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Lucky Photo Find

This Reagan Museum photo has everything. It contains a circle and a square. It has something that begins with an R. And it’s colorful. I’m beyond thrilled that I can cross 4 things off my list in one swell foop.



Here’s a recent pic of Mr. G looking a bit pensive for the B&W paws & claws prompt.

Last Light

Tuesday Photo Challenge ~ Night

Weekly Prompts: Yellow


Sue’s Weekly Prompts

Green-Eyed Lady…

A little blog love for my eldest now, to go with Cee’s theme of eyes. I’m excited for my upcoming trip to NorCal, when I’ll get to see these eyes in person. It’s been a while!

A Bridge Too Far

This is the Bay Bridge in Oakland/ San Francisco, California. And it is indeed too far because my daughter lives up there and I don’t get to see her enough, since that’s about 400 miles away. However! Happy nooz! I’m going up for a weekend soon, hurrah, hooray! 😀💖🎉


Cee’s Photo Challenge

Auroral Mist

At the edge of rock and sky,

She breathed frozen air

And was energized.

Lights glowed in benediction;

She raised her arms and prayed.

Dancers flowed and twisted,

Magnetized from pole to pole,

Swirling, streaming,

In the green auroral mist.

She had to come to the end

Of the earth to kill the pain,

But instead

Was born again.


Elemental Writing Challenge: Earth/Magnetic

Opposites Attract Challenge: April 20


Icy heart, unmoved

By the tides of love,

Unmelted by the sun

Of longing.

Waves of wanting

Wash over me,

While you remain



And free.


Elemental Writing Challenge: Water/Icy


After days of rain
Morning sunshine glows again
Noisy birds approve

Grass soft as frosting
Leaves drizzling sugar dew
Restful world awaits

Curious cat roams
Beyond the manicured lawn
Into shadowed woods

Ancient wings unfold
As warm fresh blood approaches
Magic spell is cast

Cat comes home with eyes aflame
Different somehow still the same


Genre Challenge: Haiku Sonnet
Opposites Attract: April 18
Sue Vincent’s Photo Prompt

Commute [fiction 270]

It was a day like any other day. Greg took the express ferry from the city across the bay to where his car waited in the lot. Then he’d drive home around the winding mountain roads. But tonight the sky swirled with dark clouds, and the water churned like a bubbling sauce. Most people moved away from the rails and huddled under the shelter of the tarp.

It wasn’t raining though, and Greg disliked being in a crowd. He stayed at the rails, watching the heaving waves. They were a deep, mysterious forest green right below him, and he glimpsed a twisting darker shape within. He tilted forward to get a closer look, and the wind whipped his baseball cap off his head. Greg saw it drop into the water around 20 feet away, gone for good.

Suddenly, an enormous creature surged out of the water. It had the head of an octopus but the spotted coloring of a big cat. Two of its thick, rubbery tentacles grasped the railing in front of Greg, and he leaped back, slipped, and fell on his butt.

One of the ferry workers approached and bopped the creature on the head with a pole. It let go of the railing and slipped back into the sea. “You okay?” the man said to Greg, helping him up.

“Yeah. Thanks.” Greg stared out at the water. “What the hell was that?”

Lynx squid. They get enormous. It’s their prime mating season right now so they’re really active. They usually don’t come in the bay though.”

Greg stayed under the tarp for the rest of the ride.


Elemental writing challenge: water/mysterious