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A Well-Balanced Kittay

In three acts, for Mundane Monday.



I dreamt of a strawberry sunrise,

Violets spilling from your eyes;

Your hands offered me the sun.

You loved me in my best reflection,

And I was the goddess of the dawn.


Via Helene

Light My Fire [CFFC]

This week’s fun challenge from Cee is all about light. 😎

Painting lighthouses with the fam.

Chanukah lights.

Early morning light.

Tools [CFFC]

At first I thought I couldn’t participate in this photo challenge because I don’t have pics of any of those guys I dated.

But then I remembered the otter kind.

I had to buy this to install my license plates almost two years ago. That was the first time I ever did it, or bought a car by myself. I’ve always been terrified of doing things, maybe because my mommy didn’t think I was good at doing anything other than schoolwork, but as it turns out… all is fine.

This isn’t a diss at my mother. I love her and miss her every day. Especially today because I need to clean my ceiling fan light again and change one of the bulbs.

Goodbye October!

Seems like you’ve been hanging around a while now. It’s been fun, but like all good things… yada.

Happy Halloween πŸŽƒ to all my blog peeps!


Big thanks to City Sonnet for the fab month of photo challenges.

Final Octolage

Here’s my last Octolage for City Sonnet’s photo challenge.

26. Jam, marmalade
27. Vivid yellows of Autumn
28. Pumpkins
29. Moon
30. Castle

I tried so hard to get Google Photos to put the doggie/Castles photo on the left so it wouldn’t get cut off, but nope. So, I’m going to break my own protocol and poast it separately because cuteness.


Manifestation [flash 180]

At first, it was just an abstract concept, something she merely fantasized about during the humdrum of daily existence. But on one particularly dull afternoon, she began doodling some approximate calculations, and she experienced a surge of sharp joy when it appeared that her darkest dream might have a chance to become real.

Every night for seven weeks she worked on her creation with focused diligence, forgoing sleep and food, as she refined her plans to sublime perfection. Finally, the manifestation of her deepest desire was complete. She gazed at it in awe. But of course it wasn’t really finished until it was shared.

She invited someone over she hadn’t seen in a long time. He was surprised to hear from her. She told him she had a surprise for him. When he saw what she had built, he gasped.

“I should have known you were planning something like this,” he said.

The fear in his voice excited her, but also frightened her a bit. Could she go through with this?

Well, it was too late to back out now.


Apologies, I saved this photo from a prompt a while ago and didn’t use it until now, but I’ve forgotten whose prompt it was. My bad!

Drive Me Crazy [CFFC]

This time, Cee challenges us for our photos of things people drive.

Distant Glimmer

Under a bruised sky,

Love has passed me by.

Golden days

Streak my mind’s eye,

And I lock them away,

A distant glimmer

Lost in memory’s haze.

No need for the tease

Of hope on replay,

The false shimmer,

Illusion’s trapeze.

I’ll revel in the dark

With the burned out stars.


Via Sue Vincent’s Photo Prompt

Octolage 21-25

Here is the next set of pics for City Sonnet’s October photo challenge in collage form, my new artistic mode.

21. Maroon
22. Beach
23. Rain
24. Breakfast
25. Apples

To tell you all a secret, I’m not having as much fun with these as I was earlier in the month. A couple main issues. One, I’m not a Real Photographer like some of you, and so I’ve run out of currently stockpiled pics, which means I am reduced to doing things such as snapping photos of apples in Target like a freakazoid. Two, I’ve also been going through the photo scrapbooks I made when the girls were little and taking crappy pics of pics with glare on them and cropping out ex family. Three, google photos won’t allow me to collage in my own order. No matter in which order I choose the photos, it collages them its own way. Annoy!

I have a bunch of rants on standby, but idk if I should poast them and ruin the light and fluffy image I’ve so carefully cultivated and nurtured lately. Cupcakes and kittens 4ever! πŸ±πŸ’•πŸŒΈ