Picture Tape [socs]

Paint selfie cactus sunset

So I’ve decided to keep my paintings, even if I hate them, at least for a while until I run out of space. Not a worry at this point. I’ve been putting them up in my bedroom to add some color and excitement to the place. But, you ask, how exactly are you putting them up?

Good question. I normally hang all artwork with nails in the wall, but I’m planing a lot of paintings, which would mean a zillion holes. I tried picture tape in the past, and it did not work well, but those pieces were heavier. A couple years ago I bought some Mixtile art, and those products came with tape. They’ve held up well, so I figured to give the tape another shot for my very lightweight new art.

It’s kinda weird though. Five canvases that are 8×11 are totally hanging on the wall, but I cheated with those because their bottoms are resting on my top window ledge. Down the side of the wall, next to the window, I put three little pieces, 8×8. Two are fine, but one keeps flopping down. I changed the tape, but nope, still floppy. Used double, nope. I put new tape in different spots, and still nope. Wtfff? I’ve wasted eight tapes on this thing!

So, today, it gets nailed.

Acrylic wave paintings
The naughty painting is on the right.

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34 responses to “Picture Tape [socs]

  1. Beautiful artwork! Love the vobrant colors!!

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  2. I love your artwork. So colorful and full of movement!

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  3. I really like your paintings Paula.

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  4. Have you heard of “Command strips?”
    I don’t know if they would stick well enough to canvas that is wrapped around the frame. I use them for regular framed prints with glass and they hold quite a bit of weight.
    From experience, the only caveat is that the back of the picture frame MUST be clean enough and be a suitable enough surface to stick the velcro strip to it. Otherwise it will eventually fall. But–the wall will never be damaged because of the way the strips are removed.
    I like the desert sun painting!

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  5. Someone told me that a sewing needle pushed into sheetrock at an angle will hold a lot of weight and of course only make a tiny hole.

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  6. You should get some of that Alien Double Sided Tape.

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  7. wow, its so beautiful.

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  8. The colour alone is worth displaying! You’ve inspired me to do the same thing

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  9. I love the vibrant colors! We nail a lot of things to our wall; I didn’t like it at first but I learned there’s always putty and plaster to fix it later if we need to 😁

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  10. Why is the one on the right “the naughty one”? Is that just because it wouldn’t stick with the tape or is there something naughty hidden in your painting?

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  11. Maybe it’s trying to get more attention 😂

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  12. Love the artwork and the post Paula 💜💜

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  13. Nice paintings Paula. I remember using blue tac for the posters in my bedroom, and we also used that on the boat for our pictures as the walls weren’t flat. Haven’t heard of tape for hanging.

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  14. This is great. You should have one roomed that’s decorated with all your art pieces.

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  15. They are so gorgeous!

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