Multiple Viewings

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What movies or TV series have you watched more than 5 times?

I haven’t watched any TV series more than 5 times, but there are definitely movies in the 5x category, as follows:

Young Frankenstein, Grease, Saturday Night Fever, Hair, Chicago, Fiddler on the Roof, The Sound of Music, Mamma Mia (1&2), When Harry Met Sally, You’ve Got Mail, 27 Dresses, Goodfellas, Cocktail, Risky Business, Alex & Emma, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Valley Girl, An Officer and a Gentleman, My Cousin Vinny, The Devil Wears Prada, The Graduate, Splash, My Fair Lady…

This list may be incomplete, but these are the movies that spring to mind instantly.

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18 responses to “Multiple Viewings

  1. I had forgotten about My Cousin Vinny I liked that show and other than the hood fellas tupe chapters ge plays I loved him in Lethal Weapon series. My family and I do the “ they f you in the drivethru”😂

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  2. There are a lot of Doctor Who episodes I’ve seen five times or more (new series as well as old), plus the whole of The Prisoner. In terms of films, I’m not so sure, but the first two Ghostbusters, probably the original Star Wars trilogy, probably a lot of Marx Brothers films, maybe The Life of Brian. Definitely some James Bonds too, although I’m not sure which ones.

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  3. Mine are My Fair Lady, Hair & When Harry met Sally too 😊

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  4. Hi Paula,
    Shawshank Redemption and Seinfeld I have seen multiple times.
    There are some others I wouldn’t mind seeing again, but not many. Definitely “When Harry Met Sally and My Cousin Vinny from your list!

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  5. Good list! For me, Gone with the Wind, Titanic, A Few Good Men, Casablanca and probably others, but these are off the top of my head.

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  6. “My Cousin Vinny” & “Goodfellas” are class films! 😎😎👌👌👍👍

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  7. I have seen episodes of tv shows more than but never entire seasons. Movies for me would be: The thin man series, All Abbott & Costello films, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, The Last American Virgin, Phantasm, It happened one night, Blacula, Saturday Night Fever, The Rocky Horror Picture Show to name a few.

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  8. When Harry Met Sally is my all-time favorite movie!!

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  9. Young Frankenstein is such a classic! I would have no idea how many times I’ve watched that one, lol

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  10. I could watch Saturday Night Fever a million times! Never get sick of it.

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