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Beach Day [flash 158]

The girls arranged their towels in the perfect spot to people-watch and soak up rays. “Mmm,” Ashley said. “What a great beach day!”

Janelle slathered a copious amount of sunblock on her pale skin. “Totally. Does that guy look familiar?”

They stared at a man near the lifeguard tower who appeared immersed in a book. He was middle-aged, fit, and handsome, and munching on pickles out of a jar.

“I think it’s Brock MacDonald, the rock star!” Ashley said. “He’s notorious for demanding pickles in his dressing room.”

“Should we instigate a conversation and ask for his autograph?” Janelle asked. “Otherwise no one will believe we saw him here.”

“Okay!” Ashley giggled. “But let’s be cool and not do anything extreme.”

The girls sauntered across the sand toward the lifeguard tower, but when they got closer they saw the title of the man’s book was Cannibalism for Dummies and decided to go for a swim instead.


Inspired by the Three Things Challenge

Losing His Marbles [flash 351]

“Gonna beat you this time, Kev!” Jimmy declared as the boys arranged their marbles on the sidewalk. “I’ve been practicing.”

Kevin laughed and shook the giant bag containing his prior winnings. “Dream on. You’ll never beat me. I’ve won thirty-five games in a row!”

Jimmy glared at his friend, determined not to lose his beautiful new set of primary colored marbles today. He took his shooter, carefully lined up the shot, and BLAMMO!

“Holy guacamole! That hit Skunkman’s window. You might have broken it.” Kevin peered at the house next door.

“Did not!” Jimmy began walking across the grass. “Come on. I wanna get my marble.”

Kevin hung back. “We can’t disturb a superhero just for your dumb marble. He sleeps during the day.”

“Are you scared?” Jimmy challenged. “He only puts the stink on bad people who pollute the environment.”

“I’m not scared, buddy! But I did throw a candy wrapper on the ground at recess last week.”

Jimmy rolled his eyes. “He won’t know about that. Hurry up and help me look.”

As the boys searched through the shrubbery under the window, the front door opened. “Hey! What’s going on?” an annoyed voice called out. “Are you the pizza guys?”

Jimmy stood up and faced the grown man, his heart pounding with anxiety. This must be the famous superhero Skunkman! No one got to see him in daylight. But wait… this was an ordinary dude like his dad in jeans and a tee shirt.

“Where’s your black and white Skunkman costume?” Kevin asked.

“In the washing machine,” the man replied. “Where’s my pizza?”

“We aren’t pizza guys,” Jimmy said. “I’m Jimmy and he’s Kevin. We’re just looking for my marble. We were playing over there and my shot went wild.”

Skunkman strode over and pointed at the ground. “I see your marble.”

Jimmy grabbed it. “Wow! Thanks. You do have super vision.”

“Gotta keep a close watch on things that don’t belong,” Skunkman said. “Like candy wrappers, right Kevin?”

Kevin backed away. “Right, Skunkman.”

The superhero laughed. “Don’t worry! I’m not gonna skunk ya. Besides, my pizza’s here!”


Inspired by the Three Things Challenge

Confession, shameful but not short

I’ve had a lot of coffee, so I’m in the mood to jabber on. And on and on. Some of this may be confessional, some may be rantacious, I just don’t know at this point how it will all go. I already see I’m creating new words and doing grammar incorrectly, which may bother some readers.

Some tweeps were taking umbrage at Justice Democrats, so here’s the confession part of my post (there may be more, dunno yet): until I wiki’d last night, I didn’t know this was an actual thing. I told you I’ve been reading less news! Now, of course I’ve heard the term, duh, but I thought “justice” was simply an adjective, sometimes appended sarcastically, to certain young, progressive Dems, such as AOC, who attack established Dems instead of focusing on Republicans. How embarrassing. Not that I actually said anything to embarrass myself (until now), but just that I’ve been bopping along, thinking I know what’s happening, when I really don’t have a clue.

Some of you super savvy political types may not want to associate with me now, and I can understand that. It’d be like an alleged fan of romance novels fessing up that she never heard of The Flame and the Flower. (It wasn’t a rape scene! Go away.)

What else did I plan to babble about? Oh, my novel. So, I have 17 chapters written, all fabulous because I’m a massive egotist, and they take place in 1996. I only meant to give a small taste of what happened back then, and immediately swoosh back up to 2016, but so much is important, I’m discovering. I really want the reader to understand why my protag made a choice because it’s not something most people would agree with if simply told about. I want people to grok the intricate relationships between my chars, not just say welp they had a bond from 20 years ago, just accept that. Nope. Gotta show how it developed. Upshot is my novel is gonna be longer than I expected.

But the thing is, the supernatural element is only very mildly present in 1996, and idk if it’s cool to go 17 chapters without having it play much of a part (actually 18 because I’m not done yet), and then when we’re back to the future in 2016, it’s woowoo time. Maybe readers won’t accept this. Maybe I need to make 1996 more woowoo, to be consistent. Personally, I am not a big fan of inconsistency, unless it’s good. Bwah!

But I don’t want a bunch of ghosts in 1996, so whatever. It is what it is. I’ll just make it work! Speaking of fails… I see I have not managed to smush “quest” into this giant pile of [crap, garbage, trash], which makes me sad because I don’t like to do a prompt post unless I can use five prompts, with the exception of a poem or one of those story things. You might call this an endless quest for meaningless consistency.

Or you might not.

The Coffee Meeting [flash 247]

John and Joan met for coffee on Sunday afternoon. They’d been chatting on the dating site, Future Plans, and decided they were compatible enough to take the plunge and talk face to face.

“I find you very attractive in person,” John said to Joan as they stood in line. “What kind of coffee do you like?”

“Thank you,” Joan replied. “You look exactly like your photos, which makes me happy. I’m an avid fan of French roast with whole milk and no sweetener.”

John smiled and ordered two coffees. “Wow! That’s just how I like my coffee! That site sure has a much better service of how to match people than those other sites.”

“I hate the other sites!” Joan yelled as they walked to the end of the coffee bar to wait for their order. “They never match me with someone who follows my ideology.”

John tried to talk in a softer voice, hoping Joan would follow suit. “Yes, it’s important to find the person we’ll get along with for the long-term. I heard on your profile vid that you also have a collection of Beatles’ records?”

“Not the music group!” Joan laughed. “Actual beetles. I love bugs. Don’t you?”


“And I have a pet boa! He’s my baby. I feed him live mice.”

John looked at his phone. “Oh gosh. I have an emergency at work. I’m going to have to take my coffee and run. Enjoy yours. It was great meeting you!”


Before Cell Phones

We parted with enmity

And now he is gone,

Left without a kiss,

And sailed off at dawn.

I shall write him a letter,

Include a photograph too,

And stuff them in a bottle,

Toss them in waves of blue.

As he sails round the globe,

My love note behind him,

Fate may have to intervene,

For this message to find him.


Shoe Trouble [flash 115]

“What’s wrong?” Candy asked Cinnamon as they stood in line for the bus. She noticed that her friend looked forlorn this morning.

Cinnamon sniffled as tears filled her eyes. “I’m just feeling a lot of buyer’s remorse over my new school shoes.”

Candy glanced down at Cinnamon’s feet. “They are cute shoes, but…”

“My feet already hurt!” Cinnamon stamped them in frustration.

“Um, that might be cuz your shoes are on the wrong feet,” Candy said. “Let me hold your backpack and you can switch them.”

Cinnamon smiled. “You’re a good friend! Want to be science lab partners this year?”

Candy blanched. “Let’s just focus on your shoes for now. One thing at a time!”

Fandango Made Me Do It

I thought I was gonna get away with just one post today because it was that long FTS thingie, but now Fandango accused me of saying his prompts aren’t fun, which I did not! If he still believes I did, I’ll issue a politician’s apology: please forgive me if you feel offended.

Now that I’ve bothered to begin more jabberish, I may as well shovel in the rest of the prompts. I hope you’ll all show me the proper amount of gratitude for that.

You may have noticed I’m spelling post the normal way. Getting bored with lolcat. It’s been a while. The dogs bark, and the circus moves on. (Look it up.) I don’t like to get too predictable, too trapped into a pattern of behavior. That stifles creativity.

As part of my recovery, my reclaiming of my time and my own goals, I have not been Ms. Hospitality. I can’t be. In order to do all my paying work, take care of my health, and focus on my writing, I’ve had to cut back dramatically on entertainment. I no longer go to movies or meetups. I don’t date or chat on FB. I don’t watch the newest stuff on Prime and Netflix. I accept very few social invites and issue even fewer. Etc.

I do, however, blog and tweet, since I find both of these communities conducive to writing. I was going to join a book club, but that didn’t work out, which is probably for the best. I do try to read a few books per month, except for November when I NaNo. Because family is everything, they get priority… but luckily they’re mostly too busy for me!


Maybe what they call madness

Is simply another dimension.

They are trapped in conventions,

Familiar and mundane,

Obsessed with their labels:

“Abnormal” and “insane.”

Madness or access

To worlds made of words?

Time has no meaning

Where dreams come to play,

Twirling around, upside down,

Bending into birds

And flying away.