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PFF19: Dribbles


Welcome to my Friday Flashback! These are a couple dribbles I posted on October 12, 2006 on a flash fiction site. Dribbles are 50 words; drabbles are 100. Titles don’t count.


You brought me here so you could drop your bombs. Sparkling words fly out your mouth, twisting into hissing sentences to explode over my head. Look, you say! Look at that one! How complex, how perfect, how beautiful. Soon there’s nothing left but cold grey smoke, and I walk away.


She ran, laughing, plucking flowers at random until her arms overflowed. This one, she cried! And this one and this. Each time she had found the most glorious blossom ever, another flower even more vibrant beckoned. Soon, reaching for the next would mean dropping them all. I watched, and waited.


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Halloween Costumes [flash 299]

Tin Man

The three friends scrambled over the fence and climbed through the broken window. “Score!” chortled Jeff, wiping a spiderweb off his face.

As their eyes adjusted to the dim light of the abandoned movie studio warehouse, Andy saw a shape scuttle past his foot. “Maybe we should reconsider this plan…”

“Don’t be a chicken,” Jeff said. “We’ll get primo costumes here and impress all the girls.”

“For free!” Vince added, switching on his flashlight. “C’mon, Andy. Let’s at least look around. No one will even notice these are gone.”

“Whoa, check it out. Wizard of Oz!” Jeff held up a lion head. “Perfect for you, Andy. Cowardly lion, ha ha.”

Andy walked over to the box Jeff had found. “These are awesome,” he admitted, putting on the head. “RAWR!”

Jeff pulled out a shiny suit. “Dibs on the Tin Man. Vince, help me zip this thing up.”

“Okay,” Vince said. “I’m definitely going for the Wizard, being the smart one here.”

The friends helped each other adjust their costumes and then left the warehouse for their school party. They were a big hit and received many compliments from the girls.

At the end of the night, Jeff walked home and tried to take off his costume but couldn’t find the zipper. It seemed much tighter than before, almost molded to his skin. “Mom!” he yelled. “Help!”

His mother came upstairs. “There is no zipper. How did you get into this? Where did you buy it?”

“Um… a friend gave it to me.”

She tried to cut it off and the scissors broke. Jeff ran down the street and banged on Vince’s door. Vince came out, still dressed as the Wizard.

“I can’t take the costume off!” Vince cried.

Just then Andy came galumping up the driveway and ate them.


Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge 35

Laura’s October Challenge (Day 8)


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Ghosteaters [socs]

Demonic dog and cat

She has been looking forward to cooler days and the scent of darkness again, but the first crunch of dead leaves beneath her feet releases a distasteful memory. Sniffing the air, she is alert to catastrophe as her recollection metastasizes into sharp scenes of blood and bone. Was she huntress or prey? Her form is still insubstantial haze, yet solid enough to create sound… then she realizes it is not her feet crunching upon this ground.

Pairs of demonic eyes surround her as a fantastic array of beasts prepare for their ghostly feast.


Written for Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday and Laura’s October Challenge (Day 5)


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Territory [flash 150]


“You’re such a mouse,” Rhonda snapped at her husband. “I’m disgusted with your milquetoast attitude.”

Ricky blew out a cloud of smoke and gazed at Rhonda calmly through the haze. “I just don’t want to be part of all the insanity. I thought we could all just chill and enjoy the day.”

Rhonda rolled her eyes. “That’s just great! We had no food yesterday and today you want to chill. Our kids are hungry, Ricky. Now go downstairs and get us some food!”

“But we’re roof rats, Rhonda,” Ricky reminded her. “That’s not our territory. We should stay up here in the attic where it’s safe. There are cats downstairs.”

There was a sudden commotion behind a box. Bouncer the cat jumped into the middle of the conversation. “Shame about that loose stair, eh?”

“Shame,” Pouncer agreed, following him in. “Now there are cats up here too. Let’s party, bro!”


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The Secret Meeting [flash 150]

“Are you absolutely positive no one knows about this place?” Jane whispered.

Ted gestured at the empty parking lot overgrown with weeds. “Just look at it. Come on. We’re totally safe!”

They wandered inside the building, and Jane noted the broken windows and faded graffiti. “Guess you’re right.”

“Let’s get comfy,” Ted said. He shook out a ratty old beach blanket onto the dirty floor and motioned for Jane to take a seat.

“I’m a bit nervous,” she admitted as she opened her backpack. She had buried today’s supplies at the bottom, just in case.

Ted took out his own collection. “I promise you they won’t find us here.”

“They’d better not.” Jane sighed as she gazed as the lurid cover of her romance novel. “We’ll both get kicked out of the exclusive literature society if we’re caught reading smut and comics.”

“Mmhmm,” Ted said, already lost in spidey world.


Written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge


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Four Galore


Question Fun Directory

Welcome to The Daily Four! [via Rory]

Today’s Questions to the Readers are….

1. How often do you write thought provoking content and how topically current are you?

My idea of thought-provoking content is to post my two weekly prompts. I’ve been doing Thursday Inspiration for a while, which is meant to trigger ideas for poetry or fiction via my posted song snippet and/or picture. I’ve also just begun a Monday peeve, a fun way to get people’s complaints out of the way at the start of the week.

My blog isn’t topical ~ I try to avoid current events here, especially politics. There’s enough of that everywhere else. Blech!

2. Do you ever play the role in your blog as ‘Devil’s Advocate with your readership?’

No. I find that annoying when done to me, so I avoid it as well as the condescending “Socratic method” of badgering people with slanted questions to get the answer I want. Just be straightforward.

3. What is your favourited style/genre of writing?

I just blurt sh!t out and try to be funny. Then I go back and delete the most horribly offensive bits. Sometimes I miss a few, oh well. Be sure to fill out a lengthy complaint form; I love reading those. That’s for my normal daily stuff. For fiction, I’ll do a bit of romance with a twist or maybe a touch of fantasy or sci-fi. I find that I like sci-fi more and more for the flash pieces. Poetry gets the whole tortured angst treatment, right back to high school.

4. How often do you write in a risque fashion and what would that be?

You mean sex? I’ve written a lot of sex. It’s so boring. I got so tired of writing sex I began cutting and pasting sex scenes from one novel to the next. It’s all really the same. The vanilla, I mean. I had one great blowjob I used over and over again. (I hope this paragraph raises my stats!)

But that’s for formula romance, which I’m sick of writing. I’m sick of writing it cuz hardly anyone buys my writing, which may be because I’m not thrilled to write formula romance like a real romance writer. Idk. Actually that’s not true. I enjoy writing the bantering dialogue, and I have loved some of my side plots. It’s just the sex scenes… so boring. And I skim over them in novels I read as well because they are all so similar. (I still enjoy the escapism though.)

However! Sex scenes in other types of novels can be great. The scenes I’m writing in my murder mystery are really good imo. I just need more time to tie the complicated threads together before it’s ready to be put on my shelf. And I have this really strange and fantastical novel with tons of kinky sex that’s supposed to be part of a trilogy, but I haven’t had time to begin the second book yet. When the whole thing’s done, it should be the best thing ever!

She says modestly…

The Daily Four


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The Murmuration [fiction 680]

Sunset with murmuration

When the starlings blot out the sun, in a black thundercloud of ten thousand

The young folks smiled and danced on the beach. They were used to the blind man’s crazy talk. He was so old now that he had outlived his children, and none of them had had children. He was all alone, with his bowls of shells and beads.

That’s when we must leave! Leave the island quickly! Make preparations…

“You don’t think Benji actually knows anything, do you?” Liana asked her boyfriend as they cuddled on a blanket.

Ken laughed. “Nah. He’s been saying stuff for years. Said a great wave was gonna swallow us up back when my sister was born fifteen years ago. And here we all are.”

Liana relaxed and drank more wine. “Okay. I guess he’s just sad he has no family.”

“Yup. So, he tries to get attention through his nutty omens.” Ken kissed her. “Don’t think about that stuff anymore tonight.”

She didn’t. But the next morning she visited the old blind man at his hut. “Benji, I brought you some coconut bread. I’ll put it on your table.”

“Thank you. Come over so I can touch your face.” Benji sat on his customary mat, facing east, with his bowls in front of him.

Liana sat close enough so he could touch her. He lightly pressed his fingertips against her cheeks and eyelids. Then he nodded.

“I was thinking about what you said last night,” she told him. “There are a lot of birds in the sky this morning.”

Benji took a bead out of the bowl and licked it. Then he held it aloft. “It has begun. No one listened. Feel the earth.”

“I don’t feel…” Liana stopped talking. There was the slightest hum underneath her through the mat. “What is that?”

“Fire,” Benji said. “Would you like to leave? I have a boat. Or we can stay and join the gods.”

Liana stared at him. He sounded so calm. But at his age, maybe he no longer cared that much. “You were trying to save us all last night! You sounded different then!”

“I did what I could.” He shrugged. “Now, it’s just you, because you came here with your bread. You must choose, but quickly. The sky is darker, is it not?”

It was. The cloud of birds had doubled in size since Liana had left her house. “But my family! Ken… his sister…”

The ground shook and Benji stood up. Liana took the hand he offered and walked with him to the tiny boat he had tied behind his hut. He’d already stocked it with provisions. “You were waiting for someone to help you because you couldn’t go alone?”

Benji didn’t reply as Liana pushed the boat into the water. “Get in now,” she told him. “We’re all set to row out.”

“No,” he said. “The boat is for one. You will tell our story, Liana. You will tell it to the baby you carry. Now hurry away. There will soon be ten thousand birds.”

Liana looked up and saw the cloud had doubled again. She paddled away from the island, the only home she’d known. What if Benji was wrong? She would now seem like a crazy person running away in a canoe! And what baby? She stopped paddling and put a hand on her flat stomach. Sighing, she drank a little pineapple juice.

But as she drifted into deeper water, she saw the volcano erupt and her island home turn into an inferno, flames shooting into the sky hour after hour. And she knew that no one would survive. Benji had been right and nobody believed him. They’d all gone on dancing and drinking while he tried to save them.

As dusk fell, the fiery island turned into a red dot while Liana’s destination island grew closer. She didn’t know what sort of reception she’d find there, but she had no choice now. The black cloud had blotted out the sun and there was nowhere to go but forward on.

[to be continued]


Written for the Daily Echo


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Expedition [flash 180]

Lixa gazed at the rows of small openings that were amazingly intact in the rubble. “What do you suppose they used these for?” she asked Tareg, who was leading the expedition.

“I’ve seen pictures of other buildings that had similar construction,” Tareg said. “It was part of a communications center. This is a great find.”

“So, we’ll be rewarded with a bonus and time off?” Lixa asked. She’d been working on Earth for three years and was hoping for a break to visit her family.

Tareg laughed. “Keep dreaming, Lix. They want all of this section finished now that the radiation levels are safe to work in.”

“It’s been ten thousand years since humans all died out,” she muttered. “What’s the big hurry?”

“Because we might need a new planet soon,” he whispered, his purple eyes aglow with a strange light she recognized as fear. “There have been threats.”

Lixa waved a hand to indicate the ruined city. “After knowing this… happens, we would still engage in warfare?”

“It will always be the way.” Tareg shrugged. “Let’s finish the job.”


Written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge 32


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Scraps [flash 135]


“May I help you?” Lynsey approached the elderly woman who was peering into one of the empty dance studios.

The woman adjusted her glasses. “Are you in charge here, dear?”

“Yes, I’m Lynsey Anderson, the Director of Admissions.”

“Good!” The woman smiled. “I’m Jane West and I want to sign up for September.”

Lynsey frowned. “Sign up for… ballet?”

“Yes indeed. Ballet has always been my dream, and just like all your posters say, we should follow our dreams. Right?”

“Right. But…” Lynsey glanced at cane Jane was using for balance.

The smile faded from Jane’s face. “Are you saying it’s too late for me, Lynsey? My time has run out?”

Lynsey tried to be diplomatic. “Perhaps you have other dreams that are more realistic.”

“Just scraps.” Jane turned away. “That was the last one.”


Written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge 30


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The Couch Potato Club [socs 300]

Stream of Consciousness Saturday

Ever since he was a baby spud 🥔, Russ wanted to become a member of the Couch Potato Club. All the best potatoes belonged to the CPC: Big Red, Goldie, Yam… Russ made it his life’s mission to emulate those tates.

First, he worked out. As soon as he got up in the morning, Russ headed straight for the couch. He never got distracted with invitations to the beach or anything like that. He pulled down the shades so he wouldn’t see sunshine, blue skies, and spuds playing on the grass.

Second, he made sure he had everything he needed right next to him on the couch, just like the CPC handbook said to do. Remotes for the TV, cell phone, snacks, and drinks. He left the couch only to use the bathroom.

Third, if anyone asked him for a favor, he’d say he was busy. It was harsh, but Russ knew he had to be tough and relentless to reach his goal.

Finally, he applied for membership, sure he’d get in. He submitted his best selfie, very proud of how he looked like a big fat lumpy tate on his couch. The reply came quickly. Rejection!

Russ was heartbroken. What happened? He called his friend Yam, hoping to get a direct answer.

“Sorry, bro,” Yam said. “But we have video footage of you in the grocery store.”

“But… but… I needed more snacks!”

“A true Couch Potato orders online and has snacks delivered to maximize couch time. It says so on page forty-seven, paragraph three of the CPC handbook.”

“I missed that,” Russ cried. “I’m sorry! May I try again?”

“Nope. You’re banned for life.”

Russ was so depressed he went outside to play in the sun, didn’t watch where he was going, and got mashed by a truck.


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