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A Bunch Of Nonsense

To distract myself from myself, I’m going to answer these super intrusive questions about myself from Melanie

1. Tell us how you met your partner. Please be specific in telling your tale.

I don’t have a “partner.” I’ve been divorced since 2011 and all my attempts at dating were documented disasters. Right now, it might be nice to have someone to be cooped up with though. Or maybe not.

2. What is your most romantic experience, again with details?

I have a post in drafts called Skyloft. It’s about the best first date I ever had ~ my last first date. I had a couple more first meetings since, but they don’t count as first dates. This man was also a disaster, like the others, but worse because I’d finally begun to trust again, and after him everything was impossibly shattered. The date itself was incredible. It was the hottest day of the year, and I was sick, had been sick for a month, which made the whole experience surreal. I felt I was in a painting, with all the colors and sounds and tastes and smells so exquisitely bright. When he touched me, I felt transported to another plane. Nothing was the same again… it still isn’t. He kissed me at the beach, with the turquoise waves crashing in, just like a dream. I will never forget this, no matter what he did later.

3. What is the most extravagant purchase you’ve ever made, and why did you buy it?

I have not bought anything extravagant for a really long time. I’m super careful. I’ve spent money, sometimes a lot, but on stuff that’s necessary, such as a car (a sensible one). I simply can’t think of anything. Oh! I know. My daughter went to Costa Rica several years ago and brought me some very cool artwork. I spent $400 to have it framed. But I love it. ❤️

4. What is your favorite swear word or expression, and when are you most likely to use it?

I’m an equal opportunity swearer. I try to give all the bad words a good workout daily, but I must admit that since I haven’t been driving they’ve been sitting in a sad heap on the sofa watching reruns of Gilligan’s Island and munching potato chips. 😢

5. What is your favorite kind of pie? With or without ice cream?

Ooh pie! I had the best pie up in Northern California ~ key lime with whipped cream and a thick graham cracker crust. That is my fave, followed closely by lemon cream and then cherry. No ice cream necessary.

6. While we’re on the subject, what is your favorite ice cream, and where did you last eat it?

Cookie dough! I don’t remember when or where I ate it last. I don’t eat ice cream often because I’m always freezing. 🥶

7. Who is your most unique friend and why? (May be someone from the past.)

My daughters are both brilliant and hilarious and totally unique. I love them to bits! My besties! 💖💖 (Why? Because I raised them! Duh.)

8. What is your most irritating habit?

Yelling at my cat to quit yelling. 🐱

9. Who was your favorite teacher and why?

I loved many of my philosophy and writing professors at CSUN.

10. Do you like being alone and if so, what would you probably be doing?

I enjoy choosing to be alone; I don’t enjoy this forced isolation and not being allowed to go to work. It’s super depressing. When alone, I read, write, play phone games, chat with peeps online, etc.

11. What is the most outlandish thing you’ve ever done?

Probably picked up hitchhikers and taken rides from strange men back in Illinois. Nothing bad ever happened even though this is a terribly stupid thing to do.

12. What superstition do you always follow?

I count things a lot, which isn’t really a superstition, but more an OCD, except not that much since I don’t do it consistently. I just feel things will work out better when there’s the right number of ’em.

13. What famous person or animal have you met? Tell us about the meeting.

Not really. I’ve seen various celebs in the Los Angeles area, but haven’t hung out with any. I don’t think celebs or royals are better than anyone else, and people ought to quit making such a fuss over them. 😛


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But It’s Over Now

Love is in da blog

Goodbye February! It’s been a great month of songs while participating in Bee’s fun music challenge again. A big thanks to Bee for putting together the challenge and prompts! She shared some fab tunes too. I also a great time checking out what other players posted ~ Jim, Barbara, Di, Caramel, Cheryl, Melanie, et al.

For my last song of the February challenge, I’m sharing Roxette’s “It Must Have Been Love.” It was featured in Pretty Woman, a movie I enjoyed but didn’t love as much as other romcoms. It’s strange to me that this movie did so well at the box office ~ I guess it was the star power of the leads. (Though Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan have star power, no?) In my opinion, the Meg Ryan movies are all superior to PW. But I do like Richard Gere… and in Pretty Woman Julia Roberts isn’t as obnoxious as usual. This video is sweet and captures some good moments from the film. Hope you like it! 😘


Written for Love Is In Da Blog Day 29.

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A Trifecta Of Angst!

Have you seen the trending topics lately? No, I’m not talking about the elections or infections but the following selections

1. What to call poor Meghan and Harry now that they no longer have royal titles or protection from the Crown? Oh dear me. Let me collect myself. What if I see them at the grocery store shopping for nectarines? I won’t know how to say hello!

2. What if my ex starts dating a celeb? As if it doesn’t make you feel dejected enough to see your old flame connect with someone new, but the new crush is Jennifer Aniston? Now that this specter has been brought to my attention, I must reflect upon it endlessly.

3. Eyebrows. I had no idea I was supposed to obsess about having perfect brows, but apparently they are a huge deal and you’re supposed to spend a load of money on them. No wonder I failed at finding a man ~ I had been neglecting my brow grooming. Omg how embarrassing! I’m sure that was the main reason for my multiple rejections.

Please inject your thoughts on these important subjects into my comments, thx!


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5 Things (That Make Me Laugh)

5 kittens

Sadje continues her #5Things theme this week with laughter. It’s hard for me to narrow my choices to only 5, but I will try.

1. I love silly wordplay, such as my favorite joke.

Why is 6 afraid of 7?

Because 7 8 9!


2. Steve Martin cracks me up.

3. I adore clever songs in musicals.

4. The Californians is hilarious!

5. Parody usually makes me laugh, as long as it isn’t mean (and I know the original!).

I’m glad this prompt has continued for a second week. Thanks Sadje! 🙂


I don’t know where the 5 kittens are from; if anyone does, please let me know so I can credit the source.

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PFF34: Me & Them

Friday Flashback

Welcome to Paula’s Friday Flashback! This is a challenge begun by Fandango and it’s fun to see what we posted back when (as well as the comments). The below is a reblog of a post I made on January 26, 2012, almost exactly 8 years ago, when I was still doing the dating thing 🤮 and optimistic I would find my soulmate as a 50-something divorcée. How silly I was!

PS: I still have the stripey sweater!

Heather Locklear, Demi Moore… and Me

I may not have a kazillion dollars and be incredibly gorgeous and all, but I think I’m doing a little bit better than those gals, not to brag or anything.

The three of us are about the same age, have had recent painful break-ups, and here’s how we’re handling things.

Heather: drinks too much, goes to rehab, engages in criminal battery.

Demi: quits job, does weird drugs (whip- its?), is hospitalized.

Me: adopts cat, joins eHarmony, buys stripey sweater for date tomorrow night.

Yes, OK, the stripey sweater thing is a little crazy.

But I didn’t want to be forced into cardigan rehab.

/end reblog


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Bait and Switch [fiction 220]

“Excuse me,” Karen said to the scruffy guy who was leaning against the wall smoking a cigarette, “are you the manager?”

“No, just the Archie the drummer.” He scratched his head. “The third one akshully. The other two, well… they couldn’t get in.”

Karen rolled her eyes. “Your band sucks. I was promised Jimmy and Janis. I never even heard of the Bathtub Gingers.”

He grinned. “Cool name, wot? I thought of it! It’s like bathtub gin, but gingers cos two of us have red hair. I mean, I did, before the um explosion.”

“What about Bobby?” Karen demanded. “And Otis? Dock of the bay ring any bells?”

Archie shook his head sadly. “Never heard of them blokes. We do a righteous cover of ‘Pillow Biter’ though. I can dedicate it to you after the break. Wozz yer name?”

“Karen,” she sighed. “And I don’t even know the original ‘Pillow Biter.’ It doesn’t sound like a song that should be played in Rock and Roll Heaven either.”

“The angels like it well enough.” Archie shrugged. “Sometimes they join in on their harpsichords. How’d you get here so early anyways, Karen? You look awful young and healthy.”

“That’s a rude question!” she snapped. “But if you must know, my psychiatrist mixed up my prescriptions. I’m sure it was an accident however.”


Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge 42

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Song Lyric Sunday ~ Hungry

I’m thankful for Jim Adams and his great SLS prompts! What a wonderful job he’s done taking over this cool participation game. It’s super fun to see what everyone comes up with each week and if anyone chooses the same song I do. This week, I have a feeling I won’t be alone in selecting “Hunger Strike,” the hugely popular song written by the enormously talented Chris Cornell. What a tragedy he passed so early at age 52. Rest in peace. 💖

Anyway, there is a ton of info about this song and how Eddie Vedder ended up duetting with Chris on it. Just incredible to hear these two magical voices together. I’m not going to copypasta all the deets here, but if you have time, read more about the history of “Hunger Strike” and Chris too.

The basics are that this song is credited to Chris’ band at the time, Temple of the Dog. It was released as a single in 1991 from their self-titled album and became their most popular song, peaking at No. 4 on Mainstream Rock, though it’s considered a “grunge” genre song. Now, onto the lyrics and video!

Well I don’t mind stealing bread
From the mouths of decadence
But I can’t feed on the powerless
When my cup’s already overfilled
But it’s on the table
The fire’s cooking
And they’re farming babies
The slaves are all working
Blood is on the table
The mouths are all choking
But I’m goin’ hungry
I don’t mind stealing bread
From the mouths of decadence
But I can’t feed on the powerless
When my cup’s already overfilled
But it’s on the table
The fire is cooking
And they’re farming babies
The slaves are all working
And it’s on the table
Their mouths are all choking
But I’m going hungry (Going hungry)
I’m going hungry (Going hungry)
I’m going hungry (Going hungry)
I’m going hungry (Going hungry)
I’m going hungry (Going hungry)
I don’t mind stealing bread (I don’t mind)
I don’t mind stealing bread
I’m going hungry (Going hungry)
I’m going hungry (Going hungry)



Image credit to Jim Adams.

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PFF23: Not Stirred

Ephemeral time

Welcome to my Friday Flashback! This is a post from exactly 4 years ago when I reviewed the new (then) 007 movie Spectre. There’s another one coming out in 2020, and although Daniel Craig swore he was finished with them after the 2015 film, he is in the upcoming one as well. But! That’s it. Absolutely. No more.


OK, I saw Spectre yesterday, and it was a lot of fun as Bond movies always are. Craig does an awesome Bond (and I was one of the original skeptics). Overall, I recommend the movie to Bond fans and action movie lovers in general.


I was disappointed in a couple things. Right at the start there was something I considered a faux pas. Bond’s in a hotel room with a beautiful girl and tells her he’ll be right back. He goes off to kill a guy, get chased, leap across rooftops, etc., as he does… and then the film cuts away to the opening song and credits. Wtf? The Bond of old would have kept the date and they should have shown that. (“Now, where were we?”)

Next, I did not like two of the main plot twists. One, Franz the villain turns out to be Bond’s brother via (Bond’s) adoption, which leads to a bunch of babble about Franz killing their father out of jealousy and always having it out for Bond cuz he stole daddy’s attention. Ugh. Yuck. Two, Franz announces that he has taken his mother’s surname and is now called Blofeld (complete with white cat). No! No no no no. This was not a REMAKE of an old 007 flick, but a progression in the life and times of James Bond, and it’s totes uncool for them to grab back a done and dusted bad guy. (Supposedly, Blofeld died at the start of For Your Eyes Only.) What next ~ Scaramanga? Goldfinger? There was no reason not to have a new bad guy with a new name “reboot” Spectre. No reason at all.

I think writers should be a lot more careful with reboots/remakes and the like. Either you stick to the original and update it with cellphones and shit, or just move the hell on and write something new. Certainly don’t take a franchise and grab stale fries from fifty years ago to scatter about a film in the here and now. That’s kind of a cheat, and we know what happens to writers who use cheats a la Stephen King’s Misery.

My last criticism of Spectre is more basic. I object to this kind of SOS writing we’re seeing in action movies lately of having the hero always be a dude who is bravely going against his own government because of one flimsy piece of info, and then it turns out his boss is in cahoots with the villains, or is the biggest villain of all, blah blah blah. Usually Alex Baldwin plays a belligerent general at some point. Then, there are always one or two other peeps in the gov’t who believe in the hero and help him save the world, thereby putting their own careers in jeopardy. Yawn.

I am sick of this storyline altogether. Write something else, dammit.

Other than these minor nits, I enjoyed the movie. If it’s true that Craig is tired of playing 007 and tossing out his tux, I look forward to the next actor (rumored to be Idris Elba).


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The Monday Peeve 7

The Monday Peeve

Smiles and positive posts are all well and good, but sometimes I need to vent a bit. How about you? That’s what The Monday Peeve is all about, a chance to blow off a little steam at the beginning of the week, so then we can go merrily on our way once again (hah). I’ll pick a topic that’s on my mind, but you can vent about whatever you please, here in comments or on your own blog. Grab the photo, use the #TMP tag, and link back to me (or not ~ I dgaf), and Bob’s yer uncle. I do reserve the right to delete any links that offend my delicate sensibilities. So far, none have, but it could happen! I have feelings!

Here we go then with today’s…

Alrighty, this is not the hugest annoyance ever, but it is mildly irritating… and since mild irritations can build up to ruin our day, they count as peeves too. What am talking about? Thank you for asking! I’m talking about the commenting cashier. Now, on our blogs we love comments, yes we do, but when paying for stuff… not so much, amirite?

I don’t really wanna know what the cashier thinks of my purchases. I’m not sure when it became a thing for clerks at checkout to tell customers that they approve of their items. We aren’t in an upscale restaurant asking for suggestions from the waiter. I’m so happy you also like Brie, grocery store clerk! Am I supposed to say thank you for admiring my good taste? So awkward.

Steve Martin

I wonder if a clerk ever disparages an item? Now, that would be a funny skit. I can imagine Steve Martin playing the part of the clerk.

Cashier: “I see you’re buying Brie.”

Customer: “Yes.”

Cashier: “I don’t like Brie. It’s nasty.”

Customer: “I’m… sorry?”

Cashier: “In fact, I don’t like cheese at all. It gives me the runs. I think I’m lactose intolerant, thought I’ve never been tested.”

Customer: “That’s too bad. Can I have my bag now?”

Cashier: “A lot of people say they’re gluten intolerant, but I think that’s just a fad. I love bread! Did you see we have our French bread on special?”

Customer: “No, I–”

Cashier: “It’s two for one! Why wouldn’t you get some? It would go perfect with this nasty cheese.”

“Customer: “Fine! I’ll take the special. Then may I please have my bag?”

Cashier: “We’re all out of the special. You waited too long standing here talking.”


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321 Quote Me ~ Confusion

321 Quote Me Game

I’ve been tagged by Rory aka A Guy Called Bloke to participate in this round of 3-2-1 Quote Me. Thanks Rory! 😻❤️🎉

The thanks was the “1” of 3-2-1. The “2” will be the two quotes after this paragraph, and the “3” will be the three bloggers I tag to continue the game. Yes, we do the 3-2-1 bass-ackwards as 1-2-3, and also I suspend my usual no-tagging rule for this particular game. If I didn’t, it would end up being a one and a two, like a Lawrence Welk game, but it’s not. It’s the Blokey Guy’s game, so there will be tags. Confused? That’s rather the point. 🤣🤣

Confused emoji

Stephen King Quote Silence beats drama

Please continue the theme…

Crushed Caramel

John Holton

Laura Venturini


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