SLS: Blue Bayou

Blue sunrise reflection water

Today Jim Adams has a prompt of Bluegrass for his Song Lyric Sunday, but when I googled bluegrass songs, nothing sounded familiar, not the titles nor the artists. As I’ve mentioned, I’m too much of an old fuddy duddy to listen to new music in hopes of liking something, so instead I will post a song I love that has blue in it: “Blue Bayou” by Linda Ronstadt. I don’t actually know what a bayou is either, but the Wikipedia entry starts with the following:

“In usage in the Southern United States, a bayou (/ˈbaɪ.uː, ˈbaɪ.oʊ/)[1] is a body of water typically found in a flat, low-lying area. It may refer to an extremely slow-moving stream, river (often with a poorly defined shoreline), marshy lake, wetland, or creek.”

The image from my media library is flat and appears slow-moving (i.e., completely still), plus it’s blue, so there you go. I try to use images I already have instead of constantly adding new ones in order to conserve storage. Sometimes I don’t have anything though, so I have to grab a new one, but I think this pic gives that Southern blue bayou feeling.

I feel so bad, I got a worried mind
I’m so lonesome all the time
Since I left my baby behind
On Blue Bayou

Saving nickels, saving dimes
Working ’til the sun don’t shine
Looking forward to happier times
On Blue Bayou

“Blue Bayou” was written by Roy Orbison and Joe Melson, and originally recorded by Orbison in 1961. Linda recorded her cover version in 1977, and it became her signature song (info from Wikipedia). Her version went to No. 3 on Billboard Hot 100, where it remained for four weeks, and it also did great on the Country (No. 2) and Easy Listening (No. 3) charts. It was certified Gold in January 1978 and later Platinum. Guess who sang backup? Yep, Don Henley from the Eagles! So now you know why I chose this song.

I’m going back someday
Come what may to Blue Bayou
Where the folks are fun
And the world is mine on Blue Bayou
Where those fishing boats with their sails afloat
If I could only see
That familiar sunrise through sleepy eyes
How happy I’d be

Ronstadt’s version was nominated for the Grammy Award for Record of the Year and for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance. Enjoy!

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13 responses to “SLS: Blue Bayou

  1. Nope. Nopenopenopenopenope. Love Linda and the song, but how have you gotten this far as a biological unit in the US without knowing any bluegrass? At the very least, everyone knows Flatt and Scruggs’ “Ballad of Jed Clampett.” I call shenanigans. Bluegrass is great stuff.

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  2. Such a great song and I love her vocals.

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  3. Awesome song! A favorite for sure. 🙂

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  4. I love the way you rationalized your choice for this week, Paula plus it’s blue, so there you go. I could listen to Linda all day long and it never hurts when Don Henley is also on the song.

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  5. Well I never…. Blue grass and Linda Ronstadt I would never of associated them but it works! Great choice 💜

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  6. Always loved this song Paula. I think i have used it at least twice for SLS fir different prompts. It is a very special song ☺️💕

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