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O is for Overboard [A2Z]


Bonus O for this movie being set in Oregon. Now, I love Goldie Hawn… she’s been a fave of mine since forever. Loved her on Laugh-In, and one of the first romcoms I ever saw starred Ms. Hawn. I think it was called Butterflies Are Free. Besides that, she gave the world Kate Hudson, another fabulous actor! (I’ve reviewed two movies starring Kate in this A2Z challenge: Alex & Emma and How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days.)

In Overboard, Goldie is matched with her real-life sweetie Kurt Russell. Goldie plays a spoiled wealthy wife who is mean to hired carpenter Kurt. When she falls off her yacht and gets amnesia, her husband leaves her in the hospital so he can go party, and Kurt scoops her up to take care of his house and kids.

Hijinks ensue! Very fun movie, if a bit crazy. But aren’t they all? Mostly you have to suspend your disbelief altogether for movies, whether romances or thrillers or whatever genre. Just too many insanely ridiculous coincidences, amirite?

N is for Notting [A2Z]

Not gonna lie… I don’t enjoy many of Julia Roberts’ films. Pretty Woman? Meh. Steel Magnolias? Barf. Mystic Pizza? Nah. That one where she took swimming lessons and pretended to drown to escape an abusive monster husband? Eh.

But then we have Notting Hill. What is the difference between Notting Hill and those other movies? I’ll give you a hint and it rhymes with Clue Plant. 🀣🀣🀣

So, there you have it, peeps. Notting Hill: a reason to watch Hugh Grant do his witty, who me gosh I hadn’t realized I was quite this adorable no really would you like a spot of tea or perhaps later oh now is good well then now is good for me too.

/fans self/

M is for Married [A2Z]

Multiple bonus M’s manifest in today’s romantic comedy Married to the Mob. We have the stars Michelle Pfeiffer and Matthew Modine mixing it up with the Mob. Michelle is a Mafia wife married to a macho man who doesn’t believe in monogamy. When he is caught messing around with his boss’s mistress however, macho man is found murdered. That’s when Matthew moves in to solve the crime, and fall for mama Michelle.

It’s all fun and games until someone gets a bullet in the head. And heart.

If anyone has it in for the obnoxious Alec Baldwin, you’ll be happy to watch this flick. Even if not, Michelle P. is fun to see as a gum-snapping brunette.

L is for Lose [A2Z]

Here’s Kate Hudson again (we saw her way back in my first A2Z review for Alex & Emma), this time paired with Matthew McConaughey, in a very cute, very sweet romantic comedy: How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days.

The protagonists are at odds because Andie has committed to write an article about winning and losing a boyfriend in 10 days for the magazine where she works. When she’s out with coworkers they “randomly” choose Benjamin to be her pigeon.

But it’s not random because both are being sabotaged by other forces. Ben thinks he’s entering into a harmless bet, but little does he know…

I really enjoyed this movie. There was a lot of great acting by the side characters also, notably Kathryn Hahn and Bebe Neuwirth.

J is for Jennifer [A2Z]

Jennifer Crusie, that is! There are so many good romance novels by Ms. Crusie, and I believe I’ve mentioned a few times that the first one I read, Welcome to Temptation, is the book that inspired me to write my first romance novel. I dabbled as a teenager, but WTT made me realize I didn’t have to be afraid of letting my humor shine through my writing.

However! My favorite Crusie romance novel is one of her spin-offs to WTT called Faking It. This book is just so much fun, with so many great characters, not just the hero and heroine, who are marvelous, but all the side characters as well. We even get a 50-something mom who loves word games and is still sexy enough that two (two!) age-appropriate studs fight over her. Is it any wonder I love this book? πŸ˜‚

If you haven’t read any Jenny, or for some reason have missed out on this one, I highly recommend Faking It… loads of laughs, delicious muffins, and larceny too.

Side note: I panicked when I realized I must have donated all my old hardcover books, and I gulped at paying full retail price for new Jenny. She is not on Kindle Unlimited. But then I remembered this big building full of books near the park where I walk sometimes… I wandered in there, renewed my expired card, and found Faking It on the library shelf. Amazing! πŸ˜€

A2Z Observations

We’re 10 days into April now, marking a third of the journey through my first A2Z bloggery challenge. Now, to be honest, I didn’t join in to get motivated to blog daily, since I do that already. I joined because I thought it would be fun to have a daily themed post.

Well, it’s not. 😱

Yes. Sacrilege. Allow me to pontificate. It’s a burden to write the posts that I’ve planned out on my list. It feels like work, bleh. It’s not fun like the other posts are, the genre challenges, the impulsive poetry, etc.

Another issue is that people aren’t responding to the romance novel reviews much, except to drop likes. I thought I had more romance readers here who would be interested in these books. Guess not. Maybe if I reviewed something “rapey” like The Flame and the Flower I’d get a conversation going haha.

But people are responding to the romantic comedy movie reviews, so I’m modifying my list to include more movies and fewer books, except for the reviews I’ve already scheduled. I’d rather go for the reliable over the uncertain, and it makes me a little sad to have a post with likes and no comments. Dunno why people can’t extrapolate things I say about romance novels into general discussions about other books and writing too, but like whatever. We’ll just focus on movies. πŸ™„

Further, with my regular newsfeed still overflowing with favorite bloggers posting great stuff, I don’t have time to wander to the A2Z page and check out new peeps. I’m already much too busy with blogging and working and everything else. That “make connections” part of A2Z is a bust for me, unfortunately. I don’t know how I used to have any spare time. Where did it go?

I think in the future if I do A2Z again it will be with a much more casual approach, not a theme/list. This feels way too much like actual work. 😝

I is for Intolerable

Intolerable Cruelty, starring two of the most beautiful people on the planet, is a very funny romcom romp. It’s a Coen Brothers movie, so you know there’s great dialogue and great directing. Con after con abound, and you’ll go a bit dizzy trying to keep them straight and figure out who, exactly, is the most unethical character. I found it fun, even if it plays fast and loose with actual California divorce law.

One thing that’s particularly amusing on a rewatch is how people tear up prenups just like Queen Cersei would do. πŸ‘‘

H is for Heart [A2Z]

Heart of Fire by Linda Howard is one of my all-time favorite romance novels. My copy is so ancient it is literally crumbling! I figured for my review I’d just skim a bit, since I read it a couple times decades ago, and who wants to reread old books when there are so many new ones in the queue, amirite?

Wrong! I avidly reread the entire book at the beginning of April, not skipping a single sentence. It’s so good. From the carefully constructed protagonists with their cross-motivations to the lush descriptions of the Amazon to the exciting plot developments, it really is an interesting book. It reminds me a little of the movie Romancing the Stone, but not a lot, since the heroines are so different. But we do have a U.S. citizen gallivanting down to South America to search for something, and she does end up having to fight for her life against bad guys.

Oh, and she also meets her soul mate of course! πŸ’–

Just a note about Mr. Wonderful. I gave the book 5 stars, but some peeps might find him a bit too aggressive for their tastes and blah blah consent blah blah. Hey, he’s too aggressive for my tastes! But I’m not the one matched with him, so it’s all good. There are explicit sex scenes in this book.

F is for Forbidden [A2Z]

Forbidden Planet by Rinelle Grey was a stretch for me, but I wanted to do some sub-genres reviews this month, not just Regencies and contemporaries. Those are the novels I choose when I don’t make a “mindful” pick. FP is a science fiction romance, with a setting on distant planets.

First, there are environmental issues of overpopulation on one planet, and the dying out of a society on another. One group of people is trying to control their fertility, while the other is trying to have babies desperately.

Second, we have our hero Tyris, who, on his home planet, is considered an outlaw because of an old minor arrest and forbidden from reproducing. When the official notice arrives, his wife dumps him. With nothing to lose, he goes exploring into space.

Third, on the planet where Tyris crashes, he meets Marlee, a young woman who has already failed to get pregnant with other men. She feels despondent over this, even though she is kind and helps him recover. Tyris tries to persuade the people on this planet to let him use their crashed ship’s parts to fix his, but some are reluctant. They seem resigned to their doom.

There is a “gift of the magi” type dilemma happening overall, where a substance named “anysogen” is the key to fueling ships and finding new food sources, which in turn will ease the overpopulation burden; however, exposure to anysogen is fatal at worst and leaves one infertile at best, such infertility extending to animals, livestock and otherwise. Marlee’s planet is (1) full of anysogen, and (2) mysteriously wiped off the starmaps. Hmm.

Be that as it may, FP is a romance novel, so the focus is mainly upon the development of the relationship between Tyris and Marlee, and how they overcome their fears and doubts in order to trust each other. It’s also the first book in a series, so despite the HEA, we are left with many unanswered questions.

E is for Enchanted [A2Z]

Enchanted is a delightful romcom with a spectacular cast. It weaves together several fairy tale tropes and unravels them on the streets of Manhattan. What fun!

Amy Adams stars as sweet and lovely Giselle who gets spelled away from the land of Andalasia by Prince Edward’s (James Marsden’s) wicked stepmother Queen Narissa (Susan Sarandon in character, lol). Edward chases after Giselle, but alas… she’s already met cynical divorce lawyer Robert (Patrick Dempsey) and his adorable little daughter.

Robert is just about to propose to his sensible long-term girlfriend, but now he has to deal with this annoyingly optimistic houseguest. Narissa sends a troll with poisoned apples in hopes of killing Giselle, and when he fails, Narissa decides to do it herself. Hijinks ensue! Great New York scenes abound!

There are so many funny little details in this movie that parody other movies and fairy tales. Highly recommend!