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Rainbow Kitty Sock Smile

Trent says our Weekly Smile can be anything, large or small, and mine is pretty darned small this week. Sometimes I don’t even participate because I have nothing to say and that’s not because I’m sad; it’s cuz my days are samey same, no highs or lows, and that’s how I like them. I hate surprises and I don’t crave adventure or excitement. It’s all too stressful.

Anyway, last week I lost a sock in the laundry, which made me upset. First, I can’t stand misplacing things. It drives me crazy. Second, I hate the thought of being one of those sloppy people who leave things behind in dryers (cue Revenge of the Lost). But I unfolded and shook out all my clean clothes and no sock. To top off the misery, it wasn’t just any old boring sock, but a rainbow kitty sock.

I was resigned to this tragedy of epic proportions, determined somehow to slog on like the trooper I am. I suppose I’ve survived worse things. Once I made a carrot cake for game night and it didn’t get done in the middle ~ that was pretty terrible. But still! There are always more carrot cakes… what was I supposed to tell the sock waiting patiently for her mate? Just gone out for a walk, no worries. He’ll be back! She was getting suspicious.

But then Monday morning I was leaving for work, glanced into the laundry room, and what did I see? The rainbow kitty sock just lying there on the bench as casual as you please! Hey wassup? I grabbed him and stuck him in my purse. Yayyy!!!!! πŸ˜€πŸ’•πŸŽ‰

Symmetry is restored.

Miscellaneous Muttering

I have so much to do! Thank goodness it’s Friday, so I can look forward to two days of chores. When I left my apartment this morning, there was still laundry in the basket to put away from last Sunday, but now I have more to do again. πŸ™„

Two days seems like plenty of time to get everything finished, but the hours float away quickly, especially when I have two more movies on my list to watch for A2Z bloggery. I have to refresh my memory on these romcoms and romance novels when it’s been years since I’ve seen or read them, lest I write something inaccurate. 😱

My kitty is better (fingers crossed), and I was going to skip his flea meds this month to give him a break, but I awoke with some sort of bite (probably a spider), so I gave him the meds this morning. Not taking any chances. Hate fleas so much! Poor little guy knows what’s up when I remove his collar, but he hates fleas too ~ wish I could make him understand that the meds are better than the bugs (especially the nightmare cycle). And he never even goes outside! But somehow a flea may venture in anyway. They do that. 😑

I’m trying not to be emotional about it, but I will have to miss out on the Renaissance Faire this year. It’s one of my favorite things, but I can’t face all that walking and uncomfortable seating at this level of pain. I’ll just be miserable, and the days after will be awful too. Yesterday I was depressed, I admit, but now I’m trying to be cool and logical. Besides the increased pain, going to the Faire would also carve out a big chunk of time, which would also increase my stress. Plus the inevitable higher pain level over the following days would decrease my productivity, further stressing me out, etc. It’s for the best I don’t go. 😒

Alrighty then.


Opposites Attract Challenge April 5

Monday Smile & Pick Me Up

My daughter’s birthday flowers are exceptionally lovely. There’s just something about a variety bouquet that brightens up a room like nothing else. My eye is instantly drawn to the lush blooms and vibrant colors. I love the magenta and mauve offset with pale apricot. Such a charming combo.

Posted for the Daily Pick Me Up as well as the Weekly Smile.

Opposites Attract: Challenges 6 & 7

Generally, I find keeping a list (or multiple lists) to be the most efficacious method of accomplishing my goals. I stay focused on the high-priority items near the top, and I experience a nice feeling of satisfaction when an item gets deleted.

If I grocery shop without a list, I end up being very inefficient, buying things I already have and forgetting stuff I need. I’ll usually have to make a second trip a few days later instead of the next week. Same goes for weekend chores and even longer-term things I want to get done. It’s unproductive for me to “wing it.”

However, I feel very discouraged right now. Due to the time change, I ended up taking a nap when I returned from Los Angeles this afternoon, and now my weekend plans are in disarray. Not only didn’t I write as much as I planned to, but I haven’t finished the work I promised someone, nor have I vacuumed! Obviously, I’m going to do the latter two things, but my nerves are a bit frayed thinking of all the uncrossed-out items on my list.

I like to think of myself as a person with a will of steel who does whatever I decide I’m going to do. But… naps happen. 😴

Photo Patterns [CFFC]

I found a few patterns in my photo search to fit Cee’s theme for the week.

First World Problem

So, I stayed in bed extra long this morning because it was around 27 degrees in my apartment and I didn’t want to brave the frozen air. My cat seems to be super energized by the cold though. He’s so weird. Anyway, my phone battery finally lost all charge, at which point I got up.

Took a hot shower, had hot tea, yada. Now my phone was charged a bunch, so I sat down to deal with things again, but half my apps didn’t know me including WP. Fine whatever. Logged in, etc.

But when you re-log-in to the WP app, it doesn’t behave like other apps. The Gmail app, forex, will have your draft emails. The Twitter app keeps your saved stuff. But WP? Nope. All my saved searches and posts were wiped out. This is why I have no FOWC, WOTD, RDP, etc. Sure, I could go find them again, but meh.

I also read an article today about detoxing from your phone. I thought, welp, this is a good start, since I lost my prompts and am now forced to work on my to-do list. I got a lot done. There’s always more though. So much more.

I’ve also been reading depressing articles about selling books via Amazon. Might have to rethink where I want to sell my next one. Every good thing gets ruined by greed and scammers. 😒

Hope everyone is having a good Saturday. I’m going to continue to slog away. Posts have been scheduled ~ enjoy! 🎢


A Guy Called Bloke Production

This is my first selection from Rory’s Amazing Mega Buffet o’ Prompts (RAMBOP)…

…he asks us to write about an event in our lives that taught us to appreciate what we have.

Welp. For me it’s not some dramatic near-death experience that caused me to cherish my loved ones more erm lovingly. Nope. I have more of a series of moderately sized events that changed my perspective.

Starting in 2002, I went through several phases of downsizing, some welcome and some less so. I was pleased to be rid of a large house I couldn’t afford to remodel and decorate the way I wanted, but I was sad when I had to give up my cute condo. Ultimately though, it feels great to be 100% on my own, knowing I can pay all my bills without relying on anyone else’s help. I never realized at the time how stressed out dependency made me feel. I’m thankful for freedom from that, even if it means I live in a tiny apartment.

Also, I don’t spend much time cleaning or dealing with “stuff” the way I used to, simply because I don’t have it. My small place is quick and easy to clean, which leaves me loads of time to write and pursue interests other than being a slave to my possessions. Until they’re gone, you don’t realize how much they demand of you. The small amount of things I kept, the “dead-tree books,” pictures, knickknacks, etc. were the ones I really loved. πŸ’–

The Prisoner’s Dilemma

Hey everyone! It’s me, Gatsby, the inmate cat. Here I am in the window, but can I ever go outside to see what’s what like a normal kitty? Noooo. I’m trapped in here forever, cuddled in a blanket like a baby, cooed at like some infant, when I’d really like to be prowling around killing things and stuff.

And it’s not some secret either. Nope. I make my desire for freedom known, often at 2am, by yowling loudly about it. I don’t expect anyone to read my mind. Mommy believes we have a tacit agreement of some sort in which she will feed me and keep me safe and warm, while I continue to be ferociously adorable. But when did I agree to this? I don’t recall signing anything.

Down the hall is another kitty, a gorgeous calico girl who gets to roam around, exploring the laundry room, mailbox area, parking lot, and garden out front. We could have such fun together if only I could escape from this prison.

Actually, I confess I did run out for a second last week when Mommy had her arms full of packages, but I got so scared I scampered right back in.

I’m gonna try again though cuz I’m a brave and fierce beast. RAWR! 🐯

Daring to Share [SYW]

Lately it’s been rainy and cold (for SoCal), so I’d like to “share” that with you as a lead-in to complaining about migraines and aches and pains. Wah wah wah. I haven’t been very productive this weekend or worked on my novel at all because I felt like relaxing and goofing off in Blogland. Pffft.

Questions from Sparks

If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?

– Read, write, watch movies on TV. Omg I’m so boring! But those are the things I like to do.

What job would you be terrible at?

– Anything that involves talking to people much more than I do now. Sales, customer service, retail, teacher, nurse, reporter, cop.

When was the last time you climbed a tree?

– 45 years ago?

Do you count your steps? 

– No, thank God, there’s one obsession I don’t have.

Bonus question (just because it’s really silly)   What’s the dumbest way you’ve injured yourself?

– There was the time I tried to open that stupid plastic on a bottle of Snapple with a sharp knife and it slipped and gashed my finger so badly I needed stitches. No, I wasn’t a kid. This was around 2010. πŸ™„

Melanie skipped the gratitude section, but I want to give a shout-out to my awesome daughter for driving down here yesterday with cutest baby so we could all have a fun visit at my place. πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

V4L Challenge 18

[Guest post by Gatsby]

I’m a cat 🐱, so I don’t talk. Not saying I can’t. I simply prefer not to. I do what I want! Have I mentioned that I’m a cat? 🐱

Here are 7 ways I might let she who feeds me know that I love her, without using the words “I love you,” if I feel like it. 🐱

1. Time. When feedlady is busy on her laptop writing some dumb story, I step on the keyboard so she knows I’m thinking about her. πŸ’•

2. Attention. If feedlady is talking on the phone to one of her daughters, I meow loudly to remind her I’m part of the family too. πŸ’•

3. Snacks. I sometimes bring a food from the kitchen into the living room in case feedlady would like a crunchy while she’s watching Game of Thrones. πŸ’•

4. Affection. I tap feedlady in the face with my paw before the sun comes up to say good morning before anyone else. πŸ’•

5. Sharing. When I see something interesting outside the window, I yowl a bunch to share the find with feedlady. πŸ’•

6. Thoughtfulness. I especially like to cuddle with feedlady when I’m cold because she might be cold then too. πŸ’•

7. Surprises. I keep life fun for feedlady by pretending to be a tiger and pouncing on her and biting her grrrr! πŸ’•


7 Other Ways for Luvvies