TGIF ~ Unburied Treasure

AI Sparkling Treasure Chest
AI Sparkling Treasure Chest

Happy Friday. I’ve had another week of ups and downs, so I’m looking forward to getting myself sorted out over the weekend. Well, that’s the plan anyway. Dunno why some mornings I wake up in agonizing neck and head pain, while other mornings greet me with just the “normal” amount of achiness. Maybe I should film myself sleeping so I can see what the eff is going on. I’ve been gulping the NSAIDS like mad, so now my tummy is unhappy. On the upside, I’ve created some fab AI art, if I do say so myself. Sparkles and glitter for the win!

Trickster Rory buried some questions in a post full of flowers, but I dug them out, yay me. Without further ado…

What Personality Trait Has Gotten You In The Most Trouble?

OCD, in all kinds of situations, from eating disorders to school to relationships, has been my albatross. It’s also been beneficial. All these recent years I’ve spent obsessing over blogging, writing, games, etc., might have been focused on trying to date again. Gahhh!

Do you trust Google – it is always reliable and accurate with all your searches, and what are your top five regular searches?

It’s accurate enough for my purposes ~ I’m not building an airplane. My top searches are for song lyrics, movie info, symptoms of whatever fatal disease I think I might have currently, restaurant menus, and stalking people. In general though, I put less and less trust in ALL forms of media, from people’s filtered and photoshopped profile pics to celebrity gossip columns to political event reporting. What’s really sad is ordinary people taking sides over this crap and having nasty arguments when we really do not know anything other than what we’ve been told from one biased source or another. The people who yell the loudest about how much they really know what’s going on are the most suspect to me. Most of us do not have any direct experience with political leaders, the British Royals, what really happened in Wuhan, or whatever thing.

Please do not put links to “the real truth about…” or other garbage in my comments.

What’s been your greatest challenge?

Dealing with my mother’s death, and I’m still not over it after 15 years. The depression I went through in 2017/2018 was a further reaction to that immeasurable loss, plus my final realization that I was never going to have romantic love. I overcame that despair by focusing on family, friends, work, writing, etc., and simply giving myself a break from my lifelong OCD quest for perfection.

Are you someone that wants to be or needs to be heard and seen, or are you content to be found behind the scenes?

It depends. I have no need or desire to be a leader in a work environment and am much happier in the background as a follower, but when I am in the mood to be social, I do enjoy being seen and heard, else what’s the point? Sometimes I can even be a little extroverted and lead the way… to a new game. Naturally, I want my writing to be seen, otherwise I’d keep it tucked away in a secret journal.

This weekend I plan to attend a book club meetup, a beach art walk, and an outdoor jazz concert, plus work on Sidewalk Noodles. How about you?

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10 responses to “TGIF ~ Unburied Treasure

  1. I hope you have a pain free and relaxing weekend.

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  2. Sending good vibes for healing, Paula. Peace to you!
    Grief, to me, is a very personal matter. It takes as long as it takes for each person. Prace.

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  4. Grief is a funny beast Paula, in the saddest way possible. I grieved for thirty years on the loss of my loved ones, you never know how something affects you till it does so.

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