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Taboo [socs]

Beside me is a game of Taboo without a shoe. It has a mess of cards and a timer too. Does it have a buzzer? Let me look… No, no buzzer. Here’s a pic of the whole thing.

Wow, it really is messy! When I’m finished with this post, I will find a rubber band and neaten up the cards. All the colors should face the same direction, so you can play one set at a time. Idk why there’s no shoe or buzzer, but on the back of the box there’s no mention of such. I guess I got the cheapo version. 🤣

We were playing online Taboo last week, but the site had so many ads that some of us switched to our own cards ~ that’s why this box is sitting out. This is an easy game to play at a distance as long as someone else keeps the time (too hard to watch the time yourself when you’re giving clues), and you all pay attention to any “taboo” words you say inadvertently. I guess you could share your card with someone from the opposing team so they could “buzz” you, but we haven’t bothered to do this.

In the meantime, we found online Code Names, which is more fun anyway. It’s our favorite game at the moment ~ even my daughter joined in the other night. What a blast! Now, I have to admit something: this was more fun at a distance than in person because my daughter was there. She would not have joined us in person because she’s at home with her husband and baby. 💕

And another great thing about games from a distance is of course… NO DRIVING!

Tonight we’re going to have a big virtual game night with 16 people invited. We do this over Zoom paid accounts. It works out really well except (as I mentioned) the camera on my laptop doesn’t function. So, I will just use a static photo, no big deal. My phone loses battery too fast to Zoom on and it’s annoying to have to charge it during a game. Plus, it’s just better to use a laptop with all the features visible on one screen.

I know we’ll return to meatspace game nights as soon as we’re allowed to, but I really enjoy sitting in my own place, with the heater blasting, hot tea on demand, chatting into the night… and not having to brave the roads after with the drunken maniacs. The only issue is that some of our favorite games simply can’t be played online. Oh, and some of our peeps won’t play this way. 😢

Next week we start April A-Z, and though I couldn’t be bothered with the rigmarole of filling out forms and such, I’ll still be doing the thing on my own. My theme is games! They won’t all be board games. Hope you’ll be reading and participating. 😻


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Neep [socs]

Stream of consciousness Saturday

Fred saw that his son had cleaned up the garage as he’d been told. He went into the family room where Dylan was watching a movie with Grandpa. “Dylan, thanks! The garage looks great.”

“Neep,” Dylan said.

Neep?” Fred asked.

Dylan waved a hand. “Like yeah… neep. I’m acknowledging your compliment, Dad.”

“Whatever happened to no problem?” Fred said. “I hope you aren’t using this casual language to your teachers.”

“Like they ever give me compliments,” Dylan muttered.

Grandpa spoke up. “Back in my day, we said you’re welcome.

Fred rolled his eyes. “How many times have I heard back in my day?

“Not enough!” Grandpa chuckled.

“I like you’re welcome,” Dylan said. And he began using it with his friends, who thought it was hilarious. They said it instead of neep. It was fun! Made them stand out from the crowd.

At the parent-teacher conference, Ms. Pine told Fred she was pleased with Dylan’s progress. “He’s a very well-spoken young man. He even says you’re welcome when I thank him for turning in his English homework. You’ve done a great job with him, Mr. Hartley. Thank you.”

Fred, being divorced and thinking Ms. Pine was very pretty, wanted to seem cool. So, he smiled and said… “Neep.”

Ms. Pine frowned at him over her glasses.


Image credited to Shelley Krupa.

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Wow What A Week

Don’t touch your face

I touch my face a billion times per day. Yes, I counted, which is why I haven’t been around much this week. I have itchy eyes and am aways messing with my hair and rubbing my achy neck and just generally transferring germs to my face and from my face to everywhere else. But now that’s a crime and also it’s scary to think that all this time people weren’t washing their hands or cleaning their houses. Gross! 🦠

Just when I think I’ve adjusted to the latest barrage of news about THE THING, here comes a new assault of information. Well, not information so much as stuff we’re not supposed to do anymore. First, it was hey quit hooking up with random men from the internet and I was all no problem been on that diet for over three years now. 👍🏻

Wash hands 87 times per day, got it. Clean everything all the time. Sure, okay. Unlike some of you lunatics, I already had Lysol and wipes and alcohol. Don’t go to China or Italy. Lol, okay. Don’t fly at all. Wait, what? Grrrr, okay… I canceled my trip to Vegas this week. Don’t sit in bars and restaurants. Sigh… I canceled Friday night plans and changed Saturday’s.

Tonight I read that Mayor Garcetti has shut all entertainment in Los Angeles ~ bars, gyms, libraries, museums, etc. Grocery stores are allowed to remain open and you can get restaurant takeout only. Governor Newsom says if you’re over 65 you should self-isolate. Luckily, I’m “only” 58, yet I plan to stay inside most of the time, basically go to work, then come home to work more and read/write/blog, and not do much else.

Oh, that’s actually my normal life! 🤣

Joking, sort of. Even though I’m not the most social of butterflies 🦋 I do make some plans… and I don’t enjoy being told I’m not allowed to. But I get it, I get it. I intend to comply with these guidelines in order to help myself and others too. It’s important.

Wash your hands

Happily, we’re not really that isolated now, are we? There are so many ways we can stay connected without sitting next to each other in the same room. I’m looking at the bright side of this situation and saying, okay, how can I optimize my time? Well… read and write more obviously. I have lots of partially finished works in progress that I’d love to get on my Kindle shelf for you guys to buy, hehe. In a previous post, I mentioned that I plan to work on Ghosted this year again. Great opportunity!

And I definitely want to stay connected to Blogville! 💕 I know some of us have been drifting a bit or slowing down some, but I have every intention of soldiering on. My Monday Peeve and Thursday Inspiration posts will continue. I’ll do Jim’s Song Lyric Sundays as long as he hosts them. It’s rare I miss a (new) Wednesday Fandango FPQ, and I enjoy the Friday Flashbacks he began as well. I enjoy the weekly SOCS. Other prompts will happen as the mood moves me…

That brings us to the April A-Z Challenge. Last year, I said I wouldn’t do it again for a variety of reasons, but I’ve changed my mind. What’s funny is that I went to the website and was immediately annoyed just like last year! Oh, here’s one reason why I said I wouldn’t do it again… their ridiculous forms, etc. Well, ya know what? I’m going to do it without linking to them at all or jumping through hoops to get myself listed. I don’t care about trying to get more views here. If new peeps come by, great! But if the only readers I have are my “regulars,” I’m fine with that too. 😻

My theme is gonna be games. But I’m not gonna jabber on boringly about rules and game pieces and game theory and the history of chess or any crap like that you could go google for yourself. No. I’m gonna talk about how a game affected me. This blog is about ME! Me me me me!

Checkmate Bitmoji


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Pi Day [socs]

Stream of consciousness Saturday

The Wire is a show I haven’t watched… I’ve heard it’s fabulous. Lots of great shows I’ve passed by due to a lack of time. Well, that’s not true… I have the same amount of time as everyone else, but I choose to spend it reading, writing, and playing board games, over watching TV, mostly. I’ve seen a few good shows, but usually when peeps begin discussing one I’m out of the loop. Big Bang Theory is another I’ve never watched. How I Met Your Mother. Oh, and all the reality shows! Don’t get me started on that mess. Dancing, dating, cooking, and this new thing where Sarah Palin dresses up like a pastel bear to sing “Baby Got Back.” Wha?

Ya know… maybe it is time for a Biblical style purge. Jk! Stay safe everyone. Don’t forget the pi. ❤️


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Go Figure

Stream of consciousness Saturday

A minor figure of speech can get us into a major heap of trouble, so we should look before we leap into those metaphors and similes. Take the apostrophe please… no, really, take it away. I’m so tired of seeing it misused and abused and confused with a plural every time I turn around. Seven out of ten grocery sign’s agree with me ~ see what I did there? I would write more, but I’m tired and my head is pounding like tiny invisible carpenters are slamming spikes into my skull.


Image credit to Shelley Krupa.

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Animal Sounds [socs]

Stream of consciousness Saturday

I don’t know why but this animal sounds prompt makes all sorts of morbid thoughts run through my mind. I’m going with my first idea… which is wondering how many people’s last sound to process was that of an animal?

“Watch where you step out here. What was that rattle… ow!”


“It wasn’t my imagination, honey! I don’t care what your guide book says. I definitely heard something growl.”

Hungry brown bear

“Eek, those things are noisy, but they don’t bother humans, right?”

Grumpy ostriches


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The Cheeky Minx! [socs]

Cheek is one of those words that annoys me, when used a certain way, as in the title of this post. It’s probably because I raised myself on a steady diet of romance novels and words like cheek and cheeky were always the exclusive province of bad stepmothers and other nasty characters who had it out for the heroine.

“How dare that cheeky girl presume to address the lord of the manor in such an impudent fashion!” The dowager duchess pursed her lips in disgust as she poured tea.

“Oh, I know, dear Beatrice,” Matilda agreed as she selected a lemon cake from the silver tray. “She believes she is above her station because her father educated her.”

The duchess laughed. “The silly twit doesn’t need to recite poetry to dust furniture. But my son refuses to put her out. He says he owes her father a debt.”

“No good will come of it,” Matilda warned. “She’s bound to continue thinking much too highly of herself.”

I cannot think of a way to use cheek (other than as the body part) where you aren’t denigrating someone for having the nerve to speak out of turn or to someone who is “above them” in some way. Psssh! This is why we dumped tea into the harbor! 😛


Image credit to Shelley Krupa.

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Unpacking [socs]

I recently moved, so I dealt with a lot of packing and unpacking. I didn’t mind the packing so much because it made me feel organized and accomplished. Ooh another box filled, taped, labeled. Yay! I especially enjoyed throwing stuff out as I went along. Even though I consider myself to be a very cautious buyer lately, I still had a bunch of junk I didn’t need and never used.

Unpacking though… argh, what a pain. You think things will fit in a certain spot and then they don’t. You remember putting items in this box, but they aren’t there. You swore you got rid of a stupid thing and here it is again… WTF?

I can’t even relate to the concept of a “pack rat” ~ a person who never throws anything away. That boggles my mind. I’m always tossing stuff. I despise clutter! I was sad for a minute that I had to donate most of my remaining books, but now I’m glad. What freedom not to be bogged down with more things. Kindle books FTW!

If I had more time, I’d be deleting and dumping things constantly. Nothing feels better than to have empty space to begin creating anew. That goes for email boxes as well as meatspace.


Image credit to Shelley Krupa.

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Small Choices [socs fiction 187]

Stream of consciousness Saturday

Mary and Gary were on a blind date, set up by their grandmothers.

“Mary,” Gary said. “I notice that everything you are wearing is blue. Does that have a special meaning?”

“Not really,” Mary told Gary. “It’s just so that when I get dressed I know my clothes all go together without having to make a bunch of time-consuming small choices.”

“That makes sense,” Gary said. “What would you like on your pizza?”

Mary waved a hand. “Everything! I don’t want to think about insignificant things like pizza toppings.”

Gary ordered their pizza. “What do you feel is important enough to think about, Mary?”

“Lots of stuff, Gary!” Mary exclaimed. “For example, I’m always wondering why people buy large bottles of things they can’t use up before the expiration date.”

“Oh. That is an excellent point to ponder. They aren’t really saving money then, are they?” Gary mused.

Mary smiled. “Certainly not! Well, what do you think about eloping to Vegas after our pizza? I have a coupon.”

“All right,” Gary agreed. “There’s no point in wasting time on more dates when we’re obviously a match.”


Image credit to Shelley Krupa.

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The Call Is Coming From Inside The House [socs]

Stream of consciousness Saturday

My last call (as of 10:15 Friday morning when I’m writing this) was from my Toyota guy. Why is he calling, I wondered, when I’m sitting right here in the waiting room drinking their coffee? But he said to come out to his “office,” so I did like a good little customer. He told me my filters were dirty and also they wanted to add a magic potion to my fuel. Naturally, these were not on my plan. I agreed because what do I know? Nothing! They know I know nothing, which makes it a great relationship.

What’s funny is that I used to yell at my father for doing this. Omg, old senile person, I fumed at him! (In nicer words.) Why go to the dealer rip-off service? Shop around! But he insisted he was comfortable at the dealer and didn’t mind paying a little more. Well, since then, my daughters got ripped off at other places, and by the time I got my new Corolla in 2016, what did I do? Took it right to the dealer for service even after the warranty was done ~ I bought another warranty, hah.

My ex-husband said never ever ever buy extended warranties, but you know what? He’s not the boss of me anymore, pffft! 😛

I was going to write about last call at a bar, back in Chicago in 1983, when I was in love with Mark (that asshole) and we danced to a Lionel Ritchie song and then he took another girl on a camping trip, but then I remembered that 1983 was a loooooooong time ago and my car is more interesting.


Image from Shelley Krupa.

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