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5 Coping Tools

Dr. Tanya keeps 5Things going by asking us this week what we do to reduce anxiety.

1. I make a list. Whatever the problem is, a list will help. I break the task or issue up into teeny steps, so I can cross them off or delete them when done. 😎

2. I think of all the worst possible things that can happen, and then I tell myself whatever does happen probably won’t be as bad as I imagine.😱

3. I focus on breathing for a few minutes.

4. If I’m at home, I discuss the issue with a kitty. 🐱

5. Eventually, I talk about the situation with a sympathetic person, like a daughter. 💖

My strategies are different from the usual listen to music type of thing. Trying to distract myself from a stressful situation never works. I still know it’s there. What helps me is to stare it down until it shrinks from my glaring. I’m scary, rawr!


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5 Qualities

5 kitty cat kittens

Dr. Tanya returns for #5Things by asking us to name the 5 qualities we most admire in others. This is interesting to ponder, along with today’s FPQ about ourselves. I find that the qualities I admire have changed over the years. I used to be drawn toward super smart, sarcastic, cynical, troubled people, but some of those traits have fallen out of favor with me.

Let me say something about honesty. I don’t admire honesty; it’s a baseline, something I expect from people unless extraordinary circumstances prevent truth-telling (like to save a life).

1. Kindness. This is by far the quality I admire most. I have been trying to become a kinder person and I gravitate toward kindness in others. Many times, kindness is manifested in not doing something. Not making a snarky joke at someone else’s expense. Not crowing about your luck or victories to make others feel lesser. Being the bigger person. Taking the high road. All that cliched mush. 🙂

2. Communicativeness. I admire people who are able to verbalize/write effectively to let me know what’s going on. It’s too hard to sustain any sort of meaningful relationship with poor communicators. My ESP doesn’t work well. 🤪

3. Resilience. I admire people who can easily adapt to new situations and make the best of things rather than complain. I know this sounds hypocritical, since I’m not too good at it, but that doesn’t mean I don’t admire the quality in others. 😎

4. Empathy. I can’t bear the overused term “empath” that so many identify as lately. I guess I’m an empath too! Wheeee! To me, this isn’t merely absorbing someone else’s feelings or reading the room. To me, this means the willingness to really listen and dive into another person’s POV by first abandoning one’s own and letting go of any ego issues and preconceptions/judgments. Now, this doesn’t mean we have to end up in agreement, but at least understand. It’s a hard thing to do consistently.🥰

5. Creativity. I admire creative people, whether writers, comedians, musicians, et al. I wish I were more creative! But at least I get to enjoy other people’s great work. 🤩


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5 Post-Pandemic Predictions

Dr. Tanya asks us to make predictions…

Bitmoji crystal ball fortune telling predictions

1. The clock will strike 13 and the sky will smell like television.

2. Our phones will get an update to absorb calories from our fingers, so we will lose weight via texting, facebooking, etc.

3. Cats will stop eating stupid things that make them yark. 🐱

4. Men will quit lying. No, just men. These are MY predictions ~ do your own. 😛

5. No cute shoes will ever hurt our feet.

If you’re saying, but Paula these sound more like fantasies than predictions… you’re absolutely correct. And so is imagining an end to this pandemic. 😢


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5 Favorite Summer Desserts

This is a continuation of the #5Things series from Dr. Tanya

Probably my favorite summer dessert is mango 🥭 sorbet from Trader Joe’s. Note that it is gluten free. 🙄 (Pic purloined from Pinterest.)

Mango sorbet

Next up is cherry pie, which honestly can be nommed at anytime, but I think of it as a summer dessert. (Pinterest pic.)

Cherry pie

Starbucks’ iced mocha frappuccino with whipped cream is one of my sweet summer indulgences. (My own photo.)

Frozen lemonade is something delicious I associate with summer, but the caveat is it only tastes yummy at a fair. I don’t want it at home ~ I want to overpay for it while wandering around the games and rides. (Pic from Amazon.)

Frozen lemonade

Finally, vanilla frozen yogurt with peanut butter cup pieces is one of my top faves. I’ve tried a bunch, and Golden Spoon is the best. I failed to find the exact photo I need, so I’m using this Yelp one, but it shows PB froyo, which I wouldn’t get. VANILLA with PB cup pieces is the way to go. It appears I will have to visit Golden Spoon myself, order the proper dessert, and take a pic. Gosh, what a burden…

Frozen yogurt with peanut butter cups


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5 Things [I Enjoyed Doing During Lockdown]

Bitmoji relaxing with book

Dr. Tanya returns with the #5Things topic for today: 5 things I enjoyed doing during the lockdown.

1. Nothing! That’s right ~ I enjoyed doing nothing for a while. I’d been super tired, without a real vacation for years, so it was lovely just to chill. 🥰

2. Reading! I’ve read several books over the last few months. It’s been great to have the time to participate in some fun reading challenges. 📚

3. Writing! I’m pleased to announce that I’ve made significant progress on my novel Ghosted. 👻

4. Organizing! I bought lucite holders from Target and straightened up all the junk in my bathroom. Rearranged some other misc stuff as well. 👍🏻

5. Bonding! Spending so much time at home has allowed my roommate’s cat to become more comfortable with me. She hangs out with me now while I’m at my laptop. Of course, my own kitty has had more quality time with me too. 🐱

Striped kitty face

Here she is, purring on my lap. ❤️❤️❤️


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Images from Bitmoji and me.

5 Things [I Love About Summer]

Dr. Tanya wants to know the 5 things we love about summer…

1. Ice cream! Since I’m always cold, it needs to be hot hot hot for me to enjoy ice cream.

Ice cream

2. Long, lovely days with lots of light…

3. Adorable summer clothes I don’t have to lump a sweater over because I’m not cold!

^^^ yes, that is me… 🤣

4. The sounds of fun at the pool! Not that I want to join in or anything.


5. Flowers!

Flowers and butterfly


Images from Pexels.

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5 Things [I Miss During Lockdown]

Ticket to Ride New York

1. I miss going to work in my office every day. I’m one of those rare souls who dislikes working from home. I don’t like to slob around in grungy clothes, graze at the fridge all day, and procrastinate until I end up doing my work late at night. So annoying! Not to mention all the noise from gardeners, cats, etc. I like to work at work.

2. I miss playing Ticket to Ride, my favorite board game. Other games are doable over Zoom (not that I like Zoom that much, different issue), but you really need to play TTR in person. I could go on indefinitely with remote games… except for the loss of TTR.

3. I miss being able to grab a coffee in a Starbucks (or wherever) and sit for a few minutes while zoning out with my phone… or even having lunch somewhere by myself at a little table and reading on my phone or gazing out the window. I guess we can start doing this again, but I’m not inclined to expose myself to germs for no reason. It just seems foolish.

4. I miss being able to fly up to Northern California to see my daughter and her hubby, and I don’t feel comfortable flying yet or going through an airport. Maybe I’ll drive up at some point, though that’s no fun at all. Seven hours on the road each way, gah.

5. I miss being able to hang out with my younger daughter in Los Angeles and her family, go to the park, or grab lunch, whatever. I can see them now, but it’s still pretty limited.


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I don’t remember where I grabbed this TTR image. How are we supposed to keep track of all the images floating around in our library?

Written for Dr. Tanya’s #5Things Prompt.

5 Things [Movies On Repeat]

Bitmoji watching movies with remote in hand

Dr. Tanya asks us to list 5 movies we love to watch over and over again. Funny, but I love the 5 movies she chose! I’d watch any of them again (and I have, especially The Devil Wears Prada and You’ve Got Mail), but I will choose 5 different ones to make this fun. There are so many good films!

  1. Young Frankenstein. Omg, this film is hilarious! I try to watch it every year around Halloween (though I missed in 2019, so I definitely will have to view it this fall). Such a great flick with a fantastic cast.
  2. Risky Business. This one has a special place in my heart. It’s set in the Chicago area, which is where I saw it the first time. I played hooky from a class and went to see it alone. Absolutely loved it. The entire theater erupted in screams when Joel said, “Looks like… UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS!” The music from Tangerine Dream and Talking Heads is great too.
  3. Chicago. Speaking of Chicago! I adore this musical… and musicals in general (could be my whole list really). Not sure if this is my fave musical of all time, but it’s the one I pick lately when I want to watch/listen again. It’s just so freaking excellent. Who knew Richard Gere could sing? Right? What’s interesting is I can’t stand Renee Zellweger in anything else. Nothing. She’s so annoying. But this I love.
  4. Goodfellas. Got to get my mob props in here somewhere. This is the best mob movie, I think. I’ve seen many and will always stop on a dime and rewatch this if I happen to run across it. Doesn’t matter where it is in progress either. Also, I own it and can simply view the whole thing anytime. Such an excellent flick. A perfectly told story.
  5. When Harry Met Sally. I go back and forth about my favorite love story and ultimately I do believe this is it (at least today anyway!). First, the Harry/Sally love story is far from “perfect,” which, in a way, just makes it that much better. They are imperfect people who behave in cringeworthy ways… like um actual humans. You’re like ugh no don’t say that, don’t do that. But they do and things get more tangled up. Second, while Harry/Sally are messing up their love life, we have the two secondary characters, Jesse and Marie, engaged in a truly perfect love story, so that’s cool. Third, there are so many funny scenes and quotable lines from this movie… it just stays with me. In fact, I want to watch it again soon!


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5 Things [Fave Food Combos]

Yaaay! Hooray! 😀 Dr. Tanya is bringing back the #5Things prompt. Here are my 5 fave food combos with my very own photos…

1. Seafood & Pasta

Seafood pasta

2. Peanut Butter & Blackberry Preserves

Peanut butter & preserves

3. Lox & Bagel

Lox and bagel

4. Sweet Potato & Broccoli

Sweet Potato and broccoli

5. Grilled Cheese & Tomato

I know you were expecting me to have cake or cupcakes, or maybe cookies or pie, and here I go posting normal food, so like what’s up with that? Welp… There’s no combo with cake. Cake stands alone. Same with the others. Sorry, but I’m not a fan of ruining my desserts by glopping ice cream over them. Nothing against ice cream! Love ice cream. But it’s also a stand-alone.

That’s just how it is.


Images are mine.

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5 Things [That Fascinate Me]


Sadje is back with her #5Things, and I’m back from my semi-break (for now). So, that’s a happy coincidence! 🙂

1. The chronically un-self-aware. Sure, we all have moments of hypocrisy… especially as parents. Who hasn’t caught themselves yelling at a kid (or a kitty) to be quiet, for example? But there are folks who seem to make it their mission to stomp through life entirely unaware of their own behavior, like um ever. I find this fascinating!

2. Why some people feel a need to speed up and zip around on the left and then cut in dangerously close on the right to exit or turn, saving no time whatsoever. This is a fascinating driving maneuver!

3. Why people honk in traffic jams when there is nowhere for anyone to go… Another fascinating glimpse into the mind of the California driver.

4. Why women complain about men who act honest about what they want (hookups, someone much younger, etc.). To me, this is vastly preferable to the liars and scammers you find out there, and yet I keep hearing the complaints. Fascinating!

5. The weird way people think about risk when tables are constantly published. Utterly fascinating!

I guess it’s human behavior I find both fascinating and incomprehensible. Maybe I should have studied it in school and become a psychologist or something. It’s probably the best explanation for my failure at romance too. I just don’t get why people do what they do!

It’s stressful to try to figure out people though. I’d rather wander through a garden of flowers and butterflies… 🌺🌻🦋


Image from Google.

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