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I dreamt I was a lonely soldier
Walking through empty silent chambers,
My footsteps echoing like bullets.
Sword in hand, I marched all night
Until the oppressive dark subsided.
Sunrise flared like a muzzle flash,
Blasting the bricks with golden fire;
The warmth reminded me of desire.
Memories lurked like jungle snipers,
To ambush my tenuous self-control–
I chanted mantras to scare them off
And waved my sword so brash and bold.
A thousand crows flew screaming
And discharged the story of my life:
The joy, the crash, the poison kiss…
And then I knew the bomb that ticks
Inside the prison of my ribs
Was no longer mine… but only his.


Written for Sadje’s What Do You See?

Image from Pixabay.

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2020 🥳✨💖

Stars in space

I am my own gaslighter;

I sabotage my dreams;

I whisper insults in my ear;

And dismantle my best themes.

But this time I refuse to yield

To my old self-doubting threat;

I begin to set my sights on stars

And I’ll have my best year yet!


Image from the Happy Color app.

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Looking Forward

I have been enjoying other bloggers’ recaps of the year past and usually I do something similar. This year however I’m skipping that type of detailed post. One reason is that I’m just too lazy to copypasta links to my top ten posts in a new post. Another is that I just don’t care which posts received the most views ~ and if I don’t care, why would you?

Lots of times a post I love (usually a poem) gets fewer views and comments than some picture of an old flower or whatever, so I find the stats pretty meaningless. I guess if I were monetizing the blog, I would obsess over such things, but I’m not and don’t. Also, it matters which day of the week and time of the day a post goes live, but I’m too busy to check that further. Plus, it’s boring.

The most important part of recapping the year in my opinion anyway is to thank everyone who has read my blog, whether regularly or sporadically, and interacted with my writing. So, would like to extend a hearty thank you to all my readers! ❤️ I appreciate all of you! 😍

Looking forward, my intent is to keep on blogging as usual but perhaps a bit lighter on quantity, since I’ve been refocusing on my unfinished writing projects. I began a new humorous story recently and it’s now taken priority over every other piece of fiction ~ I hope to have it available for sale on Kindle in the next few weeks. After that, I want to get serious about cleaning up my writing to-do list, like I said I would last year. 🙄

I spent a fair bit of time dealing with audio books last summer and was disappointed in the small amount of sales. I thought the talkers would do promo. I also assumed the site itself would market me. All wrong. Oh well. Since that was no fun at all, but writing is, I’ll stick with the written word.

I also need to read more books. With my move and other busy-ness, I’ve been in a reading lull. Writers need to read! Not just blogs and news, but real books. I can always feel my creativity and imagination begin to bubble and boil when I dive into the worlds that other writers have created. It’s a crucial component of the craft.

Dream big, my friends! 💖✨🥳


Image from Bitmoji.

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Mirror Lake #writephoto

One shimmering day

Enough to sustain a dream

Long beyond its range


Written for Sue’s Daily Echo

Image from the prompt site

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One-Liner Wednesday

This is somewhat true for me. I’m still missing my mom 11 years on, and she was definitely someone I “had,” a huge part of my life, but otherwise… yeah. It’s pretty easy for me to dump material possessions as I downsize (again) for moving. But it was difficult for me to let the “soul mate” dream go. I’ve never had a soul mate, which may seem ironic for a romance writer, so when my 20-year marriage ended, I became more determined than ever to find this person. It took 5 years of increasingly frustrating and depressing situations for me to realize I had to let the dream go for my own mental and emotional health. I talk about this a lot because it helps me reinforce it to myself. I just today posted in comments to 2 blogs how much happier I am without the wings of this dream beating in my brain.

But it was a struggle to lug the thing to the trash bin and leave it there.


One-Liner Wednesday

Image found on Google

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Doggie Dreams

Stream of consciousness Saturday

Once I had a dream of dogs and they were frightening, a whole pack, about to attack and kill me, circling around. It was mixed in with driving and my ex… I posted about it, I think, but we aren’t supposed to go look things up in our SOCS. Yesterday or the day before I dreamt of dogs again. It’s not a theme that recurs (npi) frequently, so it’s significant, imo. I don’t dream about cats either. Animals simply don’t inhabit much real estate in my dreamland. Anyway, I did look up the meaning of doggie dreams, not that I necessarily believe in any of that woo. Supposedly, dogs represent fidelity, loyalty, protection, and self-defense. But those would be nice dogs… my old dream wasn’t about nice dogs and my recent dream was about two huge, scary dogs jumping on me, one at a time, putting their paws on my shoulders, and staring into my eyes. Each time, I was sure I would die. Their owner, a mean horrible man I don’t know, stood to the side and did nothing. But the dogs didn’t hurt me, despite the fact that he didn’t call them off. I was terrified though.

The dream interpretation site said that a dog in a dream could be a self-protective emotional barrier, so maybe the doggies that put their paws on my shoulders weren’t dangerous. They could have been guarding me from something. The man may have been irrelevant. There were two dogs. One was brown, which may mean I feel out of control wrt to a relationship or may be starting a new one. And the other doggo was white, symbolizing friendship and happiness. I guess this doggie dream was a much better dream than the first one, where the dogs were aggressive and chasing me ~ symbolizing anger with my ex. Even though these last two doggos were huge and put their paws on me, there was no actual threat.

Sometimes a dog is just a dog. 💖

Adorable golden retriever puppy


Images credits Shelley Krupa and Diane K.

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The Ancient Writer [fiction 450]

She had nothing better to do, so she went with the others to the book signing. The nurse said it would be only a short walk from the bus stop to the bookstore, but it was windy, which exacerbated the chill. By the time they stepped inside, she was too cold and achy to care about a book, even one written by a famous writer.

“Aren’t you buying one?” her friend asked. “Jim Warren will sign it himself!”

She picked up a copy from the stack and stood in line with the others. At least it was pot pie day. That would warm her up. She smiled thinking of the delicious flaky crust and bubbling chicken and veggies tucked inside. Hopefully it would be ready as soon as they returned from this outing.

“You have a beautiful smile.”

She realized she was at the front and it was her turn to pay and have the book signed. The writer was old, much more ancient than he had appeared in the flyer she’d received. His face was a map of lines, and when he smiled they radiated out to the ends of the earth and beyond. His hair was a puff of snow, haloing his head. But his eyes! They glittered like aquamarine jewels, as if an ocean bubbled beneath his skin.

“Thank you,” she said, handing her credit card to the bored-looking cashier.

“To whom shall I dedicate this book?” the ancient writer asked.

“To Daisy.” She felt herself blush for the first time in thirty years as he studied her face and repeated her name. When he handed the book back, their fingertips touched briefly.

On the bus ride home, she opened the jacket to see what he wrote. She turned in her seat so no one else could see.

Dearest Daisy, you have brightened up my morning with your lovely smile. Let’s meet again in these pages and have a wonderful adventure. Yours, James

Daisy skipped lunch and went straight to her room to begin reading the book. Within a few pages, his words swirled her through the mists of her imagination to the beach of his dreams. She was young and beautiful with long golden hair and a body that had no pains. Her pillow was sugary sand; waves of aquamarine flowed over her like a blanket. When a villain materialized from the rocks, a hero galloped out of the clouds on a steed made of fire. He swept her away to the ends of the earth and beyond.

“I hoped I would find you here,” she said.

“Our adventure is just beginning,” he told her. And he kissed her as they headed into the wind.


Sadje’s What Do You See 3

Image credit to Google via Sadje

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Geolocation [fiction 1185]

[This is a multi-part story. Lexi Brown is trying to escape her past and create a new life for herself in Otter Village, 500 miles from where a traumatic event occurred 6 months ago. In our last episode, we read that Dan was heading north from the city toward Otter Village, but had stopped for gas and a late dinner at the halfway point. While at dinner, he’d met a pretty woman named Angela.

Here are the posts in order so far:

Sisterly Chat
The Angry Brother
Trust Issues
Something You Don’t Know
Who Needs Drama?
Dan Drives North]

Mystical ocean

Lexi slowly drifted up from a warm foggy slumber in which she was on a boat with Kevin floating in a lovely clear ocean. She could see all the way to the bottom where people had normal lives, driving cars and going to work… work! Crap, it was Saturday and she was slated to be in the store for the entire day. She dragged her still aching body out of bed and took a hot shower, which helped a little. What had possessed her to ride her bike like such a maniac?

She grabbed her purse and gingerly walked downstairs. Found her orange juice in the fridge behind the soda. Stretched in front of the patio doors. Finally, she took a deep breath and checked her phone, expecting another stressful message from Vicky, but thank goodness–no. There was a message however, and it was from Kevin.

Hi Lexi, sorry to text so late. I bet you’re asleep… hope so. I wanted to call you earlier in the evening, but my thoughts are such a jumble. Anyway, it’s been an exhausting day, but I have been thinking about you. Thanks again for the delicious cookies. They were a welcome treat this afternoon. If you’re free Sunday, maybe we can check out the beach in the daytime… for comparison purposes?

Lexi smiled as she reread the message. It wasn’t the most ardent one she’d ever received, for sure. Most men would have referenced the kissing over the cookies, but perhaps Kevin thought she wouldn’t like to talk about kissing over text. Or maybe he was trying to keep things light. Then again, he wanted to see her Sunday. And he had said he was smitten with her…

Good morning! she texted back. It was nice to wake up to a message from you. I think that comparing the beach in the day to the night is a very important scientific project and I’m happy to participate. Have a good day at work. She added a smiley face but not any hearts. No need to spook him.

Enchanting redhead

“Need a ride?” Carolyn asked. “I can drop you at your shop. I’m headed that way, up to Driftwood Drive and then the freeway.”

Lexi had just slipped on her jacket and was unhappily contemplating the three miles to work. Normally she’d easily walk or bike them, but today her muscles were still sore. “Thank you so much,” she said to Carolyn. “I really appreciate it.”

“Sure.” Carolyn beeped open the doors of her SUV. “I didn’t think you’d want to walk, given your marathon exercise session yesterday.”

Lexi laughed as she fastened her seatbelt. “That was a little crazy!”

The older woman slipped on her shades. “I hope everything is going okay for you here, Lexi. I like having you as a tenant.”

“Aw, thanks.” Lexi smiled at her landlady. “I know I haven’t been super social, but I do enjoy living in Otter Village. My job is going well, and I’m slowly making a few friends.”

Carolyn shrugged. “Not everyone is a big extrovert and that’s cool. As long as you’re happy. If you ever have a problem in the house or with another tenant, you can talk to me.”

Lexi wasn’t sure why Carolyn was saying this. “Everyone seems nice. So far anyway.”

“With men and women in close quarters, something always comes up.” Carolyn made a left onto souvenir row. “No pun intended!”

“Hah, I know what you mean.” Lexi figured there had been past incidences of flirting and unwanted advances at the rooming house.

Carolyn pulled up right in front of the Otter Emporium. “Glad we had a chance to chat.”

“Me too! And thanks again.” Lexi nodded toward the door. “Perfect timing. My boss is just opening up.”

Sales were brisk and Lexi was on her feet almost the whole day. She gave in and took Advil on her lunch break. “I think I’m going to indulge myself and call for a ride home,” she said to a coworker, who nodded in sympathy as they refolded tee shirts.

Calling Ubet

As Lexi thanked the driver, she felt her phone vibrate with a call. Butterflies swirled in her tummy at the thought of planning tomorrow’s beach date with Kevin.

“Hey there,” Lexi said as she walked up the path to the front door.

“Hey yourself,” came her sister’s voice. “Why do you sound so… flirty?”

“Me… flirty?” Lexi felt her face grow hot in the dark. “Vicky, I assure you that was not flirtatious at all!”

“Mm sure. Okay. Listen, there’s something weird.”

Lexi rolled her eyes and her good mood dissolved. She loved talking to Vicky, but lately it was always distressing. “Don’t tell me it’s about Dan again.”

“You know how he said he wanted to talk to you and Nick told him not to, but Dan didn’t act like he was paying attention to Nick’s advice?”

Feeling all her energy dissipate at once, Lexi sat down on the bench beside the front door. “Yeah.”

Blonde talking

“Well… at around three in the morning I got a missed call from him. You know he’s called me a lot, texted me, et cetera. Mostly he pesters me for your info, but other times just rambles on.”

Wishing Vicky would get to the point, Lexi said, “Yes, you’ve told me that he’s a pain. Shouldn’t you just block him?”

“Maybe, but then I wouldn’t know what he’s up to. But listen, this missed call was really strange.”

“Why? Besides it happening in the middle of the night, you mean?” Lexi was so cold. Even though she wore long pants and a jacket, the ocean breeze began to give her chills down to her bones.

“Something recorded. Moans. Or words we couldn’t understand. Sort of like a butt dial, except it sounded like it was outdoors. Then a man clearly said ‘Angela,’ but it was not Dan. Nothing after that.”

“Freaky!” Lexi agreed. “But couldn’t Dan have lost his phone?”

“How would someone have unlocked it just enough to leave a message like that? In any case, Nick had it pinged. The message was sent about two hundred thirty miles south of you. Then Nick had Dan’s car geolocated. It was pinged at the same location, but now is headed back to the city.”

Lexi began shivering uncontrollably. “What does it mean, Vicky? Is Dan…?” No. She just couldn’t say the word. First Jim. Now Dan. It was too horrible. “Can’t Nick send some cops out to look for him?”

“Nick doesn’t have that kind of power. The police department is short-handed as it is. Plus it’s not even in the city.”

“Give me the geolocation.”

“Why? You’re not going to go looking for him by yourself.”

“I’ll get help. I promise.” Lexi gripped the phone. “What if he’s lying on the side of the road injured somewhere?”

“Hang on…” Vicky said something to Nick, Lexi assumed. “Okay, Nick is texting it to you, but you have to swear that you won’t go driving off alone tonight like a nut.”

Lexi’s promised through chattering teeth. “I won’t go alone.”

Dark road


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Dream Ghosts

Ghost tree on a cloud in a starry sky

Ghosts of ruined dreams…

Abandoned in the light

Drift in trailing wisps

Floating through the night;

Taking root in clouds

Reaching for the stars…

No longer bound to earth,

No longer in my heart.


Sadje’s What Do You See 2


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Dragon Dreams

Purple dragon

Weary of the war

He sinks to welcome slumber

Dreams of distant moons


Sadje’s What Do You See #1


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