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Shades of Pink

Nancy has chosen one of my favorite colors for this week’s theme. So, without further ado…

Every Day is Friyay

When you’re the King of the Castle!

Gatsby here. Like my new pic? It’s properly regal, I thought, except for the campy toy that Mommy insisted on plopping near my face.

She says it’s my first toy, one they sent home with me from the shelter. Mommy just found it in the bottom of a basket and gets sentimental over things like this, but I’m a rebel and will claw it up same as all the other toys. Equality!

Seems like an eternity since I last blogged, but ’twas only Sunday. Busy busy. Must go prowl about and see if anything needs to be killed. Bye for meow! 🐱

PFF4: Ommmm

Welcome to my Friday Flashback! This post originally appeared here on June 29, 2011, and my feelings haven’t changed. It’s great to zone out with a repetitive yet productive task to get centered. This week I also had a bunch of shredding to do, so the post is timely as well.

The Zen of Shredding

Sometimes when I’m upset, nothing beats a repetitive task that (1) is a little bit physical, and (2) makes a moderate amount of noise. So yesterday I shredded paper all day, which was great. Shred shred shred. Just feed the sheets in, not too many, maybe 8 at a time … zaLOOP, keep them going in, left hand, right hand. Soon the red light comes on indicating “basket full.”

Get a big trash bag. Unplug shredder. Pull out basket. Hold trash bag open with one hand … plunge other hand into slightly warm mass of crinkly confetti, scoop into bag, handful by handful. Pull individual paper pieces from blades (my favorite part). Slide basket back into machine. Plug in. Turn on. Tune out.

Drip in a little oil.

Start over again.


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In Other Words, potluck…

I don’t really care for the potluck;

Eating blobs and globs of mystery dishes is just not my style.

As with a buffet, I tend to eat too much, which makes me feel yuck.

I’d rather eat home or order for one and be done.

But others like ’em, so I sigh and go along with a smile.


321 Quote Me ~ Knowledge

1. A big thank you goes out to Rory (and Doodlepip), who selected me for this week’s quote game. 😀

2. My smart kitty Gatsby found a couple quotes for me while I was having dinner. I think they fit the theme just fine. 🐱

3. Now we paw tag three more bloggers to continue the quote game…



Carol Anne

FPQ28: Ughhh him again ðŸ¤®

Fandango provocatively asks…

“Do you believe that Donald Trump is an effective American president who should remain in office despite having accepted aid from a foreign adversary (Russia) and having committed obstruction of justice into the investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential elections? Do you believe that Trump should or should not be impeached for his actions? Why?”

I’m commanded to have “fun” with this question! 😳 First, beyond the way the question seems to be directing an answer by the way it’s framed, there was a long set-up to it that I didn’t copypasta. But this isn’t a criticism ~ Fandango can word his FPQ’s any way he wants. I’m just observing.

Second, there’s a lot to unpack here. I think I should take the whole thing apart, which will take a while. I can’t come up with a quick answer to this one.

Donald Trump is not an effective POTUS. He’s a lying, obnoxious, self-aggrandizing, disgusting, egotistical jerk. He’s rude, crude, and divisive. He indulges in racism and misogyny when it suits him. He doesn’t believe laws apply to him, though he’s quick to hug the flag, and though he ran on “drain the swamp,” his admin is full of swamp creatures pandering to him 24/7. He cares nothing for the American people, only for enriching himself and his family, and plastering his name everywhere.

I do not think Trump “should” remain in office. He’s bad for us and for the planet. It would be great if he and Pence would both immediately resign due to maybe God demanding it (or whatever works) and then Nancy P takes over until the 2020 election.

But do I think Trump should be impeached for the stuff Fandango describes? No.

Why not? Impeachment means bringing charges. First, the charges have to be agreed upon. That will involve a shit ton of arguing and tweeting among Democrats at a time when Democrats should be coming together with a unifying message to defeat Trump, along with other Republicans, in 2020.

I know this is a silly dream, that Democrats can get themselves organized again with a unifying message to inspire their base to vote, but yet I haz hope. 🦋

Say impeachment charges are brought and voted on by the House… then what? Nothing. A big fat zero. The Senate won’t agree to remove Trump from office. So, now we’ve wasted all this time, when Dems could have been campaigning (and you’d better believe Trump will be campaigning like mad through it all, portraying himself as a victim like none other), only to LOSE.

Trump will crow about his “win” and Dems will be scrambling in 2020 to come up with some way to beat him, along with other Republicans too, in the looming election after losing the dumb impeachment fight.

Bleh. 🤮

In Other Words, annoyed…

After parking in my assigned space for six years, I came home last Friday to find it occupied by a strange white Subaru.

I was extremely annoyed, enraged actually, and had nowhere else to park in this overcrowded vehicular zoo.

All weekend I fussed and stressed, took photos, and carried on to friends and fam, like you do.

Monday I confirmed with management that the space is mine mine mine and Subaru can go find a spot in Timbuktu.

Last night he was back, but in a guest spot… I wonder if he will try to take mine once again, do you?


Prompt from Patricia

Numero Uno

Oopsy, I missed Cee’s Number One photo challenge last week and I hope it’s okay to do a little catching up meow. I am partial to numbers. 🙂

My single lost rainbow kitty sock, now reunited (and it feels so good!) with its mate.

My best photo, maybe. At the HB air show in 2016. Didn’t get great pics of the planes.

I don’t know if cupcakes are one thing or two (cake plus frosting), and they’re usually decorated as well. So, to be safe, I didn’t include any.

One-Liner Wednesday

“I’m indecisive because I see eight sides to everything.” ~ April Kepne

I was indecisive while choosing this quote from Introvert Spring, a great resource for info and quotes on the topic. I am wishy-washy and I do have a hard time making decisions, especially important ones, and I will wait long enough until someone else makes them or one choice becomes the only one possible. Boo. Sometimes it’s good to wait, but not always. It’s also good to be open-minded and see multiple points of view, writer or not, but sometimes the right thing to do is decide.

Of course, there have been times I’ve just gone with an emotion and made impulse decisions. Were those the right choices? I dunno. Luckily, I’m at the point in my life where I don’t have to listen to anyone else’s criticisms of my decisions any longer, and that is a glorious place to be!


One-Liner Wednesday

Rainbow Kitty Sock Smile

Trent says our Weekly Smile can be anything, large or small, and mine is pretty darned small this week. Sometimes I don’t even participate because I have nothing to say and that’s not because I’m sad; it’s cuz my days are samey same, no highs or lows, and that’s how I like them. I hate surprises and I don’t crave adventure or excitement. It’s all too stressful.

Anyway, last week I lost a sock in the laundry, which made me upset. First, I can’t stand misplacing things. It drives me crazy. Second, I hate the thought of being one of those sloppy people who leave things behind in dryers (cue Revenge of the Lost). But I unfolded and shook out all my clean clothes and no sock. To top off the misery, it wasn’t just any old boring sock, but a rainbow kitty sock.

I was resigned to this tragedy of epic proportions, determined somehow to slog on like the trooper I am. I suppose I’ve survived worse things. Once I made a carrot cake for game night and it didn’t get done in the middle ~ that was pretty terrible. But still! There are always more carrot cakes… what was I supposed to tell the sock waiting patiently for her mate? Just gone out for a walk, no worries. He’ll be back! She was getting suspicious.

But then Monday morning I was leaving for work, glanced into the laundry room, and what did I see? The rainbow kitty sock just lying there on the bench as casual as you please! Hey wassup? I grabbed him and stuck him in my purse. Yayyy!!!!! 😀💕🎉

Symmetry is restored.