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Photo Patterns [CFFC]

I found a few patterns in my photo search to fit Cee’s theme for the week.

Isolated, in B&W

I’ve posted Mr. Pelican before, but in the original colors. He looks really cool in B&W, I think. I haven’t been to the HB Pier in ages, so idk if he’s still there waiting for lunch. This is for Cee’s Challenge.

Make Mine Magenta

Cee says we can choose our own color this week, and in the Valentines’ spirit I choose hot pink aka magenta.

Rainbow Colors [CFFC]

Cee challenged us to post a photo containing at least 4 colors and I think my French toast from Mother’s qualifies. As delicious as it looks! 😀

This Little Piggy [CFFC]

I know I said I wasn’t doing any more photo challenges, but I’m also a member of the liar’s club (there is no club). This week Cee gives us farm animals and I actually have a photo handy, so with an oink oink here…

Light My Fire [CFFC]

This week’s fun challenge from Cee is all about light. 😎

Painting lighthouses with the fam.

Chanukah lights.

Early morning light.

Tools [CFFC]

At first I thought I couldn’t participate in this photo challenge because I don’t have pics of any of those guys I dated.

But then I remembered the otter kind.

I had to buy this to install my license plates almost two years ago. That was the first time I ever did it, or bought a car by myself. I’ve always been terrified of doing things, maybe because my mommy didn’t think I was good at doing anything other than schoolwork, but as it turns out… all is fine.

This isn’t a diss at my mother. I love her and miss her every day. Especially today because I need to clean my ceiling fan light again and change one of the bulbs.

Drive Me Crazy [CFFC]

This time, Cee challenges us for our photos of things people drive.

Places People Visit [CFFC]

Another fun photo challenge from Cee!

1. Gardens of Portland, OR
2. Sights of NYC
3. San Diego Wild Animal Park
4. Chihuly at Catalina Island
5. Hawaii
6. San Francisco MOMA
7. Renaissance Faire (CA)
8. Hollywood Forever Cemetery
9. Grand Canyon, AZ


Today’s pics are part of another fun Cee’s photo challenge: things people play with.