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One-Liner Wednesday

This is somewhat true for me. I’m still missing my mom 11 years on, and she was definitely someone I “had,” a huge part of my life, but otherwise… yeah. It’s pretty easy for me to dump material possessions as I downsize (again) for moving. But it was difficult for me to let the “soul mate” dream go. I’ve never had a soul mate, which may seem ironic for a romance writer, so when my 20-year marriage ended, I became more determined than ever to find this person. It took 5 years of increasingly frustrating and depressing situations for me to realize I had to let the dream go for my own mental and emotional health. I talk about this a lot because it helps me reinforce it to myself. I just today posted in comments to 2 blogs how much happier I am without the wings of this dream beating in my brain.

But it was a struggle to lug the thing to the trash bin and leave it there.


One-Liner Wednesday

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Dada’s Game

Surreal chess

The day was made of squares,
Newbright and melting gold,
Like crowns straight from the fire.
I thought I saw you there;
My breath turned into mist.
But knight came with a plot twist:
Ice blue squares adorned this board,
Glowing like a cheap motel.
The gold softened into quicksand;
My castles sank as the snow fell.
I watched your bishop’s mask slip,
Revealing the demon dog beneath;
It gobbled up my last three pawns.
Checkmate, you said,
Leaving me with a bill in hand,
And ghosting off to Forest Lawn.


Written for Dverse Surrealism.

Image credit to Pixabay.

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A New Life [flash 201]

When she was a child, she played in a magic garden with a sparkling unicorn and a rainbow of butterflies. One day, she jumped in a glittering aqua pool and was pulled out by rough hands. Scared, she stared into an unfamiliar face.

“Foolish girl,” the old man said. “That river is dirty. Don’t go in there again.”

“What about my white horse?” she cried.

He laughed but not unkindly and returned her to the orphanage, where they punished her for escaping again. A few years later, they sent her out to work for a wealthy family to earn her keep. She cleaned their floors and sometimes was allowed to help in the kitchen, where she might stir a pot of sauce or cut up vegetables.

One day, she was in the driveway helping the chauffeur wax the white limo when the old man appeared, the one who pulled her from the river. He didn’t seem to recognize her however.

But when he walked past he commented, “When you’re eighteen you can get your license and learn to drive my limo. Maybe a car can replace the white horse you left behind and you can create a new life for yourself.”


BrewNSpew Cafe

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Betrayal [880]

[This is a multi-part story. We previously read that Liana, Sura, and Nami were traveling through the dangerous monkey jungle in hopes of reaching the Royal Hall before Miko’s funeral.

If you’d like to read the chapters in order, please follow this list. Thanks!

The Murmuration
Liana’s Journey Continues
The Shark’s Tooth
An Honored Guest
Miko’s Plan
A Cup of Tea?
Liana’s House
Strange News
The Monkey Jungle]

Tropical island garden

Liana stood straight and proud, willing her face into a calm pool of serenity, as the Queen examined Kenju. Inside, however, Liana quaked with fear. Her stomach curled with eels of terror. Her legs, under the brightly flowered dress Sura had somehow found for her, trembled like saplings in a windstorm.

“Look how he smiles,” Sura whispered. “It’s a good sign.”

Liana shook her head slightly. “I think he just has a tummy bubble.”

The Queen opened Kenju’s blanket, turned him around, and handed him back to Sura. “The baby has the mark of the Storm God,” the Queen announced.

Her ladies peered at Kenju as Sura pushed his swaddling down so they could see the tiny dark crescent on his shoulder.

Liana had noticed it, of course. It hadn’t meant anything to her. But the Queen was pleased, which calmed her nerves. The servants began to pile the wooden tables high with platters of breads, fruits, meats, and salads, in preparation for the funeral feast. Sura had told her that everyone would come to pray for Miko’s spirit to have a safe journey to the land beyond. And then they would celebrate and dance.

Colorful fruit platter

“She is a witch!” a woman screamed. “And her son is a demon who will bring rains of fire and plagues of scorpions to our people. Your Majesty, I beg you not to be deceived by this treacherous sorcery. She murdered my nephew!”

“It’s Adoka!” Sura gasped, pointing to the back. “She’s gone mad!”

Quickly, Liana took Kenju in her arms and tucked him back into his pouch, nestling him close to her body. She pulled another blanket around him, obscuring him from view. She would not allow any harm to come to him! Sura patted her shoulder reassuringly.

The Queen rose from her throne. “Who dares to speak curses on this day? Bring her!”

Liana watched the royal guards drag Adoka before the Queen. “Please,” Adoka cried. “Do not trust this evil Liana! She poisoned my nephew Miko, your best commander, which is why he is no longer gathering treasure for you and instead waits for the flames.”

Everyone remained silent in the face of this outrageous accusation. The Queen laughed. “Are you saying that this little girl, who just gave birth, somehow managed to kill my fiercest and most powerful warrior?”

The room erupted in laughter and chatter. “Quiet!” the Queen demanded. “Surely, you brought proof, aunt of Miko. If not, I will consider you a madwoman and have you fed to the pigs.”

“I found the deadly blackberry growing in her garden,” Adoka said. “Miko went there to propose marriage and was never seen alive again.”


A man stepped forward, another pirate, Liana guessed, from his powerful build and painted skull. The Queen’s guard were on immediate alert, six brawny men stepping forward between them, spears out, ready to kill the new man on the spot, it appeared to Liana. What a brutal people, so unlike her true homeland. But she was one of them now, and would behave the same to protect what she held dear.

“It’s true!” he shouted. “I am Vuo, brother of Miko the warrior. He told me of the strange happenings since this witch appeared. She murdered even more men, men who first rescued her from the sea. Ando and Ray.”

The Queen raised an eyebrow and sat back down, giving a signal to her guard to move back as well. “Now that is an interesting story. Miko himself testified to me that those men killed each other. Are you now calling him a liar, brother of Miko?”

Vuo clasped his hands behind his back, which made his muscles bulge. “I believe he was protecting the witch because she had put a spell on him. He wanted to marry her from the start.”

“She’s a demon!” Adoka hissed, pointing at Liana. “Kill her at once! Her and the babe! Burn them alive!”


The chattering from the crowd became louder and Liana huddled against Sura as people stared and pointed at them. Some faces were merely curious, while others were clearly hostile. Obviously the pirate warriors had many fans in this hall, plus no one liked witches and demons.

The Queen held up her hand in a gesture for silence and turned her glittering gaze on Liana. She smiled, obviously enjoying the unexpected drama. “What have you to say for yourself against this accusation of murder? There are three good warriors gone, to be replaced by only one breeding woman and a helpless baby.”

As Liana tried to formulate a defense, Kenju began to cry. “My baby needs…” she said as she awkwardly positioned him to nurse while standing up.

While Liana was engaged with the baby, Sura spoke up. “Your Majesty, it is true that Miko was poisoned at Liana’s home…”

Liana stared in shock at Sura, horrified at this crushing betrayal, but she could do nothing, say nothing, simply stand there as her life was destroyed once again and now taking her innocent baby’s along with it. She wished she had perished in the volcano with her beloved family and had never come to this wretched place. Why had Benji sent her off in the boat only to be met with this infinitely worse fate? Why?

[to be continued]


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The Ancient Writer [fiction 450]

She had nothing better to do, so she went with the others to the book signing. The nurse said it would be only a short walk from the bus stop to the bookstore, but it was windy, which exacerbated the chill. By the time they stepped inside, she was too cold and achy to care about a book, even one written by a famous writer.

“Aren’t you buying one?” her friend asked. “Jim Warren will sign it himself!”

She picked up a copy from the stack and stood in line with the others. At least it was pot pie day. That would warm her up. She smiled thinking of the delicious flaky crust and bubbling chicken and veggies tucked inside. Hopefully it would be ready as soon as they returned from this outing.

“You have a beautiful smile.”

She realized she was at the front and it was her turn to pay and have the book signed. The writer was old, much more ancient than he had appeared in the flyer she’d received. His face was a map of lines, and when he smiled they radiated out to the ends of the earth and beyond. His hair was a puff of snow, haloing his head. But his eyes! They glittered like aquamarine jewels, as if an ocean bubbled beneath his skin.

“Thank you,” she said, handing her credit card to the bored-looking cashier.

“To whom shall I dedicate this book?” the ancient writer asked.

“To Daisy.” She felt herself blush for the first time in thirty years as he studied her face and repeated her name. When he handed the book back, their fingertips touched briefly.

On the bus ride home, she opened the jacket to see what he wrote. She turned in her seat so no one else could see.

Dearest Daisy, you have brightened up my morning with your lovely smile. Let’s meet again in these pages and have a wonderful adventure. Yours, James

Daisy skipped lunch and went straight to her room to begin reading the book. Within a few pages, his words swirled her through the mists of her imagination to the beach of his dreams. She was young and beautiful with long golden hair and a body that had no pains. Her pillow was sugary sand; waves of aquamarine flowed over her like a blanket. When a villain materialized from the rocks, a hero galloped out of the clouds on a steed made of fire. He swept her away to the ends of the earth and beyond.

“I hoped I would find you here,” she said.

“Our adventure is just beginning,” he told her. And he kissed her as they headed into the wind.


Sadje’s What Do You See 3

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The Long Night

Stream of Consciousness Saturday

Wights were specific undead creatures in Game of Thrones, created and controlled by a White Walker. It took me a while to grok the difference ~ and this was not a slight difference. White Walkers possessed great power, while a wight, while frightening, was merely a pawn. A human could kill a wight in a fight, but he would have to burn its body to ensure it did not reanimate. A truly delightful sight occurred when our hero killed a White Walker. What do you think might happen then? All the wights he had turned would immediately collapse and disintegrate. All right!


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FPQ47: The Singularity


Fandango provocatively asks…

Do you think the singularity will occur? If so, what time frame do you think it will happen in and how will it impact humanity? Alternatively, do you think or care at all about the potential for reaching singularity?

Fandango defines this as “a hypothetical future point in time when technological growth becomes uncontrollable and irreversible, resulting in unfathomable changes to human civilization.” Hasn’t that already happened? Have we not been irreversibly impacted by the technology from communications, agriculture, the military, and medical sciences? I guess we could “go back” if we destroyed everything in a horrible nuclear war and some humans were able to survive in remote areas, but I think the projections say this is unlikely (the remote people surviving).

Generally, the science fiction tropes give us the idea of runaway AI to the point where it develops a will to survive and surpass us, forming some sort of evil intent. It knows we will disable it once we discover its new powers, so it must kill us first. The plot of such fiction centers around a race against time, man vs machine. I assume man wins, or the endings wouldn’t be satisfying. As you probably can guess, I haven’t read/watched a whole lot of this. I prefer man vs man.

I don’t worry about machines developing feelings and trying to kill me. No. Though it’s definitely possible I could trip over a computer cord and smash my head on the corner of a table and die of a concussion. That could happen. I am a klutz. But as far as my phone and computer conspiring to electrocute me because they’ve received instructions from the Big AI… no, this is not something I worry about at all. I still figure that if anyone poses a mortal threat to me, it’ll be some jerk on the freeway, same as always.


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Waves [fiction 900]

[This is a multi-part story. We previously read that Sura’s cousin Nami delivered the news that Miko had died a strange death and Sura should return to Liana at once.

If you’d like to read the chapters in order, please follow this list. Thanks!

The Murmuration
Liana’s Journey Continues
The Shark’s Tooth
An Honored Guest
Miko’s Plan
A Cup of Tea?
Liana’s House
Strange News]

Colorful huts

Waves of pain came hour after hour, until she didn’t know when day turned to night. She became too weak to follow directions and decided that it was time to die. Pleased to join her family in the land beyond, Liana relaxed into a light rest. When she opened her eyes, Sura was there again, though she had already gone. Soft words. Cool hands…

“Where is…” Liana whispered, but she was too exhausted to finish her words.

“Shhhh,” Sura said, and the pains surged again. But this time Sura helped her and the baby finally came.

“It’s a boy!” Sura helped Liana hold him, placing pillows around them.

Liana gazed at the tiny face, the sparkling dark eyes. “Don’t let them…”

Mommy touching baby’s fingers

“We’ll help you,” Sura whispered. “She’s not the Queen’s nurse. She’s Miko’s aunt. And he died. You’ll have to act grief-stricken.”

“Who helps?” Liana glanced at the door.

“I put a sleeping herb in her juice.” Sura smiled. “You taught me well. But she will wake soon. And as much as she would like to cause trouble, she leaves for Miko’s funeral. You and I will journey to the Royal Hall, to show your baby to the Queen. My cousin Nami will join us.”

Liana closed her eyes. This was too much information, too overwhelming. And Sura seemed to understand. After she helped the baby start to nurse, she left the room.

She returned with bread, fruit, and juice for Liana. “Eat and rest. Don’t worry about anything else right now.”

Liana nodded and tried to relax while feeding her infant. She marveled at the strange sensation and the softness of his skin. He was so precious! A wave of love and protectiveness rose in her. She would not allow any harm to come to him!

“So, the babe is finally here.” Adoka stood next to Liana’s bed. “Boy or girl?”

Liana abruptly woke from her doze. Where was Sura? “Boy.”

“He looks healthy.” Adoka stared down at them. “But Miko was a healthy, strong warrior and died two sunsets past.”

“Miko’s dead?” Liana created a picture of her beloved Ken in her mind and her eyes filled with tears. “How could that happen?”

The older woman kept her gaze fastened on Liana’s face, as if to measure her every reaction. “It’s a mystery. Apparently he was here, with you, and headed to the Royal Hall. He took the short route through the monkey jungle. It is full of dangers.”

Little monkey in jungle

“What kind of dangers?” Liana asked, though she knew perfectly well nothing in the jungle had killed Miko.

Adoka shrugged. “The blue tree snake. One bite can kill a man in three minutes. There is the honey spring. It tempts the thirsty with sweet cold water, but it is poisoned. Then there is the sucking sand that grabs your feet and swallows you like a sea monster.”

“How horrible!” Liana shuddered. “But Miko would know to avoid these things, wouldn’t he?”

“If his mind was filled with thoughts of a bride,” Adoka sneered, “he might not have been paying attention.”

“Yes,” Liana sniffled. “I feel responsible. We spoke of marriage. Miko was not sure the Queen would agree since my baby is under the protection of the gods. He was conceived in a storm, by the storm itself, you know.”

Adoka rolled her eyes. “So I have heard. The Queen loves her stories of the gods and their interference with our lives. I believe humans interfere with each other’s lives more often than not. Even hastening their ends in some cases.”

Liana pretended not to understand. “Of course. Like in battle. Miko was a great and powerful warrior. What a terrible loss this is for our island family! The Queen will be distraught.”

“The Queen.” Adoka’s lips twisted. “Yes, she will be told of all that has happened.”

“I shall never love another man!” Liana burst out passionately. “He was my true heart. I am devastated by this loss and shall devote my life to my child and my Queen and nothing else.”

Sura rushed into the room. “What is it? I was gathering herbs and heard yelling.”

“My nephew Miko is dead,” Adoka said. “He and Liana were to be married. You know he was here because he gave you the news of your father. Then he left for the Royal Hall and became violently ill in the monkey jungle.”

“How terrible,” Sura said, embracing the older woman. “What a huge loss. I’m so sorry for your family.”

Adoka hugged her. “Thank you. I was very proud of him.”

“What about me?” Liana cried. “He was to be my husband! He said he’d care for my storm baby same as his own!” A true wave of grief crashed over her as she said these words for her lost love Ken, the man who would never meet his son, their future incinerated by the volcano, her heart in ashes with her real home and family. And yet… here was family with a new baby.

“Oh, you poor girl!” Sura ran to the bed to comfort Liana, kissing the top of her head. “You’ve been through so much. But you must stay strong for the baby.”

Liana nodded and sniffled. “He is my life.”

“What will you name him?” Adoka asked.

Pressing her face to her baby’s head and inhaling his powdery scent like a drug, Liana murmured, “Kenzi.”

Bird flying in sunrise over ocean

[to be continued]


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Thursday Inspiration 28

Welcome to Thursday Inspiration! This is my weekly prompt post and hopefully it will inspire you to write something creative, perhaps a poem or a piece of flash fiction. If you’d like to share your writing with the community, please indulge me and tag your post with #p0eticlicense and/or #lightm0tifs, and of course link back if you wish. I will try to visit everyone who participates. 🙂

This week’s theme is demon and the picture is below. Here is the song snippet from “Demons” recorded by Imagine Dragons in 2012:

Don’t get too close
It’s dark inside
It’s where my demons hide
It’s where my demons hide

Halloween skeleton hand spider coffin


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Autumn Whispers

Cold winds came and swept the summer joys away.

Dark clouds gathered on the face of the moon.

She heard whispers from inside the room that stayed locked and chained.


Three Line Tales Week 196


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