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TGIF ~ October!


Happy Friday and last day of September! Wow, that went by… slowly. Bet you thought I was gonna say fast, but nope. September is always a tough migraine month for me, and this one dragged on as usual with days full of pain and nights plagued with insomnia. Good news is I’ve been feeling and sleeping a little better this week since the temps dropped a bit, and I’m hoping that trend continues.

October is jam-packed full of activities in my corner of the world, from a wedding this Sunday (not mine, don’t get excited) to a play of Young Frankenstein next weekend to an Elvis-themed movie/game night to book club meetups, etc. Some friends and I want to see Bros because the preview looked hilarious (not for the PC crowd). The only October thing I don’t have plans for is Halloween itself!

Guess I should buy a big bag of Reeses’s peanut butter cups in case someone shows up for Trick-or-Treat, not that they ever do. But you can’t be too careful, right?

Reese’s peanut butter cups

Other plans for the month include finishing my genre bingo challenge card (and posting more book reviews), writing poetry to post, training for a marathon, getting back to work on my book of long short stories (I would like to complete it before I’m 90), and just being the best person I can be given my physical limitations and the utter madness of the universe.

One of those was a lie, as my careful readers will note. What are your October plans and goals? Feel free to respond in comments or create your own post. Use the nifty logo that Fandango found, if you like. And remember that my TGIF prompt is themeless, so write whatever the heck you want (within reason).

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Tuesday Share [syw]

Share Your World SYW Earth Plant Hand

The good news is that Melanie is getting better, but today Di helps out again with the Share Your World questions.

1. Are you an early riser or late starter to the day?

Super early, unfortunately. Even when I go to bed very late, I can’t sleep past 7 or 8. Most mornings I’m up at 5, sometimes 4. It’s annoying!

2. Do you adopt Breakfast like a king, Lunch like a prince and Dine like a Pauper?

Not exactly. I have a smallish breakfast, a medium lunch, and in general a minimal dinner (unless I’m going out or something). I don’t like to feel full at night.

3. Do you have a sweet or savoury tooth?

Cupcake collage

4. Would you prefer a hot relaxing bath or a massage (remember, family friendly people!)?

I used to love getting a professional massage, but they are out of my budget these days. So relaxing! Baths are uncomfortable for me because my back can’t get comfy in a hard tub.

5. What has been the highlight of the past seven days for you?

Probably seeing friends on Saturday night for games and noms.

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SeKRiT wORd [socs]

Puzzle pieces

Knowledge is power on this island. Use your thinking muscle to find the silent letters and rearrange them logically. And don’t forget to eat your vegetables! It’s not rocket science. Or just guess like a psycho. But don’t look at the comments first cuz that’s not sporting.

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Written for Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday.

Board Games [socs]

Ticket to Ride game

It’s no secret I love board games ~ in fact, I did an April A-Z on board games a few years ago, though I deleted those posts in my refresh. No great loss as I wasn’t happy with some. I had to scramble to find games with the correct starting letter and some I posted about I’d never played at all. I wouldn’t do that again; instead I’d use an adjective or another relevant word in order to stick with games I’m familiar with. Yes, I may do board games again for April A-Z, but not next time. I already have my 2023 theme and the April posts planned out. Yes, I realize that’s weird. Regardless, I have them. They aren’t written obviously because that would truly be bananas… I simply have a note for each day.

The game pictured is Ticket to Ride, one of my favorites. And it’s the European version too, which is super fun. I also have a quick New York TTR and guess what? Today (well, yesterday) at Target I found the quick San Francisco TTR version! This is the danger of shopping in the store instead of ordering through the app and going for curbside pickup. I never knew I needed SF TTR. But I have it now. Also, I bought a new purse, which I really did need. My old purse had one giant pocket and it was a struggle to find my keys every time I needed them. New purse has three pockets, not including the little zippy one. And it still has the fat, short shoulder straps like the old one-pocket purse, which are better for my neck/back. Very happy find.

Some of my other favorite board games are Splendor, Lanterns, and Chinese Checkers. My friends like Code Names a lot, so we play it frequently. I used to love Scrabble, but nowadays I’d rather play it alone on my phone, along with Wordscapes, which I recently downloaded. Those two are the only games I have on my phone currently. I recently bought my little granddaughter a board game with ice cream scoops and toppings to match up, and it’s very confusing because once you stack them on your plate you can no longer see some of the toppings, but she seems to have figured it out. So that’s all right then.

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Vacations and Other Risky Business [fpq]

mango lounge

Fandango continues his Provocative Question series by asking the following.

Have you been on a vacation/holiday in the past three months? If so, did you take any precautions against contracting COVID?

Over Memorial Day weekend I went to San Diego with some friends. Prior to that, I had two Covid vaccines and two boosters, but otherwise I did not take any precautions against getting sick. Though I drove to SD and back alone and had my own hotel room, I didn’t wear a mask, and I hung out with peeps for two days, eating, drinking, playing games, doing karaoke, etc. I didn’t get sick, nor did anyone I know.

However, in July, these same friends, along with some others, went to Reno, but I didn’t feel like spending more money or leaving the cats, so I didn’t go. Most of my friends caught Covid there, which made me think I was both lucky and foolish in San Diego and should be more careful going forward. And I have been.

Couple with masks hug embrace

If you haven’t been on a vacation/holiday in the most recent three months, when was your last vacation/holiday? If you’re planning to go on vacation/holiday within the next six or so months, will you be taking any steps to reduce the risk of getting COVID?

I’m not planning any more vacations in the near future, mainly because of cost and cats, but also I don’t want to get sick. I took some of my vacation days as Fridays throughout August, and the 3-day weekends have been very nice. I think I’ll do this every year and focus on local fun. I have the whole week of Thanksgiving off, but I may not do anything special. That holiday has never been a big deal to me.

My view of Covid is evolving. For example, last night I went to a movie special (Five Summer Stories) and wore an N95 mask. I didn’t see anyone else in the packed theater wearing a mask. When I visit family, I don’t wear one, nor do I at work, though I don’t sit close to anyone at my office. I’m also going to a game night this Saturday and won’t wear a mask at my friend’s house. But these are all things I love and/or need to do, so I’m taking the risk.

gracie's gamble anna fondant

Earlier in the year, I was going to Meetup events, usually indoors, without wearing a mask. I’ve decided I don’t want to take this risk for a while because the benefit isn’t that great. I’m very picky now and carefully analyze the cost/benefit ratio to non-family, non-work activities. Board games with close friends? Yay! Talking about philosophy for three hours in a vegan restaurant? Meh. Book club meeting in September? Probably. Movies at the theater? Occasionally, but with a mask.

Everyone has to decide for themselves what their risk tolerance is as this Covid situation goes on and on. Unless you are a kook who refuses vaccines altogether, I am not judging your behavior.

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Backstory [repost]

Paula at the beach in hat

Alt title: Why Use One Word When 700 Are Available?

I wrote a prose poem about “who I am” that was really “where I’m from” a long time ago for a prompt, though I’m not sure if we called them prompts then. It might have been on Usenet, which we used to deride as a sewer, before every other form of social media became awful too. (I still think blogs are the best of the bunch.) The poem was short and not that deep, but then I pulled it up again and fleshed it out for another venue.

I’ve been thinking about Rory’s question (“who are you really?”). It’s a pretty easy question for most people to answer superficially. We generally give answers about who we are in relationship to other people. I’m a mom. I’m a wife, or not. I’m a good friend of so & so, a loyal employee of XYZ Company, yada. We’re plotting our position on axes of family and work, then friendships, maybe next our relationship to interests. I’m a fan of such and such sports team, rah! Or I love to garden, knit, read, write, pull the tails off little blind mice. Whatever.

We tell the world who we are in this multi-dimensional GPS system. Locate me here, in this spot: mom, ex-wife, legal secretary, poet, cat lover, Game of Thrones fan. This is me, right here. What if there are other humans occupying that position? I might have to refine it further. But does this actually even answer the question? Does this explain who I am? Do you know me from these factoids? Could you tell someone about the essence of me from my GPS position?

The other week I was playing a board game with some good friends I’ve known for a long time. It was called ImaginiFF. A question came up: “ImaginiFF Paula were a movie. Which movie would she be?” There were 5 random movies and then Doctor Zhivago, which was obviously correct in my mind for a variety of reasons. Everyone chose it, and this surprised me. I wouldn’t have expected them to know. But they did. And this made me unreasonably happy because most of the time I think people don’t even understand me at all, not even people to whom I’m closest. But I don’t think you would get the correct movie from a bunch of disparate facts about me; you’d have to spend years orbiting my weirdness.

Anyway, here is my GPS poem about who I am via where I’m from. I take the long way around.


I am from the Big Apple, take a bite, glitter lights, lemon ice, museums, zoos, art and news, Coney Island hot dogs, Jones Beach sandy sweets, sharp shells stab soft carpet feet.

I am from the place where you pull the blinds, someone’s looking, where you smell your neighbor’s curry cooking, he makes you sweet tea with cardamom, next day Jamaican barbecue mon, the Filipinos have one record, sugar sugar aw honey honey, your father brings home Saturday pastries from the German bakery, “schwartzwalder kirschetorte,” it sounds funny, say it again, and the Japanese girl doesn’t know your words but can show you how to fold paper squares into gentle birds.

I am from the thorny Jersey berry bushes, blackpurple bursts against tanned sunfingers, slipping stones in backyard creek, crick, algae slick, willow fronds sweep redwood table pirate ship, hopscotch sidewalks toss a chip, Sunday French toast sausage brunch, leaves turning orangecrunch, rubber masks hiding smiles fake, the quickmelt of perfect crystal snowflakes.

I am from big city and small town, remain unclaimed, cheer for no team, believe in no crown, blood flows only down, I look out to starless airless zerodark, time past seems tissue-thin, walk back in, an afternoon of bubble toys, uncaring joy, turquoise dresses rhinestone sunlight, just once, golden flash, one more pass, because I am from a yard of girls with summerdrip popsicles, before the apple, before the crash.

I am from disconnect and strife, feudglue of life, mashed crookedly together, a puzzle I failed to see until I broke apart, alone, jagged on my own, and now I know why people stay, bicker low and graceless, get physical redangry splashwine in faces, because they can’t bear the abyss, yes, I missed, I get it all now, too late.


Image is mine.
Poetry form: prose poem.

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Reposted (again) for Reena’s challenge.

Unicorns [socs]


Unicorns, rainbows, cupcakes, and Play-Doh… I confess I still enjoy childhood delights. I like to do puzzles and blow bubbles, build castles out of sand or Magna-Tiles, and watch silly music videos, such as the Chicken Dance. Coloring is a great way to pass the time and I have my own colored pencils and “adult” coloring books.

Maybe this is why I get along so well with children. I don’t just pretend to indulge them ~ I really do have fun playing with children’s toys. They’re brightly colored and visually appealing. It’s super fun to decorate cookies with M&Ms and sprinkle glitter on gluey designs. I also love kids’ menu items such as pizza, mac and cheese, PB&J sandwiches, spaghetti, and tacos. Unfortunately, I am no longer able to do physically fun things, like jump rope, play hopscotch, or go on anything but the gentlest fair rides because of my neck and back, but that’s OK. Whenever I visit my grands, I have an absolute blast… I’m just pretty tired when I get home.

I appreciate the realness of children and how they express their genuine emotions. You know where you stand with a little kid. They’re also forgiving of mistakes. And they love to learn. Their eager minds soak up everything, and it’s one of my greatest joys to hear all the new words my grands have learned. One of the best things about technology is being able to have FaceTime with my sweeties and my daughters too. I’m truly blessed to have them all in my life.

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5 Things on Vacation

tropical body

Dr. Tanya continues her #5Things series by asking about favorite vacation activities. I don’t travel much, except to visit my family, nor do I plan to start. It’s too expensive and I don’t want to leave my kitty. Honestly, I don’t have many happy travel memories, except for the two times I traveled solo with my daughter. My parents were too hyper on vacation for my taste, and my ex-husband, well… let’s just say we had different ideas. Anyway, besides family visits, here are my favorite activities to engage in during days off work.

1. Wandering. I like to get a cup of coffee or tea and window shop, peruse the bookstore, maybe check out some artwork, and just drift to wherever my feet take me.

2. Painting or crafting. I enjoy spending a bunch of uninterrupted hours engaged in a hands-on creative activity. Sometimes I color to relax on any random day.

3. Visiting Catalina. I don’t really consider this to be travel, since it’s nearby, but it’s really fun to take the ferry over to Catalina and see the island. Last time, there was a Chihuly glass art exhibit there, which I love.

4. Watching a matinee. It’s nice to indulge in an early movie by myself. The theater is pretty empty and I can choose something silly that my friends wouldn’t enjoy.

5. Gaming. I like to play board games with friends, and it’s great to have the time to indulge in the longer strategy games, which can take hours to finish.

Another reason it’s hard for me to become enthused about travel is that fact that I’m so often in pain. The idea of having to deal with a migraine on an airplane is no fun at all. I don’t want to spend money going to a new place only to have to lie in a dark room cuz my head is throbbing. Strange food usually neither agrees with me nor appeals to me, so there’s that as well. I’m just an old fuddy duddy, but I like what I like! Pffft.

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The Way [fss/wdys]

Fence gate way path

There was something about that song that always made me think of Trudy and her odd philosophies. If you find a sign telling you this is the way, she told me once after we’d stayed up all night playing Chinese checkers, then take a different route. Trudy wasn’t one to obey signs or rules or anything normal. But what’s normal anymore?

“I googled Trudy,” Dena said as we munched on the sesame cookies she’d brought over. “She got married to a guy named Sebastian Moody.”

“I never thought she’d get married.” I felt a pang of sadness that our friendship had faded to the point where Trudy hadn’t even invited me. “Wait, is her name Trudy Moody now?”

Dena laughed. “If she took his name. You know Trudy! She’s so unconventional.”

But getting married was conventional. “Is she still selling candles and crap online?”

“I don’t know.” Dena picked up a cookie and stared at me. “We could get married, Mel.”

“You and me?” That had come barreling out of left field. “Why?”

Dena grabbed her backpack. “Never mind. I should go and nap since I’m on call starting at midnight. Enjoy the Frampton album. Happy birthday.”

Huh. Dena and me? That was a crazy idea. I watched the rain spatter across the window as the music played on.

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Written for Fandango’s Story Starter and Sadje’s What Do You See?

Games People Play

I mentioned on Facebook that the Wordle fiends friends I had snoozed for a month were back in my feed, and a lively (though so far civil) discussion ensued. My main issue with Wordle is that once I start, I can’t stop, and this is true for a lot of things. Some say that Wordle occurs only once per day, which is true… unless you find the archive.

It’s not only that I’ll play a million games of Wordle though… I will soon get a craving to play Quordle and Octordle and Worldle and Heardle and etc. etc. etc. Soon all my free time will be gobbled up with games. I have deleted the games on my phone (again) for the same reason ~ there are infinite ways to waste time on them, and I manage to find them all.

clocks watches time

In response to this, a friend said: “But if you’re really worried that Wordle is a ’gateway drug’ to being addicted to all the others, well… I can think of a whole lot worse things to be addicted to!” That friend is Davida Chazan aka The Chocolate Lady, and she has a fabulous blog dedicated to book reviews. Have you checked it out? You should! I’ll wait here.

But yeah… games are addictive for me. It’s hard for me to walk past any type of quiz or mental challenge my friends are engaged in without stopping to try it myself. That’s why I banished Wordle from view ~ I didn’t want to be tempted to dive into it again. So far, I’ve been OK. That month away appears to have killed my desire to participate, which is also true of many other things I once did.

As far as worse things go, yep… been there too. But if I want to have time to catch up on my reading, finish the novels I’ve begun, and watch the movies I’ve missed, then I can’t allow Wordle, Solitaire, Happy Color, etc. to swallow up my free time. I still will play real games with friends in meatspace, but that’s different and those aren’t addictive.

I added text to the blank Wordle image via Addtext.com.

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