Aphelion [mlmm]

Universe space

I orbit, as if
You were a star,
A sun; I’m too light
To eclipse you,
Too heavy to break
Free of your waves.

The dark grows colder
And my will dissipates;
I have reached the farthest
Point on my journey:
The abyss calls my name.

Gravity wanes,
I have but a moment
To recalibrate.
Familiarity beckons,
But how vast
Is this space and

So full of grace.


Originally posted 9/2/2021 and reposted for MLMM Sunday Confessionals (the sun).

©️2023 Paula Light and Light Motifs II. No unauthorized use permitted.

12 responses to “Aphelion [mlmm]

  1. Really enjoyed this – did you change anything from the first posting in 2021?

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  2. So well written Paula

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  3. Oh, learned a new word today. Aphelion, love it. Thanks, Paula. Just the way to start my Monday morning!

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  4. I like that , I’m too light to eclipse you😚

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