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pointless meanderings

TSAONGAF is the abbreviation for Mark Manson’s self-help book The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck. I’ve read MM’s articles with some regularity, and last week I read his bestselling book. It was a great experience for me and I learned a lot. As I said earlier, I’m going to blog about some of my thoughts on his various concepts.

What does MM mean by not giving a f*ck? He points out that most of us are wrapped up in caring about so many things that we feel perpetually entitled to a perfect world and freak out when things don’t go how we want. I guess you could say that our giving f*cks too freely has turned us into a bunch of whiny Karens. MM suggests we drill down to our basic values (and change them if they aren’t working for us), and then find the few, important things to focus on. “Let the little things go.” We’ve heard that before, right?

Obsessing over way too many unimportant details has been a huge problem for me my whole life. I can’t simply decide not to and that’s that. “Don’t do that” is a negative statement, and when you focus on a negative, well, you know what happens. “Don’t eat potato chips”… now all you can think about are potato chips. I’ve been trying to substitute the negative statements with positive ones. Focus on work. Pay attention to family. Engage in self-care routines. Get more sleep and exercise. Read more books.

Focusing on these positives has had the effect of pushing some of the trivial crap away. It really does work. I don’t have time (or the inclination) to engage in social media arguments (a huge source of past stress) when I’m in the middle of a good book. If I’m filling my time with pleasurable activities, I’m less inclined to click on a new dating site “just to see.” I know that leads down a bad path. I can step back now. It’s a bit harder in some areas, such as driving ~ I still get enraged when someone does a dangerous maneuver. What does MM say about that?

It’s okay for life to suck sometimes, is what he says. We are not entitled to a perfect life, and there’s no need to feel inadequate when something fails to be perfect. So I had a frustrating drive to Los Angeles. That’s just how it is some days and it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with me or the way I’m living my life. Sometimes traffic is sucky and frustrating. That’s okay. I literally had this ridiculous conversation in my head the other week. I was so stupid for letting my daughter go to UCB. She had a full ride to UCD and wouldn’t have met her future husband there probably. I’d have more money now and wouldn’t have to make this horrible drive when I want to see her. God, I’m so dumb!

But then I got to her house (a half hour later than expected) and had such a great time with my family. I’m not “dumb” because there was a detour and some other drivers were being rude and awful. It’s okay for things to suck sometimes. I’m not entitled to perfection. It’s hard though to keep that mindset all the time… I’m constantly reminding myself to stay positive and not dwell on small annoyances. Being positive is more of a habit now than it used to be though, so I am improving. Slowly.

Okay, that’s the end of this PoiMo. I’ll do more MM musing another time. 🙂


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Bingo Update 8

See previous update here.

Thanks for following along with my book challenge bingo! It’s been really fun to step outside my usual genres of romance and mystery novels. As you can see, I’m almost finished with my card, but the year is only half over, so I will keep on reading… 😀

For the book about friendship/family, I read The Other Family by Loretta Nyhan. I gave this book 5 stars. Normally, I would have passed it right up… sounds boring. Recently separated mom desperately searches for a cure for her daughter’s autoimmune illnesses. In the process, they do a genealogy search and find the mom’s birth family. This causes a whole new set of problems. Sounds thrilling, eh? Welp, it was great! Pffft! I read it straight through cuz I couldn’t wait to see how it ended. ❤️

My friend Connie recommended River K. Scott’s series Rangers of the Rift, young adult contemporary fantasy stories. Just the thing to broaden my range even more! There were lots of books to choose from, and I jumped in with Salt and Silver cuz I liked the title. Probably should have begun at the beginning, but when do I do things the normal way? 🤣 Anyway, this was fast-paced, exciting writing, with some family drama and a wee bit of romantic tension too. But it was mostly about battling Dark Forces outside and within. Ooh. Not too deep because of the genre, but nicely done with teasers for the sequel.

You may have noticed that I switched checkmark colors from green to blue. This is because I received the new iPhone for my birthday ❤️ and could not match the green on the vast color wheel. When you can’t match, best to change altogether, is my motto. For checkmarks.

Only 6 books to go! Wheeeeee 😍


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The Re-Vamp

Sexy vampire

Dr. Tanya asks if we are spending our lockdown time productively. She uses the example of fishermen repairing their nets when they are unable to go to sea. Perhaps we have updated or revamped our blogs? I like that word revamped since it implies my blog was vamping in the first place. 😈

“Good evening, darling. Mind if I slip into something a bit more… sharp?”

As a matter of fact, I have been working on my blog. I’ve cleaned up some typos and dead links (more work to do there) and consolidated a few tags. Still have too many tags. You may note that I resist adding tags for your convenience. Everyone wants a tag! My tags are for my convenience. When I link back, I do it in your comments and I haven’t had anyone say they were unable to find me. Why do I need to clutter up my tag list with one-hit wonders? 🙃

I’ve added more pages. You may not see this if you only read via the reader, but it is true regardless. I’ve been organizing my favorite posts into categories and linking them on tabbed pages. I’ve updated my bio page and the descriptions on the other pages. I’ve updated the photos as well as added more entries to fiction and poetry.

In April, I participated in the A2Z challenge using games as my theme. It was a lot of fun and not stressful because I didn’t link to the main site, so I didn’t get tons of new comments to deal with. I also didn’t feel obligated to visit new blogs. I already have lots of great blogs to read! ❤️ Guess what? I already have next year’s theme chosen. I’m an optimist.

Great question. 😻


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Qwirkle Cubes [A-Z Games]

Qwirkle Cubes

Note: I’m doing the April A-to-Z challenge without signing up or linking back to the main site.

Qwirkle Cubes are 6-sided dice. There are 6 shapes and 6 colors. Each player gets 6 cubes to start and uses however many she can during a turn. You play by making matches, either in shape or color, to a row that’s already been played. Similar to Scrabble, you can increase your points on a turn by doubling up your cubes by laying them on top of a row, fully or partially, instead of using only one to begin a new leg. A “Qwirkle” is when you complete a row of 6 (same shape/different colors or same color/different shapes) ~ then you get 6 points added to your score for that play. No row is allowed to contain the same piece… unless someone screws up and no one notices because everyone is talking, which happens occasionally. 🤣

Not only is this a fun, easy to learn game, but it’s also pretty too. And it’s fabulous for all us OCD types because we’re constantly reaching over to straighten out the crooked rows. 😜

Please tune in tomorrow when I will blog about Roulette.


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Wild Wacky Wednesday!

The things contained in this post may strike you as so far beyond the beyond they’re just simply unbelievable. But I assure you that every word is true, more or less.

Early this morning, I discovered that a gremlin had replaced all my precious bathroom supplies with a cat!

Cat in cabinet

Oh noooooooooooo! Where were all my tp rolls and tissue boxes and Clorox wipes?

I was so discombobulated that I ran out to get the mail and forgot to wear a mask and gloves!

Yikes! Get away from me, creepy letters!

Then things really got crazy. I mean, they went bananas!

Yep. I had 3 ripe mushy squooshy bananas, so I decided to make my friend Judene’s banana bread. My big dilemma was should I put in chocolate chips? I thought, well, I’ll probably die soon so why not eat more chocolate? That seems reasonable. But then I thought I’d get bored of eating CCBB day after day, while I could save the CC’s for baking cookies later on, if there is one, which I would not get bored with. I didn’t put in the chips. I also didn’t put in nuts cuz I’d used them all up in my salads. I know! But I did.

Banana bread

BB is yummy! If you’re wondering why it’s in a glass square pan instead of a metal loaf pan… I’ll tell you. It’s because I threw out my metal loaf pans when I moved (they were gross) and forgot to buy new ones. I reduced the oven temp 25 degrees and googled to make sure that was correct. Yes! I remembered something. Hurrah!

Next, my candle from Target arrived. Why did I have a candle delivered? To match the one I had already bought for the bathroom, silly! I like to have two of each thing, and if you think this isolation deal has lessened my OCD… well, hah! Hah. Hah. That would be three hahs. Two and an extra one.

Yes, that is an avocado 🥑 night light. What a ridiculous question. No, I do not actually light the candles.

Anyway, I got so excited when the delivery guy knocked, I flung open the door, thanked him, grabbed the box, and hugged it to my chest. Then I freaked out and immediately decontaminated my whole self. So scary to semi-interact with an actual human… they could have the thing. I could have it. AUGHHHHHHH!

And now a very strange urge is starting to overwhelm me. I haven’t had this desire in a long time and it feels so bizarre. But it’s beginning to seem like I won’t be able to deny it much longer…

You know what I’m talking about…

We shouldn’t be embarrassed, right?

It’s okay to do this even when you’re alone. Hell, maybe it’s better to do it then…



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A Bunch Of Nonsense

To distract myself from myself, I’m going to answer these super intrusive questions about myself from Melanie

1. Tell us how you met your partner. Please be specific in telling your tale.

I don’t have a “partner.” I’ve been divorced since 2011 and all my attempts at dating were documented disasters. Right now, it might be nice to have someone to be cooped up with though. Or maybe not.

2. What is your most romantic experience, again with details?

I have a post in drafts called Skyloft. It’s about the best first date I ever had ~ my last first date. I had a couple more first meetings since, but they don’t count as first dates. This man was also a disaster, like the others, but worse because I’d finally begun to trust again, and after him everything was impossibly shattered. The date itself was incredible. It was the hottest day of the year, and I was sick, had been sick for a month, which made the whole experience surreal. I felt I was in a painting, with all the colors and sounds and tastes and smells so exquisitely bright. When he touched me, I felt transported to another plane. Nothing was the same again… it still isn’t. He kissed me at the beach, with the turquoise waves crashing in, just like a dream. I will never forget this, no matter what he did later.

3. What is the most extravagant purchase you’ve ever made, and why did you buy it?

I have not bought anything extravagant for a really long time. I’m super careful. I’ve spent money, sometimes a lot, but on stuff that’s necessary, such as a car (a sensible one). I simply can’t think of anything. Oh! I know. My daughter went to Costa Rica several years ago and brought me some very cool artwork. I spent $400 to have it framed. But I love it. ❤️

4. What is your favorite swear word or expression, and when are you most likely to use it?

I’m an equal opportunity swearer. I try to give all the bad words a good workout daily, but I must admit that since I haven’t been driving they’ve been sitting in a sad heap on the sofa watching reruns of Gilligan’s Island and munching potato chips. 😢

5. What is your favorite kind of pie? With or without ice cream?

Ooh pie! I had the best pie up in Northern California ~ key lime with whipped cream and a thick graham cracker crust. That is my fave, followed closely by lemon cream and then cherry. No ice cream necessary.

6. While we’re on the subject, what is your favorite ice cream, and where did you last eat it?

Cookie dough! I don’t remember when or where I ate it last. I don’t eat ice cream often because I’m always freezing. 🥶

7. Who is your most unique friend and why? (May be someone from the past.)

My daughters are both brilliant and hilarious and totally unique. I love them to bits! My besties! 💖💖 (Why? Because I raised them! Duh.)

8. What is your most irritating habit?

Yelling at my cat to quit yelling. 🐱

9. Who was your favorite teacher and why?

I loved many of my philosophy and writing professors at CSUN.

10. Do you like being alone and if so, what would you probably be doing?

I enjoy choosing to be alone; I don’t enjoy this forced isolation and not being allowed to go to work. It’s super depressing. When alone, I read, write, play phone games, chat with peeps online, etc.

11. What is the most outlandish thing you’ve ever done?

Probably picked up hitchhikers and taken rides from strange men back in Illinois. Nothing bad ever happened even though this is a terribly stupid thing to do.

12. What superstition do you always follow?

I count things a lot, which isn’t really a superstition, but more an OCD, except not that much since I don’t do it consistently. I just feel things will work out better when there’s the right number of ’em.

13. What famous person or animal have you met? Tell us about the meeting.

Not really. I’ve seen various celebs in the Los Angeles area, but haven’t hung out with any. I don’t think celebs or royals are better than anyone else, and people ought to quit making such a fuss over them. 😛


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Unpacking [socs]

I recently moved, so I dealt with a lot of packing and unpacking. I didn’t mind the packing so much because it made me feel organized and accomplished. Ooh another box filled, taped, labeled. Yay! I especially enjoyed throwing stuff out as I went along. Even though I consider myself to be a very cautious buyer lately, I still had a bunch of junk I didn’t need and never used.

Unpacking though… argh, what a pain. You think things will fit in a certain spot and then they don’t. You remember putting items in this box, but they aren’t there. You swore you got rid of a stupid thing and here it is again… WTF?

I can’t even relate to the concept of a “pack rat” ~ a person who never throws anything away. That boggles my mind. I’m always tossing stuff. I despise clutter! I was sad for a minute that I had to donate most of my remaining books, but now I’m glad. What freedom not to be bogged down with more things. Kindle books FTW!

If I had more time, I’d be deleting and dumping things constantly. Nothing feels better than to have empty space to begin creating anew. That goes for email boxes as well as meatspace.


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The Monday Peeve 16

Monday Peeve cat

Smiles and positive posts are all well and good, but sometimes I need to vent a bit. How about you? That’s what The Monday Peeve is all about, a chance to blow off a little steam at the beginning of the week, so then we can go merrily on our way once again (hah). I’ll pick a topic that’s on my mind, but you can vent about whatever you please, here in comments or on your own blog. Grab the photo, use the #TMP tag, and link back to me (or not ~ I dgaf), and Bob’s yer uncle. I do reserve the right to delete any links that offend my delicate sensibilities. So far, none have, but it could happen! I have feelings!


As I reorganize my drawers after moving, I realize I have a ton of random buttons. Some are loose and some are in little packets. Others have a length of matching thread attached. To which article of clothing do these buttons belong? Hell if I know! I stuck them all in a baggie and smooshed them behind my lingerie, never to be seen again, probably. Luckily, they don’t take up much space.

But it’s annoying! Many articles of clothing have spare buttons sewn into an inside seam or pocket. That way, if you lose a button, you know exactly where to find a matching one. You don’t have to hunt through the button baggie in hopes of stumbling on the right replacement. Why can’t all spare buttons be done this way instead of coming in those silly packets or separately loose?

And what about stuff I’ve dumped? Their spare buttons may still be hopelessly waiting in the baggie forever, while some poor soul who picks up my old sweater at Goodwill might never be able to find the matching replacement button. What a tragic scenario! 😢

Remember folks, no peeve is too minor for TMP. We don’t judge.


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BRA-less No More

True story Bitmoji

So I had this incredibly stressful evening changing my address at the DMV online. Hopefully I didn’t screw it up because god forbid I won’t be able to vote for one of the doofuses in the early California primary. I waited until tonight because of my tags, which had already been sent, and I wanted to make sure they were actually in my hand before I began messing with stuff. The last thing I need is to stress about my tags being late, or not getting forwarded, or some horrible thing. But they are here, and all is good. (Another time we’ll discuss how I can’t bear it if I put them on the slightest bit crooked.)

Later Bitmoji

But then I was sad because no one tagged me for a Blogger Recognition Award (BRA). Everyone else had a BRA, but I was going around BRA-less and starting to feel a bit self-conscious. I said this to Jim and he took pity on me, bestowing on me what we call in the business a “pity BRA.”

Some of you might think, “that’s no good… I’d be too proud to accept a pity BRA.” Well, that’s you then. Me, I’m taking it. Thanks Jim! I can always count on my good buddy Jim to help me out. I ran right back over here to display my BRA for all to see and get on with doing BRAly things.

Blogger Recognition Award

I thanked Jim already yay! Now I have to bore you all to death with the story of how I began blogging…

In the beginning, all was darkness. Then I turned on a light, made a cup of tea, and thought what the heck am I going to do at 5 in the morning? Some of my writer friends had already begun blogs (2004), in order to promote their books and talk shop, so I decided to do that too. I mostly just blabbed on about whatever I felt like though, which was more fun than sticking to one topic. I was obsessed with stats back then, and this ultimately ruined my blogging experience. I highly recommend not allowing yourself to be consumed by counts of followers and views. In any case, my blog blurged along for several years, as I jabbered on about All The Things, until I got into a flamewar with some nutjobs about pitbulls. That’s when my comments got hacked and things went all kerflooey, to use a technical term.

Eff it all Bitmoji

I gave up blogging! Yep, I archived and deleted that blog and said pffft who needs this?

For about five minutes. Then I made a new blog where I only posted about cupcakes. And cats and shoes. That was boring. It hit the trash can after a little while. I had a few invite-only blogs at times too. Those were a bit more lively. 🌶

Finally, I began Light Motifs on Blogger. It worked out well except I like WordPress better for comments and such, so I made this one as version two. Originally, this particular blog began small-scale and I was mostly posting song lyrics 🎶 regarding a troubled relationship like some teenager. But gradually I branched out to full-on pointless rants and jabber as you see today.

Now, I’m supposed to give two pieces of advice to new bloggeroos. Everybody says the same things… write what you enjoy and don’t obsess about follower numbers yada yada (which I already said anyway), so I’m gonna say new things:

1. Don’t post about the same thing all the time because that’s boring. Unless you’re really really funny, then okay, but chances are you’re not, so don’t.

2. Don’t ask for money just because you exist in the WordPress community. I also exist, as do all the other bloggers here. And guess what? We all like money! Isn’t that an interesting coincidence? Why the hell should I buy someone else “a cup of coffee” because I like one of their posts? I drink coffee too… maybe they should buy me a cup. It’s so freaking ridiculous! Just. Don’t.

Note how my advice is negative rather than positive. That’s just how I am, spreading dark clouds of strife wherever I go.

Santa Bitmoji


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One-Liner Wednesday


Right? There’s never enough time, or money. I ended up buying a poncho for $25 after calculating the amount of yarn to make the one I wanted would cost over $50 and it would take me 5000 hours to finish. Of course, I would have to learn to knit all the fancy stitches…

Before I worked full-time I did scrapbooks, and they did indeed suck up every hour of the day. It wasn’t just about putting them together, but also I became obsessed with taking new photos for more pages, finding adorable papers and stickers, and coming up with creative themes. I have one book that’s an A-Z poem, forex.

It’s a good thing I gravitated to blogging…


Written for Linda’s One-Liner Wednesday

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