April Gone Rogue Badge

I created the above badge for those of us who wanted to participate unofficially in the 2023 April A-Z challenge without dealing with the sign-up sheet, etc. The badge is intentionally undated so it can be used again in future A-Z challenges, as I’m a big fan of conserving media storage space.

I wasn’t sure if I would create a tab for my 2023 A-Z posts because they’re just a pile of things I dislike, but I do love consistency, so for that reason I made this page. I doubt there will be much interest in reading these nope posts a second time around, but here they are, in order.

A is for Aggression
B is for Balance
C is for Charity
D is for Drama
E is for Eel
F is for Flipflops
G is for Grapefruit
H is for Hiking
I is for Interrogation
J is for Jeannie
K is for Kale
L is for Lingerie
M is for Marriage
N is for Novelty
O is for Opinions
P is for Picnics
Q is for Quizzes
R is for Raisins
S is for Secrets
T is for Travel
U is for Upselling
V is for Video
W is for Wig
X is for X
Y is for Yes
Z is for Zombie