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Approaching Lavender

I adore every shade of purple, from lavender to plum. When I was nine and we moved to New Jersey, my mother indulged my love for purple by finding beautiful violet-flowered wallpaper for my new bedroom and creating a Barbie house to match. She painted an accent wall for my room a medium violet and it was fab. I don’t have photos unfortunately; we weren’t into snapping pics of everything so much back in those days, except on vacations. It’s too bad about no pics of the Barbie house especially, since that truly was a masterpiece with different rooms and a guest cottage for cousin Skipper.

I’ve always wanted to love the scent of lavender, but sadly I hate it. I do love this song by Gordon Lightfoot however.

The Daily Prompt: Purple

Games People Play

I’ve been thinking of doing a themed playlist: songs about games. Help me out in comments with moar tuneful ideas… card games, board games, sp0rts, etc.!

1. Games People Play ~ Alan Parsons Project

2. Mind Games ~ John Lennon

3. Head Games ~ Foreigner

4. Games without Frontiers ~ Peter Gabriel

5. I Lost on Jeopardy ~ Weird Al

6. One Night in Bangkok ~ Murray Head (about chess)

7. Centerfield ~ John Fogerty

8. Boys of Summer ~ Don Henley

9. The Gambler ~ Kenny Rogers

10. Solitaire ~ The Carpenters (love their version best… check out this great vid!)


Walking in L.A.

Fun with my daughters in West Hollywood last Sunday…










Ziggy Stardust and Coconut Cake

My first exposure to David Bowie happened when I was 14, babysitting for the neighbors. I’d been sick for a while… I was sick a lot. I put the kids to bed and turned on the TV. Got a piece of homemade coconut cake that the mom had made. There was a concert on… weird guy, dressed so crazy, singing such awesome stuff. I didn’t know then that I was watching the Ziggy persona… all I knew was that this was sofa king cool. The music, the hair, the eyes, the makeup, the costume! It took me the whole concert to finish the piece of cake in miniscule bites because I hadn’t eaten in so long, even though it was incredibly delicious. From then on, whenever I hear a Bowie tune the taste/smell memory of coconut cake flashes in my head. Maybe that’s why I love him so much.

Plus he’s just so damn great. Hard to pick a fave. Space Oddity. Young Americans. Let’s Dance. Modern Love. China Girl. Changes. Rebel Rebel. Jean Genie. All The Young Dudes. The Man Who Sold The World. The music he wrote for LabyrinthAnd of course Under Pressure with Freddie Mercury (another R&R giant whom I adore). I think maybe that one is my favorite.

I just ordered Bowie’s last album Blackstar, which won’t be in stock until the 17th. Can’t wait to listen. I vowed not to buy things I don’t need this year, but I do need this.

RIP David Bowie.


A Thousand Kisses Deep

You live your life as if it’s real…

Sorry I haven’t been around here much. Hope all my peeps are doing well.

Closing Time

Leonard Cohen’s lyrics fit my mood…

I swear it happened just like this:
a sigh, a cry, a hungry kiss
the Gates of Love they budged an inch
I can’t say much has happened since

Listen to the whole thing. It’s awesome. Seriously.


I read Rosanne Cash’s wonderful memoir, Composed, given to me by a friend. Rosanne’s life is at once lonely and sad and joyful and creative… I relate to so much of it. Well, except for having the mega-star father, fortune, and fame, of course. Rosanne’s writing delighted me ~ she skips around in time, which some may object to, but I found charming.

I have abandoned my reliance on the external facts to support an individual truth, and everyone is entitled to his or her own. [pg. 3]


That was her unapologetic intro, and it was awesome. Don’t we all do this really? Our fundamental truths are subjective.

A lonely road is a bodyguard. [pg. 60]

Rosanne wrote that at age 12 (so amazing!) and kept returning to this theme in her writing and her life. She expresses her thoughts about creativity, music, family, love, parenting (both sides), brain surgery, and ultimately death in such an accessible style. I felt so close to her through her words that I ordered her book of short stories, along with a CD.

Loss is the great unifier, the terrible club to which we all eventually belong. [pg. 206]



Old-School Communication

My Guy

As most of you know, it’s extremely rare for me to post a songlink, but this is a very special occasion…


That’s right, my sweet baby is one year old today.








I luvs my kitteh!! 🙂

(He was curiously unhappy to have his birthday photo taken. Hmm.)

Casey’s Strawberry Bomb

Most of you are too young to know this song: “Casey would waltz with a strawberry blonde and the band played on…“, but I do cuz it was on my paint-by-number-organ. Do not tell me you don’t know what that is because I will smack you. I also played the Blue Danube and La Cucaracha on this thing. I was very international!

This poast is actually about cupcakes, one to be exact. Remember my gift cert? (How could you forget my GC so soon?!) Well, I went to Fashion Island Tuesday night to finish it up, thinking I’d get some shoes. Hah. No luck. But serendipity struck and I found a Casey’s Cupcakes! So exciting — the store was all pink and sported awesomely cool accessories, like bath thingies, tee shirts, pens, and… stuff. The cupcakes themselves were extremely prettiful, though on the short and squat side. The flavors were rather standard and not super-tempting (these days I go for something a little bit different), so I chose strawberry.

Soooo disappointing! The cake actually had a great texture, which is the best thing I can say about the entire experience. It was light and springy, never oily or heavy (a frequent problem with gourmet cupcakes). But it had no flavor, zip. I  don’t know if it was supposed to be vanilla, or what. It was just… air-flavored. The frosting was awful. It had a sticky thick texture, reminiscent of Crisco, I kid you not, and only the slightest hint of strawberriness. I’ve had strawberry from Sprinkles, which was bursting with flavor, so I know it can be done right. Even grocery store cupcakes are tastier than this. It’s like all the effort was put into the packaging, sad.

Honestly the chocolate candy deco-disk was the most flavorful part of the whole thing. It’s too bad that this gorgeous cupcake was so tasteless, but we move on. That’s all we can do.

Reviewing cupcakes is a tough job, but you know.