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Laura’s Eleven

Laura nominated me for a Liebster Award and presented 11 questions. As a finale to my lazy 3-day weekend of doing nothing much, I’ll answer them while watching yet another episode of Game of Thrones.

1. Tell me an event that changed your life.

– All of them.

2. Favorite color?

– Turquoise.

3. What is one of your favorite quotes?

– Life is short; eat dessert first.

4. Tell me your favorite post that you wrote on your blog?

– The Duke vs the Secretary.

5. What can bring a smile to your face daily?

– See the photo.

6. What movie scared you as a child?


7. Favorite game? Board, online, gaming system.

– Board games, variety of.

8. How did you pick your blog’s name?

– From leitmotif.

9. Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give your 13 year old self?

– Buy tech stocks.

10. If you had to give up one which do you think you could live without? Cell phone, television, computer

– Television.

11. What is your guiltiest pleasure?

– Watching TV all day and not working on my writing.

Thanks for the nom, Laura! I’m not going to nom anyone, as is my way. πŸ™‚

More Music Mania!

Laura tagged me in her new music game. I seem to be posting a lot of music lately, and to switch things up tonight I was thinking about responding to that interrogatory re all the rules I’ve broken and stuff, but then I thought… wtf? Just post more vids. πŸ™„

1. A comedy song.

2. A song with love in the title.

3. A song from a band that begins with E.

Not tagging peeps… add this to my lengthy rap sheet. 😱

Path of Exile

I didn’t choose this wretched path:

It chose me.

I shamble to my doom

With the other dark souls;

Lost and broken,

We follow the torchlight,

Glowing sickly in the myst.

We quake as we wait

For the portal to open

And swallow us whole.


Poetry Games from dVerse Poets

V4L Challenge 19

πŸ’–Quotes on Lurve πŸ’–

Quotes are all from Goodreads.

V4L Challenge 15

New Dating Profile

Honesty is probably the most important trait to me. I’m looking for a lasting relationship, not a fling, so I care about building a trusting friendship with a kind man based upon shared interests, mutual compatibility, and fun. I love animals, nature, cooking, and comedy. Do not respond if all you care about are pics. I prefer to just meet in person and take it from there! – “KittyCupcake”

Cupid reread the profile his mother had sent to him. It was against company policy to respond to personal ads because Love, Inc.’s motto was that love should happen at first sight, when one of the arrows hit a target on the curated list that the software algorithm had provided. But fat lot of good that had done him! He had fallen hard for sweet Chantal and messed up with his workaholism and by forgetting her nut allergy. Now, she’d dumped him.

He was so sad about the loss of Chantal. He’d texted her a couple more times asking how it was going and hoping they could stay in touch, but she hadn’t replied. She was probably having so much fun with Mr. Right that she couldn’t be bothered even saying hello. He sighed. His email box was piling up with work, but he didn’t feel motivated.

Quickly, he dashed off a response to the ad, making up a fake name, and asking to meet tonight at 6pm for a drink. Then he began tackling the afternoon’s pile of office work.

Cupid left the office uncharacteristically early at 5:30pm to meet KittyCupcake. He hoped she’d recognize him from the brief physical description he’d sent. He had no idea what she looked like, and it would be interesting to discover which woman at the bar she turned out to be. If things went well, maybe the drink could turn into dinner.

“Cupid? What are you doing here?”

He turned around to find Chantal staring at him. What was she doing here?

V4L Challenge 8

My Top 5 Love Songs

V4L Challenge 7

10 Different Ways

[The above is a quote from Marshall McLuhan. The following is fiction.]

1. I love… knowing you are the one.

2. I love… watching you from afar, sending you notes, following your car.

3. I love… destroying my rival and making her believe you don’t want her any longer.

4. I love… setting everything on fire so you will scream my name in the flames.

5. I love… that you pretend not to know me; yes, it’s safer that way.

6. I love… my public defender… he really understands everything I have gone through.

7. I love… this jury of my peers… I feel the compassion in their souls.

8. I love… my prison assignment… it’s nice and warm in the laundry.

9. I love… my parole officer… she’s my very best friend.

10. I love… my darling new little puppy… I don’t know why I used to be so obsessed with men.

V4L Challenge 6

Chantal’s Chocolate Surprise

Chantal felt sad after dumping Cupid via text, but they’d only been dating a few weeks and she wanted to get it over with before another night passed. Not to be cynical, but she suspected his attraction to her was merely physical.

This new guy was different! His attraction couldn’t be physical because she’d been looking her worst when they’d first met.

“I’m allergic to nuts too,” he’d said as he took her blood pressure in the hospital after Cupid had gone home.

Chantal smiled at him as he introduced himself as Chad, the night nurse. “It’s such a bummer, Chad, since I love chocolate so much.”

He laughed. “Me too! If I could have three wishes, one of them would be all that nuts should magically disappear from chocolate.”

“Especially brownies since those are my favorite,” Chantal said. “But I just make my own.”

“I love cooking and baking,” Chad said. “But it’s dream time now though. You need your rest.”

“Okay,” she agreed. “I’ll dream of baking brownies without nuts.”

He smiled. “I’ll think about eating them as I finish my shift.”

As she looked into his eyes, she felt a sizzle down her spine and a warm cozy feeling spread throughout her body. “Did you give me a muscle relaxer?”

“No, the doctor didn’t order additional meds for you,” Chad said. “Why?”

“I just feel… different,” she said.

“I kind of do too,” he admitted. “Maybe after you’re discharged we should bake something chocolatey together. I’m not working tomorrow night.”

They had made a date for tonight and exchanged numbers.

I’m missing you already! Chantal danced around her kitchen and set the baking ingredients out on her counter. She lit a romantic candle that smelled like cinnamon and put a CD of love songs on to play. She couldn’t wait until Chad arrived so she could give him a big bear hug! Maybe for their next date they could have a picnic in the park in the sunshine. Chantal began to plan the menu in her head ~ of course she’d bake a special chocolate dessert…

Knock knock! Chantal forced herself to walk calmly to the door. When she opened it, two men stood there.

“Hi honey!” Chad said. “This is Brad.”

“Brad?” Chantal was confused.

“We do everything together,” Brad said.

“Everything,” Chad echoed. “So, how about those brownies?”

“Ughhh!” Chantal slammed the door in their faces and stomped back to the kitchen.

Dammit! She had really wanted brownies. Well, she could still make them. No reason why she couldn’t bake delicious brownies for herself. She didn’t need to share them with a man. Love sucks!


V4L Challenge 5

A Day in the Life of Cupid

When we last left our intrepid hero, he’d been comforting his girlfriend at the hospital on Valentine’s night after buying her drugstore candy with nuts in it to which she was allergic. But now it’s back to work for Cupid. He’s Project Manager at Love, Inc. and his days are hectic. Today is no exception.

Cupid arrived at his office early at 8am, hoping to get a bunch of work done before the crew came in. He’d bought an egg and cheese muffin and a large coffee to fuel himself up for the tasks ahead.

First, he remembered to text his girlfriend and ask her how she was feeling after the candy ordeal last night. She didn’t respond right away, but that was probably because she was busy at work too. They’d only had two dates so far, plus the funny hospital mishap, but Cupid had a good feeling about their potential. Chantal was a really sweet, understanding person.

Just as Cupid started to plow through his pile of unread emails, the head arrower stopped by his desk.

“Sorry to bother you, boss,” the HA said. “But I thought you should know that the new batch of arrows are at least twenty percent defective. The rest of the crew is experiencing the same.”

“Darn it!” Cupid said. “I recommended we stay with Universal Arrow, but was overruled because they wanted to cut costs.”

The HA nodded. “These are definitely inferior.”

“Thanks for letting me know. I’ll make a report.” Great, thought Cupid. Another task for the to-do list. But this one was high priority.

Cupid shot off a report about the defective arrows to his Operations Director and then returned to his other tasks. But he was soon interrupted again.

“Excuse me,” one of the new arrowers said. “But I ran into a problem on Valentine’s Day. My target was hit again an hour later because she hadn’t disappeared from the list. The same thing happened three more times with different targets as I discovered just now when I compared notes with a coworker.”

Cupid’s naturally calm and cheerful demeanor faded into anger. He realized immediately this was due to yet another boneheaded cost-cutting measure some of the Directors had insisted upon. His Director was a good guy, but had voted in favor of the measures regardless in hopes of getting concessions from the other Directors in return. “Politics,” he had said to Cupid at the time.

Now Cupid said to the arrower, “I’m sorry that happened. It’s the new software. We’ll alert them to the problem and hopefully it can be a simple fix.”

“Thanks,” she said. “I’ll tell the others. It’s really sad when we set up a promising situation and it all falls apart because of some technical glitch.”

Cupid agreed with her. He called Hearts Aflame, the new software company, and put in a help ticket with Quality Control. They promised to give his issue their fullest attention just as soon as his number came up in the queue. It was 37.

Next, he attended a luncheon seminar slash sexual harassment program that all Project Managers were required to attend quarterly. It lasted two hours and they received free chicken pesto sandwiches, sodas, and handbooks on how not to be jerks, and then they watched a movie on how to deal with any jerks on their crews. Now it was 3pm and Cupid still had at least a full day’s work left.

At 7 he decided enough was enough and went to the gym. He felt like skipping it, going home, and flopping on the sofa, but thinking about his hot new girlfriend motivated him to go. He did a quick workout, showered, and headed back to his pad. It was after 9 and he was wiped out. As he nuked a frozen burrito, his phone dinged with a new text. Chantal!

Hi, sorry to do this over text, but I’ve met someone else. Thought you should know. It just happened all of a sudden like a bolt out of the sky. Take care. C


V4L Challenge 4

The Secret Castle Meeting

[Game of Thrones fanfic]

Violet waited in the cove until well past midnight when everyone was asleep in the castle. She silently crept through the secret passageways that only a few knew about, but her father had been a workman in the dungeons, and he had shown her. A moan came from one of the cells, and Violet shivered under her thick cloak. Of course there would be prisoners; there were always prisoners on King’s Landing.

As her eyes adjusted to the pitch black, a faint light glowed ahead, near one of the largest dragon skeletons. Violet’s heart raced, as she realized her beloved had indeed kept his word. She rushed up to meet him, so excited to see his beautiful face aglow in the candlelight.

“Jaime,” Violet whispered. “You’re here!”

“Of course I am, my darling.” Jaime placed the candle in the dragon’s wide mouth, then turned and embraced her. “Where else would I be but by your side? Especially on the eve of Saint Valentine’s Night.”

“I love you so much it feels like a dream,” Violet confessed. “But what of your sister? She’ll never let you go.”

Jaime kissed Violet, at first gently and then passionately. “We will be together!” he swore. “Cersei will not run my life any longer. She’s an evil witch, making me take the blame for poor Brandon Stark’s fall all these years. Did you know she pushed him from the window ledge herself?”

“Cersei pushed him?” Violet gasped. “But everyone thinks you did it!”

“I know!” Jaime grasped her shoulders. “Sorry about my golden hand. I’m still not used to being a cripple.”

Violet caressed his prosthetic hand. “You’re no cripple. You have a larger heart, a more generous soul than anyone in Westeros.”

“Violet, say you’ll be my Valentine from this day forward, mine and mine alone,” Jaime said. “And I promise you I will find a way for us to leave this wretched place and be with each other in the sunshine. We’ll sail to the free cities and live as we please.”

“I will, my love. I’m yours. And you shall be mine!” Violet hugged him tight. “But I should go home to mum now.”

Jaime nodded and picked up his candle. Violet blew him a kiss and made her way back through the secret passageways to the cove.

When she emerged in the moonlight, a man detached himself from the shadows of the rocks. “Who are you?” Violet asked.

“Sweet Violet, I have a message for you from Her Grace, Queen Cersei,” the man said. And he pulled a long, glittering knife from his cloak.