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BOGO, Baby

You know you’re old when…

You get excited about the drugstore’s BOGO sale on vitamins and supplements. Used to be that BOGO’s got my attention when they were about cute shooze or yummy cupcakes or lacy lingerie or sparkly doodads, but how far we’ve come from all that nonsense.

A friend recommended the lipo-flavonoid supplement for my inner ear issues, and I found the CVS equivalent on BOGO day. I also found zinc, which was recommended for the same issue, and turmeric pills, for achies. A while back, I bought a vat of turmeric spice, on the advice of other friends, with the intention of adding some to all my foods, but it made everything inedible. I like my food to be yummy ~ it’s one of the last few pleasures I have, besides reading. I sound just like my father! Hey, how about that New York Times, greatest paper on earth, eh? (Inside joke, that no one gets but me.)

I made a lovely omelet: eggs, perfectly beaten; shredded cheese; veggies, etc. Sprinkled in salt, pepper, a tsp. of turmeric. Cooked it all up perfectly. It looked beautiful… and it was totally awful, not edible. I tossed the entire thing in the trash. Anyone need a giant bottle of turmeric? Come ‘n’ get it! Anyway, now I have it in pill form, hurrah.

My kitchen counter definitely looks like grandma central, which doesn’t bother me at all. I find myself embracing my elderliness, rather than fighting it. Why fight? Stressful, not to mention expensive. Besides, being old is the perfect excuse for not doing anything. I’m old, I’m tired, I’m staying home. Who can argue with that?


The Daily Prompt: Edible


Twelve Twelve Twelve

People are all excited about this triplet of a day, though I think 11/11/11 was better because all the numbers were the same. Be that as it may, I heart the number 12.  Follow that link to find out a whole bunch of cool things about 12.

Twelve is a sublime number, a number that has a perfect number of divisors, and the sum of its divisors is also a perfect number.

Twelve is the atomic number of magnesium.

There’s a bunch of religious yaddery to do with 12.

Has anyone seen the film The Twelve Chairs? Absolutely hilarious.

And of course there’s a baker’s dozen, which isn’t 12, but 13, which reminds me that my oven always burns cookies, making me sad/mad. To console myself, I bought some pink shoes off Amazon this morning.  That has nothing to do with 12 obviously.

Tomorrow is Thor’s Day the thirteenth. This means nothing, except only 8 more days until the end of the world, so use them wisely, wouldja? Kthx.

Cupcake Treasures









So I ordered a set of Tasteful Treasure yummies from my friend Stephanie:

1. Radiant body lotion;
2. Bliss body mist; and
3. Mystic Embrace massaage oil.

All are cupcake scented with pheromones… and smell completely delicious. I tried out the lotion and mist Saturday. Now, I was not much of a believer in this “pheromone” thing, I have to tell you, but this is what happened.

First, the lotion made my skin all soft and silky, so that was a definite win.

Second, the spray was very light, which was nice, cuz I hate perfume that’s all heavy and cloying.

Third, Diane noticed in the car that I was sparkling. What? Oh. It turns out there’s some glittery stuff in the lotion. COOL. I like that. Because I’m still 12. She said my knees were more sparkly than the rest of me, which was weird, so you have to be careful to apply the stuff evenly, so there’s that.

Sunday morning I put more of the lotion on and called AAA to deal with the flat tire on my father’s car. This AAA dude not only changed the tire, but when he found out I hadn’t driven the car in a month he figured I probably had killed the battery, too, which I had, and he fixed that as well. He was super-nice to me!

But that’s not all. While I was standing there, this neighbor dude comes over to see what’s up. Why? WHO KNOWS. But this never happens to me. Anyway. This great-looking guy is just helping out, putting water in car, chatting about car-ish things, giving me tips on selling car, etc. WHY? Is it the pheromones? MAYBE!!

Later Sunday I sprayed on cupcake mist and went to my writing workshop. The men there did not seem to be affected by any pheromones, BUT there was a lot of pizza and other real food happening at this place, so possibly that interfered with the transmission of Tasteful Treasures’ sensual vibe thingies.

Overall a success, I would say. I’m definitely happy with these products.

Oh, I have not used the massage oil yet, which is really a candle that you light and it warms and turns into oil (very clever)… I am saving that for a bit. But it smells GREAT!

Stephanie has an entire catalog of fabulous stuff, peeps. Check it out!

Toilet Paper Math

Curious if any of mah readers do the toilet paper math? Does anyone stand there and try to figure out which is the best deal — the 12 double rolls or the 24 super-pack or the generic 6-pack that’s also on sale, etc.? I mean, to do this properly you have to go square vs. square to make sure you’re comparing price per. Or I guess you could do yards… but whatever you do, it can’t be per roll because sizes vary. That’s how they getcha. (Assuming they do.)

I try to be a careful shopper, now more than ever, and with TP who cares what brand really? They’re all nice and soft and fluffy, imo. I can’t tell a difference. I’ve gone house label many times. Since I live alone, one 4-pack lasts a while, so sometimes I’ll just grab that, even though I know it’s not the most economical. I feel guilty though a few weeks later when I’m writing down TP on my shopping list again — that was dumb, I scold myself. Buy the larger package! But honestly do I really want to be walking into my apartment with enough TP to last me through a siege? I have to wonder what people will be thinking… she must have a problem, eek.

Yesterday however I was determined not to make a stupid TP purchase.  I debated between the 6-pack of fatties for $6.99 and the 12-pack of normies for $5.99. Seemed like a no-brainer to go with the 12, so I did. ICBW. I don’t think anyone noticed when I lugged the giant package in from the car, whew! And I must have saved a bunch of money, I am sure.

Which is good because I just got the new Pyramid spring catalog. 🙂