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Truthful Tuesday Movies

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I found this fun prompt, though I didn’t have time to reply on Tuesday. We are to list which three movies best sum up our taste in movies and why.

  1. Analyze This. This is a 1999 comedy directed by Harold Ramis and stars Billy Crystal and Robert De Niro. It’s a spoof of mafia films but also has a serious storyline, like the Sopranos TV show. Even on a recent rewatch, I cracked up. It basically has all the things I love: humor, violence, the mob, psychiatrist jokes, Robert De Niro, etc. I almost feel like I’m cheating to include this movie, since it perfectly illustrates the kind of comedy I adore, plus it has the mafia. There are better mafia movies ~ I’d probably choose Goodfellas as my all-time favorite, but since I’m limited to three, I will combine laughs with the mob to showcase my tastes.
  2. 27 Dresses. Obviously, I have to include a romcom in my list! This one is perfection because it’s actually two romcoms in one, plus it has sisters. I love stories with sisters (and no, they are not mixed up twins). The storyline also involves two parallel themes of deceptive identity, which keeps the tension high, and everything is resolved at the end as love conquers all. This movie is simply the epitome of a romcom, giving us the identity issue a la You’ve Got Mail (another super fave) but sans the emotional infidelity. It was hard not to choose WHMS, which I love, but it has some elements that make it less than perfect for me, such as the hero being a player off and on.
  3. Chicago. I love love love musicals and this one is fabulous! Every character is brilliant, the songs are wonderful, and the dancing is tops. I can watch it over and over again. There are other great musicals, of course, but this one encompasses everything. I admit I am partial to Catherine Zeta-Jones ~ loved her since I first saw her in Zorro ~ and Queen Latifah is excellent as the prison warden. Plus, Richard Gere costars as a devious, clever attorney, and he is just so good (have been a fan of his ever since I first saw him in American Gigolo). Renee Zellweger also stars and she isn’t usually a favorite of mine, except in this. Other top musical contenders are Walk the Line, Fiddler on the Roof, The Sound of Music, and My Fair Lady.

Doesn’t this list make it seem as though I’m not into dramas? Untrue! I love a good drama, but there isn’t a particular one that sums up dramas for me. Doctor Zhivago is wonderful, but it stands alone rather than being a type. Same goes for The Dark Knight, which imo isn’t representative of superhero movies, since I don’t generally care for them. I enjoy some science fiction, but it has to be character-driven like the original Star Trek (I liked the films with the actors from the original series). I’m not a big fan of screwball stuff or movies that are all action. There are exceptions ~ I liked San Andreas and I enjoy the Bond flicks.

I think I’ve rambled on enough for one post. 🤣


Written for Truthful Tuesday.

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