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Laura’s Song Challenge

Check out Laura’s choices! Here are mine.

1. A video that makes me smile…

2. A 1970s song about love…

3. Singer whose first name starts with N…


I believe in science

But also secret signs:

The iridescent bubbles,

The magic of the numbers.

Everything has meaning

When you’re learning

How a heart breaks

For the first time

(And the last time).

Everything’s a keepsake

When you filter for your tears;

Every song’s an elegy,

Written for the disappeared.

I find comfort in the torment

Of another haunted melody.

Dealer’s Choice! 🌹🌹

Today is the last day of Bee’s music prompts for the month and I get to choose my own lurve songs, no theme. I want to thank Bee for putting together the prompt list ~ I had lots of fun rediscovering old faves and finding out new facts about classic tunes. I leave you with these two:

“Love Hurts” by Nazareth, 1975 (first written by Boudleaux Bryant in 1960 for the Everly Brothers). This is one of my all-time faves ~ and I just now learned it was written for another group. So interesting.

“The Story” by Brandi Carlile, 2007. Once, I felt exactly like this about someone, but it was all a lie, so I turned into a butterfly and flew away.

Love at the Movies πŸ’–

Bee asks for our favorite love song from a film, and as I noted yesterday, I’m sharing two faves for the rest of the month (not much longer to go now).

My first fave is “Kiss Me” by Sixpence None the Richer, 1997. It was in the adorable romcom How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, 2003, starring Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey. Apparently “Kiss Me” was in other movies and TV shows too, but like who cares?

My second one is from Miss Congeniality starring Sandra Bullock. It’s “She’s a Lady” by Tom Jones. The movie is from Y2K and the song was originally written by Paul Anka in 1970, but I think most people know and like Tom’s version best. This one is an extended mashup with the movie though. Enjoy! 😍

Lucky πŸ€ 7

My Inner Mishmash tagged me in the 7 faves. Since a picture paints 1000 words, I’ll use photos. These aren’t necessarily in order of favoritism, some should be taken conceptually rather than specifically, and a couple are cheats because they include more than one thing. πŸ˜€πŸ’–

Double Shot 🎢

You probably noticed I missed the last two days of Bee’s music prompts. I’m sorry! But it would really have been cheating to share a favorite love song (or any song) from an opera or in a foreign language. I simply don’t listen to them and never have. It’s not like looking up oldies and remembering I liked one. Anyway, to make up for it, I’m going to share two (2) songs per day for the rest of the month in these prompts. Yay! πŸ’–

Today’s prompt is my favorite lurve song from a musical, and you’re gonna laugh (hope so), but I just adore “The Lonely Goatherd” from The Sound of Music (1958). And I love how Gwen Stefani mashed it up in her 2006 hit “Wind It Up.”


Favorite Heartbreak Song

“Let’s be friends.” That works plenty of times when the romance was relatively tame and the breakup mild with only one or two bandaids needed and a week’s recovery time, if that, before moving on.

But! When you can’t even bear a song or a street or a food or anything that reminds you of the person for years without crying again, that’s a different thing. When the romance, however short-lived or one-sided, was crazy wild and full of passion (even if an illusion) and the breakup hurtful or ghostly, friendship isn’t an option. At least not for me. Just go away and stay away. πŸ’”

“Don’t Expect Me to Be Your Friend” was written by Roland Kent LaVoie (Lobo) in 1972.

These songs are for Bee’s month of music prompts. 🎢

If Not For You πŸ±

Today Bee’s prompt is a song for our pet, and not to be too mushy but I love my little kitty more than almost anything. He saved me when I was super duper depressed (more than once), and I am so lucky and grateful he’s in my life.

Many have covered this song, originally written and recorded by Bob Dylan in 1970, but I like Bryan Ferry best because yummy Brit. πŸ’–

For My Next Husband

My first husband and I “eloped” to Vegas. We told both sets of parents (mine were upset), but basically we wanted to do something impulsive and fun ~ we were in our mid-20s, independent, so no big deal. When we returned, my mother bought us a cake from the grocery store. The marriage lasted one year.

My second husband and I had a nice wedding, though small. It was at a hotel with a snooty French chef who didn’t “do” pastry. He also refused to allow outside food in “his” restaurant. He made us a baked Alaska as a compromise. That marriage lasted 21 years.

So, the one thing I absolutely require at my next wedding, should there be one, is a real actual proper WEDDING CAKE. And that brings us to this song: “Doll Parts,” written by Courtney Love in 1994. It’s not exactly a romantic song, but it’s honest, dammit, and that’s what counts.

These songs are for Bee’s month of music prompts. 🌹

The Dream [flash 107]

He always watched from afar as she walked toward the cliff, oblivious to danger as she softly played her flute in the warm summer breeze. Her dress was the color of hyacinths, and a crown of flowers adorned her chestnut hair. As he tried to warn her, the words tangled in his brain, for he was but a beast and could not speak. Finally, he began to run, but it was too late. He was always too late.

He woke in the dark, hours before dawn, as reality spiraled in once again. It had been three years. When would he stop dreaming about trying to save her?


Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge