Over the last several years, I’ve had a variety of, shall we say, “interesting” experiences in the dating world after emerging from the cocoon of a 20-year marriage. Most of these new adventures came via online dating sites and, sad to say, this butterfly ended up with her wings burnt and is now recuperating indefinitely in solitary. Luckily, however, I discovered that some of my stories amuse my readers, so here are links to the best of the bunch, with details smeared to protect the guilty, not that they all necessarily deserve such consideration. More to come, maybe…

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Rush: A Dating Story ~ story, 04/2018

All or Nothing ~ reflections, 02/2018

Date with a Vet ~ poetry, 04/2017

The Lure of Luxury ~ story, 08/2016

Worlds Collide ~ story, 05/2016

A Lurve Pome, More or Less (Mostly Less) ~ 04/2016

Data by Amy Webb ~ review, 10/2013

Lizard Dream ~ weirdness, 10/2011