Happy Shamrock Day!

Lucky green St. Patrick paula

This is me last year, and I’ll probably wear that same green sweater again today. As I said in my previous post, I’m not planning anything special for St. Pat’s, just working as usual. Tomorrow I have a book club meetup, and then I hope to paint the small canvases I’ve already set up. My hands aren’t so achy this week. Sunday night I may have another meetup ~ I’m still on the waiting list because it’s pretty full.

One thing I always do on St. Patrick’s Day is listen to “The Unicorn Song” by the Irish Rovers. It definitely brings a tear to my eye.

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Written for Jim’s Friday Faithfuls on MLMM.

32 responses to “Happy Shamrock Day!

  1. It is so sad that those unicorns never got on the ark. I hope you enjoy your meetup and your painting.

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  2. I like the sweater.

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  3. Thank you for the tune. I love the Irish Rovers. Happy St. Patrick’s Day 🍀

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  4. As far as I can tell from my DNA runs, I’m virtually all Irish/English/Scot with a handful of German/French and Scandinavian squirted into the DNA lottery by a variety of historically non-PC sorts who were into rape and pillage.

    But, then, everyone I meet claims a fair-sized wad of Irish. Listening to this entirely anecdotal (e.g., bullshit) evidence, you’d be forgiven for thinking that miniature island that would practically fit into the Houston metroplex is responsible for spawning the entire white/euro/North American race.

    I suspect this is not accurate. How a people as historically despised as us Irish have suddenly became a fashion statement is rather an offensive mystery to those of us who’ve been OH-pressed for 300-900 years.

    Ha! I’m kidding. My blood’s out of the current UK’s Celtic/Keltic northland, and no doubt. But my main historically-based victim bitchin’ continues to be the closure of Kevin Barry’s Pub in Savannah, GA on 1/1/2020, a date infamous for this crime against humanity and a black day that I doubt I’ll get over.

    Best Irish pub in the country, hands down. There’ll be no replacing it.

    So I’ll be tossing back a shot of 18-year-old Irish in memory of Kevin Barry’s and one more for the holiday, wish you all sláinte mhaith and then get on with my day without further rocking the boat or doing anything else likely to aggravate my gout.

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  5. Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Enjoy.

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  6. Green green green… loving it 😍

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  7. Looking good in green my friend

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  8. You look great in green!

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  9. Everybody’s 1/4 Irish. Little known fact.

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  10. PS: don’t worry about being 2% Irish. According to Nat Geo, I’m 2% Eastern Asian probably due to an errant gamma ray on a DNA strand somewhere.

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  11. Happy, remember our Irish heritage day!! ☘️

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  12. Love the sweater, Paula! Hope you had a great night! ☘️💚

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  13. St. Patrick’s Day isn’t a thing here in Norway, but I decided to wear green, anyway, as if I’d meet someone who would pinch me if I didn’t. 🤣

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