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ZOMG Questions!

emoji questions

Welp, Rory is at it again, folks, and has really outdone himself this time with a great big enormous mountain of Q’s. Let’s get to it, shall we?

1. What really makes you angry?

Having to answer a million questions on a beautiful Saturday afternoon when I could have been lounging at the beach in my designer swimsuit and chatting up celebs. Grrrr!

2. What is your preferred mode of transport from the following: walking, driving car, train ride, or riding a bike or something else entirely?

Being chauffeured in a limo.

bitmoji limo

3. Which would you rather do: wash dishes, mow the lawn, clean the bathroom, or vacuum the house.

I don’t mind washing dishes or vacuuming. They’re both soothing to me, maybe dishes the most because my hands get to immerse in hot water.

4. If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Guacamole & chips, veggie quesadilla, blueberries & vanilla ice cream.

5. How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Including boots, 25. Without boots, 20. This is after intense downsizing.

6. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning for the rest of your day?

A long time, 2 or more hours, because I putter around, make tea, play WWF, etc. If I don’t do all that, maybe 45 minutes.

7. What three items only would you take with you on a deserted island to survive for a week?

Protein bars, water bottles, snuggly blanket, pillows, books. When can I go? (Yes, I know that’s more than 3, pffft.)


Now onto the misnumbered music Q’s, which I will number properly…

8. What or who got you into listening to music first?

My parents were big music fans. My mom loved Johnny Cash, my dad loved the Doors, and they both loved the Beatles. We had lots of rock records, the album from Woodstock, and soundtracks from musicals.

9. Who were some of your favorited bands/artists as a youngster?

I’ve always been partial to Neil Diamond, Gordon Lightfoot, and the Supremes.

10. Which decades of music influenced you the most as a youngster growing up?

The 1960’s and 1970s.

bitmoji piano keys music notes

11. Did your parents listen to a lot of music when you were living with them in your younger years and did any of their listening influence your own musical tastes?

Yep. Beyond the music listed about, they also got me interested in the Rolling Stones, the Mamas & the Papas, Stevie Wonder, Jefferson Airplane, Elvis, Glen Campbell, and soundtracks from Swan Lake, Zorba the Greek, Hair, My Fair Lady, etc.

12. Can you list your Top 5 musical genres that you listen to frequently today?

I listen mostly to old rock and old pop from the 1960s-1980s. Some grunge, some country, some classical.

13. Aside from listening to music, have you ever learned to play a musical instrument or sing or take part in the musical entertainment industry?

Nope. I’m literally the worst singer ever and have no musical talent at all.

14. What is it you most like about music and how does it make you feel when listening?

Two things. For most songs, I am hugely interested in their lyrics. That’s the most important aspect to me and it’s why I like country music a lot. People are surprised by that, but often country lyrics are really funny. If I can’t understand the lyrics, a song is pointless to me (aka rap, heavy metal, etc.). My enjoyment is more intellectual than emotional, though there are a few songs that give me the feels because of the mood their sound and lyrics create in combination, not to mention the skill of the singer. And then there’s classical music without any lyrics, which makes me feel calm and centered.

bitmoji music notes float

15. Which decade of music throughout your years to date has influenced you the most with regards to your listening today?

Didn’t I answer this already? The 1970s!

16. Do you listen to music daily? If so, is that all day or only at certain times? If not, when do you listen to music?

I mostly only listen to music in the car when I’m commuting to/from work or errands or whatever. I generally do not put on music in my home, though occasionally I get in the mood for it and listen for a while. If I’m alone at work, I sometimes play music on my phone.

17. Do you ever sing, whistle, hum, or dance to any of the music that is playing?

Usually not.

18. Do you have music playing when you are writing or creating? If so, does it further inspire you and help to juice up your imagination, or do you find music can knock your concentration levels off?

When writing creatively, I prefer silence. For other types of work, music on a very low volume is nice sometimes, though I usually don’t think of putting it on. If it’s loud, I can’t focus.

19. What was the very first concert you ever attended and also the last one and how many concerts have you seen from the first to the last in total?

First, Journey. Last, Hotel California (Eagles cover band). Maybe a dozen in total.

20. Do you prefer to listen to music and appreciate it that way or are you more likely to be more physically involved as in dancing?

I’m never likely to be physically involved in anything!

Bitmoji in comfy chair with remote

21. What sort of system do you have to listen to music at home and do you “collect music” or purely listen?

My system is to stick a CD in my player or find stuff on YouTube. I do buy music occasionally and have a lot of CDs, both pre-packaged and homemade. I hear there’s this newfangled thing of storing/finding music in the cloud, which sounds magical and mysterious. I’ll look into that someday…

22. How important is music to you?

I think you can gather from my answers that while I enjoy music, it’s not that important to me. I’ve met people who are absolutely consumed by it, and that’s not me at all. Sometimes, in the car, I prefer silence so I can concentrate on the crowded roads and also my own thoughts. Of all the arts, I rank literature and poetry at the top, then painting, sculpture, photography, etc., and music last.

roses music


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Weekend Sky 4

Full moon

As I was driving home from work tonight, I noticed the enormous full moon. I knew I had to grab a pic after I parked. Too bad there wasn’t something beautiful to frame it with, but piney trees and telephone poles are what I had to work with.

Happy Friday night! 🌕💫⭐️


Posted for Hammad’s Weekend Sky.

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Truthful Tuesday Directions

Bitmoji map

PCGuyIV continues his prompt series with a question about directions.

When it comes to navigation in unfamiliar territory, do you shun technology, relying on traditional maps and written directions, or do you leave the atlas behind letting GPS and Google Maps guide the way?

First, despite being online all the time, I’m generally a luddite and dislike adding new tech into my life. It’s all so complicated and glitchy, imo, and I get more enraged when it fails than I ever did when the normal ways of doing things didn’t work. Back then, I could say, OK, this didn’t work because I skipped a step and next time I’ll know better. But with technology, things simply happen that are out of our control and we can’t fix them. Like Facebook logged everyone off and sold our data to the Klingons. Or my home internet is down because of an outage. Or those effing WP blocks are screwy and ruined my posts…

That said, I totally rely on my GPS now and it’s been literally a lifesaver. I used to copy down directions from Yahoo maps and then end up not concentrating enough on the road because I was trying to read them while driving.


I love Google maps and navigation! I no longer bother printing out directions or scribbling them down. I have a terrible sense of “space” anyway (not merely NSEW) and have to override my impulse to do anything differently from what the nav is telling me. Luckily, I don’t travel obscure roads in the wilderness where GPS can mess up and send you into a pit of quicksand.

But even pre-plague, I didn’t like to go anywhere new, or anywhere period, so there’s that…

Home sweet home


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FPQ102: Scaredy-Cat 🐱


Fandango provocatively asks…

What do you fear the most?

I’ve been pondering Fandango’s question all morning. My greatest fear, specifically, will depend upon the day. If I have to drive a long distance, or at all sometimes, the fear of an accident looms large in my mind. Yes, most accidents happen close to home, but they’re also a function of time spent on the road. But WHY do I fear a car crash (which is something I think about often?) Can the elements of this fear be coalesced into an overall theme?

Bitmoji car

1. Pain. Well, duh. Most normal creatures try to avoid physical pain, and yay I am normal in this respect. But wait! I don’t always avoid things that cause pain… sometimes I will exercise when my back hurts, knowing it’ll probably hurt more later. Occasionally, I’ll drink alcohol, knowing a raging migraine is likely to result. Hmm…

2. Logistics. I can’t stand annoyances, and what is more annoying than dealing with the mountain of paperwork, phone calls, repair, rental car crap, on and on, after an accident? I try to avoid this sort of garbage in general and become utterly enraged when some life glitch throws a bowl of logistical pretzels in my face. So, maybe I’m terrified of being inconvenienced?

Bitmoji frustration

3. Surprise. I hate surprises. HATE THEM. I don’t want to be shocked by anything new, since I struggle through the days as it is. It’s all I can do to work and write given my chronic pain issues without some new thing coming along to smash my routine to bits. This is definitely up there with my major fears, and we could generalize and say it’s basically why I quit dating. Because…

4. People! An accident means dealing with people, in all kinds of unpleasant ways. Maybe I hurt someone, yikes. Even if I only damaged their car, they could be furious and mean. Maybe it was their fault, but they’ll lie about it, and I’ll have to deal with that. There could be police questioning me. I’ll have to tell my insurance guy ~ I like him, but still. If I’m hurt, I’ll have to talk to doctors and nurses and medical insurance people. It’s just all so horrible and unpredictable.

5. Anger. But I like some people, and even love a few. I look forward to talking to these folks. I just can’t tolerate angry, mean people who act in unpredictable ways. I am afraid of anger. I guess that’s my main fear. Angry people are super scary. Angry dogs scare me too. And angry bears? Gahhh! You don’t know what angry creatures will do because they’re irrational and possibly violent. And I should know because I too am angry person and have done many irrational things.


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Sure, I’ll Share My World…

Octopus world

Melanie has some new Q’s today…

1. What news event do you vividly remember hearing about as a child, and where were you?

I don’t remember anything specifically until the Nixon re-election campaign, which went on when I was 11 (1972). Like most kids, I took the position of my parents, but unlike most adults, my parents hated Nixon and supported George McGovern. For whatever reason, this came up in my 5th grade class in New Jersey. Once again, I was the weirdo outlier, but back then I was embarrassed about that. Fast forward a bit, and I recall coming home from school to the Watergate hearings…

2. What is a Christmas song that makes you cringe?

Rudolph, ick.

3. What is one place you shop(ped prior to Covid) that might have surprised people?

I used to buy clothing (jeans, sweaters, etc.) from the Victoria’s Secret catalog. But a few years ago, they eliminated everything except the sexy stuff, perfume, and PINK logo crap. I rarely buy anything there now.

Bitmoji sad balloons

4. What is your least favorite holiday side dish?

Probably the main dish if it’s ham or turkey. Otherwise, I can live without boring mashed potatoes. Or peas… also boring. Corn, boring. Why even serve these at holiday times? Who says omg I can’t wait until Christmas dinner when Aunt Louise brings her dish of PEAS?

5. Share something heart warming that’s happened to you lately.

Not much. I’m really over this year, the plague, everyone bitching about something (including me), yada. I drove to LA Sunday and visited my daughter, SIL, and grands outside, which was better than nothing, but still not much fun. I felt good last night when someone new on Medium complimented me on one of my poems.

Quill and ink


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Holiday Share

Bitmoji gingerbread

Melanie gives us some seasonal Share Your World questions today…

Do you enjoy skiing or ice skating or if it’s warm where you are, hiking or enjoying outdoor sports?

Basically no to all except normal walking on the beach or in the park. I love to see snow (if I’m dressed warmly), but have never skied. I’ve ice skated indoors, but I won’t be doing that again with all my aches and pains. I’m a terrible skater anyway due to balance issues.

Do you give to charities or homeless that you might encounter, during this time of year, more than you do otherwise?

I don’t have a lot of income to give away, but throughout the year I give a little here and there to various causes. The holidays don’t motivate me to give more. Generally I don’t give to beggars/homeless because they annoy me so much. Occasionally I may give to a woman though, but never a man. GET A JOB.

What is the most enjoyable activity you engage in during December?  Is it a tradition for you and your family?

I’m not big on traditions, but I do enjoy driving around and seeing the Christmas lights.

Christmas lights

What changes will C-19 bring to your festive celebrations this year?  

The same as it’s done all year ~ no gathering with friends at restaurants, no movies in theaters, no potlucks, no game nights, on and on. One of my friends always has a super fun NYE party, so that’s out too. 🙁

Christmas -holly-banner

GRATITUDE SECTION (Optional of course):

Please share a good will wish for the world!

I wish everyone would buy my new book Ghosted ~ it is finally ready after 3 years! 😍

Truthful Tuesday Holidays

Turkey running

PCGuyIV continues his series by asking if the pandemic has altered our Thanksgiving or Christmas plans. 🎄

For the last few years, I’ve been flying up to NorCal to spend Thanksgiving with my eldest and her husband. This year, I won’t fly. I have a bunch of credit with Southwest for trips I didn’t take in the Spring, and they’ll remain unused. May end up losing them. I am planning to drive up there this year, which will be a giant pain, but worth it to see them. It’s about a six hour trip each way, fastest route, maybe more if there’s a traffic jam. I could go the scenic route, which adds at least an hour, but it’s so pretty along the coast that I might do it coming back.

Being a Jewish atheist, I don’t celebrate Christmas, though I enjoy seeing the lights and nomming up cookies, not to mention Reese’s peanut butter trees. I never had much interest in turning Chanukah into Christmas lite, so I’ll probably ignore most of the season as usual, except for giving gifts to my grandchildren.

Bitmoji Christmas gift

Regarding the plague. I know some are tired of wearing masks, distancing, etc, but for me… I’m doubling down on all that. The Rose Garden fiasco says to me: be more careful, not less. I especially don’t want to pass this terrible bug to my family.


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Home Share


Melanie is back to “normal” this week with her own four questions and nothing on HP.

1. Where do you feel most at home? Please be more specific than “at home, doh” please. It could be a room in your home, a person, a location… 😝 😁 😇

I enjoy being home and feel comfy sitting at my kitchen table with laptop, phone, cuppa tea, and Gatsby nearby.

2. Would you rather ride a bike, ride a horse, or drive a car? 🐎 🚗 🚲

Car, I guess, if I have to. Definitely not a horse because all that bumping would kill my back, and so would a bike these days, probably. Last time I rode a bike, I had massive neck and shoulder pain for a week after.

3. What song would you sing on “Karoke Night” (if you were forced to do so)? 🎤 🎶 🎻🎷🎺🎸🎵🎹

I have sung at karaoke and done a terrible job too. My voice is horrible plus idk when to even start singing! I think I attempted “Bang Bang” by Cher and a few others. Blocked it from my memory mostly…

4. University or life experience, which do you feel best prepares you for life? 🎓

First, I don’t think the “traditional” college experience of living away from home with a bunch of other clueless teenagers, being thrown into social and sexual situations you’re unprepared for, and drinking booze like a maniac is a good thing. Don’t even get me started on the travesty of “Greek life.” Second, I think trade schools have been way undervalued the past several decades while people rack up ridiculous debt to get a 4-year degree. The trades should be much more respected ~ we need plumbers more than marketers! That said, if someone takes a well-rounded slate of college classes and exposes their mind to literature, philosophy, art, psychology, etc., this all can be helpful throughout your life in order to better grasp history, logic, and human behavior. But ultimately, nothing better prepares you for life than living it and transforming your bad choices into learning experiences.

5. What are you grateful for?

This week I’m grateful for delicious pluots. Mmm, so good!


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The Monday Peeve 50

Smiles and positive posts are all well and good, but sometimes I need to vent a bit. How about you? That’s what The Monday Peeve is all about, a chance to blow off a little steam at the beginning of the week, so then we can go merrily on our way once again (hah). I’ll pick a topic that’s on my mind, but you can vent about whatever you please, here in comments or on your own blog. Grab the photo, use the TMP tag, link back to me (or not), and Bob’s yer uncle. I do reserve the right to delete any links that offend my delicate sensibilities. So far, none have, but it could happen. I have feelings!

First, let me say WOOHOO and thank you for sticking with me to my 50th Monday Peeve! Couldn’t have done it without you, for what good is a bitch session if no one is around to nod in sympathy? Second, if you’re thinking, gosh, she’s complained about so many things already… is she really gonna be able to make it to 100 peeves? Fear not! I will manage to scrape up 50 more things to complain about, no problem.

Third, it’s time for today’s peeve, which is my freaking car fob battery changing ORDEAL. First (starting over with firsts now), I didn’t even know these things had batteries… I thought they were powered by car fairy sparkle vibes or something. Never thought about it… why would I? No fob has ever stopped working for me before. I assumed it broke and I’d have to buy a complete new one for hundreds of dollars. But a friend told me they have batteries and you can change them easy peasy. LOL

Second (this is the second thing after the first thing from the third thing, okay?), I happened to find a spare fob while I was looking for something else, so I figured AHA this one will work and no need to deal with batteries. But it didn’t work. I guess it was programmed to die at the same time my first fob died. ANYWAY, my clever son-in-law (well, they’re both clever, but I’m just talking about the older clever one right now) sent me a link to buy new batteries from Amazon, since there are like a zillion choices and I didn’t want to take the fob apart to look. Why not? I don’t know! Scary!

The new batteries came… and like I said, it was scary to think about taking the fobs apart. What if I wrecked something? But I got tired of unlocking my door with the key ~ GAH SO MUCH WORK ~ so finally I said to myself, self, we’re gonna change the damn batteries. Obviously, the first thing to do was open the package of batteries. OH MY GOD! Why do they make the package so hard to open?!? It was beyond ridiculous how these things were sealed up. And after you open them there’s a note saying not to eat them. DAFUQ?

Finally, I was ready to take apart the fob, which as you may know entails wedging in a screwdriver and falooping the whole thing apart. Clearly, some brilliant engineers decided this was the best way to design a key fob. Inside, there’s another SEKRIT compartment that also has to be wedged open with a tool. Finally… TA DA… the battery! I put the fob upside down to remove the battery and all the little widgets fell out. Another brilliant design going on here… make the indicators separate from the whole piece and they’re just wobbling there, unattached to anything. You know what I mean ~ the door open, door lock, trunk lift, etc. ~ all those were plastic whatsits that fell out of their spots. Luckily, I had my SECOND FOB to look at and fix the thing back up.

Then of course I had to do it all over again with fob number two (and the thingies fell out again)… so INSANE! I was positive after all this that the beepies would fail to beep, but they did beep. Everything works fine. The widgets are firmly back in place too after being tightly sealed up with the contraption. But this is why people keep trading their cars in every three years, I understand now. They want to make sure they have a new fob before the old one dies.

Image altered from the original found at Pixabay


Bitmoji rainbow Tuesday

This week in Truthful Tuesday, PCGuyIV asks the following:

Is there something that you like or love now that you used to dislike, hate, or at the very least, have no opinion of before? Or perhaps there is something you now dislike, hate, or maybe even loathe that before you liked, loved, adored, or at least had no opinion of? In either case, or both cases if you so choose, what changed your mind?

Ooh interesting to ponder! Okay, so for the first part, here are some things I used to hate and now love…

1. Peanut butter! Yes, I hated PB as a little kid and refused to eat it. I had lunchmeat sandwiches at school. Around age 12, my tastes simply changed and PB is now one of my favorite foods. Lunchmeat on the other hand… 🤮

2. I used to dislike the fantasy genre of books and movies ~ though paradoxically I always enjoyed the original Star Trek and things like The Twilight Zone. But dragons and magic and stuff? No! Game of Thrones changed my mind about that. 🐉

3. Rituals/occasions. It used to annoy me to feel obligated to celebrate holidays the same way every year. Like if I’ve seen great fireworks once, why do I need to go again? The gluttony of Thanksgiving annoyed the crap out of me. Why must we do this? Etc. But I’ve totally mellowed about this and now look forward to certain ritualistic type occasions. I think part of my problem was having to deal with my parents’ constant arguing ~ it simply made everything sad and stressful for me (though it didn’t affect THEM much!). As I aged, I saw that some holidays could actually be enjoyable when people weren’t all mad at each other.

Bitmoji fam jam

Now, for the second half of the switcharoo, here are some things I used to love and now hate…

1. DRIVING. I was so happy when I first got my license, and I loved to drive hour after hour. We were carless in Chicago for 4 years, and then I got a car when we moved to SoCal. I still enjoyed it, but less and less over the years until it became something I actively despise. It’s effing scary to be on the roads. I guess being older and knowing how many crazy and reckless people are out there, plus all the annoying traffic and construction detours here, spoiled it for me. 🚙

2. Being in a romantic relationship. How I used to love and crave this. It was partly due to my steady diet of romance novels; I thought that romantic love was the only thing that really mattered in life. Now I find it all too stressful and irritating to contemplate. I’ve been happier these last several years without dating AT ALL. I never would have predicted this. 💔

3. Going on rides. Omg, I loved rides at the fair or at an amusement park. My friends and I regularly went on the craziest ones. Now they make me ill and terrified, plus with my neck issues I can’t deal with them at all. Not to mention the fact that people get hurt on them ALL THE TIME. Again, the data on injuries changed my mind, along with not feeling well physically.

Bitmoji driving car


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