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TGIF ~ Manifest


Happy Friday! For a week or so, I’ve been obsessed with the Netflix series MANIFEST. I highly recommend it, though some of you may have seen it since it’s a few years old now.

The basic premise is that a plane full of people (Flight 828) disappears en route from Jamaica to New York in 2014 and reappears 5+ years later. The passengers don’t know this though, and to them only a few hours have gone by. Their perception is that they passed through a severe lightning storm and were diverted to a NY airport upstate. So we begin with family and relationship dynamics among very confused yet elated people who are welcoming back loved ones they thought were dead.

The passengers are also confused, since their family and friends are all 5 years older now, but the 828ers are the same age as when they departed Jamaica. Something else is happening too: the 828 folks experience frightening hallucinations, in which voices implore them to take immediate action. Often, more than one passenger receives a “calling” simultaneously. Usually, the 828ers are compelled to go somewhere and save another passenger or someone connected to one.

There are also flashbacks to the flight itself, and other past events, to more fully flesh out the various relationships and connections. Some of these flashbacks occur in a calling and seem scary, while others are regular memories. Regardless, odd events occur to step up the drama and increase the danger to the 828ers in real time (2019). One of them starts a cult/religion called the Church of the Returned, which attracts a bunch of wackos, as you’d expect. Other nutballs believe that the 828ers are aliens or demons and should be killed before they trigger the apocalypse. Naturally, government agents are involved in this soup of strangeness, due to their own shadowy reasons.

Mostly the show focuses on one family, the Stones (dad, mom, kids, aunt), and people directly connected to the Stones, though as episodes roll on, we see that many more people are connected to them in a big web of weird. Some of the fam was on Flight 828 and some took a later flight. Mom Grace and daughter Olive were coping alone, and Grace had found new love, but now dad Ben and son Cal are back. Cal’s callings are the most extreme of the 828ers and he is also directed to create drawings that depict the future. Michaela (“Mick”), Ben’s sister, is a cop and had been engaged to another cop, Jared, who married her best friend during Mick’s 5 year disappearance. So they all have to deal with that. Cal and Mick get a calling to save a man in the snow, Zeke, who has been returned from a year frozen in a cave. That adds a whole new level of mystery as well as a romantic entanglement between Zeke and Mick.

Whew, that was a lot of info and there’s still so much more! I’m excited to finish S2 soon and watch S3. I’m avoiding spoilers! And I just read that S4 will be happening, probably this fall, yay!

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TGIF ~ Walking on Sunshine!

Walking on Sunshine

Jim’s Thursday Inspiration prompt reminded me of Walking on Sunshine, which I recently rewatched and will watch again soon. It’s almost as fab as Mamma Mia, which I will also rewatch soon (along with MM2), except there’s no Pierce Brosnan in WOS. Yep, I’ll take fun storylines with happy music over deep, dark philosophical films anytime. I have enough deep, dark thoughts on my own.

The basic premise in WOS is that Taylor (Hannah Arterton) vacations to Italy after graduating from university. She’s joining her sister Maddie (Annabel Scholey), who is getting over a breakup, and some other friends. The sisters are beyond adorable, Giulio Berruti is scrumptious as Raf, the object of their affections, and Greg Wise is creepily funny as the ex, Doug, who shows up to tempt Maddie again. The rest of the cast was marvelous as well.

Doug and Maddie sing a great version of “Don’t You Want Me,” which was originally done by the Human League in 1981. (Jim’s prompt word is want.) This song was the top seller in the UK in 1981, and I love it because it tells a story, which is my favorite type of lyric. Other great hits performed in the movie are “Walking on Sunshine” (Katrina and the Waves), “Venus” (Bananarama), “It Must Have Been Love” (Roxette), “Faith” (George Michael), “White Wedding” (Billy Idol), and many more.

I highly recommend this movie to brighten up your Friday.

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TGIF ~ Birthday!


It’s my little grandson’s second birthday today! He is just the sweetest thing… and now he’s talking a whole bunch too, like his big sis who turned 4 in June. We’re planning to get together on Sunday at my older daughter’s house (grandkids are via younger daughter), and I’m so excited to see my family again. It’s been too long. Crossing fingers for a negative C-test* Sunday morning, and then it’s on.

*I didn’t have Covid, but my housemate did ~ thankfully, a mild case and she’s completely better now. We are both vaxed and boosted, and I hope all my readers are too.

Stay well and have a happy Friday.

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TGIF ~ Fire Lake

Fiery sunset water lake

Happy Friday.

Do any of my contemporaries remember the old Bob Seger song “You’ll Accomp’ny Me?” Spotify randomly played it in my car the other day, and I was very pleased. I had been in a musical rut before I began listening to Spotify exclusively and now I’m excited about music again. Yes, it’s all oldies, lol. They don’t play everything I love, but they are learning, and more importantly, they seem to know what I might like now without my telling them. I never thought of putting Seger on my “hearted” list, since I’m so tired of rock stations playing “Night Moves” and “Hollywood Nights,” but I totally forgot I love YAM. It’s so romantic! It almost made me feel like I might want a romance again, which is totally ridiculous, but that’s how compelling the song is for me.

A gypsy wind is blowing warm tonight
The sky is starlit and the time is right
And still you’re tellin’ me you have to go
Before you leave there’s something you should know
Yeah, something you should know babe

I’ve seen you smilin’ in the summer sun
I’ve seen your long hair flyin’ when you run
I’ve made my mind up that it’s meant to be
Someday lady you’ll accomp’ny me

Anyway, when I got home, I looked up YAM to see the deets. Obviously, it’s a track on Seger’s 1980 album Against the Wind, which was a huge success, reaching No. 2 on Billboard 200 and knocking off The Wall to become No. 1 for six weeks and receiving a 5x platinum certification. Yeah, baby! YAM itself reached No. 14 on Billboard Hot 100. Some critics didn’t like ATW because it was so appealing ~ they’re always like this, aren’t they? They snootily sniff and announce that whatever book/movie/album is not edgy and obscure enough to appeal to the fringe, so they must trash it relentlessly. Pffft. Anyway, my first thought was to share YAM with you this Friday to start your weekend off on a nice note, but then I just happened to click on “Fire Lake” from ATW and guess what I saw?

Not one, not two, but three Eagles provided backing vocals on “Fire Lake!” We already knew that Seger had taken an interest in Glenn Frey’s career as a fellow Michigander and helped him get a management and recording contract. We knew that Frey sang on a few of Seger’s songs and vice versa too. But on this song we have Don Henley, Timothy B. Schmidt, and Glenn Frey (RIP) helping out. Is that not the coolest? (Shh, Professor.) It reached No. 6 on Billboard Hot 100 and even though the lyrics aren’t as lovely as YAM’s, I’m going to share it with you today. Enjoy!

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TGIF ~ Meds, Monitors, and Murders

happiness cats

I’m so grateful that sumatriptan exists and that it actually knocks out a migraine every time (eventually). Many migraineurs aren’t so lucky. Some have no meds that consistently work; others get such awful migraines they can’t function. It’s rare that I’m so affected I can’t function, especially if I take meds early on during an attack. Recently, though, I did have super bad pain that I foolishly went to sleep with, sans meds. The worst of it struck in the middle of the night with the whole range of symptoms ~ light aversion, disorientation, rapidly pounding pulse, and vomiting. It took a while for the suma to work, but it finally did, and I was so thankful to the scientists who discovered that this epilepsy drug works well for some migraineurs too. I don’t know what I’d do without it. Again, today, I needed it when I woke up. Generally, I feel the worst first thing in the morning, even when I get decent sleep.

Last week, I went through the fridge and threw every salty thing away after my “bad” blood pressure reading. I also bought a BP monitor. Well, each reading I’ve had so far is in the green “good” zone, except one, which was right after coffee in the morning ~ same as the day I went to the doc’s. So that’s sorted. I guess I can stop exercising now… like I was exercising, haha. Actually, I did a few times. I would like to say that I’ve reaped side benefits from eating fresh healthy food for 10 solid days, such as better sleep and glowing skin and tons of energy, but nope. I am the exact same tired, achy person I was when I ate a frozen dinner every day and snacked on sugary crap. In any case, I’m super grateful that I don’t seem to have a BP problem… yet. Also, I love pizza and other salty things! In moderation, of course.


I recently watched Ophelia on AMC and it was fabulous. If you can watch this movie, I highly recommend it ~ the acting and the costumes are first-rate, plus I enjoy a reimagined story. (Look for next Monday’s Peeve though to find out what I think of AMC otherwise, lol.) Also, on Hulu, the second season of Only Murders in the Building is starting off fantastic! Like Fandango, I wish the whole season was available to binge. There’s nothing else I like on Hulu, so I’ll probably cancel it after Murders. Prime still seems to have the best variety of movies and tons to choose from in each category. But of course I’ll have to subscribe to HBO soon to get House of the Dragon…

I’m looking forward to a quiet weekend at home with the kitties. How about you?

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TGIF ~ Only Murders

New York City

Hurrah! Only Murders in the Building has returned for Season Two… and the first two episodes are great! I’m trying not to binge watch the whole thing in a blur because when I do that I can’t remember some of the details. This is such a good show with the characters perfectly cast. I even appreciate Amy Schumer in her new role, when she usually makes me cringe.

For a long time, my philosophy was hey I am paying for Prime, so I refuse to buy other channels, plus I don’t even like TV that much blah blah blah. Welp, I’m happy to report that even though I am old and generally stubborn, my mind can still be changed. That happened the first time with Game of Thrones ~ I watched via a friend and liked it so much I subscribed. I think that was HBO. It’s easy to cancel when your show ends or breaks, and then you can restart it later.

I’m subscribed to AMC+ in order to watch the end of Better Call Saul, which begins again July 11 with 6 more eps. Then I will cancel the channel. And I’ve just subscribed to Hulu so I can watch OMITB. What I like about Hulu is that you have the option to subscribe with ads for half price ~ and I don’t mind ads. Gives me a chance to scroll WP! I watched a strange movie on Hulu last night called The Assistant… and I haven’t decided whether I liked it or not. But it was different ~ and I like that!

I’m not thrilled about adding new expenses in this economy, but I justify it by saying good shows keep me home, and when I’m home I’m not out using gas and buying food in restaurants (a win/win because of money and salt). I’ve discovered that my aging eyes are not happy when I stare at a screen close up all day at work then again at night, and my carpal tunnel protests too, so I need to give myself a break from doing more work and/or writing. Sad but true.

Have a good one!

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TGIF ~ Ice Cream (Roll ‘n Scoop)

Mango ice cream and strawberries

Not just any ice cream ~ we’re talking rolled and scooped. Yeah, I had no idea what that was about either, but Tuesday was a hot day, too hot for a cupcake (wut?), and Google said this place was the closest ice cream shop to my location near Newport Beach. So I bravely ventured forth to Roll ‘n Scoop.

First, I got lost in the parking lot. Google told me to turn left at Triangle Square (yep, Triangle Square ~ this is California), which I did, and then I went left again into the parking lot. RNS was all the way down at the other end, but it was only visible from the street. So I parked way too far away, and then I reparked and had to walk like 100 feet in the boiling heat around the other side of the building. May I remind you I still had a sunburn, so feeling the heat on my skin was not fun. Anyway, success! I entered the shop. It was terribly unimpressive, not what I expected at all. I figured a trendy ice cream place would be decorated like a cute cupcake store or something, but it was more industrial.

Second, I was completely clueless about what to order and how to order, but the ice cream man was super nice. He said most people like cookies ‘n cream, but I am not most people, so I ordered mango. He seemed happy about that, which made me wonder if I was the first person ever to get it. Then I asked for his help with toppings and he suggested strawberries. That sounded refreshing, so I agreed. It took a long time for the people in the back to roll ‘n scoop my treat, but it was worth it. This was probably the best ice cream I’ve ever had! So lush and bursting with flavor! The strawberries were tasty too. One of the most interesting things about this rolled ice cream is that it took much longer to melt than normal ice cream. I don’t know if it was because of the ingredients or the rolledupedness, but it was sure nice to slowly savor my snack without it turning to liquid at the bottom of the cup.

Third, I’m definitely going back again sometime. I’d like to try the coconut ice cream with chocolate chips and the green tea with crushed graham cracker topping. They also have coffee ice cream, hazelnut, and toffee mocha (plus a bunch more). Mmm! What would you choose? Oh, you can also get whipped cream if you want. Maybe next time…

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TGIF ~ Career Day

people office lobby business work

The theme of Jim’s Thursday Inspiration this week is all about jobs, and there are so many great songs about working. In fact, besides love and romance, work may be right up there in the top subjects that lyric writers choose to expound upon. From Heigh-Ho to Lawyers in Love, we can find music that covers the gamut of professions. Doctor, doctor, give me the news, are there songs about a Working Man’s Blues? Yes indeed, and here are some of my favorites:

1. Wichita Lineman (Glen Campbell version)
2. Morning Train (Sheena Easton and Rod Stewart both do great versions)
3. Paperback Writer (the Beatles)
4. The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald (Gordon Lightfoot)
5. The Night Chicago Died (Paper Lace)
6. If I Were A Carpenter (Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash)
7. A Well Respected Man (the Kinks)
8. Brandy (Looking Glass)
9. Radar Love (Golden Earring)
10. Piano Man (Billy Joel)

TGIF, my peeps!

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TGIF ~ Coconut Shrimp

coconut shrimp bowl

This week wasn’t so great in the headache department. I had one off and on and then yesterday got slammed with a migraine. The first sumatriptan didn’t knock it all the way out, and by the evening it was super bad ~ blurry vision, nausea, unsteady on feet. I took a second one and went to sleep. Woke at 3am in horrible pain and sweating like mad (I often get hot flashes around migraines), took a Valium, got more sleep, felt a bit better. After a hot shower and a cold diet Coke, I began to feel more normal, which includes being cold for no reason.

I kept my noon appointment for a Covid-19 booster, and so far so good. The last booster made me feel awful for a whole weekend, so I am expecting the same and have made no plans. After all this, I decided I deserved a treat, so I stopped at the Coconut Truck for lunch. Normally, I’ve been a cheapskate with my lunch, but this $15 bowl was definitely worth breaking my money diet for. I didn’t even know there was a Coconut Truck!

Coconut truck

Luckily for me, they only actually offer one coconut dish, which I had and enjoyed a lot, so I won’t need to splurge again for a while. I’m so full of yummy coconut goodness right now that I’m feeling love toward the world! Don’t worry, it will disappear soon and I’ll be back to my grumpy self, ready to write the Monday Peeve.

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TGIF ~ Stranger Things

Scary skeleton

I just began watching Stranger Things (S1, E1) because my daughter loves it so much. She’s on the current Season 4, so I have to hurry and catch up. She hooked me up with the S4 soundtrack on Spotify and it’s fab!

She was a bit worried it might be traumatic for me because of bullies and such, but then she remembered that I was in high school in the 1970s not the ‘80s, so it’s all good, lol. My other daughter warns me it gets super scary in S2, so we’ll see how it goes…

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