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Fried [socs]

Fried veggies fair food

Today Linda asks us to write about the first word that comes to mind from the last picture we took. I took this shot of my fried veggies at the OC Fair last weekend. These were a mix of mushrooms, artichokes, and zucchini. The first two were delicious, but the zucchini was meh. I also had a roasted ear of corn earlier, which was good, but not as yummy as I remember. As I found a seat with my veggies, I saw a place selling mac&cheese egg rolls and I’ve been thinking about them all week. They’re probably disgusting, but I’d like to try one now. I don’t usually eat fried food, except when I have a migraine. I sometimes get a small pack of fries, which makes my head feel better. Idk why. They also had fried frogs’ legs at the fair ~ at the kiosk where my friend bought a bacon wrapped corn dog ~ and I remembered how I tried those as a kid in NYC, not fried though. They really did taste like chicken. Seems disgusting now, but then so does chicken when you really think about it. My mom burned herself badly once when frying chicken and never made it again. I watched her cut open an aloe plant to soothe her skin. I have a big bottle of aloe for sunburn, but I’m generally too careful to get one. I put on lots of sunscreen before I went to the fair. Pretty much all the food there is fried and/or loaded with sugar, so it’s not gonna be a healthy day unless you sneak in your own food or fast.


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Bubba Sweets [repost]


As promised, I have tried a new cupcakery ~ and it’s right next door in Huntington Beach. Bubba Sweets has kind of an over the top feel, both online and on-site, but that’s okay. They all can’t be Sprinkles. And the price is cool ~ $3 per cupcake or a great deal on 6 for $18. Hey, do the math.

First I tried a vanilla/vanilla, pictured above. See what I mean? Too much pink, even for me. And there was no need for the cinnamon candy deco. The cake was super-tasty though and not oily at all, just moist and delish. The frosting was buttercream (yay!) and a perfect texture/taste combo with that little snap. The sprinkles were a nice touch. Great cupcake.


Next I tried this complicated mango concoction. First let me state that this cupcake had maximum curb appeal, possibly the prettiest cupcake I’ve ever seen. The thing is a freaking work of art! And the cake was simply heaven. HEAVEN! There was a graham crust to die for. The cake itself was dense and rich and nom. Then there was a blob of (NO LIE) cheesecake filling. Omg yummy! But then idk what happened ~ some doofus decided to use whipped frosting. It had no texture, no snap, was just total soft mush. Yucky. The flavor was full of tangy mango goodness, but even so. The (lack of) texture ruined the frosting experience. Plus those seashells? Adorable but they tasted like plastic. This is one case where you’re gonna hear me say: give me the cake and hold the frosting.


Red velvet is up next. I ate this one the next day and sad to say that even though I sealed them away, the last two cupcakes went stale. Unacceptable! (Sam’s cake was excellent for several days.) The cake was tasty despite being slightly dried out, and the cream cheese frosting was totally noms. Yet, I was majorly disappointed that I couldn’t fully enjoy a Bubba’s cupcake 24 hours after purchase. This cupcake was super-pretty as well, despite its ridiculous name of “Rush Limbaugh.” (Whyyy?)


I saved “Coconut Bliss” for last. It had chocolate cake that went stale, as noted above (36 hours after purchase) and a choccy filling that was tasty. The frosting however ~ omg WOW! Wonderful buttercream with a super-rich flavor and loads of sweet coconut. I would have loved this frosting on the vanilla cupcake OR OR OR !!!


Enough said. I think the idea is “out there” now.

Well, anyway. You can’t tell me that some silly old triangle of pie could be this interesting. No, not even with ice cream. Just not going there with you. I may return to Bubba’s to try a couple other flavors, but I’ll need to go on a different day because like many cupcakeries, they do same flavors/same days.

I have to say though that places like Sam’s Club are giving bakeries a lot of competition because it’s tough to want to shell out $3 for a cupcake when you can get 4 for $5 and they are many times just as good.

PS: I originally wrote this in April 2013. Maybe I will try them again soon.


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Icy Smile

My smile for the week is about the OC Fair! Yep, the fair returned to Orange County and I attended on Sunday with a group of friends. Had loads of fun wandering around looking at the arts & crafts, chomping on a roasted ear of corn, and listening to Twisted Gypsy, an awesome Fleetwood Mac cover band. Along the way, we stopped for shaved ice and mine was mango. So refreshing!

More info about the band can be found on the Twisted Gypsy website. Besides their great name, they did a great job on the most popular FM songs, plus a couple of Stevie’s solo tunes. Niki Bente plays a wonderful Stevie. Not only is there a striking resemblance between the two women, but Niki’s voice is super strong, she’s a lovely dancer, and she has fantastic charisma. She clearly was the star, though the other players did well also. I did miss the British accent though on some of the vocals. You don’t realize it’s there until it’s not.

Love the fair!


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Holiday Treats

Christmas cookies

Lately I’ve avoided some of the standard prompt questions in order to create a more poetry and fiction-focused blog, but today PCGuyIV asks about our favorite holiday treats and, well, I can’t resist talking about cookies.

While I adore lots of special occasion nummies, from pumpkin-shaped Reese’s PB cups to heart-shaped Reese’s PB cups to Christmas tree-shaped Reese’s PB cups… to, um, other stuff… there is nothing more delicious in this world than buttery, sugary Spritz cookies. Of course, they must be made in a old-fashioned metal press, with some dough colored red and other dough green and some left plain, and then sprinkled with colorful doodads when done. They should look exactly like the pic above I borrowed from Life, Love and Sugar. No frosting! No choccy! My mommy and I used to make butter Spritzes every year. So so so good!

Mom also used to make rum balls, which I love, but they’re so heartburny to me now. Mostly they’re smashed vanilla wafers smooshed up with rum and more sugar, shaped into balls, and left to ferment for a few weeks. I think it was the lure of “those aren’t ready yet!” that made them so enticing. I also like gingerbread a whole lot.

Chanukah provides yummy treats as well, and while I hate the jelly doughnuts, I love the latkes and applesauce. Gelt is also delicious (chocolate coins), especially if you buy it from See’s. This is how I prefer chocolate anyway: by itself. I’m not a fan of chocolate frosting or dipping cookies into chocolate unless they’re almond crescents, which seem to be available only in New York. Of course, I love chocolate chip cookies, but you can have those anytime and this post is about holiday yums.

What about other holidays? Meh. Valentine candy isn’t anything special you can’t get throughout the year. I’m not a big fan of hamentashen (Purim triangle cookies), and Easter candy is pretty barf except for the aforementioned PB cups (egg-shaped in this case). Passover food is hideous, and I’m not into any of the meat-grilling rituals of Memorial Day and July 4th.

That brings us to Thanksgiving, which is many people’s favorite food holiday, but I don’t like most of the traditional items, with one exception ~ stuffing! I love love love stuffing, especially if it contains mushrooms or oysters. Turkey is meh. Mashed potatoes meh. Sweet potatoes OK. Cranberry sauce ick. Etc. Then there’s pie, which is OK. I mean, of course I enjoy pie… I’m not a psychopath! But compared to Spritz cookies? No contest.


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Sunday Morning Cat [repost]

gatsby cat in closet with boots

Hi, it’s me ~ Gatsby. Mommy is busy, so she said I have to answer these questions from Fandango even though I was taking a nap in the closet.

1. Do you like blue cheese? 

Sure, give me a chunk and I’ll bat it under the fridge.

2. Coke or Pepsi? 

No thanks. Water is my bev.

3. Do you own a gun? 

My claws and teeth are enough.

4. What flavor of Kool-aid? 


5. Hot dogs? 

Dogs are dumb, whether hot or cold.

6. Favorite TV show? 

I prefer silence so I can hear any bug that needs killing.

7. Do you believe in ghosts? 

Of course. I usually chat with them around 2AM.

8. What do you drink in the morning?


9. Can you do a push-up? A single push up?

I can do lots of push-ups and all sorts of athletic maneuvers. I’m in great shape!

10. Favorite Jewelry? 

All of it. Leave it out at your peril.

11. Favorite Hobby? 


12. Do you have ADD? 

Well, I can stay very focused on one spot for a very long time unless… BUG! String! Someone touched my tail!

13. Do you wear glasses? 

No, but I’m happy to bite yours.

14. Favorite cartoon character? 

Felix the Cat.

15. Three things you did today?

Ate a crunchy, snuggled with Mommy, went back to sleep.

16. Three drinks you drink regularly? 

Water x 3.

17. Current movies? 

Mommy saw Yesterday yesterday and loved it [on June 29, 2019].

18. Do you believe in magic? 

Kitties are magical!

19. Favorite place to be? 

At home.

20. How did you ring in the New Year?

Probably napping.

21. Travel? Where would you go? 

I don’t like to go anywhere and neither does Mommy.

22. Name five people who will most likely read this? 

Mommy, Fandango, Keera, Sadje, Jim.

23. Favorite movie? 

Silent ones.

24. Favorite color?

I don’t see colors.

25. Do you like sleeping on satin sheets?

They don’t sound cozy, but I could claw them up, which would be fun.

26. Can you whistle? 

No, but I can howl like a wolf.

27. Where are you now?


29. Favorite food? 

Chicken crunchies.

30. Least favorite chore? 

I beg your pardon. Chores are for peasants!

31. Best job you can think of? 

Professional Napper.

32. What’s in your pockets? 

You mean the big pocket under the sofa? Pens that Rawry sent. Chapstick. Empty toilet paper holders. My fluffy toys.

33. Last thing that made you laugh? 

I’m happy when Mommy plays with me.

34. Favorite animal? 


35. What’s your most recent injury? 

Mommy keeps me safe, so I never have any.

36. How many TV’s are in your house? 


37. Worst pain ever? 

When my food bowl was 3/4 empty.

38. Do you like to dance? 

Sure! I have mad moves to my own music.

39. Are your parents still alive?

I don’t know.

40. Do you enjoy camping? 

I’m not allowed outside.


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Apple [repost]


Witch, they named her, shamed her, and banished her from the kingdom. It was the King’s plot, so he could wed another.

From the forest people she learned of the wicked plague that would soon strike down all in the land, servant and noble child alike. The fairies saw the disgraced queen crying and gave her the magic antidote, hidden in an apple.

She disguised herself as a beggar and traveled back to the castle, where she enticed her darling daughter to bite. The little healers took the girl away and kept her safe until the plague had passed.


Written for the Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge [99 words].

Image source unknown.

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SLS: How Do You Like Your Eggs?

Scrambled eggs and mushrooms

Jim’s prompt today was a bit of a challenge, even though I’m the one who suggested it! I thought there were songs about going to dinner, but I couldn’t find any. I didn’t want to use the obvious “Girls Just Wanna Have Lunch” by Weird Al, funny as it is. I figured one or more of y’all would take that one. So I turned to breakfast ~ the most important meal of the day, amirite? I found this really cute clip from a movie musical I never heard of… Rich, Young and Pretty, 1951. The song is “How D’Ya Like Your Eggs in the Morning,” and it was written by Sammy Cahn and Nicholas Brodszky. The movie introduces Vic Damone, and he sings the Breakfast song along with Jane Powell.

The following lyric text sample is from the Dean Martin/Helen O’Connell version of the song, but the video clip is from the movie. Enjoy!

(H) How do you like your eggs in the morning
(D) I like mine with a kiss
(H) Boiled or fried
(D) I’m satisfied as long as I get my kiss
(H) How do you like your toast in the morning
(H) I like mine with a hug
(H) Dark or light
(D) the world’s all right as long as I get my hug

(D) I’ve got to have my love in the morning
(H) Or the rest of my day is positively mayhem
(D) I’m a regular monster
(H) How do you like your eggs in the morning
(D) I like mine with a kiss
(H) Up or down
(D) I’ll never frown eggs can be almost bliss
(D) Just as long as I get my kiss


Image is mine.

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The Perfect Circle [repost]

coconut cupcake cat

[Please note that this post was written in 2012.]

I’d heard about this cupcakery in Orange called The Perfect Circle and wanted to check it out after one of my visits to my father, since it’s close by.

Anyway. I was disappointed in the meager selection, probably should have tried the lemon raspberry, but I went with a coconut and a chocolate caramel. Had the coconut last night.

I was very impressed with the light, fluffy, vanilla-infused cake. Delicious! It’s often the case that gourmet cupcakes have heavy, oily cake that feels like a lead ball in your stomach. TPC’s coconut cake was wonderful. I was very happy. The frosting was another matter entirely. First, there was only a thin schmear of the stuff, so only a little bit of coconut stuck to it — the rest just fell off in a messy pile of shreds. Hate that. Second, I really like a decadent sinful mountain of frosting so I feel nauseated after I finish it. That’s how I know I’ve had a gourmet cupcake, dur. There wasn’t enough frosting available for me to evaluate, so I can’t tell you whether it was good. Stupid. The coconut was coconutty. Gatsby ate some. Weirdo!

This morning I had the chocolate caramel cupcake for breakfast. This cupcake was unbelievably bad. The cake was totally dry with caramel goo that ooshed out of the middle and dripped onto the wrapper. This goo did not help the cake retain moisture — almost the opposite. Maybe the goo sucked moisture from the cake, idk. Awful. Worst cupcake cake ever. OK, onto the frosting. It looked great and I was totally ready for some fantastic frosting after being deprived yesterday, etc. Well, twas not to be. This chocolate frosting was horrible. First, it had nuts on it, blech. Second, it was dry and cloying. Yes, it was chocolately, but that’s all it had going for it.

I’m nauseated. But not in a good way.


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Karma Chameleon

Share your world

Happy Summer! Melanie has some sunny new questions to start off the season…

What’s one question you wish more people asked you?

Would you like your $25 million dollar prize in a lump sum or installments?

Do you like eggs?  What’s your favorite way to have them served? (Optional obviously, I know there are egg dislikers in the crowd)

I love eggs. I had fabulous poached eggs atop my avocado toast at brunch this weekend. Yes, she orders avo toast and owns a home too! Don’t hate. I also like scrambled eggs and sunny side up, but poached is my favorite.

Thoughts on scary movies?  (not horror necessarily, but suspense or action/thrillers)

It all depends on the movie, but in general I don’t like most horror, The Shining excepted. Suspense is great, especially psychological suspense. Normally I don’t go for action movies, but I do enjoy 007 and mob flicks. If it’s all car chases and shooting, meh. Mysteries, dramas, and non-stupid comedies are my jam, but note that most comedy is in fact stupid. Romcoms are a fave, if they aren’t awful, which most are.

Do you believe in Karma?

Yes, I do believe in karma, but not the woo woo reincarnation kind. I believe that, in general, you will suffer in some meaningful way in this life for any pain and distress you deliberately cause. I have seen it in action many times and I believe it it applies to myself as well, though I’m not going to elaborate on that. I’ve also seen others suffer as they deserve. This isn’t to say it always works perfectly, or is visible to others, nor does it mean that innocent people won’t suffer pain. But more often than not, putting pain out there comes back to you.

This isn’t because of gods or angels or demons or anything that contradicts our physical laws of nature. Put simply, it just means that if you act like an asshole, eventually you will get punched in the face.

This is a big reason most of us enjoy fictional books and movies, isn’t it? We like to see the good guys win and the bad guys fail in a short span of time. Very satisfying.


Image swiped from Melanie.

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Blame It On Fandango!

Smallcakes cupcakes

My smile for this week is due to our very own blogger Fandango. He mentioned a cupcakery named Smallcakes up near where he lives in NorCal. Naturally I visited their website to view their yummies. And omg surprise! They have a store RIGHT HERE TOO! I had no idea… despite the fact that the cupcakery is in the SAME PLAZA in Huntington Beach (technically Westminster) where I often do grocery shopping! Well, it is a large plaza, and I normally go in the second entrance, which is closer to the grocery store, but Smallcakes is near the first entrance. Anyway…

I visited Saturday afternoon and bought two (2) cupcakes. It was hard to decide because they were all so pretty and elegantly displayed. Lemon drop was a no-brainer because I love lemon desserts, but I debated for a while before choosing the strawberry. It was tough, since they had a gorgeous birthday sprinkle treat, red velvet, salted caramel (with an adorable pretzel stick), etc. But I was very pleased with my choices.

I nommed up the lemon cupcake Saturday night. The cake was very light and fluffy with only the faintest hint of lemon, if any really. That’s OK. I don’t mind plain cake. In the middle however was the lemon “drop” aka a little blob of lemon filling that started as deco on the frosting and extended down into the cake. How did they do that? Magic, I guess. It added a nice element of yum to the cupcake. The frosting was scrumptious… rich and thick, sweet and buttercreamy, very lemony.

Sunday morning I ate the strawberry cupcake for breakfast. This time though the cake itself was full of flavor, very pink and strawberry-y. It was just as light and fluffy as the lemon cake too. The frosting was incredibly delicious, full of flavor and creaminess. Generally, I enjoy a cupcake the second day more. Don’t know why. I think that one day of “staleness” does something interesting to the texture of the frosting. In any case, I HIGHLY recommend Smallcakes, especially the strawberry cupcake.

Thanks, Fandango!


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