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“Thou art a worry to thy friends” [SOCS]

Linda told us to grab the closest book, open it, and put our finger on a page ~ this would be our Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt. Mine is the quote in the title, which is on page 64 of Tortilla Flat by John Steinbeck, a used paperback I picked up at an exchange a while back but haven’t read yet.

Honestly, I’m not really inclined to read the book now, given the annoying dialog on this page, and the names of the characters (Pilon and Pirate). I feel it well within my rights to make such an arbitrary and snap judgment because I have an enormous pile of books to read, and more come in all the time. I’ll never get through them all before I die, so why not cull them in any manner whatsoever?

May sucked as far as reading. I began a few books and lost interest, played games on my phone, read a lot of blogs and news, and was basically a scatterbrain. I need to get more focused now. Today I deleted my phone solitaire games that I play when I can’t sleep, and which probably keep me from sleeping too. Duh. I could spend that time reading. It’s less stimulating as far as keeping me awake like a game. But to be fair, I have dozed off in the middle of a card game, though not often. Maybe once.

I don’t think I’m a worry to my friends. I’m very sensible and predictable, at least that’s how I’m perceived. Reliable. Dependable. I can be counted on to do a thing if I say… which is also a curse, you know? Because unreliable people always get a break. Hey, no biggie if Joe didn’t show up… we know how he is. And oh there goes Janet again, such a wild and crazy gal! But me? If I mess up or don’t show, everyone is all but you said!!!

Eff that. Why can’t I be the wild one once in a while? But it’s not me, I know. I like plans. I schedule everything. I’m on time, or early. I reply. I’m considerate. Bla bla bla. Boring! I’ve even tried to plan my own funeral. I want one of those I Dream of Jeannie urns. I want to have coconut cupcakes and a song list. Hotel California, of course. New Kid in Town. Those Shoes. Tequila Sunrise. End of the Innocence. And a lot of Neil Diamond. Jimmy Buffett. Fleetwood Mac. Supremes. Sheryl Crow. Gordon Lightfoot. Johnny Cash and Rosanne Cash. But that’s a bit too planny.


Forgotten Faves

I’m thinking about all the TV shows I forgot to mention in my SOCS last night. That’s what I get for PWT (posting when tired).


My mom and I watched a ton of original Star Trek together in New Blursey. I also became a fan of The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits around this time.

Mom and I also watched Creature Feature in Illinois while doing jigsaw puzzles in the basement. Scary!


I can’t believe I forgot Laugh-In! Loved that show. Also enjoyed some of the other variety shows starring Carol Burnett, Sonny & Cher, and Tony Orlando & Dawn. Was never a huge fan of the mostly talky ones like Johnny Carson, but he was on too late for me anyway. I’ve never been a night owl, though owls are awesome.🦉


I mentioned All in the Family, but I somehow forgot The Jeffersons and Rhoda, both of which I loved. I liked The Mary Tyler Moore Show a lot too. I enjoyed That Girl back in the day, but just like IDOJ, it doesn’t hold up in the present with all the sexist crap built into almost every storyline.

And how could I have forgotten The Partridge Family? Omg. And The Courtship of Eddie’s Father.

The Munsters and The Addams Family were also faves of mine.

Family Ties was funny. Bridget Loves Bernie was great, though short-lived. Three’s Company was funny at the time, but it wouldn’t be now because too much gay mockery.

Dramas, etc.

I somehow forgot all the cop shows! Dragnet, Magnum P.I., Vega$, Hart to Hart, TJ Hooker, McMillan & Wife… love love love. And recently I went on a Monk bingeroo.

And one of the funniest, most underrated shows of all, that had strange and interesting skits, with top stars… can’t believe I forgot this one…


Small Screens [SOCS]

Television is a pretty broad topic. The first TV show I have a clear memory of is Truth or Consequences, probably because I was only allowed to watch half of it. For some bizarre reason, my mother decided I had to get ready for bed at 7:45pm exactly, so I never got to see what was behind Door Number 3. 🙁

That was when we lived in Tarrytown, NY, and I was 6-7 years old. My next important TV memory is from Barclay Ave., in Queens (the second time we lived on Barclay Ave., for those keeping track), when I was about 9, and discovered I Dream of Jeannie. I fell in love with this show, and that love lasted a long, long time. I also discovered Roger Moore in The Saint right around this time, and he became my first crush.

We spent a year living with my Dad’s parents in a house on Longuyland, and even though the adults were all stressed from this arrangement and I didn’t get along with the neighborhood kids, I had fun watching The Brady Bunch with my grandma. This was also the year of All in the Family, ironically, which everyone enjoyed, especially my dad, though he was probably the only one who really grokked it at that point.

I don’t remember what I watched in New Jersey, though I must have had faves, since we lived there 3 years. It’s just a big blur. Henceforth, we shall call it New Blursey! Oopsy, I’m not supposed to make up dumb words anymore, right? Poop. 💩

After we moved to Illinois, I became an avid fan of game shows. Match Game was probably my favorite one ~ I learned later that the peeps were extra funny because they were all drunk. Hollywood Squares was also hilarious. I also loved One Day at a Time. I became a huge Valerie Bertinelli fan and still am; I follow her on Twitter.

When we moved to Chicago, my mom and I watched Dallas and Falcon Crest pretty religiously. Somewhere in these years I got to like Love Boat. Don’t ask me why ~ it’s so dumb. You’ll note I haven’t mentioned boring news shows or anything like that. I sometimes watched 60 Minutes with my dad ~ Andy Rooney was funny.

Generally I wasn’t interested in listening to talking heads drone on and am still not. My view is that TV should be for entertainment and only briefly for necessary news, if at all, unless there’s an emergency. I can’t bear people who have the news jabbering on in the background all the time. It makes me crazy. What’s wrong with silence?

I’ve mentioned before that when I moved to California in 1983, I was thrilled to bits to be able to watch MTV, which I pretty much did exclusively for months until I got so sick of it I never looked at it again. Hey, that’s how I do! Chicago didn’t have MTV because they couldn’t decide who to shoot over it, or something.

Later faves include Frasier, Seinfeld, and L.A. Law. I don’t remember what I liked in the early to mid-1990s. Too busy with little kids to care about TV shows for myself, I guess. Then came The Sopranos on HBO, woohoo! Six Feet Under and Breaking Bad. Grace & Frankie. Game of Thrones.

Now we’re up to date! Whew. 😎

Day 20960 — Dreams Deconstructed

Day 20960 — Dreams Deconstructed

— Read on zeroisms.wordpress.com/2018/12/06/day-20960-dreams-deconstructed/

Check out this cool Jeannie photo on my friend’s blog!

20 Questions

Via The Haunted Wordsmith

1. What is your favorite thing to do when bored?

– Read blogs/write a new poast.

2. What game did you play most when growing up?

– Scrabble or gin rummy.

3. You see a police car in your neighborhood, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

– Good! Go catch a red light runner or a speeder or some jerkface… why are you just sitting there? 😡

4. If you had any superpower, what would it be?

– To ensure Pelosi becomes Speaker and then have the Prez and Veep mysteriously die. Hey, you asked!

5. Sautéed onions, fried onions, onion rings, or raw onions?

– Ringydings.

6. If you could create your own world, what would it look like?

– Pretty much all cats. 🐱🐱🐱

7. What is your favorite animal?

– 🙄

8. Punch or pie? (which kind?)

– Punch is gross. Crumbly apple pie is bomb; I also love cherry and pumpkin with graham cracker crust. If pumpkin doesn’t have GCC, I can easily pass it up. I don’t need whipped cream or ice cream on mah pah. Oh, mince pie is fab, but not real mincemeat pie (ew), just mince.

9. What is one holiday treat that improves your mood every time?

– Valium.

10. What is one word that you love?

– Kitty!

11. King Kong vs Godzilla…who wins?

– Who cares? No cats.

12. What is your favorite tv show and episode?

– Not sure what counts as tv anymore. The ending of Six Feet Under was incredible. If that doesn’t count, then the ep of IDOJ where Tony and Roger steal a plane and fly to Baghdad, which is in “Persia,” so that Tony can propose to Jeannie by guessing what’s in the box. Overall, when I was young, IDOJ was my favorite tv show, but it didn’t hold up on a rewatch a few years ago. Sad. Lately, my favorite show is Game of Thrones. I don’t have a favorite episode, since they all blend together.

13. What cancelled (or finished) tv show would you most like to see again?

– GOT is finishing up next year, which is a bummer. I’d say The Sopranos, except JG is dead (RIP), so no. I guess I don’t really care. I’m looking forward to the return of Mrs. Maisel soon.

14. You landed on Daffy Duck’s Fantastic Island…what do you wish for?

– Don’t know what this is, so I’ll just say a deluxe hotel room with a spa and a dessert bar.

15. Favorite season?

– Autumn.

16. Favorite adventure book or movie?

Life of Pi.

17. Does free mean free?

– Obviously not. Heard of Facebook?

18. Favorite color?

– Turquoise, purple, lime green, fuchsia, sunflower.

19. Ugly sweaters…yea or nay?

– Sure, especially if they have a 🐱.

20. What is your favorite time period?

– Whenever I don’t haz a migraine!

Halloween Quiz 🎃

M.M.H.B Challenge – Halloween Quiz

Do you celebrate Halloween?

– Mildly.

If so when do you start decorating for Halloween?

– I don’t decorate at home, but I do make my workspace a bit festive with some shrunken heads n stuff.

What types of candy/sweets do you buy for the Trick and Treaters who may come calling?

– Sadly, no kids come around. Their moms must have heard the rumors about me.

Do you dress up for Halloween?

– If I’m going to an event, definitely. I love costumes.

Fake blood or not into that kind of thing?

– Nahhh. Not into gore. More into funny or clever type costumes.

Do you wear a costume to work, or is that frowned upon?

– They wouldn’t care, but I wouldn’t be comfy in one for the whole day in an office.

If so, what did you go as last year?

– Just a kitty shirt/black pants.

Have you already bought some halloween decorations?

– Only for work.

What was the original name for Halloween?

– Easter.

What do people typically carve at Halloween?

– Pie!

Why were people suspicious of black cats during the Middle Ages?

– Ignorance. Black cats rock!

What fruit is used to play a traditional “bobbing” game at Halloween?

– Eggplant! 🍆 😉

Why did people traditionally dress up in costumes on Halloween?

– To escape from the Czar, probably.

Who first celebrated what we’ve come to know as Halloween?

– Cleopatra.

The most famous witch trials in US history are known as what?

– Senate hearings.

Name the TV series in which Samantha could perform magic by twitching her nose?

– I Dream of Jeannie.

Which ‘witch’ had a hit song in 1970 with ‘That same old feeling’?

– Rhiannon.

Okay! What did I win???

Don’t Believe Everything You Read

Especially here. Remember back in the day when I was jabbering on about how much I lurve That Girl? Like last week? Well, I’ve changed my mind. Sunday I wrote a bunch in the morning and then took a little break, which turned into a 12-hour TG binge. At first, I still enjoyed the eps, especially the ones with guest stars, such as “Compudate,” which featured Rich Little doing impressions. I adore him and lost respect for Ann when she didn’t dump Don for Rich. Wtf? Ridiculous. Don’s a total bore. The more I watched the more convinced of this I became. What did she even see in him? He is totally dull. The British photog dude is also way more fun than Don, but nope. I guess it must be this opposites thing ~ sparkling butterfly needs a lump of mashed potatoes for a partner so she can make sure she’s always the center of attention. If she had gone with Rich, he might have grabbed some of the spotlight for himself. That’s fine for her, but what about us, the audience? After almost two full seasons, I’m really tired of Mr. Boring.

But that’s not even the main thing. There’s something about TG that’s really started to bug me. Several somethings.

1. The show takes place in NYC and everyone is white. There’s nothing but white people everywhere. White people celebrating generic white Christian holidays. No matter where Ann goes in the city, she never encounters anyone or anything but this. Amazing!

2. The city is freakishly clean.

3. Ann wants a career and left her small town to be independent, which seemed refreshing at first, but it’s not this way at all. She’s still emotionally yoked to her parents 24/7, especially to her father, and she calls him Daddy constantly, which is as irritating as her “Oh Donalds.” Daddy pops into her apartment whenever because he has “business in the city,” though he’s allegedly running a restaurant two hours away in the small town, and he has zero respect for her privacy. Ann is obsessed with his opinion regarding everything she does, whether it’s cooking a turkey or wearing dangling earrings, and it’s disgusting.

4. I’ve seen several eps now where Ann gets into dicey situations involving some creepy older man coming onto her and she wriggles out of it with her silly, spunky personality. If at any point she is actually physically touched, the scene is interrupted by Mr. Boring lumping in. Even when Don punches some otter guy in the face, he manages to be dull about it and hurt his widdle paw. The point is, nothing bad ever really happens to Ann, since she’s a “good girl.” This is the message we always have received.

5. Even worse, both Donald and Ann say “terrific” every freaking minute and it drives me up the wall. Of all the things, this started to turn me off the most Sunday night until I began dreading any positive announcement, since it would always be followed up with the inevitable. Why didn’t anyone buy these writers a thesaurus?!

Yes, I praised the writers earlier, so I’m blaming them now. Live by, die by. Goodbye, That Girl.


Of course I realize this was back then ~ I don’t care. I’m criticizing it now anyway, just like I did IDOJ.

File_001 (25)

Back in the Bottle

A few years ago I blogged here and here (a two-parter!) about rewatching I Dream of Jeannie ~ I had purchased the entire series. But I didn’t finish watching every episode because it was too heartbreaking. My memory of the show from when I was a teen had it categorized as witty and adorable and this was destroyed by my mature perspective. As I noted three years ago, the writing was cliched (even for the time), the jokes unfunny, the bloopers ubiquitous, and the constant obsession with marriage ridiculous and boring.

But it turns out you can put the genie back in the bottle. Hee! Time passed. Life went on. Movies were watched. Games were played. Poetry was written. Cupcakes were nommed. And slowly but surely, IDOJ reclaimed its favored status among my childhood memories of cute and fun things. I even used a GIF of Jeannie pouring coffee on Twitter yesterday as if nothing had ever happened to tarnish my memory of her adorableness.

I made a similar mistake recently by clicking Match Game on Prime. Oooh, I used to love watching that after school! Biiig mistake. My god, those guest “stars” were a bunch of drunken idiots, which was freakin’ hilarious to 14 year old me, but now? Not so much.

Gotta resist Memory Lane strolls in so many of their tempting forms. An evening sorting through old photos the otter week caused me to spiral into a mild depression for days. Music doesn’t seem to have the same effect, or if it does, it’s small in comparison… an hour or two, certainly not a day or more.

Truth be told, I don’t care about Match Game, but I’m really glad to have IDOJ at the top of my happy childhood memory list.

In a future bloggery, we’ll discuss an old TV show that has stayed surprisingly good over time with storylines relevant today! Care to speculate which show I have in mind?

File_001 (9)


The Daily Prompt: Genie

IDOJ Trivia Quiz

My good friend LHD made a trivia quiz just for me! It’s not just any old trivia quiz either ~ it’s a very special one, all about I Dream of Jeannie. The reason for this, I think, is because when we go to a pub quiz I often grumble when the questions are about sports, or obscure history facts, or anything really, and say I’d do great on a quiz limited to IDOJ questions.

Ha ha ha ha!

I don’t think I did that well. First, the questions were not limited to trivia about episodes themselves, but silly logistical things about the show, and some cartoon I’ve never seen, bla bla bla. But even so, I was stumped on a few obscure questions regarding the eps. Fair enough. I printed out the quiz yesterday and answered in pen, but then I had to prepare for a beach day… yes! I went to the beach. I know, right? But it is true. I have photos. Well, one anyway. And I put my feets in the ocean and ate a s’more, so I’m good for the year as far as the beach goes.

When I got home from the beach it was late and I was tired from all that sitting and staring and thinking about nothing. Plus I had to shake the sand out of my shoes. So, this poast had to wait. Today, things happened and poasting became unavoidably delayed. But here we are. I think the best thing would be for me to link you to the quiz, so you can take it yourself if you want to, and then I will poast my scanned answer sheets in a day or two, at which time the quizmaster himself can weigh in.

If you take the IDOJ quiz, please keep your answers to yourself, until we discuss them in comments after I poast mine. Thanks muchly!


************ MY ANSWERS ARE BELOW ************

Well, poo. I took a photo of my answer sheets and emailed to self, but they won’t biggify when I poast them, so there’s no point because you can’t see anything. I’ll just transcribe the answers. Bummer! (Had to re-edit because I forgot one. Grrrr!)

Part 1 – General

  1. The Brass Bottle.
  2. Movie genie was male.
  3. Jeannie’s belly button!
  4. Ugh! Cupcake. No wait – BRUCE! (inside joke)
  5. 1965?
  6. 200 (wild guess – 40/year x 5 years?)
  7. Djinn. (Another wild guess. Never watched the cartoon.)

Part 2 – Jeannie and other Genies

  1. Persian, like the cat.
  2. When Tony said, “I wish you could speak English!”
  3. Jeannie Jeannie.
  4. Sister.
  5. Barbara Eden.
  6. They can’t be photographed.

Part 3 – Major Nelson and other mortals

  1. Captain.
  2. Cocoa Beach, FL.
  3. Two.
  4. Because he was in the Army.
  5. Amanda Bellows.

IDOJ, Part 2

As mentioned, I bought all the I Dream of Jeannie episodes and have been watching them in order. I had fond misty memories of this show… beautiful, goofy girl falls for handsome, serious astronaut… wacky things happen for years until he falls in love with her too and they get married… more wackiness occurs thereafter.

It is like that. But there’s more. I’m at the end of S2 now, fyi. I can’t go any faster because annoying.

First, there’s Jeannie’s obsession with marrying Tony. I mean, she’s fucking magic ~ she could do anything, be anything, have anything, anytime. But the only thing she cares about is getting that ring on her finger. I realize the show was written in the 1960s, but the obsession is tedious. Why does she need marriage so badly? Ostensibly because she loves Tony, but so what? Maybe she’s just horny 24/7 and they couldn’t write that in the 1960s, so this was the next best thing. Ugh.

Second, it’s now making me uncomfortable to watch Jeannie constantly throwing herself at Tony physically, while he rejects her outright or stands like a statue. I’m starting to wonder about their chemistry after all. He’s so irritating and paranoid. I understand there can’t be any implication that T&J have premarital sex, but Tony’s non-reaction to Jeannie’s affection grates on my nerves. And all the while there’s good old Roger totally wanting her.

Third, (again) the show isn’t that funny. It relies a lot on physical humor ~ Tony falling on his ass when Jeannie does startling blinky thingie, forex ~ and a lot less on wordplay. I’m not sure why I ever thought this show was witty. (The ep with Paul Lynde as an IRS agent is the funniest so far.) 😦

Fourth, there are so many bloopers it’s ridiculous. In one ep Jeannie gets hired as General Peterson’s secretary and Tony freaks out because Dr. Bellows has seen Jeannie at his house (and Bellows predictably begins an investigation that blows up in his face), but in later eps Tony doesn’t care at all how many times someone has seen Jeannie previously. Roger is always going on dates and cuddling up with beautiful women, but then outta the blue it’s a thing that he never has anyone. In one ep, Haji tells Jeannie she isn’t allowed to marry Tony unless she reveals that their kids might be genies. This is stupid on two counts: one, only powerful genies can turn people into genies (FACT!); and two, when T&J finally marry in a later ep, this is totally forgotten. There are tons of other inconsistencies…