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Light My Fire [CFFC]

This week’s fun challenge from Cee is all about light. 😎

Painting lighthouses with the fam.

Chanukah lights.

Early morning light.


Batter Up [SOCS]

Interesting stream of consciousness Saturday prompt: we open a book and the first thing we point to is what we write about. I’ve got Soul Food by Jack Kornfield & Christina Feldman right here, don’t even know why, can’t remember buying it, but I’m opening it up right now… page 144…

“We have not yet plumbed the depths and possibilities of our own awareness.”

How true this is. We’re just a bunch of blind bats flying into the cave walls and crashing down to die in a mountain of bat poop. Those few moments between birth and death, when we’re fluttering madly, before we bash our bat brains out, is when we think we’ve accomplished something, lol. Look at me! I’m doing so much better than those other bats! (Smash.)

I suppose this book is going to tell me how I can become aware of something or other before I hit the wall and die, disintegrating into bat goo indistinguishable from every other bat that was ever born, which is why I spent [can’t find price tag] on it. Maybe it was a gift. Thanks, whoever bought me woo woo self-help actualization type book. I love these things. πŸ™„

Hard to believe I bought it, but I guess I might have occasional moments of trying to connect with muh spirituality. Such as it is. Okay then. That’s all I can do here. Should have opened the art cat book. 🐱

Places People Visit [CFFC]

Another fun photo challenge from Cee!

1. Gardens of Portland, OR
2. Sights of NYC
3. San Diego Wild Animal Park
4. Chihuly at Catalina Island
5. Hawaii
6. San Francisco MOMA
7. Renaissance Faire (CA)
8. Hollywood Forever Cemetery
9. Grand Canyon, AZ

Another Octolage

Here is the next set of pics for City Sonnet’s October photo challenge in collage form, my new artistic mode.

13. Crimson
14. Grapes
15. Autumn colors
16. Macro, micro
17. Landscape
18. Green-orange-yellow
19. Clouds
20. Start with U


As is my way, I’m doing City Sonnet’s photo challenge in one swell foop. This time, the whole month will be right here in one poast! How exciting! Since I didn’t want to overwhelm my readers with 31 full-size pics in predictable order, I mashed them up in collages. First, I will poast the key, and then I’ll show you my photo art. You can match them up if you like, or simply enjoy for a minute and return to your normally scheduled life.

Thirty in One

I found this at Sparks and I’m a fan of getting things over with, not dragging them out for 30 days. I’m too lazy for that. So brace yourselves for an onslaught of grats, 30 to be exact, right here, right meow 🐱.

I’m grateful for…

Cinnamon and running water;

Turquoise blue and peanut butter;

The sound of silence and

The majestic ocean; memories of

My children πŸ’• playing at the beach.

Welcome to Temptation by Jen Crusie

Encouraged my own narrative voice;

A shout out to the OC Animal Shelter,

Where I found my sweet kitty cat boy.

I love the taste of pumpkin spice,

Especially on Halloween night; πŸŽƒ

The texture of towels warm from the dryer.

I’m grateful I can read and write;

My cat is always a welcome sight!

My migraines are less annoying in fall;

I’m glad I’m in between short and tall

And that I know not to vote for monsters.

Love Starry Night ✨ and the touch

Of my kitty’s soft nose or paw;

I’m grateful for my daughters every day;

And for the best song ever:

Hotel Californ-i-a. 🎢

I like the story of the blue wave 🌊

And the tradition of anger motivating votes πŸ™„;

I’m grateful for the challenge of trying to not go stark screaming bonkers every second;

THIS FUCKING WEEK ARE YOU MAD??? I mean um… peanut butter cups from Trader Joe’s. Really yummy.

Most thankful for writing to express myself, otherwise I would be in a straitjacket.

Drugs. I mean, Rx meds of course. In the immortal words of Matt Damon: WHAT?

Today my daughter’s dog stuck her face through her toy donut 🍩 and it was really cute.

I’m grateful for my friend Jenny who is taking excellent care of my kitty while I’m gone. ❀️

Well, I would be thankful for my small skill at turning this boring thing into a semi-cute pome, but I got all into the weeds there when I was reminded about GRRRR again, and now everything is fucked. But I’m just leaving it now and not deleting it because we are doing Messy Blogs… yes, it’s a thing. And I’m here for it.

Messy Bloggers Unite! Who can make us a cool graphic? Someone plz get on that. TIA!

A Perfect Day for Candycornfish

I did this last night and this morning. After I colored a few fishies, I decided they looked like candy corn (appropriate for the season); however, my daughter and her fiancΓ© think they look like one of the Pokemons. Either way, I’m submitting it for October Coloring Club. πŸ™‚


Today’s challenge is light and dark, and I’ve found two pics to fit.


Cee’s photo challenge this time is to find pics with vibrant colors. Here we go…

Sorry to get so wordy on y’all. Will try to edit it down next time. 🀣

Escapist Coloring Club

Welp… I am being presumptuous. They may ban me from the ECC with my first entry. But it was relaxing…