Paula at the beach

Paula Light lives, works, and writes in Orange County, California. She is the proud mom of two lovely and successful daughters, and she’s now a grandmommy too!

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Add Paula on Twitter: @lightm0tifs.

Please check out Paula’s books for sale.

Paula also writes on Medium.

Here’s a little more about my backstory.

26 responses to “Bio

  1. Thought i’d nip over and have a nose.
    Congrats on becoming a Nanna!

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  2. your blog has such an aura and energy about it, thank you for the tag and I am keen to read more here too. Blessings. Gina@Singledust

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  3. Congrats on your Nannadom!
    Signing on, don’t know why I haven’t before. 🙂

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  4. i’m touched (you know, in a good way) that you followed me (ditto) and thus it came to pass that there was a return follow and they saw everything was good (except in the meah places, natch). Good to meet you Paula.

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  8. my dear friend Paula
    You are one of my friends and readers most faithful to my site and my art.
    To thank you, I invite you to visit the article reserved for you alone, you will find a surprise:
    “for my premium readers”
    Here is the password to view the article:
    Welcome my dear friend

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  9. I just nominated you for the mystery blog award! Check out my post on it!

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  10. Wow! You have quote a lot of accomplishments! I am wanting to begin my ‘real’ writing … a novel … not just flash, but I have been very reluctant and find things to postpone that from happening whenever I can. I know that flash is real writing, but I would like to attempt longer pieces. I might have to pick your brain … if you don’t mind? Thanks for participating in my challenges.

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  11. Have just found you Paula, though I have seen you before, commenting on other peoples blogs. I took a look, so am now following you. Congratulations on becoming a grandmommy! Will hopefully follow your prompts and take part, though I an blind, so hope to not make TOO many mistakes!

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  12. Now I see you 😉 Congratulations on all of your writing success. You’re an inspiration to newbie writers like me.

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  14. Nice to have come across your blogsite. Also welcome to visit and enjoy mine 🙂
    Be safe

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  18. Congrats on being a gramma! 😀 love your blog!

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