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The Dream [flash 107]

He always watched from afar as she walked toward the cliff, oblivious to danger as she softly played her flute in the warm summer breeze. Her dress was the color of hyacinths, and a crown of flowers adorned her chestnut hair. As he tried to warn her, the words tangled in his brain, for he was but a beast and could not speak. Finally, he began to run, but it was too late. He was always too late.

He woke in the dark, hours before dawn, as reality spiraled in once again. It had been three years. When would he stop dreaming about trying to save her?


Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge

Valentines [99 words]

They were not sentimental people, and they had many differences. He grew irritated over her lack of interest in the arts; she snapped at him for being so unhelpful around the house. They didn’t bother buying gifts for each other. You would never find them exchanging Valentine’s Day cards or candy. In another era, they might have divorced, but they celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary before she died. When he moved into Assisted Living, the attendant asked his secret for so many years of togetherness. He said: “Find the most beautiful girl in the world and make her happy.”


For the Carrot Ranch

Girlfriend Chat [flash 105]

“What do you think, Zoe?” Jillian could hardly contain her excitement as her best friend checked out the photos on her phone. “I’m so smitten!”

Zoe grinned. “It’s great to see you full of passion again. I was so worried about you when Mark dumped you for that hussy.”

“Pffft.” Jillian waved her hand. “I never think about him. I’ve found something so much better. This will last. This is durable.”

“You need to be sure.” Zoe’s voice dropped to an intimate whisper in the coffee shop. “This is a big decision, girlfriend.”

Jillian nodded. “I know. But I’m ready. I’m gonna buy this condo!”


Hope ☔️ [flash 165]

Hope had planned for today so carefully, yet everything felt off-kilter. First, the rain had required that she hire a ride to the station, placing a dent in her meager stash of funds. But she couldn’t arrive at her new employer’s house looking like a wet puppy.

Second, as she had waited for the taxi under the portico, Mikey came out to say goodbye. She’d hoped to avoid him and any unnecessary sentiment, but he went on for a several minutes with another apology, asking her to please stay. She’d stared ahead stoically as the rain poured down, though her heart felt torn, and thank goodness the taxi pulled up.

Third, when she reread the leaflet in the taxi, the position didn’t sound as appealing as it had last month when she’d applied for the job. But it was done. No going back.

The train approached now, sounding its lonely tune, and Hope willed herself to quit feeling petrified and begin her new life.


Tell The Story Photo Challenge from Crushed Caramel

The Watch Begins [flash 87]

She had warned them, but they didn’t listen. An old demented woman, full of ravings, living in a trailer full of cats… why would anyone take her seriously? But then the crops failed. And the flesh-eating bugs arrived, as large as ravens. The children saw the shadows first, before they began to bleed. Some adults saw shadows, fertile women, and then they screamed and screamed. But it was too late.

The golden eyes were in the sky, blotting out the sun, and the watch had begun.


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V4L Challenge 6

Chantal’s Chocolate Surprise

Chantal felt sad after dumping Cupid via text, but they’d only been dating a few weeks and she wanted to get it over with before another night passed. Not to be cynical, but she suspected his attraction to her was merely physical.

This new guy was different! His attraction couldn’t be physical because she’d been looking her worst when they’d first met.

“I’m allergic to nuts too,” he’d said as he took her blood pressure in the hospital after Cupid had gone home.

Chantal smiled at him as he introduced himself as Chad, the night nurse. “It’s such a bummer, Chad, since I love chocolate so much.”

He laughed. “Me too! If I could have three wishes, one of them would be all that nuts should magically disappear from chocolate.”

“Especially brownies since those are my favorite,” Chantal said. “But I just make my own.”

“I love cooking and baking,” Chad said. “But it’s dream time now though. You need your rest.”

“Okay,” she agreed. “I’ll dream of baking brownies without nuts.”

He smiled. “I’ll think about eating them as I finish my shift.”

As she looked into his eyes, she felt a sizzle down her spine and a warm cozy feeling spread throughout her body. “Did you give me a muscle relaxer?”

“No, the doctor didn’t order additional meds for you,” Chad said. “Why?”

“I just feel… different,” she said.

“I kind of do too,” he admitted. “Maybe after you’re discharged we should bake something chocolatey together. I’m not working tomorrow night.”

They had made a date for tonight and exchanged numbers.

I’m missing you already! Chantal danced around her kitchen and set the baking ingredients out on her counter. She lit a romantic candle that smelled like cinnamon and put a CD of love songs on to play. She couldn’t wait until Chad arrived so she could give him a big bear hug! Maybe for their next date they could have a picnic in the park in the sunshine. Chantal began to plan the menu in her head ~ of course she’d bake a special chocolate dessert…

Knock knock! Chantal forced herself to walk calmly to the door. When she opened it, two men stood there.

“Hi honey!” Chad said. “This is Brad.”

“Brad?” Chantal was confused.

“We do everything together,” Brad said.

“Everything,” Chad echoed. “So, how about those brownies?”

“Ughhh!” Chantal slammed the door in their faces and stomped back to the kitchen.

Dammit! She had really wanted brownies. Well, she could still make them. No reason why she couldn’t bake delicious brownies for herself. She didn’t need to share them with a man. Love sucks!


Job Search [flash 194]

A Guy Called Bloke tagged me to write about this charming picture.

After filling out her fifth application of the day, Nora looked up to see a familiar face. “Hey, Ben. I thought you were at Zinco.”

Ben shook his head. “Nope. We all got laid off last week. They eliminated our unit and now the Ones do the purchasing as well as customer support.”

“That’s all I hear,” Nora said. “Companies only want Ones because they can focus on the screen exclusively.”

“Plus they no longer have a sense of smell to distract them either. They subsist on protein shakes.” Ben shook his head. “I was considering a retrofit, but I really like to eat, especially pizza.”

Nora gasped. “I wouldn’t consider it! That’s disgusting. Changing yourself like that. You wouldn’t be you.”

“Yeah. But I’m worried about money. At least you have a husband.”

Nora went home that night, feeling sad for her old friend. But Ben was right: she had a husband and so wasn’t nearly as desperate to find a job.

“Hi honey,” she called out. “Why are all the lights off?”

“I have a surprise for you, Nora,” her husband said. “I’m going to be able to get that promotion now.”


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Shards [flash 99]

“A job’s a job,” Angie muttered as she began stuffing garbage bags with magazines and candy wrappers, soda cans and wadded up napkins. At least she had on heavy duty gloves; these hoarder houses were the worst. In the corner of the family room were smashed flowerpots and picture frames as if the owner had flung them there out of desperation or frustration. Mindful of the shards, Angie picked one up and under the cracked glass saw a woman not much different from herself with two little boys. This was once a family. This was once a whole life.


Prompt from the Carrot Ranch

Entertainment [flash 167]

The crowd was enormous and the couple should have arrived at the arena at least an hour ago, but luckily they managed to find decent seats near the top.

“You did bring binoculars?” Mindy asked her husband as they settled in.

“Of course!” Mark took a set out of his backpack. “I’m determined not to miss a minute of this show.”

“The weather forecast is cloudy all afternoon,” the man next to them said. “So, it shouldn’t get too hot.”

Marvelous!” Mindy said. “Who did you bet on?”

“CNN,” he said. “I went with the odds. Younger combatants and in much better physical condition. You?”

“We went with FOX,” Mark said. “Their viciousness combined with sneakiness will overcome their handicaps, we figured.”

The man nodded. “Either way, this is a much more civilized method of choosing our next President than two years of bickering online.”

“Totally agree,” Mindy said. “Plus all the meat donated to the zoo afterwards is a nice bonus.”

“Win win!” They all laughed.


Whimsy [flash 200]

“What do you think?” the designer asked.

The project manager inspected the rooms, checking off items on her computerized list. “Good. This is good too. This needs a permanent lock.”

“Okay.” The designer made a note on her own handheld device. “It will be done in ten minutes.”

The project manager frowned at the clothing in the kitchen. “Why is this here? And hats in the window? Explain.”

“Frivolity.” At the project manager’s look of puzzlement, the designer tried another word. “Whimsy. They enjoy it.”

“Who could predict that?”

“I know. It’s impractical. But that’s how they are.” The designer shrugged.

“Fine. Fix the lock and tell the doctor the human pair can be moved in today to commence their breeding routine. They get only three cycles.”

The designer flinched. “Yes, I understand.”

“You haven’t bonded with them, have you?” The project manager typed something on her computer.

“No! It is forbidden. I only queried them as to preferences in hopes they will be happy enough to successfully conceive unlike the others.”

“Good.” As they walked outside, the project manager said, “It’s time to upgrade your status to final stage administrator. You will appreciate the increased benefits.”


Via Kristian’s Challenge