Hidden Dawdles

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Fandango clued me into the fact that Rory has been hiding his Dawdler questions inside his Aloha posts. Sneaky! That still doesn’t explain why none of Rory’s posts show in my feed now, but as with most WP glitches we just have to accept it and move on.

Update: Stupid WP dumped Rory’s blog from my following list. I’ve put it back on now. This also happened with another blog I follow and probably more that I haven’t discovered yet because they don’t post daily.

Do you think being outside is good for a person’s wellbeing?

Everyone is going to say yes, but in my case it really isn’t. Like other humans, I do need to get some sunshine to create Vitamin D in my body, but I can also take a supplement and avoid getting a migraine from bright light, cold wind, yucky odors, etc. I honestly feel better when I stay indoors, though of course I theoretically enjoy nature ~ a peaceful beach walk, a quiet stroll in the park, etc. But note the keywords peaceful and quiet. Most of the time these places are teeming with other people and are not the least bit peaceful and quiet.

How much of a sensation seeker are you?

Negative 10. I’m almost 62 and have enough “sensations” going on naturally with chronic pain that I have no need to seek out new things to exacerbate it. I’m a huge fan of comfort, familiarity, stability, warmth, and routine. Roller coasters, skydiving, exotic foods, etc., don’t interest me at all.

Do you believe in blind luck?

Welp, someone has to win the lottery… but they also bought a ticket (or a hundred tickets). That’s the thing about luck: when you dig down into it, you find that it isn’t usually that blind. People put themselves in a position to be lucky, such as having the forethought to be born to wealthy parents. That’s a really good way to get “lucky” in life. Often, it turns out that a “lucky break” consisted of having the right connections at the right time, as opposed to being totally random. I guess I’m a bit cynical about success via luck now that I’m an old, but I’m sure blind luck happens sometimes, somewhere.

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15 responses to “Hidden Dawdles

  1. I don’t know what’s with WordPress arbitrarily dropping bloggers we follow but that is so annoying. Glad you located Rory’s Dawdler questions.

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  2. This happens all the time.  I can’t get his or David’s or some of the others. Yesterday I had five emails from bloggers which I usually have more than 100.  I don’t know what’s happening with WordPress. They’re just pummeling us with ads that are disgusting and not following through on fixing things.

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  3. This unfollowing has been going on for a while now. And to add to it sometimes, some post don’t show in the reader even though we still are following them. 😡🤬

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  4. Hey Paula,

    Yes it is a WP glitch, l notice it when bloggers l follow suddenly follow me again and l think, mm, you were following me and you are following me again, which means WP is playing silly buggers again.

    Because l read from a set block of readers like you, Sadje, Fandango and so on and you are all in an internal directory and l don’t use the Reader so much l tend to not notice it until someone follows me again.

    I post daily but l tend to think it is because not everyone is into the worms or the allotment so tend to not worry as l get that hahahaha , l continue reading from those l follow and not tend to think about it 🙂

    The Morning dawdler as Fandango said was transferred into the Aloha for convenience – because l am just so busy these days with everything life throws – and was reduced down to twice a week only.

    Cheryl had a similiar answer to yours regarding luck, and that was good planning and l think with the lottery ticket it would also come down to something like that – the odds against a person increase the more risks erm investment you are willing to throw into it. You buy one ticket and you are a 50/50 of maybe winning something, but mostly it is a loss. Your chances increaase the more you buy until you strike it richer or as they say here, you have to be in it to win it.

    My mother used to say “I am so unlucky l NEVER win on any of these lottery things!” My answer was always the same “Mum, you have to at least buy a damn lottery ticket to even be in with the running!” She never bought lottery just expected to win and put it down to blind luck…. mm

    Thanks for your answers 🙂

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  5. You know it’s never occurred to me before, that some people just can’t actually be outside. Apart from agoraphobia, obviously. Love your thoughts about ‘luck’ as well!

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  6. I’m with you completely on sensation seeking. I’m a routine kind of girl

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  8. Until I downloaded the Jetpack app, I had never used reader. So I’m just discovering a few things😀 Yes, being outdoors with a bunch of noisy people playing their music while they “enjoy” nature is not peaceful! I’m with you there. I do think n many things luck happens when you put it out there to the universe. Silly, but my husband will talk about finding a parking space near where we want to go or in a full parking lot and pouf, we find one! Luck? Not sure but we’ll take it! Love your cat pics!

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