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A Special Recipe [flash 99]

Apricot jam

He smiled at the cheery table his wife had set. She seemed so much better since her rest at the hospital last month. He wished she wasn’t so troubled over the past, and that vile gossip in town that refused to die down, but regardless he felt determined to be a loving partner. He’d made sure she’d be provided for if anything happened to him; he was much older, after all.

“Try my sweet apricot jam,” she urged. “It’s a special recipe from a new friend.”

He spread it thickly on his bread. “Thank you, Lizzie. It smells wonderful.”


Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge


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Karma [flash 170]


“What’ll you have, buddy?” The bartender continued wiping the spacious counter as his lone customer remained silent.

This one was a middle-aged man, dark hair going silver. Bit of a pot belly. You could tell he’d been a charmer in his youth.

The bartender stopped in front of him. “Permit me to make a suggestion?”

The customer nodded, his shoulders slumping. It was clear he’d had authority once and lost it. Now, he couldn’t even make a simple decision, but the flash of fire in his eyes indicated that he remembered what it had been like.

Karma with a twist,” the bartender said.

The customer shrugged and nodded.

A cackle erupted from the bartender’s throat. “She’s no lady!”

But once a choice had been spoken, it could not be unsaid, and the demon Karma materialized to take him away for a thousand years.

“Wait!” the bartender screamed. “Not me! Him!”

After they’d disappeared, the customer went behind the bar and found a cold brew. This would do nicely indeed.


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Revelation [flash 271]

Flying car

“Everyone is staring at us, Mom,” Julie complained. “I wish we could have found an inconspicuous way to travel to the Emperor’s birthday party.”

Her mother’s face settled into obstinate lines as she gazed at the road flying by. “You’re the one who didn’t wake up in time for the skytrain. Besides, this is the safest way to travel. Why do you care what a bunch of streeters think?”

Julie shrugged. “You never know who will remember later.”

“Later?” Her mother laughed. “You’ll be protected. You have nothing to worry about.”

“You can’t promise that,” Julie muttered, as she pulled her silky knit scarf around her face, hoping to hide her identity.

“Honey,” her mother sighed. “Who do you think has protected us all this time? Given us a beautiful skyhome? Sent you to the academy?”

“My father obviously!” Julie rolled her eyes. “I wish he’d return from his mission to X9 so I could meet him finally.”

“I lied to you,” her mother admitted. “Your father isn’t on a mission and you have met him. Many times. You’ll be seeing him today.”

Julie stared at her. “The Emperor?!”

“He is your father.”

Suddenly, the vehicle stopped moving and sank to the ground, as if deliberately sabotaged by the emperor’s maintenance men. The car was immediately surrounded by streeters out for revenge against a piece of luxury when they barely had enough to eat. Julie began screaming.

The doors burst open and Stan the retired Star Lieutenant motioned them out. “This way. Quickly. I have a safe ship waiting for you both.”

Could they trust him? Did they have any choice?


Written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge 26


© 2019 Paula Light and Light Motifs II. No unauthorized use permitted. Please check out Paula’s books for sale on Amazon.

Firewood [flash 124]


Jake slid his phone back in his jacket, for no camera could capture this magnificence. The sunrise beamed through the tree branches and set the forest path aglow like a mystical morning fireplace. Everything bloomed in molten hues of red, orange, and gold. These woods were bewitching and the farther he wandered, the more certain he was he’d made the right decision. Only last week he’d sold everything, quit his desk job, and left his dull life for a nomadic existence, traveling nature’s paths, being at one with the rhythm of the tides, and sleeping under a blanket of stars every night.

Jake was so blissed out picking berries in the sun shower that never heard the mountain lion pad softly up behind him.


Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge 25

© 2019 Paula Light and Light Motifs II. No unauthorized use permitted. Please check out Paula’s books for sale on Amazon.

Paper Route [fiction 270]

“Now Willy, listen sharp,” the old delivery man explained to his nephew. “The lord likes his newspaper placed just so, and you need to have a care–”

An unearthly shriek pierced the morning air.

“What was that?” Willy gasped. “Uncle, it sounds like when our old mare was giving birth and she done died!”

The old man shook his head so vigorously his cap fell off. “Pick that up for me, lad. I’m telling you, pay no mind to the things that go on behind the doors of your betters.”

As Willy handed his uncle the cap, the servants’ door opened. A housekeeper stepped out. “Pssst,” she whispered. “Can you help me?”

“What’s the problem, missus?” Uncle said. “We’ve got a lot of deliveries to make and best be on our way.”

“It’s Lord Bloggerton,” she said. “He’s found the thief who’s been stealing his manuscripts and has been torturing him down in the dungeon.”

“That explains the scream!” Willy said.

“It’s none of our concern,” Uncle stated. “Get back in the wagon. What the lord does in his own home is his own business and I’ll not be alerting the constable. We heard nothing!”

“No no,” the housekeeper said. “You misunderstand. “Lord Bloggerton tortured more information out of the thief. He had an accomplice. Lord B is offering a huge reward for his capture. I wouldn’t mind splitting that gold with someone, if you catch my meaning.”

“We don’t want involved,” Willy said. “Right, Uncle?”

“Shut up, lad.” The old man waved a hand at Willy and turned to the housekeeper. “Where can we find this scoundrel, my dear?”


Written for The Haunted Wordsmith’s Genre Challenge: Historical Mystery

Image by Gerhard Gellinger from Pixabay

Family Fun Time [flash 123]

“Let’s go over our lists,” Father said. “I have the tents and the grill.”

Sister checked her app. “I’ve got my e-books and a giant container of spinach, walnut, and apple salad. It’s vegan and gluten-free, and there’s enough for everyone!”

“No thanks,” Brother said. “I’m going to catch rabbits and barbecue them on Dad’s grill. I also have a sweet astral guide, so I can know which stars are which.”

“You’re disgusting!” Sister gasped.

“Now, now,” Mother soothed. “To each his own. I’m hoping to get some pics of the elusive Wild Murder Goat, and then sell them to the Enquirer.”

Father rolled his eyes. “There’s no goat. But we’re all gonna have a super fun camping weekend! Right, family?”

Aflame [flash 225]


As the rest of the team began gathering up their belongings, Lori couldn’t resist toasting one last marshmallow over the dwindling bonfire.

“Hey, Lori.” Dave, her supervisor, touched her shoulder. “Having fun on your first company retreat?”

Lori nodded as she prepared her s’more, layering the gooey marshmallow over half a chocolate bar between two graham crackers. She offered half of it to Dave.

“It’s been a great experience,” she said.

“Thanks, looks delicious!” Dave bit into the s’more. “Mhrhtsfrfrst like that flmnshnt.”

“I’m sorry?” Lori laughed.

Dave swallowed and smiled. “Sorry. I said, my heart’s on fire for you just like that flaming sunset.”

Lori dropped her treat. “What? I mean, no. You can’t say that!”

“Why? It’s a line from a song that was just on.” He grinned. “Now you’ll have to make another s’more.”

Lori didn’t believe him about the song. “I think everyone is leaving now, so I should help clean up.”

Dave tried to grab Lori’s arm as she walked past, but she was agile and avoided him. When she found her backpack, he said, “It’s not that complicated to do well here and get a raise, if you know what I mean.”

“I know what you mean,” said Sylvia, the CEO, who had come up behind them. “Dave, you’re fired. I’m tired of your shenanigans. Also, I’m divorcing you.”


The Daily Echo

Nemesis [flash 100]

He paused beside the smooth, towering trees, touching one tentatively as if for balance. The ground was spongy cool beneath his bare feet, but nothing hopped or crawled. Golden light poured in from the north and he slowly turned toward it, shading his eyes. He’d been away for a long time and moved hesitantly, not knowing what dangers lurked. Was his nemesis still hunting him, or did she die in the explosion along with the prototype humans? He needed to find out and began to jog toward the light.

“Cut!” yelled the director. “We’ll do the eyeball scene after lunch.”


Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge

I Dreamt I Was the Moon [flash 100]

I dreamt i was the moon

I dreamt I was the moon, distant and translucent, and you were my divine horse, my Pegasus. You sailed over the pink pearl seas, steady as a heartbeat. Lavender dawn enveloped the earth as you flew on, silken wings tirelessly playing the rhythm of our love song. You never left me crying in the mortal night, not when I was the moon, surrounded by eternal skies and tended to by stars. You forgot to bring lightning to the gods; that’s how enraptured you were. Your devotion drifted through me like a cloud, angelic mist, but no use to me now.

Tunnel Music [flash 250]

She crouched in the tunnel, wedged behind a concrete pillar. It was damp and cold back here, and she was hungry and tired. But this was the designated meeting place. It was imperative that she obtain that thumb drive and pass it along to her superior officer Agent K back at base.

She smiled at the thought of seeing Agent K again. He was so handsome! Suddenly she heard music, very faintly. Omg! She had been here so long she was hallucinating!

Cautiously, she straightened and moved away from the pillar, her silent movement sending a small puff of dust up from the dirty floor.

The music became louder. It sounded very familiar… an old-fashioned melody without words. Who was playing it? The opposition obviously… but where would he hide? She had been carefully watching this end of the tunnel and Agent R was at the other.

The shadows became a person: Agent R was walking toward her. “I have a surprise for you, Agent G,” she said, holding up her phone, from which the lilting music flowed.

“But… but… the mission!” Agent G sputtered in confusion. What was happening?

A man stepped out from the shadows behind Agent R. “Forgive the ruse, Agent G. There is no double agent to meet tonight.”

“Agent K!” She was so thrilled to see him. “What are you doing here?”

He got down on one knee in front of her. “I came here to propose to you. Please say yes, Agent G.”