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For My Next Husband

My first husband and I “eloped” to Vegas. We told both sets of parents (mine were upset), but basically we wanted to do something impulsive and fun ~ we were in our mid-20s, independent, so no big deal. When we returned, my mother bought us a cake from the grocery store. The marriage lasted one year.

My second husband and I had a nice wedding, though small. It was at a hotel with a snooty French chef who didn’t “do” pastry. He also refused to allow outside food in “his” restaurant. He made us a baked Alaska as a compromise. That marriage lasted 21 years.

So, the one thing I absolutely require at my next wedding, should there be one, is a real actual proper WEDDING CAKE. And that brings us to this song: “Doll Parts,” written by Courtney Love in 1994. It’s not exactly a romantic song, but it’s honest, dammit, and that’s what counts.

These songs are for Bee’s month of music prompts. 🌹

Come To My Window

I’m not sure which songs count as queer. Do they have to be by queer artists or have explicitly queer lyrics? This isn’t clear to me. Wikipedia says there are gay anthem songs, and “Come To My Window” (1993) is one. I’ve always loved it, plus Melissa Etheridge is queer (not all the anthem artists are), so that’s double points.

PS: It’s not my fault that Wikipedia says gay and not queer; I’m using queer because Bee is using it for her prompt. I have no opinion on which word should be used. If either or both are now wrong, sorry!

Fire on Fire

Again, I was clueless about choosing a current song ~ one from this year? So, I let YouTube pull up a playlist and I stared at it. Started playing a few songs, meh. Then I saw this vid with bunnies against a moon. Wait, it’s from Watership Down? First, how is that new? Second, how is that a love song? Ooh, Sam Smith! I like him! I had to listen obviously.

Well, not only is this song utterly fantastic, but the video made me cry. The movie came out as a reboot in December 2018, so the date is close enough for Bee’s music prompt game.

If I Didn’t Have Your Love

It was difficult for me to find a recent love song, since I mostly listen to oldies. My daughter suggested Rihanna, and I played one of hers, but it didn’t grab me. Then I remembered I liked Adele, but my faves from her aren’t love songs. Taylor Swift is more stabby than lovey, which I like, but I’m trying to stay with the theme here. Then I remembered I bought Leonard Cohen’s last album, but I didn’t think there were love songs on it.

Wrong! Check out this hauntingly gorgeous or heartbreakingly sad, depending upon your perspective, love song. This is from You Want It Darker, Leonard’s 2016 album. RIP Mr. Cohen. ❤️

These songs are for Bee’s month of music prompts. 🎶

You’re Awful, I Love You

For whatever bizarre reason, this strange song from 2008 appeals to me. The lyrics are gross and ghoulish, but compelling somehow. They’re certainly not the norm anyway! My post title is the name of the album from which the song comes, in case you’re wondering why I comma-spliced. 😱

Hope you find “Love Me Dead” by Ludo at least somewhat entertaining.

This is for Bee’s month of music prompts. 🎶💖

One 💖

This is probably my favorite song from U2. I always think of it as “One Love,” but the title is simply “One.” It was written by Bono, but as a collaborative effort, and released in 1992. It’s not really a romantic love song, though some of the lyrics could be interpreted that way. Bono says it’s about AIDS and helping each other. So, there you go.

These songs are for Bee’s month of music prompts. 🎶

Love in the Hairband Years

I’ve always admired Joan Jett’s voice and style: she really rocks out her own way and takes no prisoners. And when Joan belts out a love song, you can bet it’s not gonna be full of moons and Junes and heart-shaped balloons.

“I Hate Myself for Loving You” was written in 1988 by Desmond Child and Joan Jett for her album Up Your Alley.

These songs are for Bee’s month of music prompts. 💖🎶

There Is Love 💖

“The Wedding Song” was written in 1971 by Paul Stookey and recorded by many. I find it such a beautiful piece that it can bring tears to my eyes depending upon my mood. I hope you enjoy it too.

These songs are for Bee’s month of music prompts. 🎶

Don’t You Want Somebody to Love?

This song is from one of my favorite 1960s groups, Jefferson Airplane. It was written in 1966 by Darby Slick of The Great Society, which then included his sister-in-law Grace Slick. When Grace left that group to join JA the next year, she took the song, along with her own White Rabbit, and they became big hits for her new band.

I’m having a lot of fun learning more about oldies every day via Bee’s month of music prompts. 🎶💖

Who Doesn’t Love Pizza?

Omg, I’m composing a blog post on my laptop like a normal person! Next thing you know I’ll be washing my clothes in the river and churning butter or something. It must be all this old-fashioned music… no actually I’m downloading the latest phone update and it’s taking forever. So annoying.

Anyway, I googled up love songs from the 1950s and lyricists were back to being all serious again, cuz luuuuuv is indeed serious business, but then I found one of my all-time faves, written for Dean Martin in 1953 by Jack Brooks and Henry Warren. The story behind it is almost as funny as the song itself.

Without further ado, I present… “That’s Amore!” In case you’re confused about amore, or any of the song lyrics, this vid provides very detailed illustrations. It’s hilarious!