Sadje continues her Sunday Poser series today by asking if we believe in luck. Last week Rory asked a similar question, though he used the term “blind luck.” This was my response regarding good fortune.

Welp, someone has to win the lottery… but they also bought a ticket (or a hundred tickets). That’s the thing about luck: when you dig down into it, you find that it isn’t usually that blind. People put themselves in a position to be lucky, such as having the forethought to be born to wealthy parents. That’s a really good way to get “lucky” in life. Often, it turns out that a “lucky break” consisted of having the right connections at the right time, as opposed to being totally random. I guess I’m a bit cynical about success via luck now that I’m an old, but I’m sure blind luck happens sometimes, somewhere.

Some people seem to have a lot of bad luck, and while it might just be random, often you find they put themselves in a position to do badly, such as by seeking out the excitement of dating insane men. People who engage in extreme sports, or any sports, are going to have a higher chance of injury than a couch potato. The risk of getting bitten by a shark is low, but it’s higher for a surfer than it is for me. While many negative outcomes are random, if you avoid the activity, you’ve reduced your odds to near zero of being that particular unlucky person.

bath bubbles washing soap

Of course, there are loads of unlucky things that can happen indoors as well. There’s the story of the guy who traveled to a new city when a fortune teller told him he’d die that night. He figured he’d rent a nice hotel room so the Grim Reaper wouldn’t know where he was. As he relaxed in the luxurious tub, the Grim Reaper appeared in the bathroom. “Dude!” the GR said. “I didn’t expect to find you here.”

Eventually, our “luck” runs out and we all die.

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13 responses to “Luck

  1. Thanks Paula for sharing your thoughts here. Making wise choices can result in better results and stupid decisions can lead to bad outcomes.

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  2. I agree that some ‘bad luck’ comes from a string of unfortunate choices made. There’s also a charge to be made about ‘taking risks’ creating opportunities for ‘good luck’ and/or BIG wins. To each their own is my mantra because as you pointed out… “None of us are getting out of this alive.” 😀

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  3. It’s a tricky old thing, luck, Paula. Some say being in the right place at the right time is luck, others say it’s synchronicity or coincidence. I veer more to the latter, as these can be created.

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  4. So basically, life sucks and then you die.

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  5. I define myself as lucky, but its more about how good things come from bad situations and that I’ve gotten away with being stupid.

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  6. Great thoughts, Paula. I agree about choices being a big factor, but I also believe in luck, whether it’s good or bad. Random things happen all the time. Some of the other comments make sense too. So, I can’t pinpoint just a single opinion on this subject. 🙂
    But a cupcake sounds good! 😀

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