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PFF27: Book Review

Time flashbacks

Welcome to Paula’s Friday Flashback! This is a challenge begun by Fandango and it’s fun to see what we posted back when (as well as the comments). The below is a reblog of a post I made on December 7, 2014. Enjoy!

Down the Darkest Road

I liked this book by Tami Hoag. But it would have been so much better with a little editing. There were POV errors aplenty ~ not the dreaded head bounces, but simply things we should not have seen from a particular POV. If we are inside a character’s head, we can’t know about things they didn’t notice. It’s jarring to read “She was oblivious to _____.” If she’s oblivious to it, and we’re in her head, then we can’t know about it either!

This all could have been so easily fixed by having another character mention the necessary facts afterward. In fact, when our protag didn’t see that she nearly ran down a shopper in her haste to follow someone, the cop tells her about it when he pulls her over. That also should have been the first time the reader hears about her near miss.

Another issue for me was the nonstop harping on how rotten the protag looked because of her grief and how every moment of her life was soaked in despair. Stop telling us that! Show it and we know it. Hoag did a much better job with the protag’s daughter, showing us viscerally how miserable she was rather than saying the same thing 500 different ways.

The story itself was fascinating though. Unlike with a romance novel, I was totes unable to predict the ending to this book. It could have gone so many different ways and I could not stop reading until I found out what happened. That is the mark of a successful mystery/thriller, I have to say. I read some of Darkest Road before I went to sleep Friday night, but my entire Saturday morning was blown in my need to finish it. I had to know!

I’m on the fence about reading more Tami Hoag though. I kinda think it would be better to find a mystery writer who doesn’t make elementary POV mistakes.

One last thing: “The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior,” sez the cop in Darkest Road. It’s good to be reminded of this now and again.

/end reblog


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Holiday Share

Tangled in Christmas lights

Melanie has questions…

What’s your remedy for the Holiday blues?

I don’t get the holiday blues… I just get cold. Yep, even in Southern California. Due to a mix of meds, genetics, and lack of exercise, I am almost always freezing 🥶 to death. This is depressing because I sit around my apartment huddled in layers of blankets and feel too emotionally paralyzed to get up and move around, which would make me feel better. When I am forced to go out, I do okay, but it’s hard to move around much when you’re already bundled up. Thanks in advance for the advice I know is coming in comments… I’m sure I haven’t thought of any of it before. 🙄

Frozen Bitmoji

Your favorite beverage (if it differs) during the holiday season?  If it doesn’t differ, just answer the ‘what’s your favorite beverage” part. 

I love eggnog, especially with booze, but it’s cold and alcohol triggers migraines. 😢 So, the next best drink is delicious hot black tea with orange spice and a dash of milk. This is my favorite drink all year long, btw.

This one has been asked before, but what’s your take on pumpkin spice?

Indifference. Don’t particularly care for it as a beverage, but in muffins it’s yummy… and pie with graham cracker crust! 🥧 I do like the scent of anything pumpkin or apple mixed with ginger/cinnamon/cloves. Not sure why everything is love/hate these days; there are loads of things I mildly like but don’t love, and others I prefer to pass up but won’t freak out about if they end up on my plate. Dial it down. Same goes for politics, music, movies, etc. Not everything has to be so extreme.

Is there is a person or god connected with your holiday? 

I am a Jewish atheist, so yes we have the sky guy novel… and no I don’t believe he is real. I am math/science all the way… those are my “faiths.” That doesn’t mean humans know everything or ever will; it just means I don’t feel the need to leap to supernatural explanations for stuff we haven’t been able to figure out (yet). And when it turns out we’ve been wrong about something, we can revise our ideas, unlike some religionists…

• Who are they and do you believe in them?

I don’t believe in any supernatural beings, though they are good material for poetry and fiction. I lump all gods, ghosts, genies, vampires, etc. in the same category. Once you admit one, why not all? Why a god and not a werewolf? 👹

That said, I find militant atheists irritating. It doesn’t bother me that peeps believe in the supernatural as long as they don’t try to convert me or tell me I’m “lesser than” or immoral or whatever. To each their own. Who knows, maybe I’m wrong and there is a god, or a bunch of ’em. But people telling me so won’t convince me. What would? My own direct experience. That’s right. I would need Mr. Big to appear and say hey his own self.

• If you do not believe in these people or gods, does the celebration/honoring of that being, bother you in any way (e.g., ignored, dismissed, angry, etc.)?

Only a few people I know celebrate the Jewish holidays. Mostly I see those around me celebrating Christmas, etc… I think there should be more of that. I love having days off work for other people’s holidays when I don’t have to do anything but laze around. I especially enjoy Christmas lights and cookies and sales, along with the fact that I’m not expected to cook a goose or buy anyone gifts.


Share a song that you enjoy during this Winter season (whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, The Winter Solstice, Kwanzaa and so forth.

I adore this version of “Silent Night”…


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Stepping It Up (1400)

[This is a multi-part story. Lexi Brown is trying to escape her past and create a new life for herself in Otter Village, 500 miles from where a traumatic event occurred 6 months ago. In our last episode, we read that Kevin and Lexi found Dan semi-conscious off the freeway where two criminals had tricked him, beaten him, and stolen his car.]

Here are the posts in order so far:

Sisterly Chat
The Angry Brother
Trust Issues
Something You Don’t Know
Who Needs Drama?
Dan Drives North
Lexi Needs A Ride
Kevin’s Tangled Saga
Weird Angle]

“So what happened after you told the cop you were the good guy?” Vicky asked Kevin as they munched on calamari and rolls while sipping Otter Village Inn’s finest sparkling wine.

Wine being poured

“He was immediately arrested and thrown in the pokey!” Nick’s blue eyes sparkled with mischief. “Right, Kevin?”

“I admit to a moment or two of fear that my story sounded crazy even to my own ears. Driving two hundred miles to look for a guy who disappeared while he was stalking my girlfriend?” Kevin raised his eyebrows. “But Lexi backed me up, and who wouldn’t believe that sweet and innocent face?”

Vicky waggled her fingers. “Ahem. No one knows a sister like a sister.”

Lexi smiled sweetly. “That works both ways, Victoria Marie.”

“Nailed!” Nick raised his glass. “Nice job, Alexandra… er Lexi. Here’s to happy endings. I made a call this afternoon and found out that Angela flipped on her boyfriend, a real creep with a sheet of priors, so it’s not a problem that Dan wasn’t able to ID him.”

Lifting her glass to clink with the others, Lexi felt peaceful and content. What a satisfying outcome! And Kevin’s calling her “my girlfriend” set off butterflies in her tummy. The newness of their romance was still so delicious. They smiled at each other across the table.

Beautiful redhead

Lexi munched on a piece of calamari as she thought about the past week’s craziness. Dan was out of the hospital and resting at a room at Carolyn’s. Lexi and Dan had finally talked about Jim in depth so that Dan had received the closure about his brother he so desperately needed. Dan planned to return to the city soon and possibly look for a new job. He’d been chatting with Kevin about how he’d been feeling restless and bored for some time; the two men had really hit it off. But despite the newfound camaraderie with Lexi and Kevin, Dan had no interest in relocating to a sleepy village–he was a city guy.

“Eventually the news about that whole mess with Jim and all won’t be interesting to anyone, Lexi,” Vicky said. “You might think about coming home. We miss you.”

Lexi considered her response as the waiter served their dinners. She thanked him as he placed her swordfish with mango chutney and zucchini medallions in front of her. She felt Kevin’s expectant gaze, and when she looked at him, she knew he was also waiting for her reply to her sister.

“Vicky,” she said. “You guys are wonderful, but this is my home. I love it here. I have a job… and I met Kevin. I know I chose Otter Village on a whim, basically because it was as far away as I could get on the free miles I had at the moment. But now…”

“But now you have the settlement!” Vicky interrupted. “You can do anything you want.”

“Settlement?” Kevin said, a forkful of fish halfway to his mouth.

Lexi rolled her eyes at Vicky, who merely shrugged. Feeling obligated to be truthful after all Kevin had been through for her, Lexi said, “Jim had life insurance from his old job, and it was still in effect because he had never bothered to cancel the auto-payments. I was still the beneficiary despite our nearly finalized divorce. It took a long time for them to process my claim, but they did after months of waiting. I was almost out of money when a huge check came sailing in.”

Rolls of cash

Kevin nodded. “I see. That makes sense. You did seem to be living on a shoestring at first, and then not so much.”

“We would have helped you, Lexi,” Nick said. “We’re family.”

Lexi squeezed his hand. “I know. Thank you so much. But I did get the job in the souvenir shop… and that helped some. Now, everything is fine.”

“More than fine!” Vicky exclaimed. “Half a mil, baby. Go see the world! You always wanted to visit London. Don’t put it off. You deserve to live life on your own terms after struggling in that marriage and dealing with the fallout of his descent into madness and… well, you know.”

Lexi nodded. “I hear you. But…”

Vicky stared at her. “What’s stopping you from pursuing your dreams, sweetie? You’ve cocooned enough since that awful day. Now, live!”

Nick said, “Geez, honey. Give her a chance to breathe. She hasn’t been able to center herself in one place for five minutes before the next wave comes along and knocks her off her feet.”

Glancing at Kevin, Lexi said, “Some of the waves are good ones.”

Kevin picked up her hand and kissed it.

“Awwww,” Vicky cooed. “So romantic!”

“Well, he knows she’s loaded now, thanks to your big mouth,” Nick said. “Ow, ow, my foot! Kidding!”

Lexi laughed, smiling into Kevin’s eyes. “He was romantic before.”

“Yeah, but I really plan to step it up,” he joked.

Lexi thought she wouldn’t mind that at all as she returned her attention to her plate.

Starry night sky

After dinner, Vicky and Nick said they were too tired for a walk after driving all day and went up to their room, so Lexi and Kevin strolled down to the bay by themselves.

“Lexi, I’m sorry your sister blurted that out about the life insurance,” Kevin said. “I want you to know it makes no difference to me. You know that, right?”

She smiled and snuggled close as the wind blew off the water. “Of course. I’m pretty sure you found me irresistible since the day I fell off my bike.”

“Klutziness is such a turn-on.” He kissed her cheek. “Are you warm enough?”

“For now. It’s really cold though! But such a beautiful night.” She gazed at the velvety black sky sprinkled with stars, a dusting of clouds visible around the moon.

“It is. And so are you.” Kevin stopped and cupped her face in his hands, softly kissing her lips. “I tried to resist you though.”

She gazed into his eyes. “Why?”

“Because.” He kissed her again. “Every time we’re together I fall for you even more. That’s a bit scary.”

“Me too,” she said, smiling as her teeth began to chatter. “Ssscarry.”

“Here’s something even more terrifying,” he said. “I may have told my meddlesome sisters I met someone and they ah seem to be on a campaign to get me to bring her to Chicago for Christmas.”

Lexi stared at him. “What? When was this? We’ve hardly… it was only the day after we brought Dan home from the hospital when we sort of started…”

“Sort of started?” Kevin teased.

She was glad the darkness hid her blush. “I mean it’s such a short time is all. You said your sisters have been on a campaign, so surely that’s an exaggeration!”

He laughed. “You don’t know my sisters! I made one comment in our group chat to stop their matchmaking, and now they’re relentlessly hounding me to bring you. They’re like three cats who’ve seen a spider and won’t rest until they’ve caught it. Come on, let’s go back. You’re too cold.” He flung an arm around her as they turned around.

3 cats see something

“I want to know exactly what you said.” Lexi gratefully snuggled into his warmth as they strode away from the water.

“Juliette was saying one of her old college friends has moved close by, hint hint, and they all were going on about how great she was, and wouldn’t it be neat if we met during my visit. Then I said I’m dating someone awesome right here in Otter Village.”

“Someone awesome, hehe,” Lexi giggled.

“I meant it. And more.” When they reached the warmth of the hotel lobby, he asked her if she wanted hot chocolate or a pot of hot tea.

“Tea sounds lovely,” she said. “And by the way, I don’t think that meeting your family sounds terrible at all. I want to get to know them.”

“Thank you,” he said. “I should have known you’d be sweet about it.”

They put in an order for a pot of tea and wandered over to sit on the sofa by the fireplace. Lexi cuddled close to Kevin because she was still cold and also… the PDA was growing on her. Soon everyone in town would know they were a couple and she was fine with that. Because she kept falling more for him too.

Christmas engagement

[the end!]


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The Boy Who Would Be King [fiction 927]

[This is a multi-part story. We previously read that Liana defended herself against the accusation of murder levied by Miko’s aunt Adoka, and in a twist Liana accused Adoka of poisoning Sura’s cousin Nami.

If you’d like to read the chapters in order, please follow this list. Thanks!

The Murmuration
Liana’s Journey Continues
The Shark’s Tooth
An Honored Guest
Miko’s Plan
A Cup of Tea?
Liana’s House
Strange News
The Monkey Jungle

Drama at the Royal Court]


“He knows he is beautiful, which is why he has the arrogance. Much like our pirate warriors,” the Queen said as they strolled arm in arm through the Royal Garden after breakfast. “Look how he preens.”

Her majesty liked to pretend she adored Liana and was thus affectionate, but Liana knew the truth. The Queen had suffered a few dizzy spells lately and did not want anyone to know her balance was poor. Twice this month, Liana had discreetly helped her when she’d stumbled in the Royal Hall and no one had been the wiser.

“Yes,” Liana agreed, gazing at the peacocks. “A striking bird. A perfect match for the Royal House.”

The Queen glanced sidelong at her. “Are you happy here, my dear? Sometimes I think about how young you are. Maybe it was too soon to rashly give up the idea of marriage forever. Miko is long gone and you are here, and so very beautiful. Any one of the warriors would be pleased if you looked his way, or perhaps an artist or a poet…”

Liana assumed she was being tested. “My heart belongs to one man only,” she replied honestly, letting the Queen interpret that as she would. “I am content knowing that my true love will be waiting for me in the land beyond.”

Heart in the sand at sunset

The Queen nodded. “It is true that our time here is short compared to…” she waved a hand… “the beyond. And you have your child. Precious Kenju. He has seen five full summers now.”

A surge of joy filled her chest when Liana thought of her sweet boy. “He is my angel.”

“He needs to be formed into a man,” the Queen stated.

“But surely not… a… pirate?” Liana hoped she didn’t sound insulting. “I mean, we are not of the tribal lines. The other boys would not accept him in training.”

The Queen laughed. “No, of course not! Kenju is the son of the Storm God. I had his fortune read by the visiting priestess from the big island. He is destined to be a great leader of nations, she said. A pirate cannot be anything but a commander of pirates.”

“Oh? A great leader?” Liana beamed, not that she believed in fortune-telling, but the Queen did, which was important.

Pink orchids

“Yes. Absolutely. I felt it myself the first time I held him. He has a power running through him like lightning.” The Queen stopped to admire her orchids. “And so I wish to adopt him. Not to take him away from you, but as a formality. I was not blessed to have a child with my King, and so unless I take action my throne shall pass to my cousin, who has shown little interest in anything but his bees. But we can mold Kenju into a perfect leader of this island nation.”

Liane bowed her head. “Kenju and I are forever honored and humbled by your extraordinary kindnesses, your majesty.”

“Wonderful,” the Queen said. “We will send him to Fiji and then on to Japan for a more advanced education. I wish him to go to fine schools and learn several languages, history, science, agriculture, business, art, music, and philosophy!”

Liana felt utterly dismayed.”I’ll never see him again!”

“Of course you will, dear one.” The Queen patted her back. “He will return for all the school holidays and then when he’s finished with his studies he will take over for me. In maybe twenty-five years. The time will go quickly. Now, I do need to see my treasurer. If we could go inside?”

Girl looking out to sea

Liana went to the rocky cove alone and stared out at the fog. Twenty-five years! She realized she herself didn’t have a plan for Kenju beyond ensuring he was safe. After she and Sura had finessed that tricky situation with Adoka by framing her for a murder she didn’t commit before she could have them burnt alive for witchcraft, life on this strange and brutal island had settled into a rather mundane pace for Liana and her child.

The Queensguard had killed Vuo that dramatic day and tossed his body to the sharks. Then they’d burnt Miko’s preserved body in their ritual manner, after which the entire village feasted and danced all night long. Except for Adoka–she had been held prisoner on a ship in the harbor for three days until the runners returned with Nami’s body. The doctor said she could have died from poison or the bite from the blue tree snake. The Royal Court conferred and decided that there was no reason that Nami would have gone into the monkey jungle alone unless she was desperate to find an antidote. They sentenced Adoka to be burned alive. But by that time, someone had smuggled her a knife and she had taken care of her death herself.

After that, Liana had focused all of her energy on keeping Kenju healthy and safe, while Sura went back home to care for her father. The Queen had invited Liana and Kenju to live at the Royal Hall following Miko’s funeral, and the days blended into months and years. And five of them had passed without incident, five years of living in luxury with delicious food available all day, their own rooms, servants, friends for Kenju, lovely clothes for Liana, music and dances to celebrate the various gods and goddesses she couldn’t keep track of. And funerals and birth days and weddings and ceremonies to honor pirate commanders for impressive hauls of booty.

But now, things would change again…

[to be continued]


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Bait and Switch [fiction 220]

“Excuse me,” Karen said to the scruffy guy who was leaning against the wall smoking a cigarette, “are you the manager?”

“No, just the Archie the drummer.” He scratched his head. “The third one akshully. The other two, well… they couldn’t get in.”

Karen rolled her eyes. “Your band sucks. I was promised Jimmy and Janis. I never even heard of the Bathtub Gingers.”

He grinned. “Cool name, wot? I thought of it! It’s like bathtub gin, but gingers cos two of us have red hair. I mean, I did, before the um explosion.”

“What about Bobby?” Karen demanded. “And Otis? Dock of the bay ring any bells?”

Archie shook his head sadly. “Never heard of them blokes. We do a righteous cover of ‘Pillow Biter’ though. I can dedicate it to you after the break. Wozz yer name?”

“Karen,” she sighed. “And I don’t even know the original ‘Pillow Biter.’ It doesn’t sound like a song that should be played in Rock and Roll Heaven either.”

“The angels like it well enough.” Archie shrugged. “Sometimes they join in on their harpsichords. How’d you get here so early anyways, Karen? You look awful young and healthy.”

“That’s a rude question!” she snapped. “But if you must know, my psychiatrist mixed up my prescriptions. I’m sure it was an accident however.”


Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge 42

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Drama at the Royal Court [fiction 954]

[This is a multi-part story. We previously read that Liana and Sura were at the Royal Hall presenting Kenju to the Queen when Adoka began ranting that Liana murdered Miko.

If you’d like to read the chapters in order, please follow this list. Thanks!

The Murmuration
Liana’s Journey Continues
The Shark’s Tooth
An Honored Guest
Miko’s Plan
A Cup of Tea?
Liana’s House
Strange News
The Monkey Jungle

“Silence!” the Queen commanded as the crowd erupted in a crazed frenzy of chatter. “Sura, state clearly for the Royal Court what happened to Miko, our prized warrior, whose soul now awaits the flames of purification.”

Liana silently observed this spectacle as Kenju nursed at her breast. Though their lives hung on the outcome, her mind had floated off from the immediate danger. She felt apart from everything, as if she were back on the tiny canoe, drifting in the waves, after a volcano had destroyed her home and family. There was nothing she could do…

Canoe at sunrise

Three old bald men stepped forward from behind the dais where the Queen sat on her throne. They wore plain white robes and carried simple wooden spears without ornamentation. “We are ready to do our duty, your majesty,” the tallest one said as they bowed to the Queen, but only slightly.

Liana watched Sura take a deep breath and continue. “Miko came to Liana’s house to ask her to marry him. I was there helping her get ready for the babe’s arrival.”

The Queen nodded. “I heard rumors Miko wished to wed the mother of the Storm God’s child. It would make sense for a great warrior such as he to desire this strong connection.”

“Liana was of course pleased at the idea–” Sura smiled and put an arm around Liana’s waist. “She had tears of joy in her eyes when she told me of why Miko had come.”

Tucking a blanket around Kenju now that he had finished nursing, Liana smiled sadly at Sura, trying to appear appropriately heartbroken over a man she despised. She thought of Ken, Kenju’s real father, taken by the volcano, and a tear rolled out of her eye and down her cheek.

Lovers in silhouette

“Lying witches!” Adoka hissed. “Burn them both! They killed my nephew. Sura’s family has always plotted against ours, ever since the first blood moon murmuration.”

Sura shook her head. “Truly, your majesty, she is mad. When she showed up to help, I went to care for Liana, and Adoka began mixing berries into juice. I… I did not know it was poison!”

Adoka screamed and ripped at her own clothing. “She’s lying! May the crows tear out her tongue!”

The Queen held up a hand. Her dark eyes sparkled with excitement; clearly she enjoyed this drama. Liana however wished she herself could disappear with her sweet baby to a deserted isle and never see any of these people again.

“Liana, mother of the Storm God’s child,” the Queen said, “what have you to say? I see the love for our great warrior Miko shining in your eyes. As a Queen who lost her King to an enemy pirate, I know this is true. You will never love a man again.”

Her confidence boosted by her acting skills, Liana found a calm speaking voice. “As the infant grew larger within me, I developed a dislike for mango juice, so I never drank the mixture Adoka prepared. But Miko loved it and swallowed every drop. Then he left to seek your majesty’s blessing for our wedding.

Mango juice

Adoka fell to the floor weeping. “It’s all lies! I didn’t arrive until after Sura left to tend to her father. Vuo injured him as he slept to make sure Sura would return home.”

The crowd gasped. Sura’s grip tightened on Liana. This was horrific–her father had been deliberately hurt? Poor Sura! And all to help Liana.

“I didn’t–” Vuo protested as all eyes turned to him. He edged toward the exit where there was a sandy path toward open water.

“Seize him!” the Queen commanded her guard. “You struck an innocent villager for personal gain? You broke your warrior’s oath!”

Vuo hung his head as the Queensguard held his arms behind his back, two men on each side. “Yes, my Queen.”

“The penalty is death without purification,” the tall jurist intoned.

“Noooo!” Adoka screamed as Vuo quietly accepted his fate. “Both brothers will be gone in the same week!”

The Queen waved her hand. “They have two younger brothers. This will be a good lesson for them in warrior honor and oath keeping.”

“What about her?” Liana said, pointing at Adoka with her free hand. The other firmly clasped sleeping Kenju to her chest.

“Inadvertent death,” the tall jurist said. “She will be banished from the island.”

Unsatisfied with this outcome, since she assumed the resourceful Adoka might find a way back to cause trouble for Kenju, Liana stated, “She murdered Sura’s cousin Nami.”


The crowd immediately burst into a frenzy until the Queen commanded their respect again. “Liana,” she said. “It is a serious crime to bear false witness in front of the Royal Court. Think carefully what you say.”

Ignoring the pressure of Sura’s fingers digging into her ribs, Liana told the Queen, “I woke in the night as I did frequently near my time. As it turned out, Sura’s cousin had come to help. I didn’t know who she was at that point, but I saw her in the kitchen with Adoka. She had caught Adoka with the poison berries and Adoka had a knife at her throat. Adoka gave her a choice to drink a cup of the juice or be slashed with the knife. Nami drank the juice. Then she left my house. I woke Sura and she snuck after her.”

The Queen turned to Sura. “Where did she go?”

“Nami went to the monkey jungle,” Sura said. “She thought there might be a cure for the poison in there.”

The Queen pointed to a guard. “Send two runners into the monkey jungle to look for Nami. If she is dead by poison…”

Liana gazed at Adoka and smiled.

[to be continued]


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Pop pop fizz fizz…

I thought we had longevity, but our time together expired long ago. Why didn’t you tell me we were over? I didn’t even know! Guess I took you for granted, expecting to reach for you in the night when I needed you, but you wouldn’t have done it for me, would you? Not for years apparently. What a cruel way to find out, reading it like this as if I’d meant nothing to you at all…


Written for Sammi’s Scribbles

Images from Sammi and Paula

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Romantically Challenged

He brought her bouquets of flowers. She remained unmoved. He wrote her love songs. Still no response. His heart was breaking… what could he do? It was a romantic challenge of epic proportions, but he felt up to the task. He mounted a snowy steed and crashed through her window, dragged her home, placed her on his sofa. And finally as the last rays of the golden sunset glinted upon her perfect waxen features, he saw the hint of a smile meant for him and him alone. His heart overflowed with joy as they held hands in the dark.


Written for the Carrot Ranch

Image from the Carrot Ranch

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PFF25: I❤️Google

Time swirling by

Welcome to my Friday Flashback! This is a post from almost 7 years ago, when I was doing NaNoWriMo. I encourage you to visit the link and read the clever comments.

Hearting the Google

How did people write without Google? I vaguely remember trips to the library to research things, so tedious. Oh! Triple A! The maps, my gawd. I’d go over there and request maps so I wouldn’t screw up distances and towns and stuff. Can you imagine? I had piles of papers I glanced through once, or ended up not needing at all. Gah.

Anyway, last night I wanted to have my characters go on a Christmas cruise. I’ve never been on a cruise, so I was all ack what to do? But no prob, because I go to the Goog, type in Christmas cruise and get times, dates, prices, the whole deal. And I even learned it costs too much to text/call from a ship, so no one is gonna be doing that.

In a serendipitous twist of fate, ABC News has a timely article up saying that the average person gains 13 pounds on a two-week cruise. First, who the hell takes a two-week cruise? As I noted above, I just checked the prices on cruises. These things are expensive, even if you stay in a crappy room, porthole, or whatever it’s called. (I am not hep to boat lingo. Will improve when writing cruise scenes.) If you’re wealthy enough to do that, you can bring a bag of cocaine with you to muzzle your appetite. Second, I’d be afraid to eat much anyway. Don’t people end up with some icky intestinal virus half the time? Third, aren’t you supposed to lie around the deck in your swimsuit, changing into a different one three times per day? Who would pig out before putting on a swimsuit or god forbid while wearing one? Maybe that’s just me and my ’70s mentality. Well whatever,  according to the article writer, a cruise is just one giant feast all day long, day after day. And your mission, should you accept it (for thousands of dollars that YOU PAY), is to avoid eating said feast. K. Sounds like a deal!

I’m at 43.5K for those keeping NaNo score (I think there’s one of you) and hope to be finished early next week.

Enjoy your weekend!


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Off-Season Honeymoon

Randy and Roxie slipped into their swimsuits and headed for the sparkling aqua water.

“Eek, Randy, there’s a giant pig floating in the sea!” Roxie screamed.

“Yes, sweetie, that’s why we got the reduced rates–it’s their hog bathing week,” Randy explained.


Three Line Tales

Image credit to Jakob Owens via Unsplash

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