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Lovely Trees

Cee’s theme is trees and my photo search pulled up a lot! Here are some…


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Cee has gardens as her fun foto challenge theme this week, and I think I can dig up a few pretties…

My trip to Portlandia with Diane:

Shakespeare Garden Peach rose beeYellow rose bee

The Huntington Gardens in San Marino:

Huntington Gardens Huntington Gardens

Some sweet pics from my last visit to Alameda:

Alameda garden Alameda garden Alameda garden

Chihuly’s glass garden on Catalina:

Chihuly glass garden

And of course an octopus’s garden (in the shade)!

Octopus garden


© 2019 Paula Light and Light Motifs II. No unauthorized use permitted. Please check out Paula’s books for sale on Amazon.

Animals [CFFC]

Cee has another fun foto challenge this week: animals! I think I can contribute a few pics to the cause…

One of these things is not like the others! 🎶💖🎶😻🎶

Threesomes! (with pics)

Cee’s fun photo challenge this week is to post pics of things in threes or the number 3. I found a few…

Two’s Company

Continuing with Cee’s numerical challenge, we leap ahead from one to two.

I’ve decided that a cupcake is just one thing, even though it contains two main parts plus sprinkles (usually) and whatnot. I mean, everything is made up of more things except like atoms or whatever, and I don’t have photos of those. Okay, I just googled, and apparently quarks and leptons are smallest, not to be confused with Lipton (is it soup yet?), or there might be a more fundamental bitsy bit. Point being… what was my point? I forgot! That’s because I’m old.

Numero Uno

Oopsy, I missed Cee’s Number One photo challenge last week and I hope it’s okay to do a little catching up meow. I am partial to numbers. 🙂

My single lost rainbow kitty sock, now reunited (and it feels so good!) with its mate.

My best photo, maybe. At the HB air show in 2016. Didn’t get great pics of the planes.

I don’t know if cupcakes are one thing or two (cake plus frosting), and they’re usually decorated as well. So, to be safe, I didn’t include any.

Lucky Photo Find

This Reagan Museum photo has everything. It contains a circle and a square. It has something that begins with an R. And it’s colorful. I’m beyond thrilled that I can cross 4 things off my list in one swell foop.


Green-Eyed Lady…

A little blog love for my eldest now, to go with Cee’s theme of eyes. I’m excited for my upcoming trip to NorCal, when I’ll get to see these eyes in person. It’s been a while!

On the road… [CFFC]

Cee challenges us to find photos of roads, streets, dirt, country, etc. this week.

1. Portland, OR

2. Costa Mesa, CA

3. Ross, CA

4. Huntington Beach, CA

5. Costa Mesa, CA

Photo Patterns [CFFC]

I found a few patterns in my photo search to fit Cee’s theme for the week.