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Attitude of Gratitude

gatsby kitty cat love hearts

Melanie asks if we think gratitude is necessary. For a contented life, in my case, it is definitely necessary. The last man I dated wondered how I could be grateful for anything if I didn’t believe in God. That’s pretty narrow-minded and judgy, in my opinion. I am grateful every day for the good things in my life, even if I am not thanking some Guy in the Sky for them. I respect other views, but personally I have not experienced a glimpse of the supernatural, except in feverish dreams.

Part of the reason I feel grateful is because there is so much badness in the world, yet I am lucky enough to have kind and successful daughters, two sweet grands, a loving kitty, a happy living situation, and a good job. When I start to moan about my back hurting or the horrible traffic or whatever unpleasant thing, it helps me to think of the positives. It doesn’t take the pain away, but focusing on gratitude for the good keeps me from narrowing my emotional aspect to the bad.

Also, I’ve made a lot of dumb mistakes, and I have rightfully been invoiced for them. Not by a god, but by the direct consequences of actions. Meanwhile, I’ve worked hard and been rewarded for that, mostly. I am constantly thankful for my perseverance in unfortunate circumstances and for the good people in my life who have helped me. Things could be worse… and I’m grateful they aren’t!


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Empty [repost]

Dying rose in the dark

These empty, faceless days
Pass in a nameless haze;
A smorgasbord of news bites
Leaves our minds eaten away.
Should we be grateful or afraid?
Tomorrow promises the same;
Isolated from routines,
We adapt to this new distance–
Please stay six feet away.
Flower children, pressed inside
Our individual pages:
We remain solitary,
Confined, safe, waiting
To be allowed to play
Once again. To hold hands,
To hug and dance!
Will it ever be the same?
I wonder what
The history books will say
About us.


Poetry form: free verse.

Image from Pixabay.

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