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ZOMG Questions!

emoji questions

Welp, Rory is at it again, folks, and has really outdone himself this time with a great big enormous mountain of Q’s. Let’s get to it, shall we?

1. What really makes you angry?

Having to answer a million questions on a beautiful Saturday afternoon when I could have been lounging at the beach in my designer swimsuit and chatting up celebs. Grrrr!

2. What is your preferred mode of transport from the following: walking, driving car, train ride, or riding a bike or something else entirely?

Being chauffeured in a limo.

bitmoji limo

3. Which would you rather do: wash dishes, mow the lawn, clean the bathroom, or vacuum the house.

I don’t mind washing dishes or vacuuming. They’re both soothing to me, maybe dishes the most because my hands get to immerse in hot water.

4. If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Guacamole & chips, veggie quesadilla, blueberries & vanilla ice cream.

5. How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Including boots, 25. Without boots, 20. This is after intense downsizing.

6. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning for the rest of your day?

A long time, 2 or more hours, because I putter around, make tea, play WWF, etc. If I don’t do all that, maybe 45 minutes.

7. What three items only would you take with you on a deserted island to survive for a week?

Protein bars, water bottles, snuggly blanket, pillows, books. When can I go? (Yes, I know that’s more than 3, pffft.)


Now onto the misnumbered music Q’s, which I will number properly…

8. What or who got you into listening to music first?

My parents were big music fans. My mom loved Johnny Cash, my dad loved the Doors, and they both loved the Beatles. We had lots of rock records, the album from Woodstock, and soundtracks from musicals.

9. Who were some of your favorited bands/artists as a youngster?

I’ve always been partial to Neil Diamond, Gordon Lightfoot, and the Supremes.

10. Which decades of music influenced you the most as a youngster growing up?

The 1960’s and 1970s.

bitmoji piano keys music notes

11. Did your parents listen to a lot of music when you were living with them in your younger years and did any of their listening influence your own musical tastes?

Yep. Beyond the music listed about, they also got me interested in the Rolling Stones, the Mamas & the Papas, Stevie Wonder, Jefferson Airplane, Elvis, Glen Campbell, and soundtracks from Swan Lake, Zorba the Greek, Hair, My Fair Lady, etc.

12. Can you list your Top 5 musical genres that you listen to frequently today?

I listen mostly to old rock and old pop from the 1960s-1980s. Some grunge, some country, some classical.

13. Aside from listening to music, have you ever learned to play a musical instrument or sing or take part in the musical entertainment industry?

Nope. I’m literally the worst singer ever and have no musical talent at all.

14. What is it you most like about music and how does it make you feel when listening?

Two things. For most songs, I am hugely interested in their lyrics. That’s the most important aspect to me and it’s why I like country music a lot. People are surprised by that, but often country lyrics are really funny. If I can’t understand the lyrics, a song is pointless to me (aka rap, heavy metal, etc.). My enjoyment is more intellectual than emotional, though there are a few songs that give me the feels because of the mood their sound and lyrics create in combination, not to mention the skill of the singer. And then there’s classical music without any lyrics, which makes me feel calm and centered.

bitmoji music notes float

15. Which decade of music throughout your years to date has influenced you the most with regards to your listening today?

Didn’t I answer this already? The 1970s!

16. Do you listen to music daily? If so, is that all day or only at certain times? If not, when do you listen to music?

I mostly only listen to music in the car when I’m commuting to/from work or errands or whatever. I generally do not put on music in my home, though occasionally I get in the mood for it and listen for a while. If I’m alone at work, I sometimes play music on my phone.

17. Do you ever sing, whistle, hum, or dance to any of the music that is playing?

Usually not.

18. Do you have music playing when you are writing or creating? If so, does it further inspire you and help to juice up your imagination, or do you find music can knock your concentration levels off?

When writing creatively, I prefer silence. For other types of work, music on a very low volume is nice sometimes, though I usually don’t think of putting it on. If it’s loud, I can’t focus.

19. What was the very first concert you ever attended and also the last one and how many concerts have you seen from the first to the last in total?

First, Journey. Last, Hotel California (Eagles cover band). Maybe a dozen in total.

20. Do you prefer to listen to music and appreciate it that way or are you more likely to be more physically involved as in dancing?

I’m never likely to be physically involved in anything!

Bitmoji in comfy chair with remote

21. What sort of system do you have to listen to music at home and do you “collect music” or purely listen?

My system is to stick a CD in my player or find stuff on YouTube. I do buy music occasionally and have a lot of CDs, both pre-packaged and homemade. I hear there’s this newfangled thing of storing/finding music in the cloud, which sounds magical and mysterious. I’ll look into that someday…

22. How important is music to you?

I think you can gather from my answers that while I enjoy music, it’s not that important to me. I’ve met people who are absolutely consumed by it, and that’s not me at all. Sometimes, in the car, I prefer silence so I can concentrate on the crowded roads and also my own thoughts. Of all the arts, I rank literature and poetry at the top, then painting, sculpture, photography, etc., and music last.

roses music


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February Love Me 23

Let’s celebrate the month of lurve by posting one thing we love every day throughout February. Today I’m loving cozy socks!

Cat and socks

Cozy socks

Have a great day, everyone! ❤️😻🥰


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familysweatpantsphoto albumtea soapsbread

S is for smiling summer sisters, sloppy silver sweatpants / sky blue sweatshirt, sentimental scrapbooks, sweet scented soap, and San Francisco sourdough!

Posted for Tina’s challenge.


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Ginger and Mary Ann

Ginger, Mary Ann, Pie

Some of my friends are huge Gilligan’s Island fans, but I never got into it. A big reason for that is suspension of disbelief, which for me is intensely subjective. While I had no problem believing that Jeannie was a genie or Samantha a witch, I couldn’t stand the fact that Ginger and Mary Ann were BAKING PIES on the island with no electricity, flour, etc. And not just any old pies either, but fluffy coconut cream pies. How did they get the milk to make the cream? It just bugged me so much. Why didn’t the women ever run out of makeup and hair products, not to mention you-know? What did they do for their “time of the month?” Mrs. Howell excepted. I’d rather have actual magic.


So there.

As an aside, not that it matters, but it also irritated me when people (men) would say they preferred the wholesome “Mary Ann” type as if she didn’t wear a ton of makeup and carefully style her hair. She may not have been wearing a glittering evening gown a la Ginger, but her look was just as deliberate. It’s funny how people (men) think Mary Ann looks “natural.” In my novel that no one read, I had the drug dealer/buyer go through this whole Ginger/Mary Ann routine that I thought was pretty damn funny. In fact, I had more fun writing my drug dealer dialog than the romantic leads, which may give you a clue as to why my romance writing career never took off.

Fantasy reading romance novel book

Anyway, speaking of suspension of disbelief, I recently read a retelling of Beauty and the Beast. The original book has a “logical” reason for the prince’s transformation and it makes sense how he grows to love and be loved in his beastly form. But this one had nothing that made sense. Some things were enchanted and some weren’t ~ magic happened when it was convenient to the story and arbitrarily disappeared when it was inconvenient. I have no idea why the writer thought this was an improvement on the original. She didn’t take a different angle as far as the moral of the story or anything else. And it took forever for the plot to get to the magic forest/castle, etc.; there was all this other gobble about Beauty’s father’s shipping business and her sisters blah blah blah. Annoying. The heroine was a redhead in this version ~ a “ginger,” as they say in England, which returns us to the theme of this post.

 Bitmoji Christmas gingerbread

I love gingerbread!


Mindlovemisery’s Sunday Writing Prompt.

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Facebook and Oreos

Roadrunner meep

Rory has some new quickie Q’s for us today…

When was the last time you wore a woolly hat and is it coloured, patterned or plain?

Hmm, I wear cute hats sometimes for fun, but I’m allergic to wool… The last time I wore a warm, cozy knit hat was when I visited my daughter and SIL up in Northern California at Thanksgiving. That hat is a million vibrant colors, patterned in abstract triangles and such, lined with fake fur, and has purple and turquoise braided ties. Here’s a fun one…

St. Patrick’s green hat

When was the last time you experienced a wardrobe malfunction – what was it and where were you?

Probably a couple years ago at work when my shoe fell apart and I had to tape it together until I got home where I threw the whole pair away.

Why do things become popular with people?

Could be that they’re convenient or fun. Many times they are addicting even past the point of being fun and were deliberately designed that way, such as Facebook and Oreos.


On a scale of 01 – 10 how angry are you right now for no other reason apart from you just are?

My baseline is 5, not 1, and I’m around a 6. Today has been annoying from the minute I woke up with a migraine. I took meds, which left me jittery and irritable. Things kept going wrong as I went about my early chores, from grocery shopping to vacuuming. I was in a huge rage and wrote/scheduled two Monday Peeves because of it (productive anger!). I’m better now but still wary.

Please list three really funny films that have made you laugh out loud over the years?

Analyze This ~ hysterical spoof of mob movies starring Robert DeNiro and Billy Crystal. The Heat ~ Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy as funny cops. We’re The Millers ~ hilarious Jennifer Aniston flick.

What are five of the biggest mistakes that people make with their lives in your opinion?

Quitting school, choosing unsuitable romantic partners, having kids too young, buying stupid things they can’t afford, and failing to PLAN! Yes, life happens while you’re making other plans and the gods laugh at plans, yada yada, but just because plans don’t always work out doesn’t mean you should live like a mindless butterfly.

Orange butterfly and flowers


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These Shoes [flash 99]

Glittery shoes

There she was again, talking to the shoes. What a strange thing for a beautiful girl to do every afternoon. The craftsman knew he shouldn’t speak to her, but he couldn’t resist.

Princess Titania shrugged off his question. “An evil wizard turned my lover into a pair of shoes when I refused to marry him. He said that Michael was fit only for me to step on.”

“They are… lovely footwear,” the craftsman said.

“Honestly, I think he looks better as shoes.”

“Many do, milady.”

“Mm.” She gazed at his shabby clothes and worker’s tools. Her eyes widened. “Indeed.”


Written for the Carrot Ranch.

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Mini, Midi, Maxed Out Visa… [SOCS]

Image credit to Today-I-Want

Here’s the story 🎶
Of a lovely mini,
Which was designed to flaunt very lovely legs.
Some of them
Were avocado,
Like the fridge where you would store your eggs.

It’s the story
Of a skirt named maxi
Which was created to flow down to the floor.
These were two skirts
Hanging in my closet,
But there was room for more…

And then one day a designer had a brainstorm—
And he knew that it would generate the green.
’Twas a new skirt not long yet not shortie,
But a clever fashion statement in between!
The midi skirt, the midi skirt, that’s the way they produced the midi skirt! 🎶


Thanks to The Brady Bunch theme song writers Frank De Vol and Sherwood Schwartz for inspiration.

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Christmas Challenge 11

Christmas Challenge

Thanks go out to Sandmanjazz for hosting this challenge. I love green! Since I don’t celebrate Christmas, I don’t have very many decorated tree photos, but I do have some green. 🍏🦎💚

Office plant
My office plant
Christmas cactus
A gaudy cactus
Green beret
Me being Irish


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Christmas Challenge 3

Christmas Challenge

Sandmanjazz has shared a fun challenge! Want to join in? I don’t celebrate Christmas, but I’m still playing.

Red is not my favorite color, so it’s probably in the least number of saved pics. But I can scrounge up a few…

Red velvet cupcake
My first photo on this blog.
Red roses
Bouquet at my daughter’s.
Red sparkly shoes
My fancy shoes and kitty.


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…a happy medium is supposed to be a good thing (but make sure she doesn’t sic an evil spirit on you).

bitmoji crystal ball fortune teller

I’ve also read that striking a mildly unhappy compromise is better than one person getting their own way and the other being miserable even if the idea is that next time you switch (yeah right). Mostly I give in or give up and walk away. I don’t like to argue and I don’t like trolling. People used to troll me over being vegetarian/vegan, not that I ever was, at least not for any appreciable length of time. Back when I ate steak, I’d get mine medium rare. It’s not that I have a rule about not eating steak these days, but steak eating simply doesn’t happen. I don’t want to cook one and I no longer go to restaurants. So, by default, no steak. I think I’m better off eating very little meat anyway.

Generally, I wear a size small but sometimes a medium for certain items. I don’t like tight clothing. Plus, if I’m ordering a sweater, I want it roomy enough to wear a tee shirt underneath. Yes, even in SoCal ~ it can get into the 40s sometimes. Brrrr! My shoes are “B,” which is medium/average, though sometimes they’re a bit loose. Yet, I need room for socks because brrrr. I almost always wear socks to work because it’s cold in offices.

bitmoji cold

Medium is a website that contains fiction, essays, etc. I subscribed for a month or so and then quit. The problem was if I “liked” something, they’d only show me more things like that. But the whole point of being there was to “like” articles (by sending applause). I tried changing my interests, but no. They decided I could only see relationship related articles. Ugh! One of my friends writes for them and encourages me to try too. But I have enough going on without wasting time plopping my writing into more venues where it won’t make money. Pffft! 😜


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Images from Bitmoji