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Places People Visit

Another fun photo challenge from Cee!

1. Gardens of Portland, OR
2. Sights of NYC
3. San Diego Wild Animal Park
4. Chihuly at Catalina Island
5. Hawaii
6. San Francisco MOMA
7. Renaissance Faire (CA)
8. Hollywood Forever Cemetery
9. Grand Canyon, AZ


Another Octolage

Here is the next set of pics for City Sonnet’s October photo challenge in collage form, my new artistic mode.

13. Crimson
14. Grapes
15. Autumn colors
16. Macro, micro
17. Landscape
18. Green-orange-yellow
19. Clouds
20. Start with U


As is my way, I’m doing City Sonnet’s photo challenge in one swell foop. This time, the whole month will be right here in one poast! How exciting! Since I didn’t want to overwhelm my readers with 31 full-size pics in predictable order, I mashed them up in collages. First, I will poast the key, and then I’ll show you my photo art. You can match them up if you like, or simply enjoy for a minute and return to your normally scheduled life.


Today’s pics are part of another fun Cee’s photo challenge: things people play with.








Blue Sky

No, this isn’t about Breaking Bad or the ELO song. It’s a pile of questions I found here on an open tag game, and I’m just grabbing them without following the rules or using the banner cuz that’s how I roll. If any of the questions annoy me, I’ll delete them and possibly substitute my own. Then it’s your turn to play. Or else. 🔥


1. What country have you never visited but would love to, and why?

– I want to visit England and see majestic old crumbly things like the Queen and have tea and cucumber snadwiches and browse in bookshops and hear men speak in sexy British accents all day (swoonsies).

2. What person in your life (not including family members) has most shaped who you are today?

– Probably my ex-husband of 21 years.

3. List three things that make you happy?

– Kitties, poetry, tea.

4. What’s your favorite genre to read?

– Romance.

5. What time period in history most intrigues you, and why?

– That time when whales walked on land and then went back into the ocean and lost their feets. I haz questions.

6. If you could add a new talent to your repertoire, what would it be, and why?

– Repertoire, lol. I would like to have a sense of direction, thx.

7. Where is your favorite place in the world, and why?

– Anywhere with both my daughters, all of us having a good time.

8. What animal best describes your personality, and why?

– Hermit crab. I like to be home alone, and I’m crabby.

9. What’s your favorite recipe (and please share it)?

– Tea and c00kies. You make some tea and get some c00kies from the c00kie package. Serve with a napkin. Hope that wasn’t too technical.

10. Hiking boots, sneakers, heels, or flip-flops?

– Eh? Cute boots or loafers. Occasional heels but not high ones. Sneakers for long walks. Long meaning over a mile. 😂

11. Would you rather have tons of love and little wealth, or tons of wealth and little love?

– Wealth, tons of. Then watch the love roll in. I know how it works.

12. What’s your favorite flower? Any special reason?

– Yellow roses edged with pink. Also sunflowers and orchids. I love a super colorful bouquet 💐 most of all. No reason.

13. What word do you find annoying, and you hear it all the time?

– It starts with T.

14. What bends your mind every time you think about it?

– The first person who figured out how to make bread. It’s so freaking complicated with a bunch of steps and not something that would have happened by accident.

15. What is in your fridge right now?

– Bread, whale feets. The usual.

K, I’m done. Deleted the rest. Now you!

A Return to Normalcy

I always say I like the routine of the workweek. I enjoy getting up early with a sense of purpose, knowing I can’t laze around too long because I have to get dressed and go to the office soon. I wouldn’t want to work at home in sweatpants, since I like having a reason to dress nicely and, most importantly, have a collection of shooze in various colors and styles. Not to mention boots! If I worked at home, I’d never wear adorable corduroy skirts with cute sweaters and boots. The horror.

Plus the workweek makes the weekends so much sweeter. You schedule fun plans (or no plans!) and look forward to seeing friends, going to cool events, watching movies, or just blissing out in peace when Saturday morning rolls around.

That said, for over a week last week I hibernated with my daughter up in NorCal and really really enjoyed it. I drove her car to the store twice, and we took short walks around the neighborhood. But other than that, and letting her doggie outside in the back, I stayed in, wore sweats, and pretty much did nothing but read books, blog, color, eat various carbs, snack on candy, etc. I also kept checking the online news too frequently, blech!

Point is, I quickly forgot how much I allegedly love the routine of getting out of the house and going to work in a cute outfit, and I immediately adapted to shlumping around like a retired brown bear. Didn’t realize how adaptable I am. What a nice trait to discover so late in life. (Pats self on back.) (Ow.)

But today I’m back to normal.

Oops, Not That Way!

Sorry this pic is a bit blurry. I snapped it from the passenger window during our trip from Flagstaff to Las Vegas, which route normally doesn’t pass through Utah, unless the driver is focused on a business deal over the phone instead of directions. We decided to make the best of it and detoured to Zion National Park, which is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. I’d like to return someday for a more leisurely visit.

I thought the photo was a good choice for this week’s Which Way photo challenge.

Hat Chat

Just followed a new fun blogger (NFB) after a jolt of weird. Zipped there from another blog and saw that NFB follows both a high school bestie and a Usenet writing pal, neither of whom know each otter (afaik) ~ their only connect is me, but NFB doesn’t follow me. Cue Twilight Zone music 🎶

Regardless, today’s NFB theme is My Favorite Hat, and that is what we shall focus on (but like isn’t that odd about my otter two peeps?!?). I don’t wear hats normally as a fashion statement (fashion? me? lol) or anything, but I’ve been known to pull my hoodie over my head when the temp dips below 65. Brrrr! I do however lurve hats as part of a costume, and I adore costumes.

As Robynne Hood at the RenFaire.

As a 1920’s gangster at a Murder Mystery Party. (The thing about the two bloggers is a mystery, isn’t it? I know, we’re talking hats, but still!)

Being silly before selling my condo. Who needs real estate and husbands? Pffft, not me!

In the hat that Nat made. (Nat, wot do you think of the blogger coinkydink dealio?)

Freezing after dim sum in the far North!

A slightly older photo of yrs truly.

And who can forget our Pussy Hat phase? Seems so long ago, yet it wasn’t really. So much has happened since; we aren’t who we were then… shocked and resolute. Now we’re boiling and bloodthirsty RAWR! You know it’s true, so don’t start. Anyway, this is probably my fave hat, subtle, yet messagey. And of course cat-themed. A legit defense if anyone asks, cuz we’re all about defenses these days, amirite?

But what about that odd sitch with the two otter bloggers? Maybe doppelgängers were involved or aliens or sumpin…

Oops forgot a title omgawd!

Look 👀 I’m sharing again! 😱

Questions from Sparks:

Last week I asked a question about favorite beverages and the overwhelming favorite was coffee.   If you drink coffee, how do you like it best?  Hot, cold, iced, with cream, with sugar or black as black?

– Well, I answered tea, I think, but who can remember last week really? It seems forever ago with all the insanity that’s happened since. I’ve got to quit reading so much news (she says every time she checks the news). I like coffee with cream, or all fancied up with ice and caramel and whipped cream for a bajillion calories and then I tell myself I’ve “skipped dinner.”

If you don’t drink coffee, how has that beverage impacted YOUR world?

– You mean like all the stupid Starbucks meets I went on when I was still on dating sites thinking I’d meet a nice guy and we’d fall in love so I’d have fun and company and sex and cuddles in my sunset years and not have to DIE ALONE WITH THE CAT as I choke on a c00kie in my kitchen while no one calls for help? Um… no, coffee hasn’t impacted my world at all. Weird question.

In your opinion, what’s the greatest invention of our age?

– C00kies 🍪🍪🍪

Global warming?  Reality or myth?

– I’m going with NASA’s research on this. The great thing about referring to the minds at NASA ~ you know, the rocket scientists, physicists, mathematicians, engineers, etc. who got us to the freaking moon ~ is that you can totes dismiss the goofballs in MAGA hats who scream about conspiracy theories. Poof! All gone.

Are you an explorer or more a home body?

– I’m definitely a homebody. I generally hate going out, especially if I have to drive anywhere far. My favorite kind of day is one where I don’t leave my apartment at all. I consider that a big win.

and last:

What were you grateful for this week?

– Paradoxically, that I got to spend Saturday with my daughter, son-in-law, and gbaby, who live 40 miles away… and yes I drove to them. Some things are worth it.

Sunny Side Up

Thank you Michelle for the Sunshine Award! Today I’m answering the questions, but instead of calling out 5 more bloggers, I invite anyone reading this to copypasta them to their blog and answer them too. They’re really good questions! I’ll add one more at the end to make an even dozen ~ you know how I am about numbers! 😂

1. Have you ever traveled outside of your country? If so, where?

– Not much, just to St. Martin on my honeymoon a million years ago.

2. Do you collect anything?

– No room! I used to collect Swarovski crystal, so pretty. Oh, and beanie babies lol. I guess I am accumulating a bunch of DVDs on my TV shelf and books on Kindle.

3. What is your favorite comfort food?

– Mac & cheese!

4. What does your typical weekend look like?

– Chores, board games, maybe a family visit, possibly a movie, lots of kitty cuddles, probably a migraine at some point. 😢

5. As a child, what did you think you were going to be when you grew up?

– A mad scientist.

6. What is your greatest inspiration in life?

– I just warily hope for the best, but it’s difficult now with chronic pain and our insanity politics.

7. What do you love most about blogging?

– I say what I want and get minimal grief. If someone tries to troll, I block them. For whatever reason, it’s much less stressful than FB (which I’ve dumped). I hardly see any 24/7 political bloggers, for one thing.

8. What is the most valuable information you can give new bloggers?

– Don’t blog about your job/coworkers or clients, unless you’re self-employed or unemployed, or want to be. 😀

9. What is the best present you can give that is not an actual physical thing?

– Your time.

10. What is the funniest thing that has ever happened to you?

– I “met” Mick Jagger while buying a Sunday paper in West LA back in 1988. He and I helped pick up a pile of cassettes that another guy knocked over. Then we both paid for our papers. He went back to his limo, and I returned to my Camry.

11. What is your best blog post and why?

The Duke vs. the Secretary from 2012. It’s my most viewed and commented upon poast. I guess it really struck a chord!

12. Have you published any writing?

– I’ve been paid for a couple pieces, but most of my published writing is self-pubbed. I’ve just begun gathering the poetry I wrote this year for a new collection and will be putting that up for sale shortly. It will be for e-readers, like my other work. After that, I may return to working on other, older ideas I have percolating along. We’ll see.

As always, thanks for reading!