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Birds of a Feather

Swans love bonded

Some people claim that opposites attract, but I’ve always thought (and observed) that couples who are more alike than different have better success with long-term relationships. Not every item needs to match, but it’s hard, for example, to sustain a romance with someone who craves constant travel when you’re a homebody. And how do you compromise on religion, children, politics? I guess a person who loves cake could live with someone who only likes pie. Perhaps! But the big goals should line up, imo. Of course, there are always exceptions, but I prefer playing the odds. And indeed back when I dated I met plenty of odd men… but thankfully those days are over and I can now simply opine cluelessly from my comfy chair.

Swans are often used as a symbol of eternal love because most pairs mate for life. “Divorce” is rare; only a small percentage of the birds split up and take another mate. I received a beautiful pair of crystal swans as a wedding gift and still have them with only a few scratches. The marriage itself shattered however…

In “My Guy,” Mary Wells sings about how well she and her man go together, so well that she could never be torn away from him. She seems to be singing to another man who may be trying to seduce her, and she rejects his advances by explaining how her current relationship could never be upgraded.

There’s nothing you could say
To tear me away from my guy
There’s nothing you could do
‘Cause I’m stuck like glue to my guy
I’m stickin’ to my guy like a stamp to a letter
Like the birds of a feather
We stick together
I’m telling you from the start
I can’t be torn apart from my guy

Ronald White and Smokey Robinson wrote these great lyrics for the 1964 hit. Enjoy!


Written for Jim’s Thursday Inspiration.

Image from Pixabay. Info from Wikipedia.

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