Buzzkill [fss]

Magical bees
AI Magical Bees

As Kevin was boarding the bus, he knew he was heading back to the one place he hoped he’d never have to see again.

He had left the crowded, noisy city to make his fortune in the peaceful countryside, but he was returning without a crumb. At first, it had seemed so simple to keep a colony of bees and sell jars of delicious honey. Kevin had created a great website and marketing buzz for his biz.

But then he’d met Bunny Lou Gingham. She’d acted like she was in love with Kevin, and he had spent all his honey money on an engagement ring, but then one night she drugged his meatloaf and stole all his bees. Turned out she had been secretly seeing Clyde Clemons, the rancher’s son, and they were building a bee biz with big bucks from Clyde’s daddy.

Kevin couldn’t compete with Clyde, so he bought a bus ticket back to the city. As he exited the bus, his sister Karen met him at the depot. “I failed,” he sighed.

“Oh sweetie.” She gave him a hug. “You just can’t trust those rural folks. Welcome home.”

©️2023 Paula Light and Light Motifs II. No unauthorized use permitted.

Written for Fandango’s Story Starter 97 anf Greg’s Five Word Weekly Challenge.

13 responses to “Buzzkill [fss]

  1. Those bees have no loyalty, just like Bunny Lou.

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  2. Paula, that’s a hella fun story and I like how you flipped the script. Bunny Lou Gingham, great name, and how could he resist.

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  3. Now that’s a twist! 😂

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  4. A sweet and sad story

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  5. Bees are big business, There are portable bee farms that travel the country and set up shop for several days at a time to pollinate crops. It is very common for competitors to steal hives from the roadside at night. Great tales Paula

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