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My Own Worlds (200 words)

My father was never lost; he just took the scenic routes. This infuriated my mother, who had created plans and made motel reservations. She would read the road map while Dad meandered along a new route in a strange state until she got a headache. Eventually, he’d get to where we were supposed to be, accompanied by a lot of shouting, his good mood disappeared and all of us starving. Luckily, we never had to sleep in the car.

In the meantime, I tuned my parents out by curling up in the back seat with books, immersing myself in new worlds with new characters. I let the scenery whoosh by my window unobserved. I wanted to escape into my mind, into a fantasy land where people weren’t screaming over maps and whether we were lost.

I was lost in a kaleidoscope of fiction. Sometimes the newly spun world was a doggie story and later they became mysteries. In my teen years, I got hooked on romance novels. Eventually, I began to wonder if I could create my own worlds of words, spin my own colorful tales for others to lose themselves in. It all began during those stressful driving “vacations.”


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Romantic Sunset Picnic [flash 173]

The sign at the entrance to the gravel parking lot said “Open During Shutdown.”

“Yay!” Cheryl said. “We can still have our romantic sunset picnic by the river.”

Dan pulled into a spot and they exited the SUV. “Looks pretty deserted, honey. But I’m sure it’s safe.

“Of course it is.” Cheryl took out the picnic basket. “They wouldn’t have put out the sign otherwise.”

They sat on their blanket by the riverbank and watched the sun exit the stage in a dramatic curtain of violet and apricot.

“Gorgeous,” Cheryl sighed. “Now, let’s have marshmallows!”

“I love how they ignite like little fire bombs,” Dan said, holding two sticks over the fire at once.

“My stick isn’t spiky enough,” Cheryl said.

“Try this one,” a voice behind her growled.

“AAAAAAAH DAN A BEAR!” she screamed.


The bears sat on the blanket finishing the bag of marshmallows. “That was a genius idea putting out the sign,” Mama Bear said.

“I do love a romantic sunset picnic.” Papa Bear leaned in for a sticky smooch.


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