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Strangers in the Night

Music challenge

“Strangers in the Night” was a No. 1 single from Frank Sinatra’s 1966 album of the same name. He won two Grammy Awards for this album, plus another Grammy for album of the year. The song itself has been certified platinum. The lyrics were written by Charles Singleton and Eddie Snyder. It has been covered many times.

This song is about people falling in love at first sight. Whether or not you believe this happens in real life, it certainly has inspired many songs, poems, books, and movies. I thought it happened to me in 2016, but I was wrong. After I got to know the man better, he turned out to be a manipulative jerk. But the idea remains alive, tantalizing and romantic. It’s much more exciting to imagine falling for someone immediately like Jesse and Marie did in When Harry Met Sally than taking a decade to figure out someone is right for you, which is the story of the title characters.

Strangers in the night, exchanging glances, wondering in the night, what were the chances, we’d be sharing love before the night was through…

Romantic couple

Many times, the initial attraction simply leads to another one night stand. There have been a zillion words written about this too. Yet, it can be difficult to completely give up hope that the next one will work out, just like in this song.

And ever since that night, we’ve been together, lovers at first sight, in love forever. It turned out so right, for strangers in the night…


Written for MMM Challenge #173.

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Mini, Midi, Maxed Out Visa… [SOCS]

Image credit to Today-I-Want

Here’s the story 🎶
Of a lovely mini,
Which was designed to flaunt very lovely legs.
Some of them
Were avocado,
Like the fridge where you would store your eggs.

It’s the story
Of a skirt named maxi
Which was created to flow down to the floor.
These were two skirts
Hanging in my closet,
But there was room for more…

And then one day a designer had a brainstorm—
And he knew that it would generate the green.
’Twas a new skirt not long yet not shortie,
But a clever fashion statement in between!
The midi skirt, the midi skirt, that’s the way they produced the midi skirt! 🎶


Thanks to The Brady Bunch theme song writers Frank De Vol and Sherwood Schwartz for inspiration.

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Oddball Share

Melting planet

Melanie has plucked some questions from the weird zone and offered them to us this week in a crazy bouquet. 💐

1. Is cereal soup? Why or why not?

Cereal is not soup, whether either is hot or cold. Soup is a liquid, while cereal is a solid. Some cereals can become liquidy if you add milk or water, but grain itself is not a liquid.

2. What are some interesting ways to answer everyday questions like “how’s it going” or “what do you do”?

How’s it going? It’s gone! What do you do? Depends on the price…

3. What was your favorite toy growing up?

I loved Super Spirograph, puzzles, and Barbies. Caveat: I liked the Barbies of yesteryear when you had a few dolls and the fun was buying new outfits and accessories for them. Today, it’s not like that. Dolls come prepackaged to a theme, with everything included. You buy a new doll/package for a new theme. It takes away from creativity. I used to improvise stuff for Barbie scenes, crochet rugs for her house, find teeny play pets, etc. This is the Barbie from the year I was born. Find yours!

1961 Barbie

3. If you have a pet, and you could ask it three questions, what would you ask?

Why are you so loud? Why do you have to chase the other kitty until she swats you? Why don’t you bury your poop?


Attitude of Gratitude Section (Always Optional)

What’s one simple thing society at large could do to improve our world?



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Journeys [SOCS]

Rainbow keys

Journey was the first band I saw in concert, back in 1980. I haven’t been to many shows because (1) they’re usually super expensive for the bands I like and it’s hard to get good seats for a reasonable price, and (2) the music is so loud it is actually unpleasant to listen to. I guess others don’t feel this way, but I like “produced” music, free of mistakes and shouting/applause and long ridiculous ego solos. Put me down as the “Tang” music consumer. 🎶

If I’d kept a journal back then, for sure it would have been filled with complaints about the boyfriend in Illinois who took me to that concert. He meant well, I guess, but he was what now we term in the dating world “radically honest,” aka an insensitive jerk. Nothing much has changed for me with respect to relationships since I was 18. Guess I was always destined to be a single cat lady 🐈‍⬛ but I’m glad I detoured from that path for a minute to have two sweet children.

Back to music, I’ve really enjoyed the shows I’ve seen at the Orange County Fairgrounds. Weird Al (twice), two different Eagles cover bands, and a cover band for The Who. I also saw a Johnny Cash cover band in Newport Beach and they were fantastic. In general though, blasting music does not agree with me and can trigger a migraine. (These shows were at a normal volume.) Oh, the Journey concert was hideous… we were right next to an amp. 😱

And with that, this post is adjourned.


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HallChall19: Movie


Last night I watched a funny “documentary” about a vampire roommate situation called What We Do in the Shadows. It wasn’t scary, just hysterical. Apparently there is also a series with the same name. A more “serious” vampire movie I enjoyed decades ago was Dracula, starring Frank Langella. He’s such a good actor. There’s a spoofy film I rewatched several times as a teenager ~ Love at First Bite, starring George Hamilton and Susan Saint James. It cracked me up back then, but idk if it stands the time test. Note: I haven’t watched or read any Twilight material. 🧛‍♂️

My favorite vampire/horror movie is Dark Shadows, which stars Johnny Depp. It has a stellar cast, is super funny, and is also very sexy. It’s basically a lurve story. Another fave scary movie is The Skeleton Key, starring Kate Hudson. Love her! The Others, starring Nicole Kidman, is great too. These are more psychological horrors than gore, but they are still gripping. Maybe more so! 😬

Scarier still are the psychological dramas that simply feature people doing horrible things to others because that can actually happen. And it has…


Written for Tourmaline’s Challenge

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SLS ~ Contrasts

Song lyric Sunday

Thanks once again to our musical host Jim Adams for providing another great Song Lyric Sunday prompt. Today’s theme is contrasts and a tune that perfectly illustrates this concept is the funny theme song from Green Acres. This TV show featured a lawyer (played by Eddie Albert) who wanted to give up city life to become a rural farmer, and his glamorous wife (played by Eva Gabor) who missed the city.

Green Acres

Green Acres is the place to be.
Farm livin’ is the life for me.
Land spreadin’ out so far and wide.
Keep Manhattan, just give me that countryside.
New York is where I’d rather stay.
I get allergic smelling hay.
I just adore a penthouse view.
Dah-ling I love you but give me Park Avenue.
…The chores.
…The stores.
…Fresh air.
…Times Square.
You are my wife.
Good bye, city life.
Green Acres we are there.

source: http://www.lyricsondemand.com/tvthemes/greenacreslyrics.html

This song was written for the show in 1965 by Vic Mizzy. Green Acres ran for 6 seasons when it was dumped in the “rural purge.”


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Image credit to Jim Adams

FPQ85: Paths Not Taken Yada Yada

pointless meanderings

I thought I’d turn Fandango’s Provocative Question today into a pointless meander. He asks if I’ve ever had to make what turned out to be a life-changing decision and, if so, do I wish I could go back in time and change it, blah blah, what and why. There have been a few…

Generally, I begin with my foolish decision not to go to Northwestern U. I had no idea about “prestigious” colleges back then apart from the obvious Harvard, Yale, etc. I knew it was good I’d gotten accepted, but the gravitas of the decision was foreign to me. I behaved impulsively as a teen and things that went wrong were easily fixed. Everything felt inconsequential at the time. My parents didn’t seem to care, and after an argument with my mom, she decided she didn’t want to pay for NU, so I ended up at the University of Illinois in Champaign. It was a horrible experience, I dropped out, moved back home, and ended up in a series of dead-end, low-paying jobs.

Next, I moved from Chicago to Southern California with my parents at age 22. I’m not sure this was a great decision, though it would have been hard to stay in the city alone given my crappy jobs. But from the minute I stumbled off the plane to right now, I’ve had one giant migraine that never seems to disappear for good. I know I’d probably suffer from them wherever I lived, but it soured the whole experience for me. I remember being bombarded with the dazzling sunshine when we landed and feeling like I was going to pass out from the brightness and the pain.

Finally, I returned to college to finish my degree. But again, doh, I eschewed UCLA for Cal State because the freaking parking was easier. It seemed like an okay decision at the time, but it was yet another folly. Not that I had a bad experience at Northridge ~ I actually loved it all and appreciated my classes and the professors there. But until I had my own children I did not realize the importance of the name of a school. Whatever, at least I finished and that led me to the job I have now, which is good. But I got a late start at a career and retirement savings…

All the while this school/moving stuff was going on, I was also dating. Ugh, what a nightmare. I can’t blame online dating and culture such as it is now for my relationship issues, since I’ve had them all along. I am attracted to the wrong men, and that’s just the common denominator of the whole mess. I regret spending/wasting time with a lot of these guys, but I can’t regret my second marriage because my two wonderful daughters are my prize for sticking with it. I should have ended it sooner however. I definitely regret all the years I thought the marriage could be fixed and floated in limbo, taking no action to help myself move on.

I like to imagine that if I’d been single in my 40s I would have had a great romance and met my life partner, though that’s probably false. I would have simply made stupid dating decisions all that time too. Ugh, thinking about all this is an emotional drain… plus it’s all fantasy. I did what I did and here I am. The only thing to do is to slog on…


Image altered from the original at Pixabay.


Bitmoji rainbow Tuesday

This week in Truthful Tuesday, PCGuyIV asks the following:

Is there something that you like or love now that you used to dislike, hate, or at the very least, have no opinion of before? Or perhaps there is something you now dislike, hate, or maybe even loathe that before you liked, loved, adored, or at least had no opinion of? In either case, or both cases if you so choose, what changed your mind?

Ooh interesting to ponder! Okay, so for the first part, here are some things I used to hate and now love…

1. Peanut butter! Yes, I hated PB as a little kid and refused to eat it. I had lunchmeat sandwiches at school. Around age 12, my tastes simply changed and PB is now one of my favorite foods. Lunchmeat on the other hand… 🤮

2. I used to dislike the fantasy genre of books and movies ~ though paradoxically I always enjoyed the original Star Trek and things like The Twilight Zone. But dragons and magic and stuff? No! Game of Thrones changed my mind about that. 🐉

3. Rituals/occasions. It used to annoy me to feel obligated to celebrate holidays the same way every year. Like if I’ve seen great fireworks once, why do I need to go again? The gluttony of Thanksgiving annoyed the crap out of me. Why must we do this? Etc. But I’ve totally mellowed about this and now look forward to certain ritualistic type occasions. I think part of my problem was having to deal with my parents’ constant arguing ~ it simply made everything sad and stressful for me (though it didn’t affect THEM much!). As I aged, I saw that some holidays could actually be enjoyable when people weren’t all mad at each other.

Bitmoji fam jam

Now, for the second half of the switcharoo, here are some things I used to love and now hate…

1. DRIVING. I was so happy when I first got my license, and I loved to drive hour after hour. We were carless in Chicago for 4 years, and then I got a car when we moved to SoCal. I still enjoyed it, but less and less over the years until it became something I actively despise. It’s effing scary to be on the roads. I guess being older and knowing how many crazy and reckless people are out there, plus all the annoying traffic and construction detours here, spoiled it for me. 🚙

2. Being in a romantic relationship. How I used to love and crave this. It was partly due to my steady diet of romance novels; I thought that romantic love was the only thing that really mattered in life. Now I find it all too stressful and irritating to contemplate. I’ve been happier these last several years without dating AT ALL. I never would have predicted this. 💔

3. Going on rides. Omg, I loved rides at the fair or at an amusement park. My friends and I regularly went on the craziest ones. Now they make me ill and terrified, plus with my neck issues I can’t deal with them at all. Not to mention the fact that people get hurt on them ALL THE TIME. Again, the data on injuries changed my mind, along with not feeling well physically.

Bitmoji driving car


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Images from Bitmoji

Toob Talk

Bitmoji with remote

I’m really digging these Dog Days prompts! Today Fandango asks about our favorite TV shows. This is likely to be a long meander, so buckle up.

I don’t watch “shows” these days; I find them a huge bore and I’m not in the mood to try the old stuff I’ve missed, even if everyone says it’s great. Meh. (However, there are a couple new recommendations I may check out.) When I watch “television,” I’m inclined to view a movie. I want a good story, finished in a couple hours, not something dragging on and on, boring me to bits or compelling me to binge-watch an entire season until I’m screen-dazed. The other day I watched An American Pickle and it was great. Love Seth Rogan. There are other movies I would like to watch too.

Television news and news shows are the absolute worst, in my opinion. So boring! I read the news, probably too often, and that is enough. Next worst are documentaries, history, and “reality” shows. Ick! I will watch non-fiction though, if it’s focused on science or animals. Still, fiction is where it’s at for me, same as in reading.

Bitmoji television

But back in the day, I definitely had favorite shows. When I was a kid, I was a huge fan of game shows. Shocker, eh? I’d watch any, but my favorites were Match Game, Hollywood Squares, $20,000 Pyramid (this had different amounts for the title at different times), and The Price Is Right. Oh, when I was a really little kid, I enjoyed Let’s Make A Deal. I also liked I Dream of Jeannie, That Girl, The Brady Bunch, Eight Is Enough, and One Day at a Time. The first two in that list were romantic comedies and the last three focused on close family relationships. Those themes have always appealed to me. None of these shows, however, appeal to me today although the themes in general still do. Whenever I try to rewatch an ep, I totally cringe. As far as the game shows, probably only Pyramid would be fun for me these days. The rest? Cringe City. Everyone likes Jeopardy, and I do too, but it can be a bore.

My mom and I watched cheesy scary movies together (Creature Feature) and also got hooked on Dallas and Falcon Crest. Later, I enjoyed Cheers after Shelley Long left and then I loved Frasier. That show was just so witty and hilarious. My ex and I watched LA Law and that was fun. Next came Sopranos (hilarious!), Six Feet Under (focused on relationships), Breaking Bad (relationships and immensely interesting twists and turns, plus FUNNY), and Game of Thrones. I was surprised at my love for GOT, but when something is good it’s good, regardless of genre. It had romance, drama, murder, dragons, adventure, etc. etc. Everything!

Bitmoji yoga dragon

Looking forward to tomorrow’s topic.


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Image credit ~ Bitmoji

30 Day Film Challenge 6

I found this fun challenge at Sandmanjazz. As I did with the books (not the bingo, but the 30 days), I’m going to do these movies in blocks. So instead of a post a day for 30 days, I’ll have 6 posts total. Here’s my sixth and final set of films…

26. Young Frankenstein makes me happy. I rewatch it frequently and it’s just as funny each time. Instant mood-lifter! 🤣🤣🤣

27. Not a huge fan of the superhero genre, but The Dark Knight was excellent.

28. The Little Shop of Horrors changed my life. I saw it outdoors in a park in Pasadena with a man I was falling in love with. It was at the end of (what I considered) a perfect day together. But after that day, he treated me horribly, ghosted me on Thanksgiving, and texted me months later with a bunch of crap about how I had failed him. This caused me to spiral into a depression, although I realize I am responsible for my own reactions to the behavior of others. A good lesson from the film is that the most innocuous seeming things (or people) can turn into monsters. Beware! Another lesson is that depression too is a ravenous monster, never satisfied, consuming all your hope and joy. I was lucky mine faded with time.

29. I loved Saturday Night Fever so much I didn’t want it to end. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

30. Grease has a beautiful ending. Love to rewatch that one too. Musicals rock! 🎶

This has been another super fun challenge! Thanks for reading along. 🙂


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