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This Little Piggy [CFFC]

I know I said I wasn’t doing any more photo challenges, but I’m also a member of the liar’s club (there is no club). This week Cee gives us farm animals and I actually have a photo handy, so with an oink oink here…


Light My Fire [CFFC]

This week’s fun challenge from Cee is all about light. 😎

Painting lighthouses with the fam.

Chanukah lights.

Early morning light.

Tools [CFFC]

At first I thought I couldn’t participate in this photo challenge because I don’t have pics of any of those guys I dated.

But then I remembered the otter kind.

I had to buy this to install my license plates almost two years ago. That was the first time I ever did it, or bought a car by myself. I’ve always been terrified of doing things, maybe because my mommy didn’t think I was good at doing anything other than schoolwork, but as it turns out… all is fine.

This isn’t a diss at my mother. I love her and miss her every day. Especially today because I need to clean my ceiling fan light again and change one of the bulbs.

Drive Me Crazy [CFFC]

This time, Cee challenges us for our photos of things people drive.

Places People Visit [CFFC]

Another fun photo challenge from Cee!

1. Gardens of Portland, OR
2. Sights of NYC
3. San Diego Wild Animal Park
4. Chihuly at Catalina Island
5. Hawaii
6. San Francisco MOMA
7. Renaissance Faire (CA)
8. Hollywood Forever Cemetery
9. Grand Canyon, AZ


Today’s pics are part of another fun Cee’s photo challenge: things people play with.








Pastels Galore [CFFC]

For this fun photo challenge, I’m using another pic from the lovely afternoon in 2015 when my eldest took me to high tea up in NorCal. It was such a wonderful day. Besides the delicious tea and treats, I simply enjoyed spending quality time with my sweet girl in a beautiful atmosphere. I never used to appreciate old-fashioned decor, but I do now. I really like to wander through antique shops and check out the dishes and dolls, furniture, jewelry, and knickknacks. I never buy anything, but I love to walk around and look at all the prettiness.


Cee’s photo challenge this time is to find pics with vibrant colors. Here we go…

Sorry to get so wordy on y’all. Will try to edit it down next time. 🀣

Red, Red Mine [CFFC]

Today’s fun photo challenge is red, and even though I don’t have much clothing in the red range, I do have quite a few photos, mostly of food. Yes, I did archive all my Instagrams before closing my account, you lucky ducks. πŸ˜‚

One of my favorite meals: avocado and tomato, served simply with salt and pepper.

Red against azure, for a striking contrast.

My lucky rainbow sand-dude. Daughter1 made him for me when I began my current job 17 years ago, and he’s been on my desk at work ever since.

Life is just a bowl of strawberries, or something like that.

Gatsby guarding my sparkly red shoes.

Red velvet birthday cake, delicious!

Red velvet wine, so smooth. Alas, I’ve given all alcohol up because of migraines. πŸ™

Red taillights and an ironic personalized plate.

Lime or Light Green [CFFC]

This series is all about lime, also one of my favorite colors (and flavors)! Back in the day, I had loads of lime green clothes, and even some lime boots, but I don’t have the patience to look for photos in the various archives. Idk why everything has become so disorganized in the clouds. πŸ™

Anyway, here is a refreshing cucumber minty drink… from somewhere, probably at the Irvine Spectrum. Dunno when.

And here are some pretty lime green tchotchkes from the tea shop up in NorCal where my daughter took me for a lovely Mom’s afternoon in 2015.

This is Gatsby snoozing behind some lime towels as he likes to do. This photo is a couple years old. I’ve replaced many of my towels now with turquoise ones, which is a great combo with lime, btw.

I guess I will have to add “organize cloud photos” to my list of things to do. Bummer. That will really interrupt my project of staring at the wall. I’ve been making great progress, which is why my blogging’s been a bit light.