffee wafted out because that’s what the frosting is made of. Yum! I miss coffee so much. The cake was loaded with pumpkin flavor, and I even enjoyed the fluffy marshmallow filling (there wasn’t a ton of it, which was a good thing as it would have displaced more cake). The frosting though was completely out of this world on the deliciousness scale. Fab!!!

Onward to winter cupcake concoctions!

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Two for Tuesday ~ Romcoms!

Couple holding hands at table romance

I recently watched two romantic comedies on Prime, and while neither one was that great, each has something interesting to recommend. I’ll try not to overly spoil them, but probably a bit of spoilage will sneak in.

1. Love Accidentally. This 2022 film was written by Robert Dean Klein and directed by Peter Sullivan. It stars Brenda Song as Alexa and Aaron O’Connell as Jason, two aggressive, repulsive coworkers competing for an advertising contract. Brooke Newton plays Hanna, Alexa’s best friend and coworker; Pedro Correa is Brad, another coworker and Jason’s friend. Maxwell Caulfield does a great job as a winery owner whose business Alexa and Jason are trying to nab. Denise Richards costars as the ad agency boss and omg she’s had so much work done it made me cringe. Remember when she was a fresh-faced Bond Girl? Well, I do, and I think it’s sad that women can’t be allowed to show their age normally in Hollywood.

I almost quit this film in the first few minutes because Alexa and Jason were such horrible characters I didn’t care what happened to either of them. But I guess I was too lazy to reach for the remote, or maybe Gatsby was sleeping on it, so I kept watching. When both Alexa and Jason got dumped by their partners, it felt vindicating. Alexa accidentally wrecks her phone by dropping it in water and tries to remember Hannah’s number, but she transposes two digits and ends up texting with Jason. (OK, so it’s a bit far-fetched that the ad agency had a block of similar numbers to hand out to their employees, but we’ll go with that.) Reminiscent of the You’ve Got Mail setup, the two competitors connect via the written word and begin communicating anonymously. It’s really sweet how they both become less obnoxious as they feel freer to express their doubts, insecurities, anxieties, etc. with someone who won’t judge them. We all need that, I think.

The ending left a bit to be desired romantically, but the protagonists had good chemistry, and overall the movie was better than average for the romcom genre. I particularly enjoyed the scenes where Alexa and Jason were happily texting away to each other on a split screen but also glaring daggers as they passed each other in the office. Fun!

texting phones hands

2. My Secret Billionaire, a romantic comedy of XXXX year*, was written and directed by Fred Manocherian. I assumed this story would begin with a spoiled brat getting cut off financially until his behavior improved. Nope.

Victor Alfieri and Ione Skye costar as the romantic leads, Ferro and Diana. Ferro is actually a pleasant obscenely wealthy person; his only vice seems to be bouncing from woman to woman instead of settling down. This bothers Ferro’s father so much that on his deathbed he makes Ferro promise to live a month with no money because he thinks this will result in a love match. After his dad passes on, Ferro travels to New York City and switches IDs with his driver, Claude, determined to fulfill his father’s dying wish. He arrives in NYC with no money and nowhere to stay. So far, so good.

The main problem I have with this movie is the unnecessarily convoluted meet-cute plus a whole bunch of other ridiculous coincidences. It’s NYC, full of a zillion people… we aren’t going to keep running into the same ones! There is no reason for Ferro to encounter Diana sleeping on her friend Pita’s sofa; it makes no sense besides, as Diana has moved back home with her parents after a traumatic experience (implied rape). That’s just one of many annoyances. We see a nasty man on the plane, Mr. Curtis, who ends up being Diana’s boss, and later Ferro gets a job as his driver. Couldn’t that be the meet-cute moment? Pita’s scenes ultimately added nothing to the movie’s momentum.

However, the story surprised me in a good way because Ferro was so nice to people all along without having to learn any clichéd lessons first. I enjoyed watching him and listening to his accent: Italian men are sexy! Well, some. I liked how he helped Diana set up her own real estate agency after mean Mr. Curtis fired them both; since Ferro had no money to invest, he contributed creative business ideas. I also enjoyed the complexity of Diana’s character, her interactions with her parents, and the fact that she didn’t act completely silly around Ferro due to having other things on her mind. Talia Shire did a good job as Diana’s overprotective mom (though her concerns were legit). There wasn’t a ton of chemistry between Diana and Ferro though, which was unfortunate.

Cheers wine romance sunset

*The most interesting thing about this film is Fred. Remember Fred, the writer and director? He was born in 1932 and is an American real estate developer, author, founder of the National Road Safety Foundation (motivated by the deaths of friends in auto crashes), and founder of the New York Health & Racquetball Chain (via Wikipedia). Fred, which is a nickname of Fraydun, is of Persian Jewish descent. In 2011, when he was almost 80 years old, he wrote the romance novel My Father’s Will, upon which the movie was based, but that’s confusing because IMDB says the movie is from 2009. To further deepen the mystery, sometimes the film is called A Secret Promise and/or The Homeless Billionaire ~ this one has a 2016 release date. Is the 2009 thing a typo on IMDB that’s been carried over to other places? WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? I’m so confused.

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Two for Tuesday ~ Cupcakes!

two cupcakes

As promised, I have another delicious cupcake review for you. Now, I know what you’re thinking ~ I’ve already reviewed a Sprinkles Mother’s cookie cupcake so what’s up with the pink one? Nope nope nope. The one I previously reviewed was a Mythical Creature Mother’s cookie cupcake with a purple unicorn cookie on top and vanilla buttercream frosting (colored pink). This one is a Circus Animal Mother’s cookie cupcake with a um… doggo (?) piggo (?) on top and strawberry buttercream frosting. Totally different. But the cookie crust on this treat was just as yummy as the unicorn cookie crust (reminding me of a buttery Spritz cookie) and the confetti cake was again fun and nom. The strawberry buttercream frosting was absolutely luscious ~ and do you know what? I kept this cupcake for the next day so the frosting would have that slight crunch from getting a tiny bit dried out, and I just love that so much. Not that I don’t love totally fresh and soft creamy frosting too. If you buy two (2) cupcakes, you can have both!

I confess I am reviewing these out of order ~ I actually had the key lime cupcake first. Psych! This one was a flash flavor for adults only because it had rum in the lime buttercream frosting. It was soooo good! Maybe this is my new favorite frosting, but you know… I have a hard time choosing a favorite frosting the same as I find it difficult to name my favorite musical album. What can I say? I’m just wishy washy and indecisive. Or maybe I’m not! Anyway, I almost didn’t order this cupcake even though Sprinkles sent me a raft of emails about it. That’s because the cake was made with olive oil. I had a very traumatic experience decades ago in Chicago when I made some emergency brownies with olive oil because we didn’t have any normal oil and it was probably a hundred degrees below zero so I couldn’t go out and get some. The brownies were so horrible. (Shudder.) But then I’m not a professional baker like these Sprinkles peeps and their olive oil cupcake was FABULOUS! Not only that, but there was a bonus blob of caramel in the middle ~ I love love love caramel! The combo sounds weird, I know. Olive oil cake, caramel blob, key lime (and rum) frosting. Random palm tree decoration too. I mean, wut? But I’m telling you… it worked! I love when the overpowering sweetness of a cupcake is offset with a citrus flavor, and this one was outstanding.

You can’t get one though, since it was a flash flavor and has disappeared. Sometimes they return. Who knows!? I’m digging these weird surprise cupcakes, which of course is the point. It’s not interesting to order the same old cupcakes every time or even to see them on the menu. Sprinkles knows what it’s doing and has some great marketing going on. Gah. Marketing. That reminds me I never do any…

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Two for Tuesday ~ Cold Hearts [repost]

bear water plunge dive

1. Cold Cold Heart by Tami Hoag. I read 8 chapters (117 pages) of this suspense novel before giving up. I think that’s a fair shot. And the thing is, I don’t really have anything bad to say about the book. It’s well-written, very suspenseful, gory, and exciting. I could have easily continued on to watch poor messed up Dana emerge from her confused mental state following her horrific ordeal at the hands of a madman. I could have hung on for the ride as Dana figured out exactly what the hell went on 7 years ago with her best friend Casey and that handsome tormented soldier turned pizza guy who of course will turn out to be some kinda hero there in the small town in Indiana. Dana has to return to said ‘burb as she recovers from the madman attack in order to be cared for by her sweet mom and her creepy rich politician stepdad, who just has to be some kind of nogoodnik, right?

But I just don’t care. That’s the thing, I guess. In those 117 pages Hoag has not made me care about Dana enough to plow on through her physical therapy and nightmares and stuff. That’s all a lot of work for me, the reader, and I suppose I’m a bit lazy these days. You gotta make me care about the protag if I’m gonna slog to her doctor’s appointments and deal with her anxiety attacks. Hoag has Dana freaking out at every shadow and that gets tiring really fast. See, Dana was this super pretty blonde high school girl who hung around with this super pretty brunette Casey yada yada and then… something happened to Casey, we don’t know what yet, maybe she’s dead, we’re not sure, but Dana went on to college and began her perky journalism career in Minnesota until the madman attack. But so? Why should I care? What about Dana is compelling here? Why should I hold her hand as she struggles for words and freaks out at every little trigger? Some of it is so gory that it’s triggering for me and I am not invested emotionally enough in the protagonist to bear with the story.

That’s what a writer needs to do. Make us care. If this were a movie, I might stick with it because it would be filmed dramatically with voices, expressions, music, etc., and it would engage me in a more visceral way. But reading is a different experience. Scenes play in my mind, with some input from me to fill out the descriptions, and the writer needs to engage me emotionally by making me identify with the protag, in order for me to want to turn those pages. I probably would have cared more about Dana if she’d been an ordinary high school girl instead of a popular perfect girl who never struggled. I’m supposed to relate to a cheerleader? Meh. And Dana does nothing remarkable during her career to make me root for her during her recovery. There was a hint she may have done a heartwarming story about an animal shelter… now that could have grabbed me. Make Dana an animal rescuer, yeah! But… nothin’. Just a pretty pretty princess. Feh.

(Obviously I’m in the minority here because this book has racked up loads of fab reviews.)

2. Cold-Hearted Rake by Lisa Kleypas. Ah, now this one I loved! This was a traditional hot old-fashioned romance novel, set in London in… idk, whenever they were messing up the tenant farmers’ way of life by ripping up the land with railroads (1850s?). Our hero Devon inherits an earl’s title and some lands plus a decrepit castle, and before he sees any of it has already decided to sell off the lot because he doesn’t want to be bothered with any earlish nonsense. His younger drunken brother agrees with this plan and both gents are totes hilarious, as one would expect from well-educated snotty Brits. Lisa doesn’t make me care about these two at the start ~ they’re obnoxious after all ~ but I’m drawn in regardless because they’re so funny and I want to see what happens.

Next we meet Kathleen, the late earl’s widow, who’s a total icy bitch. Now, CHR gets a lot of bad reviews because readers dislike how Devon treats Kathleen at the start, but hello he is a COLD-HEARTED RAKE, remember? And he’s not treating some sweet little miss to his cold-hearted rakishness and causing her to have an anxiety attack ~ he’s being rakish to someone who can take it, freeze it over, and fling it right back in his snarky face. A match made in heaven! I enjoyed their witty banter so much. I loved the supporting cast too: brother Weston, as mentioned, the late earl’s sisters, the servants, the tenants, etc. Lisa took great care to give all her characters distinct and interesting traits. I know there will be more novels coming with some of the other characters in starring roles and I hope to read those as well.

Lisa drew me in by first creating interesting characters, though they certainly didn’t seem like nice people. That’s not necessarily important (many of us were riveted to Tony Soprano’s antics week after week and he was an asshole). Devon and Kathleen were complex. I wanted to figure out what made them tick; I wanted to see what they’d do next. And the story itself was interesting ~ it seemed impossible that the castle and lands could be saved. How would they get the money? As D&K worked on the estate, their personal relationship deepened, and they changed. They began to care more about each other, and then about things beyond themselves. I know, I know, some of you think romance novels are soooo shallow. But the good ones are not.

This was one of the good ones.


Image from Pixabay.

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Two for Tuesday [repost]

movies film projector


1. A Simple Favor.

This is one of the movies I was really looking forward to seeing. The previews were so tantalizing… and after watching Henry Golding slay in Crazy Rich Asians, I wanted to see him in another role. Plus, I was predisposed to like the female leads: Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick. Am I now going to say boo I hated it? Nope! I loved it. It was fabulous!

However. I would not have liked it as a book. Generally, I say to myself, self, I like the written version best and the screen is never as good as what I can imagine from the words. But not this time. There were several elements, one in particular (which I hesitate to reveal even to those who don’t mind spoilers), that are on my hate list. If I see this on a novel description, I won’t read the book. Yep, that bad. But I didn’t mind it in this movie.

There were other things that would have annoyed me as a reader ~ I would have paused and thought wtf? Why is this here? Gratuitous backstory weird sex scene. Unnecessary veering into the possibility of the supernatural. But the movie was too fast-paced to pause and think. It was just damn good fun with a satisfying ending.

I walked out grinning like an idiot. Love these three actors. Blake was especially great.

2. Puzzle. This is another movie I had been trying to pin down on Movie Pass and finally gave up. So I just went and saw it on Sunday with a few friends. Odd flick. Not what I had expected.

I didn’t much like the protagonist. She’s supposed to be some sort of repressed genius whose mind works too damn fast for her mundane life, yet apparently not fast enough to pick up a book or any kind of smart hobby all these years until someone gives her a jigsaw puzzle. And then she doesn’t know where to buy another puzzle without traveling an hour or so by train into Manhattan to a special puzzle store. Because this genius has never heard of Target.

But they need her in the big city for the plot to work, so okay. And it seems we are supposed to dislike her husband, except I don’t. I actually dislike her new man, so there’s that. I don’t like people who jabber psychobabble at you that ostensibly is supposed to make you feel good about yourself, but is ultimately designed to manipulate you into doing what they want all along. I have a big thing about that actually! Ooh, Paula’s issues! But it was still an interesting movie overall about family dynamics and such, and I’m glad I saw it.

I’m looking forward to Colette, A Star Is Born, The Old Man & The Gun, Serenity, The Nutcracker & The Four Realms, Bohemian Rhapsody, Robin Hood, Welcome To Marwen, Mary Queen Of Scots, and Mary Poppins.

Geez, that’s a lot of movies. Good thing I have my trusty pass!

Update: Movie Pass is no more. I haven’t seen most of the movies on my list, except Star and Rhapsody. Both good.


Image from Pixabay.

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