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30-Day Song Challenge [3]

Welp, Days 5 and 6 certainly go together in my book! As you know, I’m not one for loud music, but like everything else… there are exceptions. Billy Idol’s songs are in that category, amirite? Turn up the volume for his cover of “Mony Mony!” 🎶🎶🎶


This next one, also with a double title, not only needs to be played loudly, but also who can resist dancing to “Sugar Sugar?” Not me! 🍭🍫🎶



Cannoli Canoe [SOCS]

Can I get through Halloween without eating too much candy? Quite candidly, if it wouldn’t cause a scandal, I’d prefer a cannoli, which I discovered late in life and have not eaten nearly enough of. Boohoo, light a candle. Other peeps may lament the fact that they never joined the mile high club on the flight to Cancun or traveled the Amazon in a canoe, but me I’ll just be whispering on my last breath… I wish I’d eaten another cannoli… send me through the volcano and dump my ashes in a canister… and all the while I’ll be thinking of this pastry filled with bliss. Can you dig it, toucan?

Blue Sky

No, this isn’t about Breaking Bad or the ELO song. It’s a pile of questions I found here on an open tag game, and I’m just grabbing them without following the rules or using the banner cuz that’s how I roll. If any of the questions annoy me, I’ll delete them and possibly substitute my own. Then it’s your turn to play. Or else. 🔥


1. What country have you never visited but would love to, and why?

– I want to visit England and see majestic old crumbly things like the Queen and have tea and cucumber snadwiches and browse in bookshops and hear men speak in sexy British accents all day (swoonsies).

2. What person in your life (not including family members) has most shaped who you are today?

– Probably my ex-husband of 21 years.

3. List three things that make you happy?

– Kitties, poetry, tea.

4. What’s your favorite genre to read?

– Romance.

5. What time period in history most intrigues you, and why?

– That time when whales walked on land and then went back into the ocean and lost their feets. I haz questions.

6. If you could add a new talent to your repertoire, what would it be, and why?

– Repertoire, lol. I would like to have a sense of direction, thx.

7. Where is your favorite place in the world, and why?

– Anywhere with both my daughters, all of us having a good time.

8. What animal best describes your personality, and why?

– Hermit crab. I like to be home alone, and I’m crabby.

9. What’s your favorite recipe (and please share it)?

– Tea and c00kies. You make some tea and get some c00kies from the c00kie package. Serve with a napkin. Hope that wasn’t too technical.

10. Hiking boots, sneakers, heels, or flip-flops?

– Eh? Cute boots or loafers. Occasional heels but not high ones. Sneakers for long walks. Long meaning over a mile. 😂

11. Would you rather have tons of love and little wealth, or tons of wealth and little love?

– Wealth, tons of. Then watch the love roll in. I know how it works.

12. What’s your favorite flower? Any special reason?

– Yellow roses edged with pink. Also sunflowers and orchids. I love a super colorful bouquet 💐 most of all. No reason.

13. What word do you find annoying, and you hear it all the time?

– It starts with T.

14. What bends your mind every time you think about it?

– The first person who figured out how to make bread. It’s so freaking complicated with a bunch of steps and not something that would have happened by accident.

15. What is in your fridge right now?

– Bread, whale feets. The usual.

K, I’m done. Deleted the rest. Now you!

A Return to Normalcy

I always say I like the routine of the workweek. I enjoy getting up early with a sense of purpose, knowing I can’t laze around too long because I have to get dressed and go to the office soon. I wouldn’t want to work at home in sweatpants, since I like having a reason to dress nicely and, most importantly, have a collection of shooze in various colors and styles. Not to mention boots! If I worked at home, I’d never wear adorable corduroy skirts with cute sweaters and boots. The horror.

Plus the workweek makes the weekends so much sweeter. You schedule fun plans (or no plans!) and look forward to seeing friends, going to cool events, watching movies, or just blissing out in peace when Saturday morning rolls around.

That said, for over a week last week I hibernated with my daughter up in NorCal and really really enjoyed it. I drove her car to the store twice, and we took short walks around the neighborhood. But other than that, and letting her doggie outside in the back, I stayed in, wore sweats, and pretty much did nothing but read books, blog, color, eat various carbs, snack on candy, etc. I also kept checking the online news too frequently, blech!

Point is, I quickly forgot how much I allegedly love the routine of getting out of the house and going to work in a cute outfit, and I immediately adapted to shlumping around like a retired brown bear. Didn’t realize how adaptable I am. What a nice trait to discover so late in life. (Pats self on back.) (Ow.)

But today I’m back to normal.

A Perfect Day for Candycornfish

I did this last night and this morning. After I colored a few fishies, I decided they looked like candy corn (appropriate for the season); however, my daughter and her fiancé think they look like one of the Pokemons. Either way, I’m submitting it for October Coloring Club. 🙂

Flower Power [SOCS]

Flowers are a funny thing… I used to tell men (dates/prospective dates) not to get me flowers, that I was allergic, or that they’d trigger migraines. I’d sometimes simplify this all to “I’m not really into flowers.” I’d make sure to say this if it was around Valentine’s Day, the holiday that men dread. (I’d also say I didn’t care about V-Day too.) 🥀

All that was a lie. I love flowers! Of course I do. 🌺🌼🌸 Flowers are beautiful and awesome, each one different and special. I love them singly and in bouquets, in arrangements and in gardens. My favorites are sunflowers and orchids, plus all the variegated roses, especially pink to yellow. I also adore African violets. My mom used to have a lot of those.

I told men I didn’t like flowers so they wouldn’t spend extra money on me. I was trying to be helpful and kind. But it all backfired anyway as several men who paid for dinners and such criticized me for that later anyway. I’ve experienced a lot of criticism from men I’ve dated and had relationships with. I don’t know if this is normal or if I attract these kind of men, or what the deal is. It’s probably the biggest reason I’ve quit dating. Not only do I fail to find someone, but then I have to listen to a pile of whinery. My favorite: “you didn’t bake me cookies!”

Maybe I shouldn’t have tried to be helpful and kind. Maybe I should have said hell yeah I like flowers and candy… and I love to be treated to a super special night out for Valentine’s Day. 🌹💋🍷Then I would have ended up dating a whole different class of men, and that might not have been a bad thing. Or it could have been much worse!

Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut [SYW]

Sometimes you don’t!

Share Your World questions from Cee:

Do you prefer eating foods with nuts or no nuts?

Complicated Q. I love peanut butter. In fact, I recently rediscovered my taste for crunchy PB, after declaring I hated it for decades, only because Target was all out of Jif smooth (I’m a choosy mommy). Yes, I know that peanuts aren’t technically nuts. 🙄🙄🙄 Sometimes I enjoy snacking on almonds, cashews, etc. I love marzipan and any pastries made with it. But the nuts stop there. I don’t want my c00kies, brownies, ice creams, etc. adulterated with nuts. So annoying! (Of course chocolate candy can have nuts; that’s entirely different.)

Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed?

My preference is closed, to keep monsters and ghosties safely shut away, but my cat has other ideas and often opens them in the night to hang with the otherworldly beings.

Are you usually late, early, or right on time?

Almost always early unless I force myself to be on time or deliberately late. Is just my way of avoiding the stress of worrying about being late. I can always sit in my car and read something if I’m ridiculously early. Also, I tend to get lost, even with GPS, so I need to build that in.

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination.

So many things! I had a great week and hope I don’t jinx myself by saying so. Last Monday I was still spending time with my lovely daughter and we were having fun painting to vids from YouTube. Tuesday I saw Crazy Rich Asians and enjoyed it a bunch. Wednesday I had a delicious free lunch at work courtesy of the landlord. Saturday I had a blast playing board games with friends. Yesterday I just chilled with Mr. G watching Monk all day… home sweet home!

Licorice [WATW]

My mother bowled. She was a good bowler and often on a league. She was a physically strong person, competent at practical things, and able to learn new skills on her own. While she valued these traits in herself however, she didn’t cultivate them in me, and cared only about my grades in school.

Once when I was around 5 years old, I was wandering around the bowling alley while she bowled with her team. There wasn’t much for me to do and I remember being bored and annoyed. The Monkees were on the radio and I liked them.

Mom gave me money for candy and I tried something new: red licorice. I didn’t like it, but I kept eating it, and it made me sick. I didn’t make it to the bathroom in time and threw up in a corner where no one saw me. I felt very embarrassed and stayed away from that area the rest of the afternoon.

I’ve always hated licorice ever since (both kinds). And I don’t like bowling much either. But I do still love the Monkees. Go figure!



Chicken Dinner Good Candy

I realize this sounds like the title of a Murakami story, but it’s actually the slogan for an old-time candy bar called Chicken Dinner.

I know, right? But that’s what the Sperrry Co. named their “nutritious” candy bar in 1923. It also made TIME’s list as one of the most influential CB’s because it apparently helped generate the creation of Power bars and such. (You will note that Chicken Dinner is no. 6 on the list. Number 1? KIT KAT!)

Also, there’s an entire blog named after the Chicken Dinner candy bar. Here’s an interesting excerpt:

The unusual name was meant to echo the feeling of well-being and prosperity associated with “a chicken in every pot”—a slogan that went back to Henry IV of France and which would be revived for the 1928 Republican campaign. And it was pretty popular, too! It stayed in production for nearly 40 years before being discontinued in the 1960’s. ~ Mars

Did you know that “a chicken in every pot” was a fronsh king thing and not an original Hooverism? Well, I’m sure you did, but I did not. Look at all the cool info an investigation of a candy bar turns up!

Now you may sensibly ask wtf motivated me to go googling up Chicken Dinner? I will tell you ~ it’s  because I wanted a poster for my kitchen. I had these neato carved wooden people from ages ago, and when I tried to put them up in my new place, one of the hooks broke. I could have fixed it, but then I thought, nah, I’m tired of these anyway. So, I looked up kitchen art. Most had to do with coffee, which is boring.

But then… then I found this most awesome poster ever!


Is that perfect, or what? Not only does it look awesome over my stove, but the yellow complements my countertops. I just love this thing ~ it makes me smile every time I go in there.

And there you have it: Chicken Dinner Good Candy. You may now resume your life full of extra-special knowledge. You’re very welcome. 🙂

Single Girl’s Valentine Checklist

Tomorrow is That Day, February 14th, when the unattached are reminded over and over and over again that they’re alone. No hearts for you! But no worries ~ I’m here to help, with the essential guide to Valentine’s Day for the single girl. Check it out!

1. Yoga pants to facilitate frumping around the house on Valentine’s night while every other woman is dressed to kill and having a beautiful candlelight dinner with her man. Hey, at least we’re cozy and comfy…


2. Chick flicks for that necessary escape from loneseome reality. Anything with Meg Ryan, Kate Hudson or Katherine Heigl is a good choice.


3. Romance novels to give us an impossible standard by which to judge men in real life. From Victorian to contemporary, there is no shortage of the sexy alpha hero who goes from pirate ship captain to duke of the realm without scuffing his boots.


4. Photo albums to push us down the coulda woulda shoulda angst path.


5. Box of tissue for our copious tears after dealing with items 2-4.


6. Ice cream, obviously. We’re in survival mode now, baby!


7. Emergency candy, to supplement the above.


8. And last but not least, the most important thing a woman needs to feel totally single on Valentine’s Day…


The indifferent cat.

And there you have it ~ the Single Girl’s Valentine Checklist in all its glory. Hope you get through the day with minimal upset, and remember… there’s always next year!