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Laura’s Music Challenge

Laura has a new set of music challenges for us this week. Join in!

1. Post a video of a song by a solo artist from the year you were born.

It says this song was recorded in 1960 and released in 1961, so it’s a perfect match.

2. Post a video of a song in which the video stars a once or currently popular actress or actor.

I looked up songs that had actors in the vids, and they were all new songs I didn’t know, so I’m cheating.

3. Post a video for a song that has a color in the lyrics or title.

Green Is Good

Hope you enjoy some more greenery in your feed for Terri’s Sunday Stills photo challenge. πŸ€πŸ™‚πŸ’š

The Struggle Is Real (Green)!

Some friends and I decided to hang out Sunday, so naturally I had to buy some festive apparel. I know, you’re thinking… Paula, don’t you already have St. Patrick’s Day themed stuff from prior years? Well, not really! I have a hat, I guess, but that’s about it. I wore my greenish shirt on Friday to work, and it’s not that festive besides. I have a lime green sweater, but March 17th isn’t really about lime green, now is it? I used to have shamrock socks, but they got all holey. 😒

So, Friday night I went onto the Target app, like you do, to commence shopping. There wasn’t anything I liked much in my local store, so I moseyed on over to Huntington Beach. Eh, a couple shirts were okay, and there were some cute socks and earrings. Then I had a brainstorm to try the men’s department. Well! The guys had adorable shirts! Beautiful green ones with the Lucky Charms logo (we just got plain white), and OMG a kitty shirt, black and white, with a widdle green hat!!! Obviously, I had to get the kitty shirt. Why wouldn’t they make it for women/juniors? Who even can figure out the logic to these things? πŸ™„

I ordered the shirt, socks, and earrings, paid for all that, and planned to pick them up the next morning. I was very happy… for about 5 minutes until I received an email saying those items were no longer available in Huntington Beach. Or Costa Mesa. WHAT? I began searching the whole area on the handy-dandy app. They said I could buy all the same things in Irvine on Barranca. FINE. I was very happy again… for like 5 minutes. Then they said I could only have the shirt. No earrings, no socks. Wtfff? What about the Target in Irvine Spectrum? NO. Westminster Mall. NO NO NO! You can’t have any festive socks or earrings. Get over it. 😑

Ooh, I was so mad. This wasn’t the end of it though. I stayed up late, all energized by my fury. First thing Saturday morning I went right over to the Barranca Target and got my shirt ~ there was a minor drama however because they couldn’t find it at Guest Services and I was about to have a heart attack, but then they did, so I was okay. I went to Peet’s after that for coffee and a PB cookie (yummo). The reason Target was out of green things is because they took them away to make room for Easter things. I stopped at CVS, which sometimes has fun socks, but they too were all Easterized before St. Patrick’s Day. Kohl’s had one little sad display of green dishtowels. ANNOY! πŸ”₯

But then… then I went to Party City. And guess what? They had tons of St. Patrick’s Day stuff still on the shelves Because… because PEOPLE WANT TO BUY IT! And unlike Target, CVS, and Kohl’s, Party City likes to make money from people who want to buy things! What a unique and interesting concept! Stores keeping things in stock that people want to buy. Huh. Who would have thought? Capitalism at its finest, folks, right here in Huntington Beach. Or over there rather. Up there? Idk. Directions confuse me. WHATEVER! I bought green things, which is the point. Yayyy!!! πŸ€πŸ’–πŸ€

Monday Smile & Pick Me Up

My daughter’s birthday flowers are exceptionally lovely. There’s just something about a variety bouquet that brightens up a room like nothing else. My eye is instantly drawn to the lush blooms and vibrant colors. I love the magenta and mauve offset with pale apricot. Such a charming combo.

Posted for the Daily Pick Me Up as well as the Weekly Smile.

Photo Patterns [CFFC]

I found a few patterns in my photo search to fit Cee’s theme for the week.

I Get Around

Here are a few photos for this week’s round theme

Weekly Prompts: Orange

Wow, I didn’t think I had so many orange photos! This is a small selection of what came up in the search. πŸ˜€

Layered Blogger

Here’s my contribution for the photo challenge for layers. I’m wearing layers of tops (black shirt, turquoise shirt, beige sweater) because it’s so chilly, and my pendant is composed of layers of turquoise and whatnot. My hair is cut in layers too, but it’s grown out a lot.

Isolated, in B&W

I’ve posted Mr. Pelican before, but in the original colors. He looks really cool in B&W, I think. I haven’t been to the HB Pier in ages, so idk if he’s still there waiting for lunch. This is for Cee’s Challenge.


Thanks a million to Kristian for this lovely award! I’m really digging the rainbow pastel design of this particular plaque ~ I think it would be cool to actually have a mini poetic verse inscribed upon it. Then it would be a Verse O Tile.

Okay, so I’m supposed to tell 7 things about myself now. Haven’t I already said it all? Hmm. Let’s see…

2. I’ve been invited to write a story for an anthology, which makes me happy (but the deadline looms).

5. Soon it will be my one-year anniversary of deleting all Facebook products, yay.

4. I am on my third viewing of Game of Thrones in its entirety, which is so nuts, especially since I don’t watch anything else.

7. I’ve returned to my daily morning coffee, and it doesn’t seem to be bothering my tummy like it was for a while, hurrah.

3. The older I get, the more I enjoy silence.

1. I try to grocery shop at 8am on the weekend when there are fewer people.

6. I’m getting bored of board games.

Apparently I’m supposed to tag like 857 bloggers and tell them that they’re versatile too? Lolz. Let’s just pretend you’re one of them, so go ahead and post your 7 things. Yep, you. πŸ˜€