The Cheesecake Holiday

AI Cheesecake with Pink Flowers and Blueberries
AI Cheesecake w/ Flowers and Blueberries

My daughter informed me that it is Shavuot, a Jewish holiday. It began at sunset on May 25 and will end at sunset on May 27. It falls on various dates on “regular” calendars, since it is celebrated seven weeks after the second Passover seder, and Passover dates vary too. Supposedly, Shavuot is when we received the Torah on Mount Sinai. Since I am not observant, I won’t be staying up all night to study Jewish texts, but I am in favor of the traditional eating of dairy in the form of cheesecake. I will look for one at the grocery store early tomorrow morning for my game night. You didn’t think I was going to make one myself, did you? LOL!

Bing’s image creator took quite a while to generate a cheesecake picture that I liked. It’s definitely a process sometimes, and you have to be patient. The initial ones were very dark and boring, so I added flowers, as it is also traditional on Shavuot to decorate with a floral theme. The pics with entire cakes were often completely obscured with flowers, or the cake was oddly off-center. Many were at a weird angle as if we were seeing them from a ladder. I have no clue regarding the logic of AI, but I do know that you will eventually get a good result, if you are willing to keep trying different phrases. Even switching from “blueberry cheesecake” to “cheesecake with blueberries” helped a lot.

The reason I have been obsessed with using AI for images, besides it being so much fun, is because these images hardly take up any media storage space. A month ago, I had used up nine percent of my space; since then I’ve added about 45 AI photos, and I am still at nine percent! It’s a blast to create a new image for each post rather than make do with what I have to save space or monkey around with a smallifier (tech term).

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

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Written for Friday Faithfuls at MLMM, hosted by Jim, where he asks us to write something about May 26.

23 responses to “The Cheesecake Holiday

  1. I’ve been ‘creating’ some AI art on a different site to Bing, Paula. It is fun, but it can swallow time! Some of the images are a little ‘off’ – I’ve been concentrating on people, and their hands and faces are, well, not right. It’s good how you can get an image that fits the correct keywords! 🙂

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  2. Love that cheesecake image, by the way! 😊

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  3. Happy Shavuot, Paula. I was confused with this holiday as when I originally looked it up, it said it was a day of fasting, but then when I tried to get more information on it, I found that dairy foods are eaten on this day. I read the Jewish people began observing the laws of kashrut, which has something to do with a Kosher diet, and being out in the desert, they did not yet have the tools they would need to prepare kosher meat. As a result, their first meal after receiving the Torah was dairy in observance of the new given laws. I usually take all of my pictures from Google images, and I know that I have used a few that have copywrites, so I should start using these AI generated images also.

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  4. I love cheesecake too Paula. My recipe is no cooking other than melting the butter for the crumb base.

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  5. I hope you have a relaxing and wonderful weekend too

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  6. I now have a craving for blueberry cheesecake.

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  7. I can’t stand cheesecake made in the US because the cheese they use in it is really sour. I only started liking cheesecake when I moved to Israel and the milk products here are so delicious!

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  8. I noticed that your AI pics are better than my AI pics. Now I know the secret. I imagine we’ll all get better at creating the prompts as time goes by, just as I’ve learned how to get a Google search to zero in on what I’m looking for a little more quickly.
    I’ve decided that AI writing is bad, stupid and wrong, but art (visual) is acceptable–I know I can create a nicer picture with my camera and photoshop, but I can’t find all the things, like frogs playing the lute. The other day I was trying to prod AI into making a picture of ten penguins, and, so help me, I could not get a picture with exactly ten penguins, no matter how many times I tried. Nine, eleven, seven, never ten. And I was surprised it couldn’t do text. I made a picture of a “two-story brick building with a sign on the front that read, Busy Bee Cafe.” I got Martian hieroglyphics. Again, several tries. No go.

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  9. I don’t like cheesecake. My favourite cake festival is Rosh Hashanah: honey cake!

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